“19 Minutes To Human Trafficking – December 17, 2019

This is a recent dream the Lord gave me: the second in a week about the upsurge in the Human Trafficking running rampant all over the USA. This wicked crime has really come to the forefront in recent years; more than ever it’s a reason for growing terror among Americans, especially in minority communities. This is set to greatly increase (as will be seen from this dream). 

In this dream I saw a big clock in front of me but I could not read the time. It was a grey clock with black numbers and hands. I was also aware of a lot of human flesh around me, everyone was naked. I saw a person standing nearby who was fully clothed so I said “Excuse me, I see the clock but somehow I can’t read the time. Can you tell me what time it is please?” The person turned to me and said IT IS 19 MINUTES TO HUMAN TRAFFICKING. 

I was shocked! I thought: What? What kind of time is that?! But as I thought about it I  remembered what God showed me before about human trafficking. I said, But how can it be “19 minutes” to it? It’s already going on, it’s already happening globally and it’s terrible! 

In my dream a voice answered: “If you think it’s bad now, in 19 minutes from now, 19 minutes as we keep time in Heaven, there will be an explosion of this evil such as you’ve never seen before. Literally nobody will be immune or safe from it- if possible it will knock on every door so that there is nobody poor or rich, regardless of ethnicity, social class or background who has not heard of or directly knows someone who was attacked, captured, trafficked, or who managed to escape. “19 minutes” means imminently, soon, taking place as we speak. In no time at all, human trafficking will be the primary evil humanity faces in this world.”

As the voice spoke I had a strong impression of naked flesh all around me, mostly Black flesh but also Caucasian and Latina too. I could not see the actual nakedness but I was aware of naked people around me, pressing me from every side. Then I saw a slow, thick trickle of blood start to run down the face of the grey clock, it was so thick it looked like pudding or ketchup. I also saw this same trickle start to run down the armpit of a naked woman near me, the blood ran down the clock and down her flesh and the dream ended. 

Prophecy: I am announcing that an uptick in the evils of human trafficking is coming, such as has never been seen before on earth. All past knowledge, experience and effects of this devastating crime [of stealing human beings from their home and environment to sell them for slavery, murder or sexual abuse] will fade in comparison to how far, deep and wide this wickedness will spread itself. It will cut into humanity until blood flows, and the time for it to truly manifest itself is not long. This is the revelation of the Lord. 

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  1. Elma Zanamwe says:

    Thank you for this very important post sister Celestial. I came over after you posted the link on the community page. These are deep and piercing prophecies. I admit that most of these things I had never heard of before. You’ve really changed my life and that of my children for the better. It’s our priority now more than ever to draw closest to God. Without Him no one can make it. Thank you Jesus for the Blood You shed at Calvary. Sweet Shalom my sister Celestial. You are turning hell upside down and changing lives across the world. To God be the Glory.

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