Human Trafficking & Murder In America – July 10, 2022


“Whoever steals a man and sells him, and anyone found in possession of him, shall be put to death.” – (Exodus 21:16)

It is 5:37 a.m. Sunday morning. This is what I see.

There are stores in America where you can order people. You navigate to those sites only per instruction, you can’t get there through ordinary browsing or by asking Google or Siri “How do I buy people?” You won’t find anything if you do that, also the FBI will see your search history and mark you as a “person of interest”, or they’ll be at your house by sundown asking Are you insane as they take you in for questioning.

Entry to these sites is by invitation only you must be “in the know” to be able to find them. You must also pay a ton of money for information on the website alone, which will be given to you on a scrap of paper you’re supposed to destroy immediately. But usually it is sent by ENCRYPTED MAIL.

It is sent from a server you cannot reverse-lookup, meaning you can’t do a backwards trace to find the location or identity of the server. Those servers are like spiders, they’re ‘climbing’ all over the internet per second by second, changing their location every time and putting out a new “ping”- a new IP address that makes them hard to pin down.

You might as well try to count the hairs on the back of a wolf that’s constantly running through a forest in the rain, than try to put a location trace on a server set up for human trafficking. It is next to impossible. It is intended to be. It is the world of “those who know”.

I see a computer with ‘air diagrams’ coming out of it like in movies when the clever person is thinking, how they draw formulas in the air to show high-level thought, it’s the same with this setup to show its complexity and level of security. The computer has what is called “proxies” – I don’t know much on how it works except a proxy says you are in Paris or Luxemburg when you’re in Miami. Proxy servers take you on an international journey of changing locations  when all the time the person is right in their living room in California; it is the hated stepchild of law enforcement because you can have endless proxies simply stacked on one another changing location per minute and they’ll never find you.

Online web stores of human trafficking use multiple servers radiating spider webs of proxies, changing location all the time, but buyers do not care about that. They care about the product. This is what I saw:

A man with extremely stubby hands, dirty fingernails, beefy arms in a shirt with no sleeves, sitting at a large-screen computer typing in a web address. (A large-screen computer is one where you’ve bought a TV-screen sized monitor for your computer instead of the usual size one. Media people like this type of monitor because they deal with images all day. Obviously, other type of people who deal with images all day like it too.)

Web addresses for human trafficking can be as simple as: (this is just an example, I didn’t say Target does this), but the way you’ll write it is you add multiple squiggles in it to the point where you have to know them to find the site. These websites cannot be found except by unique identifiers that put the site out of reach of ordinary people; they can never be found by ‘accidentally’ typing in an address without the squiggles. Squiggles are things that make no sense:


Squiggles are what you’d never think of on your own, something you need to buy in order for you to know where the online trafficking “store” is. It is written on a scrap or sent by encoded email, when you enter it a site that could’ve taken you to buy throw pillows will land on a database of a million naked women for sale. Women and girls, almost all of them white from what I could see by looking at this man’s screen over his shoulder. There were black and especially Indonesian women on the site this man was on but mostly slender white girls and women which was his preference.

This man had rough hillbilly-length hair and a great beard, a tawny or ginger beard, a steaming cup of coffee next to him on the table, and an impressive setup of fireproofed software, looking to buy a woman or girl to rape. I only saw him from the back, watching over his shoulder about 1 or 2 feet away.

You can buy people. There are stores for it. “Beautiful exotic woman, 6’1″, unbroken.” (She has never been slept with.) Her point of sale is markedly higher than “Silent treatment brunette 5’1″, fiery, petite. Wildcat.” This second woman is not that clean, seated on a crate, forced to look at the camera and has a black eye which she probably got from being a “wildcat”, aka trying to stop whoever stole her from where she was, from taking her in the first place.

Some women had model pictures, scantily dressed, some kneeling or sitting on cushions giving playful looks to the camera. Those pics looked like women willingly posed for them (like the first one I saw for sale) – she was standing with one knee on a chair with her fingers playfully near her mouth and her head thrown back. Her image was in color, tiny little red shorts and a white tank top.

The second image was more raw: a surly woman with a black eye, black-and-white image, sitting on a crate with nothing done to make the picture look appealing. It was ‘stark’, perhaps there are those who go for that. It seemed women took these pictures in deceit, without knowing what would happen to them later. It is easy to fool women now about stories of bright futures and movie or modeling careers that could open up if they show a little skin. The other type of photo plainly showed women already in captivity, you don’t need to make much of an effort with those ones because you already have them- where’re they going to go?

Some of them end up here: in snuff films.

This man with long hair and stubby fingers with dirt engrained under the nails is an ordinary American who lives in a place God says has BAYOUS. Bayous are swamps where you need high-powered boats to cut through jungle, rivers and swamp to go places. People ride the bayous for fun. They aren’t rich or famous. They are ordinary people but apparently ordinary doesn’t stop you buying women and sleeping with them by force. It is more than likely a woman who is done providing usefulness to this man will go for a ride with him later and end up in the bayou. It is a useful disposal device God says, because it cleans up human waste and traces efficiently. That’s because BAYOUS are full of crocodiles, water moccasins, swamp gas and death. You can die a thousand ways out there, all he needs to do is cut you so you bleed as bait and throw you in. The animals will dispose of the crime scene evidence and nothing will be discovered. There are human skulls in the bayous.

Florida has bayous, says the Lord. So does Tennessee and a few other places. When I checked this out online it is so.

People also re-enact slave escapes in America. This is a form of entertainment: Catch a black person, make them run and hunt them as if they are escaping a plantation. I do not know where this happens but I doubt it is in the cities.

There is a bullet that goes “whoomph!”, it makes a sound like compressed air leaving a high-powered rifle and has a kick to it. It is a pricey bullet because it shatters to a million pieces upon penetration and impact. I will just call it ‘splinter bullet’ because that’s what it can do when it enters you. It leaves a very messy hole upon entry then radiates upwards and sideways like sunshine in a person so that great, great, GREAT damage is sustained from one shot. You can put a man down with one splinter bullet aimed right.

People release captives in America and hunt them down like in slave movies. I saw this for the first time in 2017. I told my friend about the horror of a dream God put me in for hours:

A black man captured in some state and told Well son we’ll give you a fair shake you can have 20 minutes to make it as far out as you can but then we’ll have to come git ya.

The man was horrified to the point of near paralysis but they kept calmly explaining to him what they wanted him to do and eventually he realized the men with him were serious. He had on a torn white shirt and what looked like tan work pants, a man taken or stolen from the city in still newish work shoes completely unsuitable for running in the heavy woods outside. We were in a barn, me standing way back in the dark of the barn seeing this. It did not feel like a dream. It felt like I was there.

When he eventually realised he had to “run” and be hunted he accepted it like anyone would. People are programmed to “take their chances” in life, not a single person whether they knew the woods or not, whether they’re good at escaping or not would say No kill me I’m not running.

He turned and started to run but someone shot him in the back and everyone laughed. However I made a sound in the darkness- shock and disbelief- and one man swung round on reflex with his gun up and said “Who’s there?!” Then the dream dissolved and went right back to where I saw four men in the open doorway of a big barn, three white one black, one of them telling the black one Well son here are your choices, this is what you need to do. I saw this dream many times and never forgot it.

I saw this morning a slave run. Naked people released to the forest to run and run they did.

This is a pastime and an unregistered form of sport in the USA. It happens where the sheriff knows about it and does nothing to stop it or where law enforcement has a pretty good idea it goes on but just can’t pin it on anyone. It happens the same way online ‘fiery brunette’ shopping of women and tall preteen girls of all races happens, because these things are real in America.

I saw the splinter bullet go off and hit a man running. He was stark naked and went down like a very heavy moose, he was not fit and would never have had one chance in a billion of surviving the run. He went down and his eyes went to glass in no time at all, he bled out very fast. Some duck boots came up to him- nice ones. I did not know about duck-boots until 2016 when I needed winter shoes, I thought what on earth are these ugly shoes?? I had to learn their benefits.

Camo duck-boots came up to his body. His naked backside with everything visible was high in the air, a heavyset black man with short hair and surprised glass eyes. The splinter bullet had hit something vital in his torso but done its deadly “starburst” exploding thing, it entered his lower back but exploded outward through his belly and radiated up into his chest cavity. A splinter bullet has bits that travel fast like shrapnel even though it’s INSIDE someone, so it’s never used for practice only for sport or that would be a waste of bullets. The duck-boot nudged the man but he was dead, too heavy to turn over with a toe, and someone said to duck-boot man “Nice shot”.

At times like these God doesn’t say anything to me. Nothing needs to be said so I won’t bother to say anything to anyone. If you can read you can understand. Seeing it is all I need to say. I write what I see and in this case I was not asleep, I was already coming awake as God showed me this. 

These are real things happening right here on U.S. soil while the government is worried about (or causing) inflation, yet they do not look into things like this at all. Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world, we can look for all kinds of ‘moral failure’ reasons for it but the reality is simple – There’s a ton of money to be made in buying and selling people and that’s why everyone is getting into it. There are also long-standing atrocities in American society and they are not likely to stop unless God Himself puts a stop to it with judgement.

It is now 6:37 am and this is how I’ve started my Sunday morning. These are the Griefs of the Lord, what He sees day and night while people celebrate patriot pride in America. 

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  1. Elma Zanamwe says:

    Thank you dear sister Celestial for this prophetic message. It is hard to fathom that such horrific injustices are happening on our watch. God help this generation! I truly appreciate all that you share and I take everything to heart. God bless you.

  2. Lord bless and keep You, Celestial! Sending You a hug and a smile dear one, thank You – so very!

    Too much grief and pain – my heart feels like it will burst ! May we remain faithful and strong, in Our Lord and the power of HIS might…
    on our knees – in our hearts.
    in *JESUS* name – so be it!

  3. MJL says:

    This reminded me of the Wayfair scandal in 2020: It of course was ‘debunked’ and dismissed by the media and most people. God is exposing evil, but that doesn’t mean people will accept it. I also read years ago about the ‘elite’ rich in Europe hunting humans. This didn’t get as much mainstream attention as Wayfair, but it was still mocked as conspiracy theory and filed away as fantasy. Movies are pumped out with this type of gore as the plot continually. People welcome evil as entertainment. Take the Jeffrey Epstein ‘story’: it is entertainment to people. Most won’t consider what it says about the state of humanity and our level of wickedness.

  4. Heather S. says:

    There are sororities in the US where girls are forced to run naked through “rape woods” as part of their hazing initiation. Wonder where they got the idea…

    1. Celestial says:

      I’ve spent a lot of time assessing the brutality of what I see these days, but I know it’s bcz it’s actually happening. Real life is exactly like this. ‘Rape woods’ is new but then again Yah said that rape culture will consume America. From what I’ve seen no mom in her right mind should let her daughter near a Blake or Tyler – those boys in frats who row, have perfect hair & $5000 smiles paid for by their parents. What God has shown of them… It’s better the daughters join the chess club, date Melvin and be safe. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Alicia says:

    Interesting there have been movies made depicting people being hunted like animals in woods, stores to purchase people to hunt and kill🙁. I’m not surprised yet it still pains my heart. The Most High has revealed so much to you Sister Celestial. You are such a blessing to so many of us. Your work helps us see that we sense and feel is not conspiracy but real.

    Have you ever gone places and felt this type of darkness!?. It’s thick and heavy…. 💀 some folks try to mask it where as other almost don’t care if you know that your spirit is sensing darkness. Many say these types of stories are fictional .,,,,it’s just Hollywood but I’ve always felt it was real.

    Learning this truth…. I’m going to continue to dwell with The Most High.
    Blessings to you sister Celestial. This Blog & Channel is blessing so many of us.🙏🏽🌷

  6. brothertyler44 says:

    This is also detailed in a book by Cathy Obrien called “Transformation of America” where she talks about a most dangerous game, essentially hunting people. The book is more about mind control but still prophecy confirmed.

  7. Samuel says:

    God sees all

  8. Malachi Elias says:

    Sadly true. The “wayfair” scandal comes to mind where the site would sell lockers, pillows, etc. with names of missing children for like $10k. A pillow for $10k?
    Have seen dreams of people I know involved with some horrific things. Praying for all involved especially the captives to be set free.
    They show us in the movies “surviving the game” “hard target”. Older movies that are not too violent and gory. Free on
    Peace Celestial my eagle friend

  9. O wretched man 81 says:

    There is the dark web where I heard stories about similar and very sick things. My heart breaks for the Lord reading about israel and the modern generation. How sick and sinful people we can be. We deserve nothing less than total destruction and hell.

  10. Shoshanna Yahnwe says:

    What a pathetic generation.

  11. Phyllis says:

    Thank you Celestial… I read this post the day you posted it. And today is the 18th of July 2022.. What a confirmation of some videos being released today by Brothwr Joseph Okechukwu from the research he has done. Our Heavenly Father is indeed opening our eyes and its for us to pray fervently.. Children and babies are being massacred, and the people who are doing it do not care and does not show any remorse. The worst part that hurt me most ita the mothers who are selling the babies for quick money and henceforth to be free because the so called baby is not like a cat that you can be left on its own and enjoy life. I felt sick hearing such utterances. There is no fear of God at all. The world we are living in is very wicked.. The person who disguised himself as a potentially buyer was told that the countries involved are Germany, Poland, Ukraine just to name a few.. And the people involved are filthy rich people … Just like from the other prophecies you have released.. It is heartbreaking when you hear them talk.. Just because of making money.. Truly our Father sees it all… like you always say that if the Father sees it, and he shows you through the visions, We definitely have to hear and pray about for those children. May our good Lord bless you more and more for being forever faithful. Remain BOLD those who have ears let them hear.. Thank you I have decided to follow Jesus no more turning back.. The Master’s voice blog has helped me to turn away from habitual sinning and I thank God for his channel.. The Master’s voice prophecy blog.

  12. amy6f says:

    👆This is the testimony of a victim of satanic ritual abuse.

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