Begin To Command the Souls – March 12, 2019

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This post aims to share more on what God means by prophecies such as Gathered To My Rest.” That wasn’t an easy word to bring, but remember God’s ways are not our ways. God doesn’t see things as we do; we cry over things that aren’t permanent to Him, like death and sickness and loss. Jesus is extremely loving, good and kind but He is not overly burdened by sentimentality like we are, not as far as I’ve seen anyway.

Once upon a time Jesus went to a house where a little girl had just died. Everybody was devastated but He looked at them and asked why they were crying (as if He didn’t know). They stopped their tears to say “She DIED!” but He said firmly, kindly… “No. She is only asleep.” Of course they laughed and called Him crazy, but He just walked away from them and had the dead girl awake in a few minutes with a single prayer. To God death is only sleep- a transient state He fully intends to wake everybody up from, good and evil, and there surely will be more life to be lived and different outcomes for different people after that.

God always works towards outcomes– the protection, mercy and salvation of the widest group of people possible is always His goal. He plans for maximised outcomes and moves in ways that will outwit satan in order to preserve MAN. I repeat, God does not do what He does for the environment or the stock exchange. He isn’t worrying about the fate of the whales at this point. His sole desire is to save the souls of Adam, man and woman, His beloved creation, and bring them to HIMSELF.

Though we know all this death still HURTS, and we don’t get it when God says: I will reap souls in order to save them. I also found this hard to grasp- I’ve seen it happen in my own life and it was hard to bear. Maybe this helps me empathise. God taught me a lot when I was grieving and before my loved ones died. The long and short of this type of prophecy message is this:

Souls cannot be allowed to perish and become trophies for satan through sin.

Souls cannot be allowed to stay here and die in fear once the end time terrors begin.

Souls cannot be allowed to stay here and keep sinning endlessly, mocking God.

If you can keep those three categories in mind it will help you understand why, on an extended 21 day fast with my church in September 2018, God woke me out of a dream and said Celestial. Begin to Command the Souls. I will share that dream but first, the teaching.

Notes from September 20th, 2018

Today is the teaching about souls. Souls are what is called ruach, or breath, ‘the person inside the person’. It is the breath of God inside a man or woman, the breath that was shared from God into us all (“righteous” and “unrighteous” has never been a requirement to receive a soul from God. We all get one because that’s how God set his blueprint).

When God gave souls men were still a mystery. The angels did not understand this creation God made but still, they rejoiced at this new addition to the family. Not every angel rejoiced as we know, the cast out seraph know as Lucifer or Satan was not happy to see humanity come into the picture and we all know what he did about it. But when God first made two living beings out of the ground- one was made from raw dirt called Adam, and one made from living dirt, or flesh called Eve. Eve was made from flesh of dirt and Adam made from dirt of dirt, and both of them were naked and unashamed in the garden of Eden. So we see God’s protocol for souls: everyone shall have one because this is God’s mystery and God’s mercy to all living things formed after the order of Adam.

This is very important because in order to be “MAN” you must have a soul. There are many creatures living down here who LOOK like men but don’t have souls; they are the cursed creations of their father satan, and they do not have ‘ruach’ or souls that came from God. You MUST have a soul in order to be counted as Mankind. The breath of God is what sustains us in life. You don’t need to be righteous to have a soul, this is a mystery promised to every living human being. Your soul given to your father and mother Adam and Eve at their inception shall be passed down to you just like your eyes, nose, legs, brain and all other parts determined by God for human beings to have.

Now AFTER THE FALL the righteousness of souls or the unrighteousness of them became important. Once we all have souls we must now see whether the soul is righteous or unrighteous, because we need to know what God said about the habitual representation of our souls- i.e. how our soul is carrying itself in the heavenly realm as determined by its habits and actions down here. Rest assured, you cannot have a righteous disposition on the screens of Heaven if your way down here is unscrupulous, unholy and defiled- it’s impossible. You will never appear heavenly in Heaven if you’re living sinfully on earth; you can only appear in Heaven as you are down here.

Even if we humans can’t see you for what you are- you can’t fool God. Your soul is clearly depicted before God. That’s why the Bible says all God’s judgments are JUST. It means God is never ever wrong about ANYONE, so when He judges you His judgement is ACCURATE.

“Thou sittest on the throne judging in righteousness.”- (Psalm 9:4)

In other words God sees everything, nothing can hide from him. In fact your own soul updates God like an GPS progress report- it’s a built in candle that searches the inner being, layers, sentiments of the belly of all men and tells God what it finds (Proverbs 20:27).

Furthermore God’s word is sharp, living and active, a discerner of the thoughts, hearts and motives of all flesh– (Hebrews 4:12). Basically there’s nowhere to go from those eyes, they see everything and your own soul reports itself back to His ears. King David laid it out for us- Where can I go to hide from you Lord? If I rise early in the morning you are there, if I sink into the sea I will find you, if I make my bed in hell your hand will hold me fast (Psalm 139:7- 10)). Your soul is fixed on a map and it always pops up in green (righteous) or red (unrighteous), therefore its location physically on the earth is always known and its CONDITION is also not lost on the Father, Son & Holy Ghost at any time. God knows exactly WHERE we are and HOW we are, and that’s a fact.

Next God taught me about why the condition of our souls matter in relation to coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. I say often that the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is at hand. I know it’s easier to just ignore that statement because it makes living life much easier on a grand scale- after all you cannot enjoy your day if you constantly have to keep wondering if Jesus is coming tomorrow, next week or before Christmas. It may be difficult to plan or awkward when considering long range life decisions, above all it raises legitimate questions of “Well what do I need to do then? Should I go to university, do I need to keep my job, should I even get married or have children?”

I believe those are things we each have to seek God on for answers. For myself a good answer was given to me when I struggled with these issues 7 years ago, after I was told not once but many times by the Father himself that Jesus is coming back. What then is the point of life?, I asked. Why should I even bother Lord! I should just give up and try to stay righteous until the time Rapture will sweep the earth, and hope I make it in. In truth I became despondent and didn’t really know how conduct myself, should I live progressively or just stay still, but my best friend gave me a perfect response:

“Sister, God told us no man knows the day or hour of Jesus appearing. Therefore we have to continue to be good stewards of what we have been given, we cannot become like the wicked , unrighteous servant who took his talent and buried it in the ground. No, we must rise up and continue to occupy the earth. We must fight the good fight until the last day, we must continuously exert the eternal dominion of the kingdom of God to the ends of the earth as we have been told to do. We must work while it is called daylight, we must do the next things we know we’re supposed to be doing right up to the minute of His coming, so we can hear on that day “Well done thou good and faithful servant”.

It’s been 6 years since I heard this wise answer and it is still working in my soul today. My outlook is not to faint or become weary or despondent because of the message I heard: “Jesus Christ is coming soon!” My outlook is to work with all my might in the field of the Lord, among righteous and unrighteous that I may by all means win some souls to Christ!

My outlook is to sound an alarm- “Take heed what you hear! Pay attention to your walk and your souls, so nobody can take them!” We must be WISE because Satan is hard at work with fake doctrines and multiple sinful traps to catch good people by the ankle- snap!- just before the day of Christ’s coming. Then they will hear those dreadful words- You never loved me, depart from me, I don’t know you. Won’t that be terrible? So I have to work, I have to speak and warn. I won’t leave my talents buried in the ground and neither should any of you.

Part 2 is coming. God bless. If you believe in Jesus do not skip the broadcast. I know some people ignore these things because they (very wrongly) think- “This is too heavy right now. I didn’t come online for this! This stuff is too deep/ dark/ depressing right now; I just want to hang out, check my mail and log off.”

Brother and sisters the place being prepared for those who miss God at His appearing is more deep, dark and depressing than anything I’ve ever typed on this blog. So if you know you’re not born again or you want to know more about God – if you’re backslidden or even if you are walking well with God – please – pay attention.

The internet is a free university to get us prepared- we can get an education worth more than diamonds and pearls, education that can change our lives, behaviour, outlooks and ultimately, our final destination with God. All of it is free; this blog exists only so you can believe what Jesus says will happen and what Scripture says about certain things.

May the Lord bless you, I just wanted to explain the background to these prophecies so no one is confused. Now you know what souls are and why they matter we can move to what God has said a third time will happen to multitudes before the Rapture. Indeed it’s happened in several “waves” I’ve personally experienced. The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make his face to shine upon you, and give you peace. Amen.

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  2. docsavage7 says:

    Celestial, I think this is the first time I’ve replied to you. Thank you for this blog and being a faithful prophetess! GBU

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      I am quietly impressed at one person who’s read almost half the blog in one week. God bless you and renew you in the Spirit of His love and truth. Shalom.

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        A friend gave me your blog address and I’m so grateful for that. In this last week I have learnt so much. May God richly bless you Celestial as you open our eyes via God’s precious words! By the way Celestial, I’m from Australia… Shalom.

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    May I ask, dear Sister Celestial, when you fast…What do you do exactly and for how long? I appreciate you and may God’s favor be upon you always 🥰🙏🏻

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