Isaiah 19: A Word From God – May 6, 2020



– (Exodus 20:3)

I’ve had this prophetic word for almost one year. It’s time to put it up. This is what the Lord said:

The gods of America will fall. They will totter, stumble and fall to the ground. I will break the faces of America’s gods and they will bow before Me.

The first god to fall is MONEY. I will break the face of the American dollar. I will turn their capital face down and it shall be useless before Me. The faces of the men they put on their money will lie face down in dirt and Americans will trample on their own fathers. Those men knew Me [some of them] but they shall lie face down as Americans walk on their own money and hunger for bread to eat.

I will come into America. I will visit her personally. I do not travel by passport and customs has no hold over Me. I will enter this nation and the train of My robe will leave a path of destruction behind Me. I am the Lord.  I am coming quickly. I will enter the country swiftly, unseen like a thief in the night, but the works I do will leave a significant and visible footprint. In other words: You cannot see Me but you will see My works. By them you will know Me, that I am the Lord who humbles you and teaches you to know and remember My name.

All day long you use my name in vain – “Jesus Christ!” – you say when your cab is late or coffee spills on your shoe. But in that day you will speak My name in reverence, with awe and holy respect you will cry it out America and it shall be known in your borders once again that I AM THE LORD.

I will come swiftly and break down your presence before all the nations. In one hour your judgement will be upon you and you will be a smoking ruin. Your attempts at resistance will be futile because your leadership is already compromised. COMPLICIT. They have given away your secrets. COMPLICIT. The word means ‘secretly involved in a plot, treacherously partaking in a pre-planned attack or downfall.’ Your leaders are COMPLICIT and you have heard this before. I will deliver you into the hands of a cruel king, a planner, a strategist – “a fierce king shall rule over them.” Your enemies will show you no mercy and your rulers will hang your carcasses out for the wolves.

(The prophecy of Isaiah 19, let the reader understand. A simplified study of the text for our time.)

One: God HIMSELF will supervise the destruction. He will come into Babylon (who is like Egypt) because she has chained His people. She has taken Yah’s captives but the Lord will make her let them go free. He will come like a whirlwind to Babylon (who is like Sodom), because she is drunk with the wine of fornication and has defiled herself with perversions of every conceivable kind, including allowing men to be women. God says America corrupts innocence so much that purity has all but died in her. “The eyes of their children are “knowing eyes”.

[Eyes that see too much, little eyes (and growing eyes) that understand more than they should about the world, eyes that see things that do not concern children.]

Two: The ‘gods’ of America will be shamed at the entrance of the Lord. [See post: American Gods]

“Who have you worshipped? What did you trust in? Money? Gold? Silver? Power? Currencies? Savings? What did you trust in? Doctors? Medicine? Experts? Who did you believe? Government? News? Family? Friends? What voice do I have among you, O America whose tongue is lifted to the skies! Bow down, I will scatter your idols. I will make them shiver before Me and the real God among us will be seen at last.”

Three: America will tear herself apart. Brother will rise against brother as society becomes so weak and alienated that the smallest disagreement can start a physical fight. The youth of America will become so radicalized that one won’t be able to speak to the other peacefully. Americans will be pitted against one another and the centre will not hold. Racial tension will be part of this but this time in history it will boil over to unforeseen levels. A fire will rage that will be almost impossible to quench; America will be set on fire. 

[See this prophecy on TMV: Ezekiel 13, the nation was on fire metaphorically and physically, burning until the sky turned red.]

Four: God says the bottom will fall out of the American dream. Commerce, trade, industry – all of it will be choked off until a famine comes (like a siege, like a city surrounded by enemies where nothing gets in or out). America will barely register a pulse in the global economy. ‘Barely living’ says the Lord, ‘barely alive. Whatever you had going for you will dwindle. Whatever you were proud of will fail.’

[We’re not only talking of businesses failing at grassroots level, not just corner stores or small operations closing down. This is national decline and belt tightening. This is big companies disappearing, no longer operational; this is is big names that do business internationally shutting down after 50 or 100 years of successful trading. This is revising the family budget so many times, cutting so many things off of it and still not being able to make ends meet. Employers shutting down and the rise of a bottom-heavy ‘welfare state’. People who have never needed public assistance ever in their generations will apply for help from the government. God says America will experience “subsistence living”.]

“Agrarian warfare” says the Lord. Your crops and cattle destroyed. Corporate warfare that destroys the food base as part of a carefully orchestrated plan to starve the nation in her future years. There will be no cohesive food production anymore, as first heavy food insecurity and finally starvation enters the United States. I hear the word of the Lord: “Behold a pale horse. And his name was Death, and Hell followed closely with him. And power was given to them both, to kill one-fourth of the earth with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth.” (Revelation 6:8)

Five: The spirit of the nation will fail within her. To explain it more personally: As you read these prophecies if you feel like the life is draining out of you, if the truth of what God is saying begins to dismantle all your patriotic pride, stubbornness, confidence, faith in your favorite political party, hope that the government can solve our problems, or trust in whatever it is you’re trusting in (**in addition to Jesus**) – if you’ve felt all that stuff that kept you strong so far weakening and loosening as you read The Master’s Voice End Times Prophecy Blog- then your spirit is failing and you’re in a good place.

Understand that that sense of hopelessness is the Lord’s doing, HIS WORDS are causing it. He wants every reader to see for themselves what they’ve trusted in. Was it Him, was it His great Saviour and Son Jesus Christ? Or was it- IS IT- something else? If you feel lately like you fell down a horrible hole with no bottom then you’re on the right track. I’ve been there and I can tell you that’s exactly where God wants you to be. He wants you to let go of every false belief and expectation that depends on the survival of Mystery Babylon (America), and He’s ripping them away from you now rather than later because He loves you. If your vision of the future needs America to survive in order for you to survive then you are still deceived and here’s why.

God knows better than anyone that America will NOT survive; Mystery Babylon will NOT escape her fate (which is in black and white in the Book of Revelation). He also knows that anyone still clinging to America in the day of her destruction will be destroyed right along with her. Out of love for His people the Lord is opening the scrolls of end times prophecy about this nation, so that anyone who wakes up and sees the burning car of the USA Beast system heading over the cliff can make that transition from Babylon to Jesus, grab their family and jump out. Only when the walls of deception in our lives are smashed  can we learn how to rebuild with real trust in God alone.

I believe that’s why God gives me these types of prophecies. They are so hard. It’s not like I haven’t asked about a softer way to deliver them, but what’s the softer language for “Death and Destruction is the judgement of those who sin against the Lord?” I have to say what He says. God knows why He speaks this way and I can testify that it works because I’ve seen the fruit of it in my own life. This is a place where you can’t take long to make up your mind. The things I write here demand a response; you can’t say “Wow this seems interesting but I just don’t know! Let me read for a year and see.”

After reading even 10 posts here you’ll either hear from God deep in your belly that this is the truth, that you need to make some bedrock adjustments to how you live your life [starting with a steadfast decision to serve the Lord Jesus Christ], or… you’ll stop coming here because the posts will land like hammer blows on your heart, on your unwillingness to stop sinning, and on your faith in that “something else”. God is determined to smash down everything people believe in until there’s nothing left but Him. How often He’s said it!

“Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength, whose heart departs from the LordFor he shall be like a shrub in the desert and shall not see when prosperity comes, but shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness, in a salt land which is not inhabited. – (Jeremiah 17:5-6)

God once said (as the opener of the America In Chains prophecy), that America’s grief in her judgements will be louder than the cry of Israel for her children when Herod killed the baby boys of Moses’s day. I will let you judge for yourself how loud and terrible that sound must have been.

‘You will weep for me America, in the day your punishments find you. You will lift up your voice and cry.’

Many of us aren’t even aware of the duality within us. Duality is trusting in God and something else. It can be God plus buying gold/ silver, God plus cryptocurrency or mortgage-backed securities, God plus leaving America for a safe haven. It can be God plus retirement, God plus Social Security, God plus anything you can think of, anything can be an idol.

The idols of the nations are silver and gold, the work of human hands. They have mouths, but do not speak; they have eyes, but do not see; they have ears, but do not hear, nor is there any breath in their mouths. – (Psalm 135:15- 17)

Unknown to our conscious mind (that’s trying to keep us afloat in this shady world), many trust in God plus something. It is actually very rare to find a person who is totally and utterly dependent on the Lord, someone so reliant on Christ that even as they live their life at the teacher’s college or hedge fund they’re fully tuned to God. Someone in active faith, who if God said “Son it’s time. Daughter it’s time. Leave the job and move back to Missouri because the days of difficulty are here. Grow potatoes for your family and I will save all of you out there”- that person trusts God and will be gone in 3 weeks time to where He told them to be. People like that know themselves and if you’re not one guess what? You also know yourself. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Gold will perish and silver will fail you. I’m not speaking theories, I’m talking facts. I’ve shared my dream of seeing the world’s money scattered on the ground – every type of currency scattered in rubble as my family members, me and tons of people I don’t know journeyed out of the cities. We trampled that money. Gold coins and precious stones were tossed on the ground- worthless. They weren’t food or strong shoes or a blanket so who needed them? Don’t we know that those things only have value WHEN THERE’S STILL SYSTEMS AND ECONOMIES TO TRADE THEM IN? Who cares for silver if you can’t eat it, who needs gold if the guy with food won’t give you any in exchange for your gold because he can’t eat it?

God said the same as that dream at the beginning of this prophecy and yet, will it register with us? Sigh. Sometimes, I wonder what people are thinking. But mostly I keep my thoughts to myself.

Six: The leadership of America will (to put it mildly), turn to fools- Isaiah 19:11-15. Utter foolery of fools is what we can expect from them. Bad choices dressed up as worse decisions; God will send something like madness into them and the worst possible choice of all possible choices, that is what they will implement. The worst direction to take the country in is what they’ll select every time going forward and the yoke of those horrible decisions will fall on the people as usual. All this is part of America’s judgement; her punishment includes an oppressive yoke that comes from those she chose to lead her. Not just one leader either. More like all the ones she’s had in recent history. 

Lastly. Seven: The fear of the Lord will be felt in America again. I repeat, the fear of the Lord God Almighty (which scripture says is the beginning of wisdom) will be felt in this nation again. WE WILL KNOW EVERY LAST MAN AND WOMAN, THAT THERE IS A GOD WHO LIVES IN HEAVEN AND TOLD US TO WORSHIP HIM, YET WE THOUGHT IT WAS A SUGGESTION NOT A COMMAND. When He waves His hand over this place from New York to Miami will be renamed ‘The City of Destruction” and those people who want to be delivered will return to the Lord. (Isaiah 19:16- 21)

These are the words God gave me to bring, though I kept them one year since May 2020 they’re still relevant to today – the fullness of Isaiah 19. Please read it for your own study and personal prayer time, really study these chapters that keep coming up and seek God for yourself. Isaiah 13, Isaiah 9, Jeremiah 50 and 51, Revelation 16, 17 and 18, and now Isaiah 19. Confidence in the future doesn’t come from asking questions about prophetic words or being afraid, it comes from seeking God for an accurate conversation about YOUR PERSONAL DESTINY in the midst of it all. God bless you.

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  1. The Lord said something to me which confirms the leaders being complicit in the destruction of the nation. He said, “From within the oval office, the deep state will pull the trigger and execute My judgements”.

  2. Marty says:

    Very heady message. It seems that hard times are the only way for the Lord God to break the satanic mass media spell that has been cast upon this country many years ago. Satan tricked so many to believe only with their eyes (the flesh) instead of the Spirit within. Blessed are those who believe without seeing! Thank you Celestial for reminding us to seek Him BEFORE things get really bad. I pray that all who come here heed your message. NOW is the time all the sleepers must wake UP! 🙏

  3. sheepdogwarrior says:

    Hi Celestial and all here….
    If we who are here really support
    her each month in giving what we can, regularly scheduled, to this dear sister in Christ, she then can focus on Christ’s work even more fully…. right away.
    Which is a blessing to us…..also.
    Not part time, split in half, trying to work, do laundry, pray, hear God, and lastly put up these messages.
    Gideon had 300, if we here, who are many more then that, do give each month something, this is better than words of good encouragement…we change the paradigm/situation… amen.
    It’s actual actions in faith, worship of our Lord Jesus Christ.. as well.
    ((30 people giving $100=$3,000))
    Pray about it…hard.
    I’m going to start my part… Christ.

    1. Scarlett says:

      This is true, she carries a big load of work just in day to day living. The growing work she is doing for the Lord is adding more time and effort trying to keep up with it. People should not be put under any compulsion to give to any ministry, but indeed should pray and ask God to make the call. God bless everyone that is sensitive to that call for surely it’s a true saying you can’t out-give God.

  4. diego says:

    “Corporate warfare that destroys the food base as part of a carefully orchestrated plan to starve the nation in her future years.”

    Recall who is the largest owner of private farmland in America (as of 2021): Bill Gates.

    (Ice Age Farmer does good reporting on the on-going war against America’s (and the world’s) food supply.)

  5. Tracey L. says:

    Thanks so much sister for this message. My constant prayer now is to more intimate of the Holy Spirit as I’m still growing in my ability to hear His voice clearly on the smaller details of my life. Thank you for your faithfulness in sharing Gods word with us. May the Lord continue to bless and guide you in Jesus name. Amen!

  6. Ameer says:

    This part made no sense to me:
    People like that know themselves and if you’re not one guess what? You also know yourself. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. trumpet167 says:

    Reblogged this on Site Title.

  8. Childoftruth says:

    Hey Celestial, Do you think that it is wise for Americans to flee to the mountains?

    1. Celestial says:

      ChildofTruth, I just said in the message that I can’t and don’t tell people what to do about this type of major decision. That is the Holy Spirit’s place. We MUST learn to honour God again & stop asking others what to do concerning our lives. GOD IS EMMANUEL GOD WITH US- He punished countless civilizations that went to psychics, diviners, “wise men” and false prophets to ask advice. GOD LOVES US AND WANTS TO LEAD OUR DECISIONS. I keep saying it is time to respect Him again and get down on knees in prayer to ask Him about every material part of our lives: what we ought to do, not do, buy or not buy, invest in or not, marry or not, and where to live, stay or move to. God told Jeremiah to sit in Jerusalem even while it was under attack by Nebuchadnezzar. Jeremiah told the king countless times that God said give in to the invaders and live, but the king rejected the advice and fought on. In the end Israel fell, the king’s eyes were put out, all his sons killed and Jeremiah was just fine. Your life is the Lord’s, please respect Him and ask Him what to do with it. That’s my advice to anyone who will ask similar. God bless you. 🙏🏽

  9. LoriQ says:

    Texas fire kills thousands of 18,000+ cows and burns down mega milking shed (multiple news sources). 100+ Burger King franchise restaurants closing across 6 states (Daily Mail). 25+ inches of rain in Ft Lauderdale (fire dept evacuated, local airport closed). Whole Foods Market closing multiple stores (Daily Mail). Tupperware possibly going out of business (CNN). Bed, Bath and Beyond in financial trouble, closing 400 stores, trying to stave off bankruptcy (CNN Business). Anheuser Busch down $5Billion (market capitalization) due to transgender controversy (took less than one week). Indiana train derailment fire spewing more toxins into the air not too far from the East Palestine Ohio toxic fire.

    “NASA Just Announced The San Andreas Fault Cracked & It’s Going To Cause Record Flooding” (Steve Quayle’s website)

    “Using a blend of tools such as the ChatGPT chatbot and the image generator Midjourney — in addition to photos and voice recordings — funeral companies are starting to fashion a rendition of the deceased loved one that grieving families and friends can “communicate” with, according to Guangzhou Daily via the Straits Times.” (Steve Quayle’s website – Microsoft Start – Digital Trends)

    Celestial – these are some of the headlines from the last few days. Too many, quite frankly, to list here. The blog posts you are putting out from the Lord are coming to fruition quickly. The article coming from the Chinese news site, Guangzhou Daily was interesting. Don’t think they are communicating with “deceased loved one(s)”, more like demons in the machine. Another article listed several days ago on Steve Quayle’s website newsfeed spoke of AI spiraling out-of-control – the persons trying to control AI are losing that battle. Of course, humanity can’t control satan and his minions. Foolish people!

    God bless you, Celestial. As always, I am blown away by your obedience to Our Lord. I Thank You for being so willing to shine His light for those that will open their eyes and ears. There are scoffers and mockers, I am very sorry they are mean and cruel. Just know some of us are Very Grateful to you for your work on behalf of the Lord and this website. People have been saved because of your willingness and diligence to do the work Our Lord. May you always be under the protective Wing of Our Lord. May your steps always be lit with the Light of Our Lord. God bless you mightily, Celestial.

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