What You Never Heard Before, Pt 2: “To Put Out Their Light” – July 6, 2019


For there is nothing secret that will not be disclosed [exposed], and nothing hidden that will not be made known and brought to light. – (Luke 8:17)

I move now to the matter of SNUFF FILMS. Ladies and gentlemen bear with me, I know this is strong content BUT this is the Lord’s word and revelation so it must come out. I looked online for definitions but what I found appalled me. Every major news outlet or so called “information site” [Wikipedia, Snopes, etc] says- ‘These films are a figment of imagination and do not exist. They are made with clever special effects and so appear real but are not’. This angered me. Brethren, beware of lies advanced through media to hide or protect wicked agendas. I now share the Lord’s prophetic revelation from early hours July 6, 2019. Let your own judgement of the particular details in this prophecy decide whether it is a ‘figment of imagination’ or not. The Lord said in Pt. 1 that the DETAILS of prophecy will be the proof that He is the one revealing this sickening information to the world, before He punishes the guilty. 

A snuff film is a film in which a person, child or animal is sexually molested on camera and then put to death for the enjoyment of live watchers who are present at the time. The film is later sold for high amounts to those who crave this kind of “genuine entertainment”. Please keep in mind as you read- there is always a watcher as this type of ‘movie’ is made, not including the ones who provide lighting, camera etc. A human being can be put to death purely for the entertainment of ONE viewer, or a group of viewers watching either from remote and secure locations or on-site can have this event staged and filmed just for them. The word ‘snuff’ means- TO PUT OUT, blow out, QUENCH, black out, choke, or shut [something] off so completely that it goes dark or becomes extinguished. 

I declare to you by the sovereign revelation of Almighty God, who cannot lie- this is the information given to me- THESE FILMS ARE A REALITY- ‘LIVE MURDER FOR HIRE’. This is a ‘parallel “movie” industry’ more insidious than pornography- it is impossible to track or police it unless God Himself intervenes, for the simple reason that- This content is not prepared for ordinary users. An ordinary user can access foul material online easily enough, but this type of ‘film’ God showed me is SPECIALLY MADE AND PROTECTED FROM THE VERY TOP. It has the highest level of financiers, brokers, backers, traders, buyers, suppliers of “actors”, and consumers of content coming from the wealthy, the powerful, the elite, the rich and super-rich, the highest echelon known privately as “THE UNTOUCHABLES”. These are the people who use, buy, sell and consume this type of movie where a human being is killed in real time in the midst of an often abusive and pornographic “storyline”.

Revelation: The United States of America is the biggest provider of this entertainment- even though other nations participate in the general buying, selling and production of this product. People are taken from their homes for revenge purposes (i.e. people who anger the rich and powerful are stolen from their homes and used in this industry, they are silenced in this manner some of them), some are coerced into it as a straight shot to fame, not really understanding what they’re signing up for. People get abducted for this; the homeless and countless runaways are put into this “industry”– if you ever wondered where the ever-growing numbers of abducted homeless are going look no further than the snuff film industry as one place they end up in droves. There they and all others are made to perform horrible and demeaning acts on film with the end goal being them killed in a sexual way or a ‘murder way’ as the camera rolls.

Snuff films are the exact OPPOSITE to normal movies where the hero always escapes, and the Lord revealed to me that’s why it’s so enjoyable and sought after by a certain clientele. In this movie the hero doesn’t win, the heroine doesn’t live, and sick people who like twisted endings enjoy it vicariously through these films. I see these films flowing in a steady stream to and from the White House and Capitol buildings of Washington D.C., a LOT. I see parties for this sort of thing in almost every state of America, parties held at the VERY HIGHEST LEVEL WITH FACES YOU SEE DAILY ON YOUR TELEVISION, A LOT. I repeat, I SEE MEN AND WOMEN WHO ARE FAMOUS IN POLITICS, MOVIES, MUSIC AND KNOWN TO THE FOUR CORNERS OF THE WORLD, either participating as a rapist, molester, murderer, or live audience member in the making of these movies, then requesting a copy as a keepsake which the organisers of these events are happy to provide. These are highly paid events; to attend one is not cheap. This is a multi-million dollar enterprise where men (not so common), young men (very common), young boys (excessively common), and women and girls of all ages (excessively common) are taken and extinguished on camera for entertainment purposes.

Revelation: I will add this detail- I am shown a certain type of female very desirable for this act. She is either a ‘blonde bombshell’ or ‘prom queen’ type of girl. The bombshell has to be attractive, with an air of innocence which translates to real terror on screen. Even if the woman is not blonde I see a full complement of staff available to help them with hair dye, clothes, make-up, acting coaches- the entire experience is set up to mimic a real Hollywood experience making these women feel so excited and hopeful about the future. Watching their hope be destroyed live on camera is all part of why the producers lift them so high in the beginning, because the letdown will be real later and come through as real emotions on screen for viewers. It is highly prized BECAUSE IT IS NOT ACTING.

Revelation: I see many, many young actresses with real hopes to make it in television and movies, being asked if they want to star in “an exclusive production”. These women are taken to warehouses that act as private sets and coached: They’re trained and told what the movie is about, but they are not told at the end that their abductor or the one playing the evil man or woman will not let them go. They’re not told that part so when they begin to choke, or when the sexual activity begins to get out of hand and they want to stop they are genuinely shocked and terrified to find it will not stop. This is what makes the snuff film “real”, because the protagonists do not know until the very end what the agenda is and by then all their words, movements, actions are those of a real human being fighting for its real life to the very end. This excites these wicked watchers and buyers of this material, for this reason this type of item is HIGHLY PRIZED IN POWER CIRCLES and I see an unbroken stream of NEW AND FRESHLY MADE ONES STREAMING INTO HOMES of power, wealth and prestige on a weekly basis. Please understand CLEARLY, this means humanity is being put to death out there on a graphically high scale, on a weekly basis, for the entertainment of wealthy people.

Revelation: The other type of girl is the ‘prom queen’, an innocent puberty-child of about 11-16 years. Above that age the girl’s look has changed to womanhood and they don’t want that. I see some are abducted from good families, others are homeless and cleaned up, fed and taken care of for weeks- just the way you feed and take care of chickens and turkeys ahead of Thanksgiving. These children are terrified from the get go in these films; they already know they will be killed and their movies contain a lot of resistance, screaming and fighting to escape. They are allowed to escape, run, hide, etc- the entire set is “rigged” with hidden cameras and the girl is seen no matter where she goes. Their molestations are often violent because they’re not like the bombshells who are paid and told: “Oh this movie will contain some intimate scenes, so relax.” Those women participate willingly up to the point they realise something is wrong. These younger girls are already high tension fighting for their life, so their movies are violent and based on themes of  “Subduing an unwilling victim”– these young ones die screaming and fighting so to speak, creating ‘volatile content’ live on screen for those being sexually excited while viewing in a room by screen or who will view after purchase of the snuff film later.

Revelation: This is a REGULAR FORM OF ENTERTAINMENT by those in power. I see young boys and girls with ID tags around their necks, rushing packages to and fro through the White House, State House, Senate and Congress, and the Gubernatorial mansions and other connected places of power in America. These are LACKEYS, young interns happy to work for a summer hoping to get a job in future. A great deal of their time is spent ferrying mysterious packages and highly sealed envelopes between offices as owners of these films exchange viewing material. These children think they’re delivering state secrets to these officials they view so highly, but they would faint if they knew what their high school and college hands were taking from room to room, the “high octane thriller ride of the decade!” featuring a boy or girl, teen, man or woman JUST LIKE THEM who met a terrifying, lonely, and grisly end. Ladies and gentlemen I see the eyelids of God almost shut in heartbreak, HE SEES ALL THIS ALL DAY LONG and these victims’ blood cries out for vengeance. God will give them justice, I see it, He will avenge their blood.

When he maketh inquisition for blood, he remembereth them: he forgetteth not the cry of the humble. – (Psalm 9:12)

AGAIN I SAY: For God who avenges MURDER cares for the helpless. He does not ignore the cries of those who suffer– (Psalm 9:12)

To ‘make an inquisition’ means TO MAKE A FULL INVESTIGATION, TO LOOK INTO A MATTER FROM THE TOP TO BOTTOM SO AS TO SEARCH OUT THE GUILTY PARTY. GOD WILL SEARCH OUT THESE PEOPLE AND EXPOSE THEM, and bring them down from their heights where they have used their POWER to destroy and ravage the weak and helpless who cried out to God in their moment of death to save them. Vengeance is MINE says the Lord, I will repay. 

PROPHECY: America, your judgement is coming. Your underbelly is being exposed by God and it is filthy and horrific and impossible to stomach. Your highest houses and perfect palaces are nothing more than cartels where witchcraft, homosexuality and homoeroticism, RAPE, MURDER, CHILD MOLESTATIONS AND LIVE ABORTIONS ARE PRACTICED. You have eaten children on the abortion table, I expose and condemn you as the Lord commands me. You have taken their little parts and consumed them as they come out still warm from the sleeping, drugged mother. You have snuffed out innocents, women, men, even animals in your insatiable quest FOR A HIGH. LESBIANISM is practiced among you- “It’s a problem” says the Spirit of the Lord, “IT’S A BIG PROBLEM” AMONG WOMEN OF THE SENATE AND HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. All of you are sick and cannot be healed, your whole head is sick. The head is the leadership but it is PERVERTED AND LOST in this country and for that God absolutely condemns you. He said He will cut off your head as they did in the French Revolution. He will absolutely CHOP IT OFF literally and figuratively, and headless you will go to your demise. When  destroyers of humanity are the ones being lifted up and praised among you, you’re busy clapping for them and giving them speeches and awards and political power- then you have indeed signed your death warrant to the full. I AM THE ONE WHO CONDEMNS YOU AS UTTERLY REPROBATE AND UNSOUND, says the LORD. I AM YOUR JUDGE AND JURY. YOU WILL BE EXPOSED. 

So let the weeping woman cry for protection for her children, let the praying man bow down his knees and ask forgiveness and mercy for him and his loved ones. Judgement has entered America, watch for it. It will announce itself EVERYWHERE and no-one will need his brother to tell him or explain to him “What is this?! What’s going on, why is this happening?!” People will know instinctively by the awakening of the Lord in their spirits: ‘God is angry and this is our punishment from Him’. Here ends the word of the Lord.

As always, take these matters in prayer. Seek God. Do not view these messages lightly, they are not ‘play’. I’m not here to gain fame for such bitter revelations- when you see me write this know I’m actually writing that REAL PEOPLE HAVE DIED and I saw how they died. It means PEOPLE ARE DYING right now somewhere as you read this, sitting in basements and underground chambers knowing they won’t see sunlight again! Such prophecies WEAR ON MY HEART because they are graphic; they are cruel and raw and contain scenes of violence and painful things I have to see. We think prophecy isn’t real, we think it’s words on a page-  I assure you these are FACTS revealed by God so truth (Jesus Christ) can expose every hidden thing before the end of time. When you read please PRAY FOR THE VICTIMS: for their souls to find rest, for some miracle rescue to happen, for anonymous tips or helplines or task forces to interrupt their fate, for snatched children to be found, FOR ABUSE VICTIMS TO SPEAK UP AND BREAK THE CHAIN. PRAY UNTIL IT CHANGES. 

Please share these posts. It takes only a moment to create a WordPress account so you have greater capacity to help this blog reach more people. The victims in these messages come from ordinary homes all over the world; this activity is GLOBAL but America is at the forefront. She is also due for JUDGEMENT which is why the Lord focuses on her, but these practices of human trafficking, murder for hire are international. Everyone needs to be aware and watchful during these end times, watch and be mindful of your families. God bless you. Kindly Like, Comment, Share using the buttons below, or visit FB at The Master’s Voice to like, follow and recommend this ministry. Thank you. 

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  1. Marco says:

    I was reading this post and i remembered one videogame called “Welcome to the game”…a confirmation i think,
    I would not have imagined that these things will really happen in real life…i will pray for the victims.

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello again Marco. I don’t know the game you mentioned, but yes- the things in these two prophecies “What You Never Heard Before” are real- people are taken captive, tortured and killed. It takes persistent prayer and intercession to cause spiritual momentum that defeats the kind of wicked demonic forces who’re behind such cruelty. Thanks for adding your prayers!

  2. Scarlett says:

    I’m speechless. I’ve been vaguely aware of “snuff films”. I knew what they were but never delved into the reality of what actually goes on in this dark, hideous corner of Satan’s operations. I will pray, not just for the victims, and their escape. but that the Lord will help you to bear this painful burden. Not just that dear sister, but for you’re safety and protection. It’s obvious to me that one such as you is bound to have some serious and powerful enemies.
    With much love,
    and praying that the Lord will grant you abundant grace and peace now and in the days ahead

  3. Tracey says:

    “Ladies and gentlemen I see the eyelids of God almost shut in heartbreak, HE SEES ALL THIS ALL DAY LONG.”

    I know how I feel… I can only imagine how God feels. I don’t know if it’s the right statement to make cos I know when the women were weeping over Jesus- He said weep for yourselves… but I just keep thinking about God & feeling for how He must feel. Children He formed to love and be loved by, to worship Him… they just kill like they’re nothing and belong to no one.

    My sister please stay encouraged… I don’t know what God had to do to prepare you for this kind of thing… but I’m grateful He did. Maybe I’m a weeping woman cos honestly… I cry for myself and surroundings, these souls and even about my God who has been treated without regard.

    But I will keep my eyes on Him… there’s nowhere else to look.

  4. evesnewbeginnings says:

    I am beyond speechless as l have never heard of “snuff films” in my life. It breaks my heart into pieces to know what these children went through/still going through in the hands of evil men and women.
    It’s just hard for me to digest….. l have children of my own, l empathize and sympathize with parents of missing children. As a mother, l always pray for all God’s children and see them as my children because it takes a village to raise a child. We all need to collectively pray against the spirit of death and suicides over the children of the world and cover them with the blood of Jesus Christ, amen.

  5. gmataylor says:

    Joan Benet Ramsey comes to mind as it was said that this is exactly what happened to her: and that the rape in Rosemarys baby was real…

  6. Ray says:

    As a Christian I’m honestly wrestling with myself about posting this or not, but I hope maybe it will help someone.. Im ashamed to say that when I struggled with masturbation as a Christian I delved into these type of videos, one sin lead to another and I clicked one of the videos one day and I developed a sick habit of getting off to these videos everytime I went to pornography websites.. it’s not the easiest thing to admit, but as long as sin is covered up and we make excuses for ourselves we can never be set free. I’m beyond ashamed of myself reading this prophecy.. I didn’t know people were being tricked into this type of stuff and that people were actually being killed at the end.. I have sincerely repented of this sin and prayed for the people involved.. lord please help me 😢

  7. Hélène says:

    If one of my children were to get kidnapped, quick death was always my plea. My fear was they would be kept alive in a hell.
    Things like these exist; horrible, horrible, monstrous things. Lord, come.

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