“The Citizen Child (And Other Prophecies) – September 28, 2022

This prophecy was received with urgency in the early afternoon of Sept. 28, 2022. God has warned back-to-back of a coming phenomenon we will see in America, foreigners returning en masse to their native lands in what Yah called ‘The Migrant Exodus.’ This word has come through multiple times on prophecy prayer-calls and the gist of it is basically, as judgement for sin and part of the fall of America, foreigners of all nations who live in America including but not limited to: seasonal and temporary workers, long-time green card and work permit residents, ‘special imprint (those who are specially brought here to fulfill a much-needed quota), second and first-generation citizens and naturalized immigrants, will all return to their native countries. 

This is in accordance with the spiritual cry of the end times: “Come out of her my people, that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you share not in her judgements [plagues]” Revelation 18:4.

The Lord said several times He will drive nations from these borders using direct intervention, difficult circumstances, negative events, longing for home, breakdown in their support system [and many other ways. One example I got was when key relatives are suddenly sick or dying that family members in American must return and care for, I was told this will happen a lot with Haitians and those from nearby islands, sick relatives needing you to go home. People will think it’s just life but  God said HE will allow sickness to create a roadway back for them,  because He doesn’t want to punish these island nations with America, so they will leave thinking it’s “life” but really it’s Him.

The Citizen Child

One aspect of this mass exit concerns THE CITIZEN CHILD. This is any child born of naturalized migrant parents [one or both] or where one migrant has children with a U.S. citizen. Those born here are automatically considered citizens and it’s them God warned about in this prophecy. 

In about 2014 or 2015 I saw visions of the Lord. A terrible event happened in America, something so sudden and shocking it made the news around the world. Every country was watching what was happening here in disbelief that “this” could happen to the United States, it was the kind of news that 9-11 was, being broadcast everywhere.

America “locked down” in response to that event or disaster- it was like 2020 but this time the stakes were way higher because immigrants decided at that very moment that it was time to GO FOR GOOD IN ORDER TO PRESERVE LIFE. The people I’ve mentioned thus far on these recorded prayer calls are South Americans like Mexico, Nicaragua, Chile, Brazil, Panama; Africans of all nations, I saw them wasting no time bothering with physical goods, assets, money and property, these people wanted to live and they fled en masse to their embassies and to airports with only what they could carry, trying to get on planes and go back to their countries.

I also have mentioned Europeans being very frustrated with future American political tumult- civil war that is coming- they also packed up and left. The French and British were extremely angry because they have huge financial wealth and tangible assets here, things that can’t be carried on a plane. Those had to be abandoned and Europeans (being slightly more methodical about their exit) were mad that America had allowed herself to slip to the point of public deterioration before the eyes of the world. Germans were more pragmatic but Europeans as a whole will also leave America.

God showed me tumult in New York City, major road and water arteries were shut, bridges had soldiers on them and all over between NYC and New Jersey the streets had armed military on high alert forcing people to go back to their homes. In those visions in 2014/ 2015 I saw Americans with possessions piled high, strapped to their cars, trying to flee to other states- there were soldiers all over the country forcing us to return to our homes, telling us Turn back, turn back, shelter in place and wait for instructions. ONLY PEOPLE WHO KNEW BACK ROADS WERE ABLE TO LEAVE THEIR PLACE.

Concerning citizen children- if your child does not have any kind of birth certificate, paperwork, identification or even a passport from another country you will not be able to take that child from America. The U.S.A. observes a strict policy when it comes to “personal property” and one key type of property is human resources [citizens]. If your child cannot be identified with the citizenship of either parent by hard proof in writing, that parent/ those parents will NOT be allowed to take the child out of the country even if they can prove by other means that the child is theirs. I saw parents in genuine distress, loud, agonizing, many black parents rolling on the floor at airports in dismay as they were told they could leave because they had foreign travel documents but not their children.

This is a warning from God. This will surely happen, read this other prophecy ANCESTRY to see in more detail how Yah plans to stir up the hearts of the nations to return to their own possession.

Donald Trump Is An IDOL

The Lord revealed that Donald Trump is guilty of crimes- felonies- and is guilty of ‘unclean acts’. Those acts were not revealed to me but what God said in an angry indictment is why are people lifting up Trump as an idol before Him? Why are they parading a man as a god, yet they don’t have a clue what the man is guilty of in real life? Why do they assume he is so perfect when in fact he is full of hidden acts people don’t know about?

Don’t you know- He said- that when you make a man a god and you worship that god you are partakers of his sin, of his guilt? Don’t you know if you follow idols their sins will be FULLY ACCOUNTED TO YOU, AND YOU WILL SHARE IN THEIR JUDGEMENT?

“Those who make idols are like them [absolutely worthless—spiritually blind, deaf, and powerless]; So is everyone who trusts in and relies on them.” [Psalm 135:18 Amplified Bible]

God has long said Trump is an idol- see Little Fires where he was referred to as a “wall” that the false prophets were lifting but God said He will strike the wall and it will fall, and the prophets who held up that false wall before the deceived people will also fall with it. See also Ezekiel 13 prophecy. God has said the sound of the mouths of people around the world idolizing Donald Trump is like thick black smoke in the heavens before him, it angers him and he will strike down the idol Trump is.

God also remonstrated with America harshly on the fake policy of excusing the sin of idolatry by practicing the false reality called “the lesser of two evils.” So there can be two, equally sin-ridden, dirty choices on the table but according to the one that looks ‘cleaner’ to an American voter they will get into bed with that sinner then defend their choice by saying “Well he doesn’t do this and this, the other guy was worse.” It is a shameful approach to God’s HIGH STANDARDS of righteousness, but whenever the Lord speaks to condemn this practice Americans get defensive and do exactly what He said: They excuse their evil choice by pointing out that the other one was more evil.

A more evil choice does not make another evil one GOOD, that’s just logic but here it’s next to impossible to convince people, depending on what ‘lesser evil’ they want to support. People have supported pastors and other leaders who have raped and fornicated with children or other church members, yet they wanted the pastor to be restored and to have his reputation protected even at the cost of the victims’ pain. This type of attitude greatly angers God; it’s part of why judgements of the U.S.A. are harsh, for her severely questionable and broken approach to basic morality.

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! [Isaiah 5:20]

Hilary Clinton was mentioned in the call with slamming indictments that she is a full participant in human trafficking and diabolically wicked acts against children.

God said if Clinton had been chosen in 2016 it would’ve been the beginning of the end for America. She is fully loyal to the Beast system, Yah said it would have been the start of systematic murdering of adults and children across the United States. Therefore the only reason Trump was allowed a seat in the White House was Yah’s allowance of MERCY TO AMERICA, in order for the nation to recognize her window of grace, repent of her sins and turn back to God.

Instead, Trump was hailed as a god, called multiple “Bible hero” names, the man become a wave and phenomenon yet God said he can only be called KING SAUL, a blunt instrument to match the hearts of the people who so adored him. From the time he was elected to now America has learned absolutely NOTHING about not dancing around golden calves, for this reason none of her punishments will be delayed anymore. The nation will have No More Grace.

The “No More Grace” prophecy was given on Election Day [Nov. 3, 2020]. The weight of doom and dread was so heavy on me that day I had to shut down all activities and sit before the Lord. His reply to who would win is, “America will not get her wish. I will show this nation no more grace, do not beg me or plead for her anymore. I will hand her over to her destroyers [this fully means workers who will come appearing as U.S. Officials but who 100% serve the coming New World Order]. I will have no more mercy on her, she will be captured and defiled and then the carcass thrown by the wayside.”

Trump is not a god. He is a guilty man and God says all his guilt will be exposed with evidence that cannot be refuted. In the time he is put away by the Beast system his death will cause a terrible ripple effect in America, it will split the nation. It was this man’s death that I saw caused gun sales to skyrocket across America. One by one, the dominoes that will eventually cause the descent to the madness of civil war will be laid in place, hear the word of the Lord.

America To Be Removed From The Table of Nations

Yah says in the future times America will be completely removed from the Table of Nations. There is a heavenly register where nations are listed, but not every country is listed. Yah says having a flag, anthem, territory and president doesn’t make you a country, you have to be recognized up there. some peoples fought long wars of separation and liberation to distance themselves from their brothers, on earth they are called “nations” and granted a seat at the table but in Heaven they are merely a subset of a greater people.

America will be removed from the nations altogether. Her final end as prophesied here many times will be to be covered by the sea- totally covered- lost as ATLANTIS is to history. In time she will be uninvited from every place of influence, ignored, snubbed and her influence will be cast off even by smaller countries that always obeyed her. In reality and in the spirit she will be removed from the Heavenly register which God uses to give all countries their due before Him.

Mexican Exodus From America

Mexican immigrants, naturalized and native born Mexican-Americans will leave the U.S.A. Yah says Mexico will withdraw her hand of friendship and decide as one man to return to their homeland; at that point America will see just how hard things will be without her biggest fan. These people will (as all leaving immigrants do) take their gifts, talents, skills (both learned here and brought here), resources, labour, savings and other contributions to the economy back to Mexico.

Stock Market Crash Of 1922

The Lord said futures and derivatives will go down, so will hard currency and the result will be the market crash of 1922. To my knowledge there was only a crash in 1929 but later research proved the Lord fully correct. There are articles on a lesser known ‘deflationary recession’ in 1922 after a 16-18 month recession of 1920-21. These are the prophecies of The Master’s Voice.

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  1. This is a true word! Just this morning the Lord showed me the golden calf episode and only those who responded to Moses’ call to stand on the Lord’s side were safe. It is not a time for soulish sentimentality but to acknowledge sin for what it is and to flee from it and see from God’s perspective why severe judgement is necessary.

  2. Colleen says:

    The Lord is truly faithful and protective of his people..I will continue to nudge my sister and her husband to get their children documents prepared for our country…Thank you Sister Celestial for your Obedience!!!

  3. Joseph says:

    Curious if the Lord will put it in the hearts of all his true followers to flee in that time. I, for some reason, have it in my heart that I will stay and suffer the consequences that my fathers and I created in this fallen America. I do not take pride in her accomplishments but will succumb to her embarrassments. By that time I pray I have grown longer in the tooth with the Lord and finally love him.

  4. latashacalhoun says:

    Woe unto those who do not hear the Words of the Lord… I literally cannot drive around without seeing that things will be no more. Judgement is here but the worse is yet to come.

  5. Joseph says:

    Nothing different under the sun. 1920-21 The government tried to do then what they are doing now to control inflation by increasing interest rates at a blazing speed! It failed then and contributed to the monetary woos in it’s time.
    Many call you a false prophet. Either you are a subject matter expert of 5000 subjects or God provides you the information.

    1. Tara says:


    2. Celestial says:

      Please explain more about the increase of interest rates at blazing speed, whether 1922 or now. How does it trigger monetary woes? Don’t worry what others call me, it is only the destruction of their own souls to follow after what soothes their flesh, it is a judgment that is promised to all who reject truth [2 Thess. 2:10-12, esp. 12]. The KJV word used in v12 for perish is actually ‘damned’, which is proof of how they literally curse their own lives when they curse the truth and the one bringing it. Share more on why fast interest rates makes crisis, it could be helpful for others.

      1. Joseph says:

        In this event the government increased the interest rate to 7% in such a short span of time. In comparison we are at around 4.5% now. when the 1920’s gov. did that it created such an event that it caused deflation, devaluing it in comparison to other currency. Much like how the Euro and the Pound is performing today. My question to you Celestial, do you think possibly the Lord was referring to Germany? Reason I ask is the German Mark totally collapsed starting in 1922.

        1. Celestial says:

          The word of God concerning money is here: https://youtu.be/ZsN-EGQQBJg
          Now about money I do not need to fully understand it, I just need to hear the Lord & speak what I see in pictures before my eyes & the words given to my tongue. I’ve always told people it does not matter what I think as that affects exactly 0.00% of reality. What God says affects our lives 100%, those who believe Him will respond accordingly, those who think it’s false, “doom” etc will sit in grand stupor & guess what? They will STILL face that same reality in the end, albeit unprepared. I don’t even really follow what you wrote here and have no problem saying it, it’s not my area of expertise or study. I just wanted it so other people who may understand it can hear. Thank you for sharing Joseph, God bless.

    3. LoriQ says:

      In my heart, I do believe Celestial is the “real deal”. Not that my opinion matters. However, I have read many of her blog posts and so many are coming true, already came true or on the verge of coming true. Besides I read quite a bit and have found, stumbled upon or been led to others in the past or present who are giving the same visions and dreams. The ones that astound me are the older, abstruse visions/dreams that match up perfectly to Celestial’s visions/dreams given to her by the Holy Spirit. I don’t believe in coincidences, I receive to many confirmations from multiple sources that are world’s away from Celestial. If people would hjust allow the Holy Spirit to show them truth.

      “By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established.” 2 Corinthians 13:1.

  6. Anna says:

    I do not post prophecies I myself hear directly from our God on other prophets sites. January, 2015 a revelatory exchange occurred regarding US Presidential candidates.Your report is the single mention, in 7 years, of KING SAUL. Correct. This goes DEEP.
    (king Cyrus is irrelevant to Trump; the Church deceived itself)
    e-mail me with an address to deliver what was said; the books, chapters and understanding breathed.

  7. MaryLeah says:

    I started thinking about the sackcloth and why no one in America has done this, including myself. So I googled, of course… LOL… and this is what I found…
    I don’t see a date but it moved my heart!

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