Profanity of PROFANITIES! Hear The Words Of The Lord, Pt 2- June 12, 2019

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To all visitors of The Master’s Voice.

I will make no bones about this post, OR the coming posts (of this series).

I will deliver them JUST AS I have heard them, so no condemnation will fall on me for sugar-coating things or making it “soft and delicate”. This indeed is the accusation given to me by the Lord Jesus Christ against the pastors, prophets and other five fold ministers in His body today. He says that they are liars and sugar-coaters of everything! They want to make Him PG-13, approachable and “family-friendly” in order to get and keep their churches full. They feel a need to “tone Him down” so people do not question the Bible, especially the Old Testament (as I said in another place on this blog). He said they are covering Him up like a dirty secret, trying to appease the people in their sin!

But He says to me: “I AM WHO I AM. I AM a consuming fire. I purge wherever I go, and leave a flame of coals in my wake. I ALONE SANCTIFY, AND MAKE HOLY WHAT IS PROFANE. I SAID HALLOW ME AND BE BLAMELESS, but you attempt to cover me like the old furniture in a house you do not use! There will be an answering for this: My people do not know Me! They imagine Me a friend who has no standards or requirements, One with whom they can have ‘intimate relationship’ WHILE REMAINING PROFANE IN THEIR FLESH. “God loves you” you tell them, but you neglect to say I DO NOT LOVE THEIR SIN! They come unto Me profane, and five years later they are even more profane. I will require an answer for their ignorance from the pastors, prophets and other Ministers of the Five, as to why my people are filthy and their garments are stained. Write down these words of the Lord.”

This word to the five-fold ministry will be delivered in a separate note in this prophecy series, which is altogether called “Profanity of Profanities.”

Be advised, this is a HARD and GRAPHIC word. I am a woman; I should not have to see such things. Yet for lack of wisdom in the body of Christ FIRST, for lack of transparency in our preaching, for refusal to be circumspect in how we teach God’s people and be HONEST when warning them about the dangers of sexual immorality, the Lord is showing a woman things that take place under cover of darkness- things that nobody should be doing! For lack of warning people to COME AWAY from evil practices, for staying silent about these most urgent matters affecting human flesh, and for having no smallest shred of  BASIC RESPECT towards the Lord Jesus Christ, He is now showing me things taking place in the secrecy of the bedrooms and beyond that, the underground rooms of cities and nations around the word. I am distressed to see it!

And I warn you, if you are doing these things, if you know anybody doing these things- WARN THEM that God is furious against them and will pour out a peculiar type of judgement against those who are doing these things. The voice of the Lord is STRONG in my ears as I type this, therefore all His emphasis will be translated as is. Nothing will be held back, so I can discharge my duty and deliver my own soul from the condemnation He has poured out (on the pastors especially) who refuse to teach the severity of sexual immorality to the Body of Christ, or warn their people that illegal sexuality is HATED by the Lord. It is His own perspective that sexuality is deserving of punishment with HELLFIRE when it is tampered with, breached or touched outside of holy matrimony. If you are doing this, ANY OF IT IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, EVEN THINKING ABOUT IT- STOP IT RIGHT NOW AND REPENT SO YOUR SOUL WILL NOT BE SNATCHED AWAY FROM YOU AT THE GREAT AND COMING DAY OF JUDGEMENT OF OUR KING Jesus Christ. 

Here is one of the prophetic words below:

“SEXUALLY IMMORAL! IDOLATERS! FORNICATORS! ADULTERERS! THOU WICKED, AND ALL YOU BURN WITH PROFANE FIRE. I HAVE THIS AGAINST YOU- You have awakened the fire of love before its time. You have also awakened and spread in my Body and everywhere else, STRANGE FIRE. THOU WICKED, WHO THINK I DO NOT SEE. My eyes are scorched with your misuse of my temple, you abuse yourselves to your own destruction and call it “Love”. I tell you, I AM LOVE. FOR I SO LOVED THIS CORRUPT EARTH THAT I GAVE MY ONLY SON TO REDEEM IT, BUT WHAT HAS IT BROUGHT ME? Foul, befouled and filthy sour grapes- My teeth are set on edge continually. Therefore I pour out on you the FULLNESS OF YOUR INIQUITY- It will find you in your secret places and announce itself on the hill. Everyone will know it is you; everyone will know that you are foul and diseased, and they will loudly name even to their children what you have. ‘IMMOLATERS OF DESIRE’– You will burn with the profane fire you have lit. This is my concrete word, says the Lord.”

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