Human Trafficking In South Africa – August 16, 2022


“It is by no means a measure of health to be well-adjusted to a PROFOUNDLY SICK SOCIETY.”

– Jiddu Krishnamurti

I just had this dream. It was a very late night for me yesterday, to those who saw my last post go live on TMV and Youtube. I could’ve used more sleep. I dreamt this around 9:00 a.m. EST. and got up to record it.

I kept seeing a headline: “600 Children Used For Sex Slavery In South Africa”. That was the star of the dream, a screaming headline splashed across various newspapers in South Africa. I saw newspapers on business desks, being read in taxis, being scrolled on cellphones by teens and old grandmothers who should not be reading sordid details of child trafficking busts. School kids, working moms, government officials- everybody saw it and the nation was paralyzed by such a big exposé of sex crimes happening to children.

600 Children Used For Sex Slavery In South Africa.

Every time I saw that headline the dream changed to something else, another scene or experience. I saw in South Africa there is a culture of abusing children. From a young age. Beating them severely, talking to them like they’re trash or nothing, denying them basics like food and shelter, putting them out of the house in anger at a young age to fend for themselves, and a culture of MEN WHO LOVE TO CARESS, STROKE AND HAVE SEX WITH THE YOUNG DEVELOPING FLESH OF SOUTH AFRICAN GIRLS AND TEENAGERS. 

I did not see people’s faces in this dream. I saw them from the neck down. Hands holding newspapers, hands looking at cellphones when the story broke. I saw a man with an impossibly fat stomach sleep with a teenager who was related to him. He had pulled down his boxers just enough to rape her, he was still half clothed and she wasn’t wearing much either. His urgency on her was disgusting as this child- whose body was concerningly well-developed for a teen- just lay there like a board waiting for him to finish. She was enduring it and waiting for him to finish so she could get ready and dressed for school. The place this happened is GAUTENG.

God says the girls of GAUTENG are acquainted with sexual activity at a young age because their fathers, uncles, brothers, cousins, school-teachers, school mates, caretakers and society at large (random men) are heavily attracted to the transformation of skinny little girls into the sudden curves of young womanhood. They [young girls] know all about sex at a young age because it is nearly guaranteed that someone will touch them before they are 10 yrs old. After that their own involvement in sex is triggered; they begin to react to the rape or molestation trauma by becoming very interested in adult sexual activity while still obviously children.

This man was related to this girl, connected to her by some thin webbing of ‘family.’ This is no hero story. She was not planning in her mind to wait until she was a little older to speak up or run away. She wasn’t planning to video the predator, tell the cops, and be her own savior. She was waiting for him to finish so she could wash, put on her school uniform, and go to school. She was not planning to talk about it to anyone because I saw in her heart the knowledge that SHE will be the one to feel the backlash and pain of exposing this man. SHE would be told she is a prostitute, a young whore who lies and accuses men. “You are so ugly who told you my husband would want you, you are just a liar looking for attention.” So she bore it and as I was looking at that man I really wanted him to have a stroke and die. I felt a great anger in my heart toward that person.

“600 Children Used For Sex Slavery In South Africa.”

I saw a metal elevator in a building, the service elevator used to carry large items in buildings, things that can’t fit in the normal elevator out front. This one comes from the underground floor, maybe even the parking level garage. I saw about 60 children – all black and most of them poor – being moved by night into that elevator. None of them were above 13 yrs old if I have to gauge by height- they were herded into the elevator of a building that had no activity going on at that time of the night. One big muscular guy stood behind them and one stood in front and pulled the two pieces of the elevator together. It didn’t even take many handlers to manage the children or anything like that, these children were cowed, quiet and well controlled.

I saw one or two of them holding teddy bears which may mean they were newly trafficked; it is not likely that children well used to the job of being passed from sex job to sex job have toys or other comforts. These ones were probably being delivered to wherever trafficked children first go for processing in South Africa.

Notice the size of the people vs the size of this elevator. You can move a ton of kids in something like this, even one half the size. Notice also how the doors meet top to bottom, not left to right like normal elevator doors. This is a freight version with ‘peelle doors’. What I saw was like this.

Birthday parties. That’s where these children go. To private birthday parties to perform naked sex acts for guests or to be passed around by guests.  Sex parties. It was in the newspaper article. Private parties of the who’s who in South Africa was exposed as one of the places where paid-for, trafficked children make an appearance. I was seeing a normal birthday party with bouncy-houses, cake and everything children love at the same time, but it was only a dream-contrast to ‘where children would like to be’ as opposed to where they’re actually taken and for what purpose.

“600 Children Used For Sex Slavery In South Africa.”

In the dream, I called a friend in South Africa. I was concerned. I thought ‘How can 600 whole children be found in prostitution rings at one time yet nobody noticed they were gone from home? Or was it reported but not traced to this; the cases weren’t linked as suspicious and related? What’s going on there?’

I wanted to know from somebody who lived there so I called a friend. I asked her about what I saw in the exposé and she said “My sister these men are ruining these kids at the speed of light. You have to watch them 24/7 because a man, even your own husband, might notice they’re growing up and touch them. The children themselves are so problematic and sexual but I’m beginning to think it’s the result of them being touched and introduced to sex at such a young age. These kids are being destroyed very early now so, no, I’m not surprised at the news that came out today.”

“600 Children Used For Sex Slavery In South Africa.”

The scene changed and another friend called me. She was upset. She said How can this be happening? How can you be seeing all this every time yet you can’t tell us what to do about it? You can’t see where it’s happening, you can’t even tell us where these places are? It’s unacceptable if you’re just going to be stressing us with predators on our doorstep but you can’t tell us who it is!

I know my friend. She has one daughter. That is her pride and joy. She doesn’t even live in South Africa but she’s close enough that she knows  human trafficking can whisk any child from where she is and have them across the border into the South African underground in less than 4 hours. I wanted to tell her: “I am not a GPS or Google Maps, that’s why I can’t see where it’s happening.” But I kept quiet because I know parents are wholly irrational when scared. They think I can’t understand. I let her berate me because I get berated by total strangers on the internet all the time anyway, at least there’s a history of understanding when a friend does it.

Sex Trafficking is there in South Africa- in GAUTENG, in CAPE TOWN which is an active port & shipping city, in many other places as well. 

Yah said when I woke up, that South Africa is a trafficking hub for children. It is a modern country with lots of lights, amenities and enough distractions that people can disappear there without a trace. It’s connected to international travel routes with quick and seamless air traffic to take people out of the country without strenuous border checks and things like that.

They traffic women and girls in addition to children, teenagers and young women but children are an especially vulnerable population. There are no good laws to protect children and there’s even less enforcement of the laws they do have, so a lot of things adults do to children are not monitored or prosecuted unless and until it results in the death of a child. The society in South Africa allows over-sexualization of females generally and He said MEN PUT THEIR HANDS VERY EARLY ON FEMALE CHILDREN FOR SEX.

Here is part of the problem. South African society has some of the worst school uniforms on record, right up there with Korea and Japan. The children go outside effectively naked or suggestively dressed and the result is an aggressively high skew in adult male attention towards minors in those societies.

He also said there are many such human trafficking hubs scattered across Africa especially where major cities are. Dar es Salaam is one, Tunis in Tunisia, Rabat in the capital of Morocco. From there females and children go easily into the European sex trafficking trade where there is a high demand for them. There are trafficking hubs in West Africa, Nigeria is one such. So is the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo), Malawi and in limited amounts from the nation of Zimbabwe.

It boils down to ACCESS. Who can access children, who has control over them, that’s what greatly influences the trade of missing children but especially young women drawn to the bright lights and opportunities of big African cities. Yah said they are being “PREYED UPON” in the literal sense of the word, like deer going into a den of lions without knowing or recognizing what that den is. 

This is the dream I had, the prophecy of the Lord. South Africa does sex trafficking of minors and it is going to come out in the newspapers. A huge bust, an unbelievable number of children involved. An equally unbelievable lineup of names- big names- involved. Expect scapegoating. It’s not our fault, it’s the police. It’s the justice system. It’s this and that. No. It is a culture of waiting pedophiles, male family and friends who pay more attention when a girl is growing up than the girl’s mother herself. A busy mom may notice breasts and think- Right, she needs a bra, I need to get a few when I go shopping next week. But these predators see something else and their speech betrays their sick intentions:

“You look different since the last time I saw you. You look ‘bigger’. I can see you’re becoming a woman now.”

If you ever hear a man, a male relative or family friend or anyone say that around your child or daughter and you don’t verbally blast them and SHAME THEM then and there in such a way that they won’t even breathe wrong around your children, then just remember who suspect #1 if anything happens to your kids later on. There are ALWAYS RED FLAGS to predators but the main problem now is: Predators are having a great time out there. They’re enjoying the benefits of a new society based on “Don’t judge”, a society that doesn’t even want to believe how many times it turns out that the worst predators can be family. 

Let no-one forget the purpose of this blog. To reveal what is hidden but also what is coming. And what is coming was said since 2019- 2020. Here are various reminders about sexual abuses airing like an evil wave in the world population:

“Rivers of immorality. Rivers of sin. High temperatures spiritually as men and women burn with sinful desires and hunger to do wickedness. Children will not be off limits. Children will not be safe. Perils. Woes. Lamentations. The bitter scroll of Ezekiel begins to unwind itself. Man will pay for his sins.” – Taken from Rivers In The Street, Pt 2 [June 2020]

Here is an even older prophecy: 19 Minutes To Human Trafficking [December 2019].

In my dream a voice answered: “If you think it’s bad now, in 19 minutes from now, 19 minutes as we keep time in Heaven, there will be an explosion of this evil such as you’ve never seen before. Literally nobody will be immune or safe from it – if possible it will knock on every door so that there is nobody, poor or rich, regardless of ethnicity, social class or background who has not heard of or directly knows someone who was attacked, captured, trafficked, or who managed to escape. “19 minutes” means imminently, soon, taking place as we speak. In no time at all, HUMAN TRAFFICKING WILL BE THE PRIMARY EVIL HUMANITY FACES IN THIS WORLD. 

Here is another recent dream – RFID [June 2022] – Kidnapped from home, flown through the public air transport system to some remote part of America, forcibly married to random men who raped their captives whenever they wanted. Children were born of the rapes, ‘chipped’ as soon as they were born and they had no names. There are missing women and children kept in private enclaves all over the United States, all this is part of the greater human trafficking network.

This is why rich people have islands – an island is a place you can go with your friends and do ANYTHING and guess what? Commercial planes don’t fly there so ordinary people can’t show up and ask you what you’re up to.

There is a PROBLEM, a SICKNESS, an EVIL, a DEFICIT IN SOCIETY TODAY AND IT IS EATING THE YOUNG. It is incapacitating them, destroying them in their innermost places [mind/ soul/ spirit]. The abuse of being raped and molested is already hard but as I said in a previous post- being sexually “shared” to multiple people and subjected to heinous sexual acts BREAKS ALL THE WALLS OF THE MIND AND SOUL. It produces sex slaves, brainwashed victims, or deliberately provocative, wild, loose victims who sometimes become worse by reason of the abuse. There are even those who can’t handle it mentally and go crazy or commit suicide.

The variables from one act of sex abuse on a minor will have bitter echoes through the rest of that person’s adulthood. Without serious deliverance, intense, QUALITY THERAPY and a lot of time to heal, most people carry that limp all their lives. Sex abuse, human trafficking, sodomy, Satanic ritual abuse (taking people deep under the earth to light candles and bonfires and dance naked around an altar pouring blood and sex sacrifices to demons etc)- THEY ARE HAPPENING AND DESTROYING PEOPLE. There is A SERIOUS PROBLEM GOING ON IN THE WORLD and the fact that God keeps showing it to me doesn’t mean I know the addresses of the rapists and pedophiles. It means God is taking the lid off it and making everybody aware of it for a reason.

Judgement for these things is coming but the first step in passing judgement is to make sure (1) everybody knows the perpetrators and (2) everybody knows the crimes. Without even basic awareness of this how will society be prepared to do anything to honor those who died in the process, who didn’t make it, as well as those who will try to speak out in future? 

South Africa has human trafficking in children and it is going to be exposed. This is what God has shown. Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.

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  1. Nita A Renfrow says:

    I wish God would stop this. Just wipe out evil people who would do this. Get rid of them with no hestitation. Like in the OT when he would strike the first time they did it so they could not do it a second time. I wonder if they are even human. With so many non Human in human skin. Does not appear that we received info on who did this on Epstein Island and none were truly gotten rid of except the owner and flight logs showed many visitors to the island. Hoping God acts soon.

    1. roeroelofse says:

      Dear Nita. Please read the previous post: “THE VOICES UNDER THE GROUND – AUGUST 16, 2022″…

    2. Joe D says:

      Strong Prayers for these reprobates ! Lord please extend your mercy to them as the eternal fires are terrible for the unrepentant.

      Jesus have mercy on us sinners.

  2. Elma Zanamwe says:

    Thank you dear sister Celestial. This one is too close to home. Painful to hear. As a mother living in the region with the countries you have mentioned, I always watch my children like a hawk. Daily, I cover them with the Blood of Jesus Christ before they leave home for school. It’s part of our daily ritual. Now they will understand better why we don’t do parties or sleep overs. I’ll share this post with my children. Thank you once again my sister. Sweet Shalom.

    1. Celestial says:

      Please share this post widely to whoever you think will benefit from it. It is good that eyes be opened because I truly believe, when it comes to these matters prayer isn’t the only answer. PREVENTION IS A GREAT GAIN. Preventing it from ever happening, from ever having a chance to scar someone is 10X better than praying with tears after it already happened. God bless.

      1. Roni says:

        Im sending to miss universe zozibini whose platform is gender based violence and the new miss South Africa. The miss universe is owned by Ari Emmanuel brother of Rahm Emanuel who was obama chief of staff and then mayor of chicago.
        They promote Abortion and all things lgbt and feminist in the name of diversity so i should not even watch cause they do runway in swim suits and sheer gowns.. I say oh but they are so smart and educated and beautiful but so was Lucifer or who ever the king of tyre was . scripture says he was the sum of wisdom and perfection of beauty 😟… They may not listen but maybe GOD will do something even with in them.

  3. BBRob says:

    May every place and person be exposed. It is wicked and sickening!! Even those in the church and armed forces guilty of this wickedness. Let it be exposed!! Where ever on this Earth Abba, bring exposure and your swift judgement. Rescue these innocent children they are your heritage. Parents observe how they stare as well. They don’t even need to say anything about your children. They can’t look in the face they stare on body parts.

  4. Malachi Elias says:

    Lord I stay ready for that day when fire rains from the sky given the green light. May they repent first before we come for them!

  5. Celestial says:

    I truly don’t know what happened to it. It’s been there for years and suddenly gone a month or 2 ago. I need to contact WordPress about it, then I’ll make an announcement. In the meantime I think if you look under your own comment it shows an option to subscribe. God bless.

    1. Hélène says:

      No, there’s no option to subscribe under any of my comments. Not that I’m seeing at least.
      Oh wait—do you mean Notify Me Of New Posts? That’s a way to subscribe? I’ll check that box and see! Thx

  6. Scarlett says:

    It’s difficult to understand how someone could be so cruel as to harm a small child; to destroy their precious innocence by committing evil acts on their little bodies, that leave scars there and on their young minds as well. Yet these pedophiles crave young flesh more than anything. Yes, those skimpy school uniforms simply add to the illusion of innocence and virginity. That’s why Disney studios made a point of dressing the young Britney Spears in a short school uniform when she recorded “Hit me baby, one more time”. I’ve wondered how many times regular kids out in normal society have been raped and/or killed because some lusting pedo felt compelled to act out his fantasy because he couldn’t have Britney to satisfy his craving. That’s another reason why I despise pornography, sexualized advertising, TV and movies, etc.
    We can and should pray against these things always and even daily. Someone out there needs and is crying for help. There are all the names of those who fought and died in Vietnam on the wall honoring them. There is a tomb to honor the Unknown Soldier, but there is no wall or tomb to honor the victims of trafficking abuse, but there should be. God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

  7. Roni says:

    All of this is very triggering .whew.. So i saw a South African movie on Netflix; A show rather about bleach cream and a mogul of beauty care product…
    One line said ” oh you look different since last i saw you” the lady made a face she was an adult but still it was the look of did u catch that ? Did u discern his spirit?
    Sooo many movies on roku plex fawesome are showing things that have details only insiders could know. Things celestial said such as the Russian in junk yards. If you saw “salt” you know angelina met her counterparts in a junkyard.. I see so much confirmation that at this point i say pay attention to movies and news immediately after seeing celestial post. I know people hate me saying her name but oh well. The truth needs to be known

  8. LaToya says:

    In addition to the unexplainable ache and feeling I had while reading, my thoughts went to Oprah. She has a girls school in South Africa in the Gauteng area. I won’t even wonder IF she has anything to do with it because it seems quite obvious. May those involved repent and God have mercy on their souls.
    You may already know but there was a sex trafficking rescue made the other day consisting of several minors and adults.

    Thank you for your service to us as you serve Christ. May God continue to bless you.

    1. Celestial says:

      I’m always amazed when people think a multi-billion dollar industry like sex trafficking is being “busted” by these fake public relations acts of “rescuing” 67 or 141 adults. Did you just read that 600 can be found in ONE move, in Africa, yet believe that the FBI with millions pumped into it yearly can only find 140 people in a NATIONWIDE sweep? I ache too, but my aches are for how people think. It seems no matter how clear these posts, that anyone should see thru the bones govt throws the public to make it look like they’re doing something, people still believe that 141 rescued is actual effort by the FBI. MILLIONS ARE ABUSED WORLDWIDE EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, LAW ENFORCEMENT KNOWS ABOUT IT AND PARTICIPATE IN IT. That is the truth.

      1. Hélène says:

        The white hats and their bones to mollify
        I honestly think logic and sense have left the building. I just have no words way too often anymore.

      2. Scarlett says:

        Perhaps not the majority of Americans, but there are plenty of people with their eyes open and their ears to the ground that have been aware of the various evils perpetrated by the government. Most have followed conservative alternative sources, and have been labeled as conspiracy theorists, ridiculed, censored and/or killed if they got too close to exposing the truth. It’s frustrating but we have to use the weapons at our disposal, calling upon the Mighty God who answers by fire, and trusting in Him no matter what the circumstances. Nevertheless, we have to remember what times we are in right now and what the Bible says about it. And be willing to endure. We can pray and intercede, but as painful and frustrating as it may be, we can’t be responsible for what people think, or even imagine we can change it.

        1. Naomi says:

          As a 20 year old South African woman, living in this country is scary. I have never felt safe waking alone on the street, human trafficking can happen anytime, anywhere. I just pray for the grace of God daily over my life and most importantly be very vigilant when I am going somewhere alone.

        2. Scarlett says:

          Yes, Naomi. Indeed, living in this country is scary; I was born here but it is not the same anymore, nor is it safe for anyone, man, woman, child or infant. We should all pray every day for discernment and safety. There are too many foolishly behaving arrogantly and ignorantly, saying, “God’s got me covered”, and there by erring greatly. The bible says not to tempt the Lord thy God, by presuming falsely.
          May God continue to bless you and work mightily in your life as you live out your testimony of obedience.

    2. Hélène says:

      IN *Gauteng*?? WOW what r the odds of that? She is high up in it too, this dissolution of reality that the principalities are attempting.

      1. RR. says:

        I know!! They say flight logs show that her private plane/jet made 11 different trips to epstein’s island. What are the chances that the Lord makes mention of this gauteng place, her having a school there and her having connections to epstein??? Lesbianism is also big in SA. Which was also an issue that first broke out in her school in the early days, one of the dorm matrons was abusing the young girls. It’s like illicit sexual encounters turn people into broken down houses. Broken down walls that can never recover their first glory back.

  9. Scarlett says:

    Stew Peters had this on his program tonight. The video shows Ann Heche sitting bolt upright on the guerney before being loaded into the ambulance. Stew pointed out the obvious there is something very fishy with the official narrative. He brought out the fact that Ann had claimed to have been sexually abused as a child, had also been an outspoken critic, (victim?) of Harvey Weinstein, as well as apparently reporting things about the sexual underbelly in Hollywood. But most telling is that she had just completed a movie documentary film about child and sexual trafficking, called “The Girl in Room 13”. It’s a best kept secret the powers that be have vested interests in things they want to keep secret; have a list of critics that keep disappearing, committing suicide, or dying mysterious untimely deaths. Hollywood residents seem to live in a waking dystopia where anything is possible.

    1. Roni says:

      Yes. Stew also had ally on aka allyson carter aka tori outlaw.. She is tupac daughter and a trafficking survivor who was trafficked to biden denzel Washington and others. She says she was sent on a job at oprah house but not to oprah. Oprah kissed her and said call her aunty.. Any way ally is on the run and has a video coming out also.. Shes on Instagram xoodessy..
      I knew the herche thing was suspicious it’s obvious. Sad part is they use BLM celebrity death and school shootings as a distraction to move the children according to ally..
      My phone glitched once and ended up on Christian talk radio . the then governor was on and speaking of trafficking which he was gonna get rid of. It was in my part of Virginia in herndon near reston not far from CIA.. Welp they railroaded him and got him out on false charges which he beat but not in time to run for office again.

  10. brothertyler44 says:

    There is a book about this(probably many books) called the Lost Boys of Bird Island. The book exposed high level politicians abusing boys in South Africa. There was a police officer and an investigative journalist who wrote the book. Surprise surprise the cop was murdered.
    So this is done in all places by all different types and is sick, these people are sick.

  11. Celestial says:

    This is a post about human trafficking IN SOUTH AFRICA. Can we kindly leave room for those who’d be more directly affected by this message, to be able to come and share what views & info they have on it. I always ask can posts be relevant to what is actually printed on a message, and avoid long nested chat threads that are more distractions than helpful. I don’t know how many times I have to say it- THIS IS HEAVY LIFTING; I AM NOT RUNNING A SOCIAL BLOG. Please have a thought at least to where you are. Thank you to all.

    1. brothertyler44 says:

      Shalom sis, my apologies, wont happen again.

      1. H says:

        Brother Roni, I don’t believe Celestial’s comment was directed at you. Your comment IS about South Africa. Therefore, it’s relevant to the discussion!

        1. Celestial says:

          It was (among others). There was an entire NBC thread going here that showed no signs of stopping, I had to remove it. I’ve asked with every polite bone in my body- pls keep stuff relevant to what’s in the posts. I get people sharing everything from recipes to phone #s here. I can’t stress enough: God is serious. I AM SERIOUS. This is the future destruction of lives, homes & actual human society described in painful detail on this blog. It’d be nice if, just for a moment when we’re here, we act soberly like THAT’S why we’re here. That’s all. I’m glad there was no social media in the Bible. People heard the bitter bite of prophecy and chewed on it in silence. Ezekiel heard ONE deadly word from God and sat SILENT for 7 days thinking on it; Job’s family was killed & he sat in silence absorbing what had happened to him. We don’t even know what doing that means. God has said often- “The sound of the end is SILENCE” and I know it will be. When these things are real, when this world is rebuked, reproved of sin and her terrible price falls upon her? The entire world will sit in silence just like Ezekiel & Job.

        2. Hh says:

          It seems there are 2 “H”‘s posting — I am one, but not the other. I cannot claim the 7:37 am post.
          Celestial, hoping you note the different email addresses. In the future I will be Hh.

    2. Roni says:

      My apologies. It was never my intention to upset you nor be a distraction. I was only speaking what i know in terms of confirmation however i understand that i have little knowledge of what happens out side of my country.
      I do know this is heavy work for you which i appreciate and which i nearly daily share your posts and videos as much as i can.
      Thank you for your work and GOD bless you

      1. Maureen Mabotja says:

        Thank you so much, being from South Africa, we can 100% confirm this, children are missing every day, in some communities there is a high rate of it and no one is saying or doing anything about this. There is more and the Lord will reveal it.

    3. H says:

      Ach! Celestial – this is the closest some of us have to a city gate of old. I am appreciating reading the connections others have to (yes!) this heavy topic. When the prophet made an announcement, surely neighbors murmured to one another. It helps relieve the tension of such weighty matters, and ease the astonishment of what’s been said.

      From haaretz: ‘Gates’ in biblical Israel weren’t just a doorway into the city. They were where prophets cried out and kings judged, and people met, like in the ancient city of Dan.

      I surely appreciate your willingness to serve TMH, and your way with words (it is obvious your intellect well-matches your Spirit). God bless and protect you always!

  12. Scarlett says:

    My apologies as well. You’re point well taken.

  13. Australia says:

    A timely message, I have been shedding tears for the children around the world. Here in Australia it is a huge problem also. We have a massive problem with SRA and no one seems to care. Our government leaders, judges, police, health officers, child safety etc – every single institution infiltrated and works together to hide these crimes against children. I am very burdened by it and find myself praying until tears flow. I pray that the Father sends help to expose and uncover this darkness.

  14. Stacey-Lee says:

    Dear sister Celestial
    As an South African I hear this and believe. I was a victim of my uncle at age 9 and it has impacted me as a person, wife and mother. The wickedness is not hidden but not reported on much in the mainstream media. There are rumours of child trafficking being done in state hospitals but when reported it is seen as conspiracy theories.

    There are podcasts of what seems to be a network of teachers abusing boys, from the looks of it they know about each other but they are always covered

    And there are documentaries about missing people in South Africa and almost each time when the presenter asks about whether it was reported to the police, the answers are along the lines of “they said come back in 48 hours” which is not how it works by law, the police must act immediately or “they said the person probably ran away and will come back” or literally chasing people away.

    I am posting these as witnesses / confirmations about what is happening in South Africa.

    Thank you Celestial for sharing what Abba Yah has shown you.

    1. Celestial says:

      I listened to just 1 episode of the boys abuse podcast as I worked this morning & my heart went through a grinder. Thank you for these very useful links. I have to say- seeing these prophecies are one thing but whenever the proof comes it’s that much harder. Someone posted a very difficult link above – I deleted it at first for being highly problematic but I put it back bcz deleting it from the blog doesn’t delete or change it from real life. Bless you, all of you who bring proof. I don’t need it to believe what God says but I know many do.

      1. Stacey-Lee says:

        If i may send it on here, you may of course delete it if it is not appropriate. Regarding your post (which is closed for comments)

        These two below links are also South African news stories with children seemingly doing exactly as you warned in point 4 and 5, two different schools
        Teaching has been suspended at a high school in Durban after a number of pupils started acting in a manner described as “hysterical”.

        On Thursday, the Dr AD Lazarus Secondary School, sent an urgent notice to parents asking them to fetch their children as they had been dismissed for the day.

        The school said the decision to suspend classes was taken after several pupils started displaying behaviour that was “out of control and disrupting learning and teaching.


        Dunveria Secondary School in Northdale started off their day with a prayer session on Thursday.

        The school has experienced its most challenging times in the last few days, after a mass hysteria saw pupils hallucinating, screaming and vomiting on Monday.

        On Monday, after break, at around 11pm, one child just started screaming and ran out of the classroom, she said there was something there but could not explain what it was. Then other grade nine pupils in the same block followed and seemed to be experiencing the same thing, showing this challenging behaviour.

      2. Lea Lombard says:

        Dear sister Celestial, I’m South-African and I was hoping to make contact with you. Please could you contact me on
        Human trafficking has been laid heavy on my heart by the Holy Spirit, a few of us feel that we are being urged to help the innocent ones.
        Anyone who may require help or counseling are welcome to contact me there is no charge, only love for one another. Love for the innocent children who do not deserve this.

        This is a very difficult topic to hear, many feel they can’t cope with it, people are disturbed by the stories but no one stops to think what it must feel like going through that. Who will help them if not us? These crimes are being done under our noses because people are too distraught to look upon it! Or to dig into it. Very sad.

  15. Steven says:

    All of this is true:
    They don’t even hide it this prophesy is real and the acts are caught and published but people don’t recognize it without a prophetic word.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thank You Heavenly Father for exposing this, where your firm truth will never be tarnished.

    Thank you Sister Celestial.

    I too, have gone through this unfortunately, when I was 8/9
    It took me three decades to finally work up the courage and tell my Papa what happened to me. He didn’t believe me! My mother had she been there, she wouldn’t have either.
    It is the reality of things in Africa. Almost everyone, thinks the victims are attention seekers and cannot be trusted.
    Parents, especially believers in Our Beloved King and Saviour, should do their utmost to protect their little ones.
    Should your little ones go through this, at least believe them or give them the benefit of the doubt, it will kick start their journey towards healing.
    As Sister Celestial said, deliverance is of the utmost importance as well as being given space to talk, vent and cry.
    Stay alert and pay attention to what your precious little ones are watching, whom you allow them to spend time with. You might save them a lifetime of hurts.


  17. I had just prayed for the boys you spoke about in your ‘Sex Industry Flophouse,’ while my mind still processing the ‘Shipping Containers -International Child Trafficking On Ships’ video I watched months. My friend who is a Social Worker tells me of the numerous rape cases she handles right here in Gauteng. There has been reports of groups young girls being raped but the cases are always falsely blaming men and boys of our neighbouring countries, who come to SA looking for jobs. May the MostHigh expose with fierce judgement on ALL this debauchery and the depraved individuals who partake in this wickedness. May He raise up intercessors who will cry out to Father Yah on a way of escape, with healing and deliverance on behalf of the damaged lives and souls of all the victims. I am ashamed of my Country, SA.

  18. Bridgette says:

    I remember my aunt posting on her profile picture my niece in her school uniform, she was practically naked such as in the picture above. It’s so bad, children’s expression of sexuality is normal now, even to the parents.
    My helper told me about her relative whose husband was raping the daughter from a previous relationship. The relative stuck by her husband’s side. My helper’s mom tried going to the police but was told there’s not enough evidence. Now the young woman is very promiscuous….
    Someone from the community i grew up from had a baby with a teenager. Because he had just finished school as a priest, they threw the baby in a pit toilet to get rid of the evidence. He was never prosecuted for it. The only thing the community did was refuse for him to be their priest. He was send somewhere else where he died in a car accident.
    I can go on….here in South Africa, such things are hangled ‘ka segae’…meaning within the family. The perpetrator always gets away with it, that’s if she’s even believed. And the rising middle class black community is so disconnected from what the majority of our people are still going through, Noone fights for the poor and vulnerable. I live in Gauteng and since covid, been hearing of soo much rape that happened in the townships (projects in USA).
    And yes, if we do not do anything where we can, God will hold us accountable as well. That’s something that has been heavy on my heart today, then I got to read this prophecy.

  19. Flourish&thrive says:

    You know, today, or yesterday, I was walking to get something form the shops, a very short drive from my office and I saw a young girl in her uniform and I don’t know why it struck me (since it’s basically the norm here in SA). It just gripped me in some way and I thought to myself, how do you leave home (un)dressed like that. Then I remembered, oh, this is “normal”. Johannesburg (In Gauteng).

    Pity how some parents would attack you, that since you have no kid you have no right to “judge”, “you will have kids one day and you will see” to which I verbally reject with haste. Some of them are my own friends.

    As though the Blesser-Blessee (sugar daddy) pandemic isn’t enough 🤦🏾‍♀️

    It’s a daily warfare unfortunately, we can’t afford to complain aimlessly when prayer is free, as hard and infuriating as it is.

  20. Flourish&Thrive says:

    “You look different since the time I saw you. You look ‘bigger’. I can see you’re becoming a woman now”

    Celestial, silly question, did you grow up here? 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ Many of us have heard those words several times. I know my sister was verbally harassed by some disgusting man , for years, and we had to tell our parents to not let him near her, even in our “big” adult age!!! When we see him approach we literally walk away and don’t even wanna have to exchange greetings with him.

    Growing up, I never made much of it. But it felt uncomfortable (your quote). I remember one incident I was in high school. I was on a taxi to town with my mom. A group of about 3 guys got in, one STARED at me with a dry drool and started saying things like “I’d go to jail for you, I wouldn’t mind. Look at you, those thighs”. My mom had to jump in to my defence, everyone else was minding their business. Sunday afternoon. I was shaking when we got off. (In hindsight, my dress was short and attracted the wrong attention). That experience still gets me shaken whenever I think of it like now, and I’m over 30.

    Many, unfortunately, did not get away like I did. Too many rape cases go unreported. There’s many many many cases where some families, neighborhood, villages, etc, know about them, spoken in hush-hush, 🤫 🤫 tones. Teenage pregnancy is sky-high, Lord forgive me, I never realised it’s because of this, and the root of promiscuity. Lord forgive me.

    Other women hide it to “save their marriages” 😭😭😭 mostly because they’d have a child out of wedlock and get married later to someone else. There’s a whole pandemic of single-motherhood and step-fatherhood here.

    I’m ashamed of my reaction because I find it hypocritical that I did not carry the same weight when I watched “Cassock”- Sex Crimes, Occult Rituals, Sex Trafficking, Human Sacrifice in Catholic & Jesuit Church, now I get it 🤦🏾‍♀️. Lord Jesus forgive me.

    Oh Lord forgive me for my ignorance. This is too much yet I live here. No! It’s enough now. I don’t know what prayers I HAVE TO PRAY but pray I will. Lord forgive me cos I honestly don’t feel like praying for their forgiveness but for judgement. Everyone involved, even the ones who watch the porn movies made from this industry.

  21. Wayne says:

    Prevention is a great start. The way I see it these people are very weak and insecure. The rely on people’s love to make them feel accepted and hide their sins. TV studios should start advertising stranger danger add again and inform parents of these predators. The more parents are aware and a lot of the public are parents the more these pedophiles will loose their “love” covering and be more cautious about what they do and say.

  22. smooothlegs says:

    Praise Jesus this post makes me very aware of why I’m awaken in the middle of the night to pray Jesus help us all wake up and Obey you in prayer thank you sister for sharing. May Jesus bless you and keep you safe I pray!

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