“What You Never Heard Before”, Pt 1 – July 6, 2019


“Call unto Me, and I will show you great and unsearchable things, AND DIFFICULT, which thou knoweth not.” – (Jeremiah 33:3)

As soon as I got up today 8:51 a.m. The Spirit of the Lord said to me “Celestial, take your scroll and write down what I will say and show you. Today I will say what you never heard before.” So I sat and prepared to write, and this is what I received. This word is strong.

Thus says the Lord:

To the nation and people of America, I will do a new thing. I will declare in your hearing a word you have not heard before, a word with attention to detail so you know that it is real. You often wonder if your name is in My word, I hear it all the time: “Is America in prophecy?” This is the subject of much stark and heated debate. I declare to you openly,  you are indeed in My Book! You are BABYLON THE GREAT, MYSTERY BABYLON THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS, AND THE WHORE RIDING ON THE SCARLET BEAST. You are My enemy and now I lay my hands securely on you: For RECKONING, for PUNISHMENT, for REPAYMENT OF YOUR SINS that have multiplied under heaven until there is no place I can rest My eye without your abominations searching Me out, to distress My Spirit. You have defamed Me among nations, you shared the cup of your overflowing filthiness among the peoples- there is no border you have not entered in some measure and defiled it so that My eye cannot spare them. Indeed you have made them all DEFILED.

Therefore hear the word of the Lord:

I will pluck Babylon out by her roots, from her very base I will overturn her and shake the nation out like clothes, until everything in her that can be shaken will be shaken. I will shake the nations and finish the kingdoms so the Kingdom of My own dear Son can come, and I will begin at the head, at the root at the source and fountain of all abomination: Babylon the Fallen, Babylon the Lustful, Babylon the Pornographic, Babylon the Foul and an Adulteress, Babylon the Pedophile, Babylon the Fornicator, Babylon the Killer of Innocents, Babylon the Whore who tries My Spirit. You will no longer be known as “Babylon the Great”. YOU ARE NOT GREAT! You are nothing to Me, you shall be as nothing in front of everyone before long. It is not long Babylon until My blows break your back, then you will remember I am the Lord God Almighty who lifted you up, who made you what you WERE. Because I did not make you as you are now; what you are now is an utter abomination, so let Me read your charge. 

The Nation of Evil Princes:

Prophesy to Babylon, a nation of evil princes! Their hands have grown fat off the sweat of the people, and the nation is under a curse because of their greed. These “taxpayer dollars” they hoard and squeeze out of citizens are not enough for them, no, they take gifts and even flesh as payment too. They take food and meat, wine and drink, credit cards and luxury apartments as their due in order to cast their votes to pass laws or block them. They take holidays, trips, presents, jewellery and other tokens of servitude to make their presence felt on the senate floor and in other positions I have let them hold. They even take male and female servants, male and female concubines to satisfy their unending lusts; they abuse human flesh and say “You’ve done well, we’ll be in touch”.

I see the daughters and sons of elected officials being offered sexually to other elected officials in return for favours. They swop their children and their wives to promote their careers, and think nothing of it except as “the price to get to the top”. The wives are very often made to do oral sex on a regular basis for princes who take a liking to them, to the point these women have become skilled in this deed God hates. Some are willing and see it as a team effort, a sacrifice for their husbands.

However some are boiling inside to the point of bitterness, rage and outward manifestation of disease because of these acts. I see senate wives, mayoral wives, governors wives, even Lower House wives and those in low government positionswomen married to men with an insatiable lust for power- I see them developing heart disease, nervous disposition, fainting spells, uncontrollable shaking, anger, depression, outbursts and public breakdowns, loss of health and vitality, even CANCER all because of hatred, rage and anger inside them at being made to kneel like slaves in front of men they don’t know, to perform sexual favours so their husband can be promoted to the rank he desires. When the woman thinks about what she has to do after the gala, she faints. When she thinks about what she’ll have to do after the state dinner, she shakes. When she thinks where she’ll be in a few hours when her children need her at home, she is filled with rage.

The ‘princes’ also use these women unnaturally in their anal parts, they commit sodomy with them then send them home to their husbands who try to comfort their crying by saying ‘Honey I’m doing this for US, can’t you see that?’ This has been going on a good long while; I see in future some of these women will come forward but some won’t make it, they will kill themselves and their families will never know why until the scandal breaks.

America hear this, your fascination with oral sexual activity has made you LEWD. This is the word of the Lord, it has made you LEWD, LASCIVIOUS and FOUL, like the frog spirits from the Book of Revelation. This is Jezebel’s work yet you continue in it. It is no accident that your leaders enjoy it; it is a type of high perversion and will bring your downfall. It is also an untraceable form of fornication– your highest office fell to  this in scandal. This act leaves no proof that can destroy a person’s career with illegitimate children or allegations of rape. This is the act of choice among your leaders. R-E-P-E-N-T.

I see the type of husband who does this, the process he goes through. These men and women at the very top are like SKILLED HUNTERS SEEKING FRESH MEAT, and they know how to find it. They identify someone with a beautiful wife or desirable children, they target him and bring him in. They pay him attention and make him feel important, they heap flattery on him and mention his contributions to government thus far as “impressive”, “lynchpin”– This word “lynchpin” is used excessively on lower court judges who want promotion and want their decisions in court to become famous. This flattery is done to senators, district elders and councilmen etc who desire promotion to higher office, policemen, sergeants, judges, lower house representatives of all races and backgrounds, this is even done ladies and gentlemen, to traffic cops. Even traffic cops (who usually keep their wives safe at home) bring them to the “cop balls” and other events; the princes see these women with their working class husbands, men who love their families, and decide “I like that one, I want that one.” THEY SHOP AMONG THE SPOUSES of their subordinates and begin to make plans like Potiphar’s wife, to snare and seduce these women. 

After the husband receives early flattery he receives a few gifts, things he doesn’t have or can’t afford. Chief of this is PERSONAL ATTENTION. He is invited to boy’s club activities, he is invited to yachting parties, private golf etc- things he always heard about but never dreamed he would ever attend. At these events he receives STAGGERING ATTENTION, a commodity among men that’s hard to beat. (NOTE: A word to wives on this blog- GIVE YOUR HUSBAND ATTENTION. If you do not somebody else will. Men crave and thrive on being appreciated, thanked, admired and made to feel relevant and useful in their homes and to society at large. They want to know they belong somewhere and that somebody is happy with their contribution. This feeds their spirit more than physical food so if you have ears and your marriage is in trouble may you please hear this advice.) 

After these men are “groomed” with friendship and attention, groomed with being asked their opinion on important questions of the day, they are FILLED with a desire to belong to this group. They think they’ve found likeminded “brothers” who will help them make a better AMERICA- but what they don’t know is they’ve stumbled into a band of SWINGERS AND SEXUAL PERVERTS who simply want to defile their women and children for momentary pleasure, then watch their homes disintegrate. Sexual immorality kills the soul of ANYONE who touches it- many of these political homes and famous homes are already smashed because of others touching the wives and children inappropriately. When you see them smiling in big magazines, know that many of them are ‘walking dead’, frozen and damaged inside because of rape and sexual molestation. They paid the price for power but now when they finally have it, everyone in the family is abused and DEFILED.

These princes make suggestions of “ways” to accelerate a man’s path to power to get him interested, then they reveal to the husbands what they want. Many say NO the first time, they are adamant- Never! But with time and soothing words or threats, or simply if the desire for promotion is too tempting, most give in and prostitute their kids and spouses for a leg up. I was just a teen when the movie ‘Indecent Proposal’ came out- this movie depicts a real scenario friends, “My money for your wife”. Indeed the Lord is telling me “This is one of the fastest tracks to the top. If your wife is beautiful like Abraham’s wife Sarah she’ll be your fastest ticket to the big time. Even those who haven’t officially entered the power race yet but want to be ‘considered’ for entry, pass the bodies of their wives and children to those higher up in order for the door to be opened for them. This is ABOMINATION.”

This is the sentence of the Lord:

“Elected officials will die. They are a hateful bunch; have they not heard that he who perverts justice and denies bread to the poor I will not endure. They are manipulative puppets who play to the tune of their master satan and their other master- money. I said in my word you cannot serve two masters, but you can do it when both of your masters are satan. I will remove them one by one, and the lucky ones will be alive to tell the story.”

Prophecy: There will come deaths among elected officials of the United States like a wave,there will be a marked uptick in official burying across the U.S. I see an extraordinary order of ‘casket-flags’ being made in order to bury these people. Indeed they’ll be scared thinking someone is assassinating them but it isn’t, it’s the Lord Jesus Christ  judging them. I see a hand reach out roughly to gather so many senators, governors and mayors etc- they look like people and at the same time like grain stalks being harvested. Some stalks fall out and develop parachutes as they fall to the ground; they will have lucky escapes because God will not totally destroy them. They’ll end up ‘shaken’ but not crushed or destroyed. But the majority of those gathered stay in the hand and get crushed; the stalks are pulverised, broken and thrown into fire.

Prophecy: Many elected officials will lose offices. For three weeks the Lord has told me: “They will lose their races, AND I WILL EXPOSE THEM ON ALL SIDES.” Many who think themselves assured of a congress or other type of power seat will LOSE THEIR RACES: I saw their names scrubbed from the ballot box as the party declined to reinstate them. I saw new and unknown names being put up for consideration- please see the prophecy: “Time To Finish the Kingdoms” for more on that. I see those who view public office as their “meal ticket” start to go hungry as they are kicked out of office and new people take their spot. ‘Upset’, ‘Landslide’, ‘Upstart’, ‘He sure tumbled him outta there!’- I see such phrases abound in the media circus as new and literally unheard of faces come to power and incumbents are let go. The voters are doing what they think best but I hear God say “It is not enough, it will not help”.

Prophecy: SCANDALS WILL SURROUND THEM AS THEY FALL. I see brown envelopes ABOUND in the SENATE and the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. I see faceless people bringing brown envelopes to high and mighty hands; when they are opened the hands begin to shake, they get weak, the person is shaken and terrified, gets up in the middle of a House or Senate session and leaves the room, never to return. Photographs, tapes,  documented transcripts- all evidence of what they do. I see SCANDAL AND EXPOSURE coming to the White House itself in the form of another revelation about the President. I see men of high posture who like to be dressed up like little children and taken advantage of by dominatrix women. I see men of high office who like to wear collars and pet gear, and be beaten with sticks and rods as they beg their ‘master’ in sexual role play. I see many small children entering the hidden chambers and rooms in the homes of many celebrity pastors, celebrity stars, famous ones, and yes even the White House, Senate, and all levels of Gubernatorial dwellings of the United States. Some of these children will come out again looking worse for wear, but many will not come out. They die from sexual abuse and misuse of their body by multiple people at one time, and their remains are disposed of for EXTREMELY HIGH SUMS OF MONEY.

Prophecy: This is SEX AND MURDER FOR PROFIT. I am shown this is a BRIEFCASE BUSINESS, as in- Money changes hands to dispose of these children. I declare to you by the revelation of God: THIS IS A THRIVING BUSINESS of disposing of these little ones, because people desire the corpses for other things which the Lord has not shown me right now. Children are raped and murdered in the continental United States and ALL HER TERRITORIES- America has carried this thirst for infant blood TO ALL NATIONS WHICH SHE ANNEXED, CONTROLS, INFLUENCES OR HAS TIES WITH. This is the territorial spirit of Babylon the Great, the spirit of witchcraft, satanism and murder.

This is the revelation, word, charge and judgement of the Lord Jesus Christ to the United States of America. There is more to follow.

As always take these matters in prayer. Seek God. Do not view these messages lightly, they are not ‘play’. I’m not here to gain fame for such bitter revelations- when you see me write this know I’m actually writing that REAL PEOPLE HAVE DIED and I saw how they died. It means PEOPLE ARE DYING right now somewhere as you read this, sitting in basements and underground chambers knowing they won’t see sunlight again! Such prophecies WEAR ON MY HEART because they are graphic; they are cruel and raw and contain scenes of violence and painful things I have to see. We think prophecy isn’t real, we think it’s words on a page-  I assure you these are FACTS revealed by God so Truth (Jesus Christ) can expose every hidden thing before the end of time. When you read please PRAY FOR THE VICTIMS: for their souls to find rest, for some miracle rescue to happen, for anonymous tips or helplines or task forces to interrupt their fate, for snatched children to be found, FOR ABUSE VICTIMS TO SPEAK UP AND BREAK THE CHAIN. PRAY UNTIL IT CHANGES.

Please share these posts. It takes only a moment to create a WordPress account so you have greater capacity to help this blog reach more people. The victims in these messages come from ordinary homes all over the world; this activity is GLOBAL but America is at the forefront. She is also due for JUDGEMENT which is why the Lord focuses on her, but these practices of human trafficking, murder for hire are international. Everyone needs to be aware and watchful during these end times, watch and be mindful of your families. God bless you. Kindly Like, Comment, Share using the buttons below, or visit FB at The Master’s Voice to like, follow and recommend this ministry. Thank you. 

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  1. Javier rios says:

    Hello once again beloved sister in Christ Jesús.
    Just about an hr Ago I Was listen Ing to Your video ” Obedience is reqired”
    When You Are Part of the Lord Jesus You that You Know that He is communicating with Some form or another. The Part where You Were mentioning that You Had Some aflicción in your body an You may Walk with difficulty, You Do not accept that Word You reyected It.
    About a yr or more I Was praying making spiritual War. I can Not Remember If was Right after I finish or Day after, I became having Some type of rash, first in my face Then extend It All Over My body, also Had such a Pain in the Right Part of stomach. I end It up in the emergency Room vos the Pain was so Strong. Doctor said that It was my organ that looks like a pearl” ca Not Remember Its name now” They said that may have to extirped, but to make sure They Sent me to have a cansan the result was that was fine Not a problema with the interior organ. But Did show that I Had a fracture on 3 of My lumbar disc. Plus a umbilical hernia and Something else with joints. I said oh boy!
    I Am screw.How Ever I Did Not accepted that reallity a prayed putting in play the Power of the Word of God. So I keep living Life normal living in Faith that no matter What He has me in His Hands. About a month and half I Was again praying making spiritual war in favor for those innocent Children that get snacht from the parents Hands Here in Mexico and in the whole wolrld, for those They Used as sexual slaves or get kill disnember and offer as sacrifica to the anemy. To be deliver from the ir captores. Just as You mentón in one of your blogs the Father told You to Speak a bout the cruel reallity of those children . Then another Day I went to visit Some one that was Not Good, that oftenly Someone goes and throu black magic. I decide to pray for that person but I Did Not lay hands. I finish and whent Home. Next Day I Go to my mother House and asked me to Change her matress so I Did whent Home, ah It was small and Not to heavy. Next Morning early I woke up try to get up and Can’t hardly can move and the Pain was so Strong that I thought finally It come To pasas What Had to pasas. Dear Selestial Right in that momement in my Mind Came a Through or Voice that said, where Your God Now, You Are finish You end It Creep le. I started crying and trying to accept My New reallity. But I realised that was Not the Lord voice, Right Away comencé to pray and Used the Power of the Word and cancel that though. Some How My sister called me and Came to inyeting me an antiinflamatory. I told The Lord Jesus look You Know I have no money for a medic Nor for a surgery so If You Not heal me who Will. How Can get of your service like This. So I Am in your hand and Only You can make stand again. So every day I ask for brand new lumbar spine Strong as the búfalo, as the Word says His hand has Not stopping doing mire les as the ones from old, so I Walk in the reallity of Our Lord Jesus that in His time I Will Be fine. So Mean while I continue be of His service. The Only thing I ask: gifting me, give me Spirit of disertment, so that that do or move when You tell to and Not act on My own presuntion. But The Way I am the same that wrote a comment in your resent video as titomackoroker.
    Not doubt that Our Lord Jesus put You Here for a cause to each one of us that Know that Know that The Lord is speaking and that His sheep Know His voice. Shalom Shalom Blessed Selestial Love you with Love of Our Lord Jesus

  2. Nita A Renfrow says:

    You say these things but know nothing of wheat you say. Celeste how many of your friends do this how many? Come in. How many of YOUR friends and family partake of those acts??????? Exactly none. If God says these things is he talking about the non human amongst us? Those that are Non human? Does God talk to your about non humans alien the giants disguises as man? God may see these things. Loss I le this goes on but it its not the humans such a you and I do why are we being punished for what they do . yes God of he see these signs lady out and kill but those of us who could not even think of this evil have not part in this. Wow. You need to ask the voice to speak to your ask why punish man kind who know nothing of this. Wake up and see we love andiffersnt existences. Should you pay for the sins of those non humans go and watch Tamara Magdelene see what she reports. Those heads of state are not human let God seek them out destroy them let him be angry with them there are the rest of us who know nothing about this stop talking of how all shall puinis for error of ways of those it they top. Do you know any of them? Do you? Do you think we know them? I know nothing of them. Why does you tube allow you to say such things I dint believe you and you are trying to convince people they deserve destruction. Why? Why. When we do not partake in this and may not have any power to do anything. Let me see you go agaidt the billionaires. Again God goes after the non humans he dies not strike those who know nothing of those things .

    1. Celestial says:

      I have told you plainly before- these are the prophecies the Lord has given me to speak and they will be spoken. This work does not exist to please you or cater to your tantrums. Nor am I here to seek your “belief”. If you’ve spent time absorbing pillow talk on YouTube that’s not my responsibility, nor am I sent to spoonfeed the hard-hearted who won’t take responsibility for their own faith. When God said He would judge the world for sin did Noah ask the foolish things you ask here? Did anyone ask him how many people he knew that were sinning with nephilim? You seem blind to your own nature yet dare to ask why God would send judgement to America. It doesn’t bother me at all if you believe me. What I can see if after you throw your toys and write all you want, nothing will change these words. Your anger, your unbelief, nothing. If you don’t believe go away to where they will preach the Santa Claus Jesus you prefer, the “loving God” you keep chasing on the internet. YouTube has many channels like that to suit you, so do as you prefer Nita Renfrow.

      1. bcastelblanco says:

        So sorry, Celestial , you have to deal with it. I don’t know why people come to your channel to criticize it only , with no faith or good spirit.🙏 Blessings

    2. Celestial says:

      You are the PERFECT example of why God is judging America. “I’m righteous! I have no sin. It’s other people who are sinning, but not me! I have with a good heart so why is this evil masochist God saying He will ruin my lovely life and my nice character? Why why why?!!”

      Incredible. You appear to be an adult yet don’t exhibit an ounce of Christian maturity. You can’t control your speech, have no evidence of self control and seem to think that an online temper tantrum or insulting someone YOU DO NOT KNOW, will make all this go away. Good luck with that. Normally I try to help those who truly seek greater clarity to absorb what God is saying in these prophecies but to your constant rudeness I say:

      Whether you believe it or not. Whether you like it or not. Unless the Lord has not spoken. You will see every word fulfilled. Then you will know what Spirit has spoken here and sent me to make His words known to all people, so that those who have sense can awaken and know the time has come for God to give reckoning to the nations. It’s as if you never looked in your Bible for an hour, to know that when the end times arise they come to ALL PEOPLE, not just the ones who imagine themselves to be sinless and perfect before God. The end times are the final times of Daniel and Revelation yet here you are accusing the Lord of wickedness, as if He told you His judgement of America depends on your feelings, anger, or what you like. Your audacity is astounding, the perfect example of those who shake their fist at the Lord. Say all you want. NOTHING WILL BE REMOVED FROM THIS BLOG so I suggest you go to the websites that make you feel happier even if you end up deceived. Thank you.

      1. Guest says:

        What I would like to ask is not why God is judging this but why hasn’t He judged it sooner? Why hasn’t He intervened sooner? I’m not mocking, but asking sincerely what your thoughts are about this. Why doesn’t God rescue children from predators?

        1. Tracey says:

          Hi guest… my understanding is that it’s because of Gods mercy that He hasn’t judged sooner. Remember He said His desire is that NONE should perish and basically that ALL men should be saved. Look at every instance where God judged sin and sinners in the Bible- the effects range from measured & increasing disaster to total annihilation and destruction. In the time of Noah. Sodom & Gomorrah. The Israelites being given over to enemies, slavery, death etc. These words are coming to us because God being righteous CANNOT keep silent on sin forever, however He speaks and repeats and repeats in the hope that more people can repent, be forgiven and not be swept away with the destruction even if it’s set in stone. Because there is the possibility of mass repentance for groups of people like Jonah & Nineveh, individual repentance and turn around like prodigal son, Saul/Paul, you & I… the Lord keeps speaking to spur us on. I can say personally that coming to understand we are in the end times has given me an urgency in some intercession prayer, being more vocal about God and not hiding my thoughts about Him in a bushel somewhere in the chance that someone might see the light and draw nearer. I think these are the reasons for what might seem like delay.

          I’m thinking a little about the parable of the wheat and the tares as well- Matt 13. Remember the servants said oh master an enemy planted weeds/tares overnight- should we pull em up?(instant destruction) First He pointed out that this mass infiltration of the enemy’s seed even in Gods field happened WHILE WE WERE SLEEPING (and I think that’s the point of this blog + the urgency with which God is speaking to us in various ways- the people of God were and are sleeping/slack in many matters and need to be awakened). When the servants asked if they should quickly uproot the weeds they’d seen (which reads a bit like your question to me): “No, lest while you gather up the tares you also uproot the wheat with them. 30 Let both grow together until the harvest, and at the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, “First gather together the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn.”

          There is a time for everything. If God judged and destroyed just 4 years ago I would’ve been in hell guaranteed. I, for one, am grateful He waited a bit. Many others will be with every passing day if we do our commission of spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth.

          As we know, our God is merciful and forgiving- even the people involved in unspeakable, gross sin can hear these things repent and turn back to God. If the Lord didn’t have mercy on Apostle Paul or any of us where would we be? Even as God is reading out our charges as nations and individuals, we can cry out and keep praying for mercy, turnaround of whoever He puts on our minds. Remember the other parable of the wedding feast too when He sent servants to go and grab as many of the lame and crippled and blind and maimed (which we all once were) to the feast. They brought them in & the feast still wasn’t full. What did the Master say? Go back out into the high ways, byways… literally wherever you can grab em… BRING THE PEOPLE IN (compel them to come in was His exact words) that my HOUSE MUST BE FULL. So this is the phase and stage we must all be in as children and servants of God- our Masters house MUST BE FULL- what Im inferring from that is that if we still have one more day of life- the masters house can still take more people. So we should focus on doing our own assignment…

          Tbh the reason you might have asked your question is because you either assume or know you won’t be swept away with the destruction… but what about our friends, families, colleagues… even the strangers? What about those who would serve Him if they truly got to know Him- but don’t yet know Him. I live in a Muslim country— they don’t know Christ for who He is so certainly don’t know His ways or commands. God loves and wants them home too.

          I think for as long as we actually have before disaster strikes, the onus is on every child of God to pray for the other sheep Jesus has to come back home- even if they’re stuck in sexual immorality, alternative lifestyles, other religions, drug abuse, general disobedience and rebellion… before the ark shuts close. There’s a verse in Peter that covers it so well: “The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that ALL should come to repentance.” 2 Peter 3:9

          We have to remember that those who perish in their sin are condemned to hell- eternal burning fire… thinking about that changes the questions we ask about the speed of judgement. If we actually picture the faces of people we love in hell- we would wish for more time so they get it before it’s too late… even though we mourn & pray against the wickedness we see in the world and truly desire for the reign of evil to end.

          Holly Moodie has a vision I’ve read multiple times and found very profound about Jesus insisting we pray for people passionately so they’re snatched from the jaws of hell (it’s called Why You Should Pray- easily found online- there’s actually a PDF file of many visions she got from the Lord- “Demarcations” and “Visions of the Enemy’s battleplan” particularly stood out to me as relevant for the end times)

        2. Tracey says:

          What I was saying wasn’t in any way meant to trivialize the severity of what God is revealing… as it is dark, distressing and heart-breaking. It calls for increased intercession and deliverance for victims and watchfulness and prayerfulness to protect others these wicked people would want to recruit and destroy in their demonic webs. BUT I was just responding to why God could see all this and not destroy the people and even the entire world immediately and permanently.

        3. Guest says:

          Tracy, thank you. I’ll be thinking about this for a while. I understand a bit the overall picture of delayed judgment so many can be saved. I am glad you found the Lord! That is wonderful. My concern is more the individual. If I tell a girl who has been kidnapped and raped that Jesus loves her and she replies, “Why did God allow this to happen?” I don’t know what to say. Some say we chased God away and people don’t pray, but this girl was calling out to God in that instant and no angels were sent to rescue her. So then I think, well, “God can heal you and maybe God allowed it to happen so you can minister to others.” But this doesn’t often resonate with a hurting individual. I don’t know how to speak to people’s pain. The Lord reminded me of his death where He said, “Lord, why have you abandoned me,” but I still don’t understand. Why did Jesus have to die? And why do people have to suffer? And why does God not always rescue? I love the Lord even I don’t understand everything, so I feel bad for questioning Him, but I just don’t know the answer to this.

        4. Tracey says:

          Hi Guest,

          I’m sooo sorry to be responding to this so late. Hopefully you get to see it. Yes- I’m grateful also to have found the Lord. Its the joy of my life to belong to Him. I sort of understand your question re the individual… but I’ll be honest with you- I’m not sure there’s a pre-canned answer to the question you posed. None that I can see anyways.

          I’m not sure if you’re asking the question of what to say is cos its a situation you’ve encountered before, frequently encounter or just want to be prepared in case it comes up. In any case, what I’ve discovered in my own walk with the Lord is that these most sensitive of topics especially, like in everything else really, we are to be led by His Spirit. If you were to encounter someone who’s a victim of this- the Lord who sees in deep darkness, who hears the silent cries, the questions, the mental agony, who witnesses the pain and trauma of His beloved children- would give you the words to speak to that soul that will have an effect. This might be a different tangent- but I think it applies- I used to looove watching testimony videos of how people came to Christ online. From other religions, drugs, from lukewarm Christianity, from complete atheism etc. What always struck me and I found it profound how different all the stories were- there’s no one set phrase, scripture or predetermined presentation for how people find Christ. Some meet Him in a dream and all He does is show up and hold their hand or say something and they know its Christ- they wake up and everything is different. Some roar at Him in rage or deep grief and He shows up and gives them peace and suddenly they’re ok. Some hear a very long sermon on TV & that does it. Or a worship song. Or remember something they’ve heard before and suddenly they believe it. Some believe after they hear Jesus presented tenderly. Some believe after they’re given sharp rebuke. And for another- they just hear 3 words from someone “Jesus loves you” & their heart is pierced, they’re broken & they fall down to their knees in repentance. The wind blows wherever it pleases and we hear the sound of it sure… but who really knows where it comes from and where its heading. So it is with things that proceed from the Spirit.

          If this is a real scenario you’re having to do- then pray & fast for their healing, and ask the Lord for wisdom on what to speak (if you are to speak). He gives words of wisdom and knowledge and comfort as He sees fit and if the words are from Him, they will hit their mark & have a profound effect on the hearer. Even words that if you were told now- you might think are simple.

          If this was a hypothetical question (I’m assuming it is)… I’ll be honest cos I saw your other questions about “why did Jesus have to die?, why do people suffer?, why does God not always rescue?”… I hope this comes out right- those questions indicate to me, a need to go deeper in your walk with God and study of the Bible. The highest heavens belong to God but the earth He has given to the sons of men aka you, me, us- the people of God. We are the ones who were sleeping when the enemy came and sowed tares- when they destroyed family unity, when they changed the definition of marriage to include same sex, allowed the killing of babies as a “human right”, sexual immorality as a norm thats even advertised to 8 year olds, shoved Christ and His teachings out of the school system and even society, introduced many strange religions with doctrines of demons into our society, normalized rebellion, lawlessness etc.

          We were to have dominion on earth and legislate the will of God here… but we haven’t done much of that. Hence the society we have today. There are real consequences to removing God and the fear of God from society- we end up with what we have now- wicked men and women at every corner of influence, setting the laws and ruling over us. We end up with men raping women, girls and babies and all the violence that has filled the land. This is the consequence of OUR disobedience as a society- and Christians are not removed from that. Jesus said the people of this world are shrewd in their dealings- but we children of the kingdom are not. They are VERY dedicated to push abortion, LGBTYYZ agenda to sing it like a nursery rhyme with all their might and resources till everyone either agrees or is silenced. I was recently in a conversation with about 10 people all of whom identify as Christians. Only 2 of us flat out said it is against God for a man to sleep with another or change gender. And we were looked at as Unprogressive, unloving, backwards people. CHRISTIANS! Today 8 year olds are coming out as non binary, mutilating their body parts and we watch in silence, at best- just hoping it doesn’t come near us. Recently two 8 year olds stoned a 6 year old to death because they wanted to practice on her some moves they saw in porn. She is dead! 8 year olds are watching porn!! How?!?!How many of us fast and wail and pray when we see these tragedies? Or we just sign in disappointment, switch to another station since it didn’t happen in our neighbourhood this time. Well… as Mordecai told Esther- if you keep silent- deliverance will come from another place but DO NOT think you and your fathers house will escape. Here we are today. It is coming to our neighborhoods now… 8 year olds are watching porn and killing 6 year old girls- it’s not just the 45 year old men.

          Many of us the children of God barely know our God talk less of His will talk less of being equally determined to see it come to pass on the face of the earth. Some of the people being raped and trafficked are homeless teenagers- who do they belong to? What homes have they come from that made them end up on the street? How many of us are praying for the little girls and boys and teenagers in our families, neighbourhoods? How many of them have been told the stance of God on sexuality? I’m not saying there’s no cause for compassion for we must weep with those who were… but at the same time we have to be sincere and see our part to play in what is going on or what has been allowed to go on.

          I went to a Christian high school and students were allowed to kiss, rub and romance themselves in the hallways and class. No one was telling them God is NOT OK with this. These are the 14 year olds on dating sites being lured by 40 year old men. These are the things to tackle. We have a responsibility in all this- its not about why did God allow? Why do we His people allow? He said we are the salt of the earth- but if we do not actually retain our taste and do our job (of preserving the society from rot and decay and flavoring the world with Christ & His ways) we are to be thrown out and trampled underfoot. He said what we declare unlawful on earth is declared unlawful in heaven. Have we done any of that? He has a will and way and made it clear to us in His word… when we don’t follow it and insist on righteousness and the rule of God in the land- we see abominations we currently see. Yes we are where we are… but we must examine the root cause so we can chart a different course… cos its clear there’s much more danger ahead if we continue the trajectory we are on.

          We are at a dangerous cross road… Jer 6:16a says we should stand at this cross road, ask for the ancient paths… where the good way is and walk in it so WE ALL can find rest for our souls. But what does the B side of that same verse say? “BUT THEY SAID, WE WILL NOT WALK IN IT!!!”  Verse 19 is God’s response to this response & disobedience: “Hear, O earth! Behold, I will certainly bring calamity on this people—The fruit of their thoughts, Because they have not heeded My words Nor My law, but rejected it.” There it is- we as a society are reaping the fruit of our thoughts…

          Your questions are short but long in the sense that answering them will require deep study on your part. If you’re a Christian asking why Jesus died/suffered… I say this with love but it is crucial that you start afresh with your Bible study. To find what you are looking for- you must go back to the ancient paths. Ask God to explain what you’re reading (James 1:5, Proverbs 2:2-6, 10- The entire chapter really) & journal your daily reading. I love that Prov 2 one sooo much it says CRY ALOUD FOR UNDERSTANDING… SEARCH FOR IT AS IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR HIDDEN TREASURE. It’s beautiful that you care but that must lead you to get the answer from the Lord as well as all the other things you will discover on that journey. Bible teachers like Gbile Akanni, Derek Prince, Zac Poonen were very helpful for my walk with God. Books by Watchman Nee, A.W. Tozer. are also great. I pray God helps you on your journey and rewards your seeking heart with more of Himself. In Jesus name. Amennnn. God bless you😊.

          (Sorry for the very long response… I haven’t yet mastered the art of being concise 😬😂😭)

  3. Tracey says:

    I’m just learning from your blog God’s opinions on types of sexual activity like oral sex. Wowwww… so unfortunate that this isn’t taught in any church I’ve attended… or maybe this is one of those things God spoke to them personally about… but God is teaching here and I’m grateful for that. This just shows how much of daily life is influenced by the devil… I certainly never thought the Lord had different opinions on this. I see why He calls us members of the same body cos the bits and pieces fit together more and more as I encounter true women and men of God who teach uncommon truth.
    It breaks my heart these things happening to children… I pray for Gods mercy on His babies… for their deliverance… healing… and salvation. this is a shocking post and horrific… It appears there’s no end to contents of the filthy cup… but will continue praying for those God puts on my mind and to my awareness… for mercy for my own life and family, friends and many strangers.
    God bless you my beautiful sister and thank you for pouring out your own heart in your love for God even as you respond to others. I learn a lot even from your comments and responses to others. Just know that not only God appreciates your labor of love- many of His children do too… thank you.

  4. joyceschraeder says:

    Thank you precious beautiful sister in Christ.

  5. Ciarri says:

    It is a very difficult thing to have a prophetic gift. This is why.
    This is what REALLY goes on and the only reason why the general public does not know about it is that victims are silenced, their police reports changed and legal cases buried. A lot of secret societies are involved – Freemasonic witches and warlocks are a big one for this.

    Those that cannot believe what is actually talking place and the REAL world we are living in are completely duped. It is HIGHLY organised otherwise the police would take action. Guess what? Lots of police are Freemasons. They receive promotions for covering things up.

    This is satanic Nazism. In Europe there have long been rumours of children being hunted as animals are hunted.

    May they ALL be exposed!

  6. Van says:

    I believe exposure is the only discouragement for this. Whether it’s a human, subhuman, alien or any other thing, exposure will get them taken care of. Being molested as a child was bad enough, this is torture.

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