“CHANGES AHEAD: You Will See Shakings” – October 14, 2022


This is part one of a two-part message received concerning multiple matters coming to America (and by extension the whole world). For most of September and October if I had to crystallize the most frequent prophecies I’ve received on my daily prayer calls I would list them as follows:

War to the nations [the Red horse – Revelation 6:4], civil war to America, unexpected political changes and upheaval, Kamala Harris as future president, Obama, the Beast System, Donald Trump will not ‘save’ America, and plans of death in the works for those who do not expect it.

The prayer call for Oct 14, 2022 dealt with the following:

Donald Trump will be killed in the future, creating a breeding ground for war. [This has been said in multiple prophecies since 2020; see Ezekiel 13 prophecy; Idols Will Fall In America; Obama waiting to fill Trump’s shoes: Deep State]. With the weight of popular support Trump carries God says there’s nothing to prevent people from having extremely violent reactions if he dies – even to the point of picking up guns and doing whatever violence comes along with that. 

After Trump has played his role in the N.W.O. agenda he will be disposed of; a fate that also awaits Kamala Harris after she plays her part in the upcoming Beast system. A false system of government s rising in the United States, *it is not the real U.S. “government of the people by the people.” *Upcoming future administrations of America will be the least representative in terms of genuine U.S. well-being and pursuit of America’s best interests, this Beast System has people working for it all over the world and they do not care about any nation but only upholding the agendas of the Beast.

America will be frustrated. God says America deserves that frustration as punishment for pride, for disobedience, for thinking she is a ‘god’- thinking that she can always work out the outcomes according to what she wants. Yah will allow this frustration to afflict the U.S.A. for her many sins, chief among them idolatry. IDOLIZING POLITICS, IDOLIZING POLITICIANS, AND IDOLIZING DONALD TRUMP IN PARTICULAR.

These sins have not stopped no matter how much the Lord warns against them so now punishment will come in the very area where the sin is greatest. POLITICS. In the very area America tries to control the outcome she’ll be frustrated by not getting what she wants: No free and fair elections, no second Trump presidency. Citizens will go to vote thinking they’re doing something by exercising their right to vote, only to find there’s a DIFFERENT RESULT from what they were hoping for.

These things have been said before: [The Citizen Child; MAGA Deception] but they bear repeating. The death of Donald Trump is deliberate and will have a violent effect on the U.S. It is one of several planned catalysts’ that backstage workers have lined up, things they know are bound to trigger a civil war if they all happen back to back or even at the same time. Trump’s death is not intended in any way as a mistake or ‘accidental killing’ – I’ve been saying since 2020 that deliberately planned HARM is intended against this man and now the Lord has revealed more on it.

The incoming Beast system will dispose of him because they’re scared of the independent power he holds and because he is too unpredictable. If he stops obeying orders or in any way decides to do his own thing politically they know he will be extremely hard to beat. Yah said Trump will split the vote on any party ticket making it virtually impossible for them (or the public) to back another man for Republicans, and with him in the running it will NOT be an easy path to victory for his opponent.

Additionally they will kill him because the Beast has no rivals and leaves no loose ends.Nobody who has played a part to overthrow America is going to live to talk about it. Lastly, his death is America’s punishment from God, her ‘due frustration’ for treating Trump like a god and his due punishment for receiving the accolades of America like a god.

If anyone has not yet learned scriptures of how God hates IDOLATRY, that we are not to worship men because Heaven strikes those who receive human praise and adulation, it will soon be learned in America. In Part 2 of this word God said there has been no god in America since Kennedy, not until Trump came along. Let that sink in. Not even Clinton or Barack Obama who both commanded shocking, shameful levels of crowd worship; in fact the whole world drank the tea and joined in in responding to those two men as if they fell from heaven. Yet it’s only about that Trump that Yah said NOT SINCE KENNEDY HAS THERE BEEN A GOD IN AMERICA, but now there will not be again.

In the New Testament the Heavens Father sent an angel to strike King Herod as he spread his arms and basked in the awed shouts of the crowd: ‘His voice is like the voice of a god not of a man!’

“So on a set day Herod, arrayed in royal apparel, sat on his throne and gave an oration to them. And the people kept shouting, “The voice of a god and not of a man!” Then immediately an angel of the Lord struck him, because he did not give glory to God. And he was eaten by worms and died.”

 But the word of God grew and multiplied. – Acts 12:21- 24)

So a man making a speech allowed the words of the rapturous crowd to topple him into pride, for which God struck him [this is New Testament by the way]. Heaven sent Herod a message the same way Nebuchadnezzar took a hit while he was still boasting of his greatness, an angel struck him and he lost his mind in an instant [Daniel 4].

Likewise an angel of God struck Herod for acting like a god, he got sick and was eaten by worms in no time and the people were left with nobody to worship. ‘But the word of God grew and multiplied’, (v24) meaning that gods die yet God’s word keeps right on marching forward, revealing every last thing that will be until the final appearance of our perfect King who tolerates no rivals, Jesus Christ.

America will face international loss of influence. She will suffer embarrassing failures at the polls and face international ridicule as surprising and upsetting ballot box results throw the nation into confusion. Other countries will laugh at these things: issues during voting season, banana republic electoral debacles like the one in 2020. I saw Russia, France, Germany, Italy –  laughing, asking in amused tones- “Is this the nation that terrorized the world? What is wrong with you America, why are you having problems at the polls?” 

Inflation will consume the gains of America, fattening itself on the savings, credit, investments and currency of America. People will be forced to break their piggy banks and savings in order to face current cost of living, this is cause people pain as they intended the money for the future. This is the punishment for worshipping Mammon, the god of money. God says Americans care more about money and discussing financial issues than they care about Biblical things. Therefore the piggy banks will break open and all the wealth will be lost.

The people of God should seek His guidance at this time. “Take my instruction and heed My voice, and you will not suffer. I will look after you, I will look after the very youngest among you, I am tender with children. I will look after the elderly, I am tender with the old. I am the Lord.”

Kamala Harris will be president of America. I saw images of her as Commander in Chief: the words were written across an image of her walking with the Secret Service and the media ran endless loops of her as president until we were sick of it. We will see a woman in the Oval Office, “heels in the White House”.

Changes are ahead, we will see shakings. Changes nobody expected, nobody will see these things coming. We will look at each other in shock at where this country will be in a few years, even the so-called experts will be at a loss. Even they don’t know their expertise CAN’T ACCOUNT for the kinds of sharp, breakneck shifts that are ahead, even the experts don’t know that their predictions and advice will be useless, as even they go bankrupt in these crashing markets that are ahead. 

Events will be like a train going too fast – right now the engineer is doing all he can to slow it down but it’s too late. This train is going off the rails and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it. That’s why the Lord told His people just a few weeks ago, it is time to BRACE FOR IMPACT [video].

There will be a credit crunch and a Great Depression worse than any that’s come before. World markets will tumble into chaos as America’s unbridled financial games causes everything to fall. 

Part 2 of this prophecy will be posted soon. Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.


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  1. Colleen says:

    Tell you how on point YAH is…as I read and began listening to the prayer call after I said sigh, lord what about your people and came after You saying He will take care of His..Look at Egypt bankruptcy and how Israel increased..I thank you Lord 🙏🏽

  2. G says:

    Thank you dearest Sister for your Faithfulness in doing what the Lord Yah has commanded. Lives are being changed as we listen to the Rhema words of God for our times. May Father sustain you and give you courage to endure the weight of this assignment which is so heavy that so few of us would be able to carry it. But you are not ordinary. You are a prepared vessel, a true depiction of God’s love for His children and for all humanity. Thank you Father for your word which is so rich through your maid servant. We worship you and you alone. The Bride has made herself ready. May each of us be very deliberate about this season of preparation for the beast system which is at the door. Prepare through much prayer, fasting, reading the word and evangelism. Separate ours elves from this world. This world is already judged and is on fire. Don’t look back like Lots wife. Only the spiritually fit will servive. Train yourself to be content with less. This must be our response to the prophetic words of Yah. Let’s not be idle by standers. Take these words seriously and run with it. God did not send her to have our ears tickled.O Help us Lord!! Blessings my Sis. Thank God for you.

    1. Allison says:

      Thank you G your words also are a gift of wisdom and I take both you and Celestial’s words to heart
      May the Lord grant you both the delights of your hearts

    2. JennyWren says:

      Pastor Ian Ndlovu just made the prophesy regarding Beyonce death soon. May GOD have mercy on us All

      1. Kevin says:

        Why would you even bring that in here ?
        You can literally watch after Celestial releases details …they are then mirrored by the phonies..

        Test the Spirit….

        1. Sheila says:

          Exactly Kevin you are right People need to test the spirits!!!

          @ JennyWren: This same Pastor Ian Ndlovu was a stronger supporter of TB Joshua and we all know about that man who died . Anyone who comes to this page should by now be serious in their walk and who they listen to.

    3. Nurseaudrey says:

      Sister Celestial,
      We praise Yah for you. As sister G “stated “ you are truly one of the rarest prepared vessels Yah is using in these end times. We’re all so blessed to have been led by Yah to your channel.

      I live in Las Vegas. The B system has begun hear. Military helicopters 🚁 so close in the sky. Yet w only saw One other person who noticed it.
      More self checkout lines are being monitored. And less register with actual cashiers are the same. Control of goods. ( brother and sister in Yah let us continue to pray that our spiritual eyes are opened daily. Via Fasting, Prayer, and as Jesus has commanded us.

      Study the Word of Yah to show ourselves approved.

      Your sister in Yah,
      Nurse Audrey

      1. Ebony says:

        Sisters and brothers. I know beast system is here. In 1 week I lose my job my SNAP medical assistance increase and received a letter that I have “below average” voter score per the public record. Glory be to Yah ! May we ‘Stand’ therefore and brace ourselves in You alone. Amen

  3. Very sober message. Thank you.

  4. REDfletching says:

    During this coming Civil War, what are God’s instructions for the faithful? Are we to rise up and physically and violently fight? Or are we to lie low, blend in and do not stand out in the crowd, be un-noticeable? Or are we to vocally protest very publicly? Has God spoken to you regarding this topic?

    1. Celestial says:

      God has said repeatedly that no matter the threat His people should know to go to their secret closet. That’s where they find Him, that’s where each person seeks personal instruction for what can only be a very personal future outcome. From David to Daniel, Jehosophat to Noah – when danger is coming a person seeks God in prayer; that’s where individual instruction, guidance & comfort for every home can be found. That part isn’t here, it’s in your personal relationship with the Father. God bless you Redfletching. 🙏🏽

  5. mike says:

    Thank you Celestial. Hate to see you take a sabbatical.

  6. TM says:

    We appreciate your time and obedience Celestial. You are a true reflection of what dedication to a calling looks like!!. God Bless you abundantly

  7. Bob says:

    Are you no longer publishing your videos on YouTube?

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  9. Heaven says:

    I am a 20 year old in South Africa and have no business with American politics. God has been building this message about Trump to me in three dreams- each one getting more specific each time.

    Things are getting very serious.

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