Sexual Perversion On the Rise – January 17, 2020

“But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea.” – (Mark 9:42)

*A millstone is a very heavy stone used in the old days to grind food and other materials to powder- it doesn’t need illustration that if one is tied on someone’s neck and they’re thrown into the sea it’s certain death.

A short while ago on TMV I shared a prophecy of God’s anger and judgement coming against man for unlawful sexual activityfornication, masturbation, watching or making pornography, having sex during a woman’s menstrual cycle, adultery, sharing strange sexual partners with consent while married, same sex relationships and things like that. Among these sins God warned how harshly He will deal with those who abuse children in any way, especially sexually. Children are extremely vulnerable to start with- factors like age, health and education may mean they lack even the basic skills of movement, maturity and discernment that we adults depend on to keep safe.

What do I mean by this? Well, based on a child’s age, education, and other health factors they may not even be able to walk or talk properly yet. They can’t defend themselves or run away from sex predators, they can’t tell you “who did it” or what happened, they may even lack enough knowledge or vocabulary about sexuality to describe what is happening to them and most of all they usually can’t tell who is a potential threat to them or not.

Before going further I will share an article as proof of what was prophesied several months ago. I ask readers of this blog to share info in the comments section when you see prophetic words being fulfilled- I may add verified links to the relevant post to show this blog is the true word of God that will surely come to pass.

Read Sun Article.

Very young kids are extremely at risk because they can’t fight, cry out to alert others when danger approaches them, or run away when there’s harm intended to them. Even older kids may not be able to protect themselves- if they’re in their parents’ care or an older adult who has authority and they’re told to do something bad, they most likely will. Likewise if they’re told something bad will happen to them or someone they love if they don’t agree or go along with evil suggestions, then even if something is hurting an older child they have say nothing about it because of the pressures being leveraged against them by someone older, someone in power, or someone who controls their life.

Children in abusive care capacities (living with a parent, sibling, extended relative like aunt, cousin or grandfather etc who is a sexual or otherwise violent predator) are high-risk, either because the caregivers are abusers themselves, or because they will easily hand the child over to outside abusers for cash or other promises and favours that are on the table. Many children are violated by their birth parents but feel powerless to stop the abuse when it first happens, then they become too scared to talk about it when it continues. Their lives quickly spiral out of control due to continuous cycles of abuse and these children can display every conceivable negative reaction to sex exploitation including wild behaviour, withdrawing, total silence, refusing to eat, play or learn, uncontrollable physical or emotional responses, violence, and even suicidal tendencies.

Hear me on this blog: GOD NEVER INTENDED THE PERVERSIONS OF MATURE ADULTS TO BE EXTENDED TO INFANTS, CHILDREN AND YOUTH. People abusing their own bodies for pleasure is one thing, but abusing children for depraved sexual kicks is another level altogether. These practices are a subject of extreme anger to God and Jesus made it crystal clear that the only verdict is DEATH to those who manipulate children or harm them in any way, especially for sex. I say “especially” because if Jesus said adults will not get away with sexual sin against themselves, why would the emphasis be anything but multiplied when adults touch children?

Today I’m re-emphasizing that child sexual abuse happens with disturbing frequency, therefore we as Christians need to be SENSITIVE TO THE TIMES. We need to actively do more than pray when we see potential abuse taking place or when we become aware of it. The church is God’s representative on earth, therefore let us be mindful of His power in us to speak, reveal, pray and yes intervene if a situation comes to our attention. Silence helps violence, just remember that. You heard it here first.

I have several in-depth prophetic words on this blog about child sex abuse- the Holy Spirit shows me shocking images in painful detail about what people do to children behind closed doors. I’ve written these visions down for us as a Christian body (in fact for anyone who reads this blog) to BE AWARE that insane levels of SICKENING STUFF is going on around us. I also have a post here warning parents to seriously be mindful and protective of their children- human trafficking IS A REALITY NOW MORE THAN EVER BEFORE.

The Holy Spirit showed me how human trafficking is set to become the primary evil on earth before too long- see “19 Mins To Human Trafficking” for more. He showed me how centres of power in the USA abuse children as collateral for doing their jobs in government- see What You Never Heard Before, Pt 1. I saw how youth are put to death for sick kicks in What You Never Heard Before, Pt 2. I saw many different types of child sexual abuse in “Profanity, Pt 3“.

Here is an except from a prophecy about increased floods coming to earth as punishment for sexual sins:

“I will punish them for sinfulness against their own bodies”, said the Lord. I saw people pleasing themselves with a host of sexual accessories in their rooms- and floods released from the [heavenly] mountain and hit the earth. I saw a mother and father having physical relations IN FRONT OF THEIR CHILDREN, these children were about 9 to 12 years old. They watched their parents with interest then got into the bed with them [to join those acts]. Water slammed out of a large mountain in response to this. I saw many things this morning- therefore my repeated words are “LET US ABANDON UNHOLY ACTS AGAINST OURSELVES AND AGAINST GOD, BECAUSE WE WILL PAY A PRICE FOR IT IN THE END.”

Last but not least the Lord promised direct and specific punishment of DEATH in different forms to child abusers in this prophecy: Immolaters Of Desire, Pt 4. I consider this post one of the most comprehensive and pivotal prophecies on abstaining from sexual immorality on this entire blog- that’s where God bluntly said that those who abuse children will lose their lives over it (in one way or another).

Let us stay vigilant in these times. It’s not only children at risk of sexual abuse, grown men and women are being raped, abducted and forced into all forms of sexual slavery everywhere, so as God is warning us it’s for our own safety and the greater awareness of the world at large. Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.