“It Will Be Taken Away” – April 30, 2022


Jeremiah 15:13

“Your wealth and your treasures I will give as plunder without price, because of all your sins throughout your territories.” [NKJV]

“At no cost to them, I will hand over your wealth and treasures as plunder to your enemies, for sin runs rampant in your land.” [NLT]

I was reading my Bible a few days ago when the Lord said “Isaiah 39”. He said it twice so I left where I was and went to read it. I didn’t see anything that particularly stood out so, I went back to what I was reading. After a while I heard it again – Isaiah 39. I went back there, read it more carefully, and then stayed in that chapter waiting for the Lord to speak to me. He gave me this message but it made me heavy-hearted, so He said I should wait until I felt better and then put it up.

Here is the word of the Lord to America. 

“Just as Hezekiah received the Babylonian envoys with peace and was delighted to show them everything he had, just as he gave them a guided tour of his kingdom in Judah and showed them everything that was in the land, that is how the Russians have taken inventory of what is in America.”

There is nothing they have not seen, or spied for themselves, or been shown by the spies who work for them inside the government. Even to the highest levels of power (within America) Russians are there, as American as Americans themselves. Whether it is oil or natural gas, wealth or territories (that is land, private property, and government land including all national parks and preserved areas where the protected wildlife and other species live), they have seen it and taken note of it in their inventory of what America has. They have been shown everything.

They have seen it all and taken note of entry points and exit points of the entire nation, including wilderness gaps and passes between the United States and Canada.

A wilderness gap is a rocky mountain pass that a person can use to get into Canada without going through the official border points where a passport can be stamped. A wilderness gap is a pass in the mountains where a hiker may think to go into either country, but the Russians have taken note of them and will be waiting there when people try to flee out of America to Canada for safety.

I said in a former vision that Russia pursued the freedom fighters of America-  the ‘sons of freedom’ who tried to run to Canada for rest and refueling when they were tired of resistance warfare. The Russians pursued them even into those rocky places and brought them back to captivity. [Prophecy: Russia Will Come To America].

Russia has no quarrel with Canada, they did not hurt Canadians as I saw. They only wanted the American resistance and went after them even into Canada. They pursued freedom fighters until they caught them and brought them back here. Canada also let Russia enter the U.S. by her borders, she agreed to let Russia cross her land to surprise America. God showed that when it was over Canada was remorseful and began to help America by letting fleeing people cross for refuge; she also began to arm and help the U.S. resistance too but that didn’t get very far because Russia was prepared for it. They followed people and brought them back.

“As they have taken the treasures of Afghanistan and Syria, Iraq and Beirut and other nations, so will their resources and treasures will be taken from them. Anything which America counts as her treasures – natural resources, gold, silver, mining treasures, physical treasures of land, money and people, shall be taken away by Russia when she comes here for judgement. Even intangible assets such as international friendship and clout, America shall lose this in her inevitable slide to the bottom. This is my punishment, ‘An eye for an eye, and the center will not hold’. America shall be judged.”

As Yah spoke to me I saw all kinds of losses for the USA as if happening at the same time. America felt like a collapsing cake, like something that wasn’t baked properly and suddenly fell to pieces.

I saw the loss of her asset of CLOUT. I saw loss of her asset of FRIENDSHIP. People stopped shaking her hand; they drew back their hands and nations refused to shake hands on the world stage. Clout was lost, basically, people stopped caring what America said and thought and started to look for other views and leaders to follow. U.S. influence began to disappear.

She lost friends- nations that could always be depended on to agree with and back up America on decisions and actions of international policy, did not. People did their own thing and did not look to the U.S. to approve of their actions or rubber-stamp their choices anymore. 

In Hezekiah’s case- even though judgement pushed him to the edge- he was forgiven and recovered from his deadly illness. The Lord showed him mercy and sent the prophet Isaiah to tell him he would not die. However the very next moment he failed a test- visitors came to him, and being so happy to be back in the game of kings he unthinkingly opened his doors and showed the Babylonian royal envoys everything he had in Judah- his armories (military assets, weapons, fortified cities, soldiers, etc), all his military secrets, all the silver, gold, spices, manufacturing, trading goods- EVERYTHING. 

The Bible says there was NOTHING in the nation that Hezekiah did not show off to these people (who were not his traditional allies.) Read Isaiah 39. For this God sent Isaiah again, this time to condemn Hezekiah for such reckless foolishness. God’s judgement was stone: For showing the secrets of Judah to strangers, everything they had seen would be taken away as spoils of war. 

This same word is hereby given to me by the Lord: 

Russia is already living in America as spies and “as Americans”. This is their home, they have generations here. They have infiltrated the nation and taken note of everything America showed them. Now as they have seen everything in the country, what’s in the national parks, even the location of hidden wilderness pathways to Canada as well as treasuries of gold, silver, even what’s in the government itself- those things will be carried away. They have been noted, they are all catalogued and will be taken away along with the people Russia will carry as captives to serve them as servants in their land. 

This is the word of the Lord to me, “It will be carried away.”

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  1. Joyce says:

    Thank you dear Celestial. 🙏❤️🙏

  2. Holly says:

    Hard words, indeed. But not entirely surprising. What WOULD surprise me is to hear TMH (through you) say, “Everything is going to be alright. Carry on as you were.”
    May Yah bless you and protect you, providing the desires of your heart.

  3. Esther says:

    Quite thought-sobering indeed… Thank you for sharing 🙏💜

  4. sheepdogwarrior says:

    So true is this message, that I can testify or witness to the accuracy of it
    I’m in the forest by a lake, around 2017 a group of Russian men came walking through the forest.
    There was a older leader and six younger men, all military types…no children…no woman along.
    The leader was right out of a movie grey beard and heavy accent, asking many questions.
    My response in part was America was going to fall, I must say they were respectful and careful.
    Funny they really wanted to know if people had gun’s…. I just smiled.

  5. Maryrose says:

    Celestial, where do you recommend that we stay then, if not in USA. Do you believe in Pre
    Trib rapture? Will the Born again be gone to the clouds before this propuesta in usa?

  6. Amanda says:

    They are here in the UK too. They fly over often in their jets. They just keep reminding us…we are here and we are just reminding you and we are …bold. Funnily I asked the Lord a couple of years ago should I learn Russian. He remains silent on that. Im praying that when they do come that we can give individuals the gospel even through our suffering. The other idea I have in mind is to buy Russian bibles just keep them in our homes. They may burn them but one may be saved through that small pre planned act. I do street evangelism and get the gospel message translated in different languages. That could be done in Russian. Its the people of Russia that my heart reaches for. They will come with their bombs and guns and we can plant saving bombs in our homes. This is our offence. More powerful than a two edged sword. I have dear Russian Christian friends who live in Moscow and they report how anti christ the powers there are.

  7. LoriQ says:

    This blog post reminds me of the movie Salt and television series The Americans. Both programs showed young Russians immersed in learning American English, ways and culture before being embedded in different areas of America. These individuals were in America to spy, gather intelligence and information, and do the bidding of their Russian puppet masters in Moscow. There is no doubt they are here and have been for a long time. Our nation is asleep…

    1. elfmom55 says:

      John Moore of RBN (Republic Broadcasting Network) said years ago the Russians are definitely here and in large numbers speaking perfect English with no accent. They mingle with us just waiting for their instructions.

  8. O wretched man 81 says:

    I read your blog, than while brushing my teeth I was thinking but Russia looks weak when you look at the “news” about Ukraine. Then a thought came to me that said no they appearing weak. I watch you video than you confirmed what I was thinking. It happens alot. GOD BLESS.

  9. Cheryl says:

    A Sobering message! when I was younger, I proudly wore the military uniform, and was so committed to serving and defending America. Today Christ is my Savior, and King! He teaches me truth. My sole allegiance is to Him, and the Kingdom of God. I take to heart Jesus’s warning in LK 17:32 to “remember Lot’s Wife”, for destruction is on the horizon, America is finished.

  10. gmataylor says:

    Also a word I received recently. “Don’t look back. Remember Lot’s wife.”

  11. Dephanie says:

    Was just listening to a lady on YouTube about American leaving the country and I thought about one of the prophecies you had spoke on and this morning on my way to work I seen where you posted about it as well within myself I was overjoyed because I remember you had spoke on this I was like yes Lord Jesus I remember thank you so much

    1. Terry says:

      I think I watched the same report on WION. Americans are trying to flee the country in their thousands. Apparently, one of the most popular places in Europe is Portugal.

  12. Terry says:

    I believe part of the prophecy is that China will march in with Russia. This message has been put out for quite some time now by different people giving the warning. A war of attrition will prevail and America will not be saved from her destruction.

  13. Cheri Powell says:

    Elinour Washington. God gave me that name in a dream. It’s a place , a park at the Seattle wash border with Oregon. It also is surrounded by a sound. There is a naval base their where they put tobreat old nuclear ships and subs. I believe Russians are going to come in by this park

  14. Jennifer Jones says:

    It’s happening now Have you seen Putin’s latest statement? It’s happening!! https://www.bitchute.com/video/TsXfRpGUDCgz/

    1. Robin says:

      It says the page is not found.

  15. Laurene says:

    I have been feeling for years that America is falling under judgement, but when I look for another country to run to, it seems that there is no where left to run. All countries have deep sinful acts they have endorsed: abortion, drug running, human trafficking, all manner of political corruption, and greed, and they are all falling under judgement. Is there anywhere left to run that God’s people can be safe?

    1. Allison says:

      LAURENE the entire world is not ripe for judgement as yet but as told here America basically has two more years for her beginnings of extinction

      please do not be crass with the Lord’s word, if HE laid the move upon your heart seek God out for the move or simply trust in faith and leave. it has to be your call for as you type as a surety the entire earth is corrupt,
      no one should advised you on where to take up residence for then we will be standing in God’s place
      buckle down in prayers and fastings imploring God, stop seeking for a Moses for he is long dead
      do what you have to do and stop your procrastination

      in the love of Christ i bless you

  16. Cheri Powell says:

    Lauren , run to Jesus.Hide under the wings of the almighty.

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