“MAGA Deception & The Beast System” – September 29, 2022

“Do you not know that if you present yourselves to anyone as obedient slaves, you are slaves of the one whom you obey, either of sin, which leads to death, or of obedience, which leads to righteousness?” Romans 6:16

I had three dreams recently but only remember two. One was about former President Trump and the other was about the killing fields of the Beast. As the Lord reveals more by the Holy Spirit I am warning readers that the only way to be truly safe is to see things as God sees them. Stay in Christ and see things as God sees them, otherwise you will end up deceived and a captive of your own lusts, and the end of that road is destruction.

Anything aside from what God says, the path is deception. You have left the narrow road and as I have always said the cost of deception is HIGH in a future where mistakes will be painful and permanent. It is dangerous to lack discernment and wisdom, it is even more dangerous to be so deceived that you get angry when you hear truth and reject it. Everything depends on REALITY but the problem for many people is: What reality do they perceive?

In a season where goats AND sheep will get their judgements, where prominent people will fall and the evidence of their sins will be all over the news, can anyone really afford to be found clinging to an idol that has clay feet? Does anyone love deception so much that they’re willing to gamble their future on the words of the false prophets in order to keep their biases intact and their flesh happy? Whoever still thinks POLITICS is the savior of America, you are being warned for perhaps the last times that God will give before the foundations of everything we know are taken away.

In the first [short] dream I had, I was standing on the street at night under a streetlight. There was light fog and through it I saw a man coming towards me. I couldn’t tell who it was until the person was right up close to me; when he came out of the fog I saw it was Donald Trump. He wore a dark suit with a long black trench-coat over it;  he came right up close to me and told me, “Shut your mouth or you will regret it. Shut your mouth before something bad happens to you.” I looked at him and didn’t say anything. I didn’t need to answer him, I knew it was a dream. I also didn’t answer because God told me not to answer people or things in dreams unless there is a need for it. This man wasn’t angry or particularly emotional, he gave me a cool calm look after he finished speaking then turned in his long black trench coat and went back the way he came.

I woke out of this short dream only briefly, I said ‘Lord what is it?’ The Lord said:

 This man is working with the federal government to deceive the people of America. He is a FEDERAL OPERATIVE, he works for the government. He is ‘controlled opposition’, a “dummy alternative” for the people to keep them occupied while the real preparations and arrangements are being made for the Beast government to take effect. The Beast government is in effect. The Beast government is a “go”. The Beast government is already ruling [in America]; once its claws come out in public and the NWO regulations become active people will find themselves snared in an instant. They will be prey for the Beast. That’s because in the good years when they should have been storing up the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that could protect a man and his family they were heaping up idols for themselves. Their own lust allowed them to be heavily deceived, lulled, “put to sleep” until the right time when they could be put to sleep *permanently.* He is complicit in the fall of America but at the proper time he will pay the price for it. The Beast is merciless, the Beast takes no prisoners. The Beast does not leave loose ends. Donald Trump is as much a part of the current government as the people you see visibly in power on the other side. He thinks he is in the loop as to how things will go but the ending intended for him will be quite different from what he imagines. So go back to sleep.

I fell asleep again and had a horrible dream. I dreamt things in a way where God allows it to be like a movie, which means you know things only according to the progression of the story. You only know as much as you know which means you get these awful realizations only as the dream unfolds.

I dreamt I was in a hotel, a place with a pool and lounge chairs scattered at various rest areas, it had decent rooms and was clean. It was not a nice hotel or by any means a fancy hotel, just bare bones – basic amenities, a few choices for breakfast in the morning, a gym, a pool and no staff that I ever saw.  There was always fresh food available which was good and if you needed clean linen or any other type of service it was there.

If you broke your toothbrush by mistake there would be a clean one laid on the bathroom sink when you came back from a walk. If you were having trouble with the air-conditioning when you came back there was a red “Repaired” sticker across the vent, if you pulled it off and tried the air it would work. I never saw a single person who was not another resident in that hotel but for some reason the entire thing worked just fine as if there was staff there, so it didn’t bother me. I sat by the pool and read, I ate when I was hungry, I slept and from time to time a thought came to me like “What are you doing here?” But I never seemed to be able to hold on to it long enough to get to a conclusion as I do with most things.

There were famous people in this hotel. I met some of them, very famous men and women of international fame, mostly black stars in the music industry. I met one man who seemed so sad and I said to him, I was really into you when I was a teen. I didn’t know better about idols so your posters were all over my walls growing up. Now I am grown, I know better. But tell me, what are you doing here in this low-rent hotel? He smiled sadly and said They have no more use for me anymore. For none of us. They sent me here to – he was about to say more but another famous person was looking at him with that look that says ‘Is this conversation really worth it buddy?’ So he shut up and changed the subject, he said ‘Thank you for being a fan. Many girls followed me but to me it was just a job*. I was living my own dream but the girls, even the ones I slept with, it was just a job*.’ And he walked away from me.

*[This part means in the end times stars and some other famous people who were serving the Beast and leading others to deception, hell and Satanic worship of their lifestyles will be put into these places for the same fate as ordinary people. This is why God has said to a limited degree He will work among these people to save some of them. In an older prophecy He said they are slaves of their reality; them getting out is like asking chickens to flee a highly monitored coop. They perform on demand and are killed the same way if the occasion demands it.]

One thing I noticed early on was how much people hated me in this hotel. For a hotel where I didn’t know anyone, boy did they hate me. HATE is a small word with big consequences. When people hate you you can feel it, it filters through to you even if nobody says a word to you or does anything to outwardly show hate. As a result of meeting this visceral unseen reaction every time I came to the dining room or common rooms I got tired of it. I figured out mealtimes and went when nobody was there. There was always fresh steaming food in the dining room all the time, you could eat anytime. There were TVs in the rooms with a ton of channels, you could watch anything. I covered my TV with a blanket and read books, and every now and then while reading that thought would come, What are you doing here?

I tried to catch the thought to ask it, Why do you keep coming to me? Why do you keep asking me this? Obviously I’m in this hotel because I’m working. I must be at a conference, the job must have sent me away or maybe I’m traveling by car and I stopped here to keep my budget happy. But it didn’t explain why I was LIVING THERE. It didn’t explain why, after a few days the “conference” (which I never attended), didn’t end and I could go back home. Why didn’t I ever get in a car (which I don’t have) and drive off on the rest of my trip. Why was I always there?

One day I met my brother in the hallway. I knew him instantly, I jumped on him with a hug! What are you doing here?! I don’t know. How long have you been here! I don’t remember. We asked each other the same things and had no answers. We looked at each other and that’s where this dream became like every movie where the mind-controlled person gets a moment of clarity and stops being mind-controlled at last. I told my brother learn my room number and tell me yours, I’ll come see you and we’ll figure this out. We memorized rooms and he left. I went for a walk around the property thinking deeply about why I’m in a hotel with my brother and then went back to my room.

When I got back something was off. Something was just different. The bed was made, new soap, towels, hand cream and everything but my whole room was screaming “wrong!” to me. Wrong, wrong, very wrong. I shut the door, flipped on the light even though setting sunlight was coming through the windows. When the lights came on the wrong feeling went away, the room looked normal. I reached out and shut them off, the wrong feeling returned. Something not okay. I looked to the main window that every room had, this had never made sense to me but now I saw why. This main window faced the bed and you got a beautiful perfect view of outside. You saw sunrise and sunset. You saw light gentle rain sometimes and even if a lost deer ran onto the property. You saw a lot and it never occurred to me til that minute, wait, how can every room in this place all face outside. All our beds face north. Only the people at the edges of the building should be able to see outside, how can those of us several feet deep inside this place also see sunset sunrise and all that?

I came and put my hand on the window and the ‘window’ went off. I said O God. It is not a window. It is a screen, it is how these people know when I would want new sheets or how a new toothbrush came when mine fell behind the toilet and I said, Well I’m never touching that again. When I got back the old one was gone from back there and a new one shrink-wrapped on the sink. As I realised this (with the fake light of sunset gone because the screen was off) I saw the reading lamp bolted on the wall at the desk turn red. That’s right, a light with a cover screwed into the wall went from white to red. At that moment I saw through the walls of the building into many, MANY rooms, even rooms where the residents were by the pool or eating, the lamps all went red. And that’s when, regardless this is a dream or not I went cold and God began speaking to my real life form on the bed.

This is a camp Celestial.

This is an extermination camp. This is a place people will go when there are disasters, places of refuge with food, amenities, places where you’ll be told “Stay here and get your affairs in order. We’re only here to help. Stay here and recover while we help you get back on your feet.” These places exist already. The lamp is the kill order. They are going to kill all of you who have a red lamp and the majority of people who die in the Beast system are going to die just like this. Even so-called “good people”, even Christians. There is a type of Christian who is so deceived that there is no remedy for the lie they have believed, there is nothing that can be done to heal their wound because even if you administer First Aid as Truth they will not receive it. They received the lie and they will perish by it. These camps are to kill people unwanted by the New World Order. Christians, protestors, gun-owners, people who support causes, even professors who have a wrong view from the views of the new government. This is a place of final destination, the place of no return. The lamp is on, the lamp is red – look.

And I looked again and saw people laying in bed watching TV as the lamp went red in their room. They read magazines and ate dinner as the lamp was red. They washed their hair and chatted to the other person in the room and the lamp went on but because of the fake window in front of it they never knew that innocent desk lamp had changed color as a signal. I ran to go find my brother only to find him running to me saying ‘A light turned red in my room, I think we should leave this place.’

And there I made a terrible mistake *[and as I’ve said many times before, without the leading of the Holy Spirit to use discernment and know who is who and what is really what, many will make this fatal error that will end all hope of their survival in these kinds of end times situations] –

I said Wait- I have to go and get my friend! I can’t leave her here to die. I had one friend in the camp who I’d seen a few times, we didn’t talk much but we knew each other. I ran to find her and warn her, I found her in the break room making coffee and said So-n-so! Something terrible is happening. They’re about to kill us, we have to get out of here now! She said how do you mean, what are you talking about? And I told her everything, about the false window, about how I discovered there us a lamp that had gone red, how I saw hundreds of red lamps in the bedrooms of people and that soon “people” would come to kill us. Then my friend said oh Celestial and I knew, I just knew. I said Let me guess, you already knew all this and the reason you’re here is to watch who of us will wake up and know it too.

And her eyes changed. Totally changed. Such an evil cunning face as she replied: All of us who run the hotel live among you as residents. We talk to you to find out what you know. We talk to you to find out if you remember yet, how you came here, how you got here, how long you’ve been here. We talk to you to find out if the drugs are wearing off. Clearly your drugs didn’t take, you always eat at odd times and by then some of these psychedelics have deteriorated from the heat of the food. Oh well.

By that time I was already accelerating up the hall back to my brother. I am not a fan of the “bad guy gives his final-reveal-speech” in movies, I don’t have time for it, I know running is better than listening. So anything else she could have told me about the camp I didn’t get to hear it. The name of the drug they were giving people in the camp is called AYAHUASCA. That’s what they were giving people in small doses in every meal, I saw their brains gradually becoming SMOOTH, loss of data, loss of MEMORY, unbothered. That’s why they never remembered what they came to the hotel for in the first place, or why they didn’t move on.

In the end times people are going to be exterminated like never before. Like no other time in history killing camps will exist and that is why I saw blood flows from under the doors of some warehouses in America and I ran away. [Prophecy: Tanks In America].

God said to me, People will be taken to their death like lambs to slaughter because even if you show them a Venn diagram, a pie chart and a blueprint of the prison and tell them it’s a place of death they will ask you have you ever heard of a death camp having a pool and free food. They will refuse to listen and that’s how the red light will carry them away.

There is red, blue and yellow in the New World Order. Red, blue, yellow to determine your level of brainwashing: Can you be brainwashed, can you be kept in that state a long time, are you a good recipient of drugs, how well are you connected to true memory [your brain ability to embed and recall true details even after or through processes or trauma designed to make you forget]. Do you remember your old life, how much do you remember and will you keep asking about it or do you finally forget and live with a smile in the new life, that’s what the different colors are for, to categorize people. If you’re responsive to the brainwashing you can leave the camp. If not, if you keep resisting the drugs by asking questions, remembering and things like that they will put a red light in your room and end it. You are a failed experiment to the New World Order.

“Aushcahausa” is what I thought I saw on a wall as my brother and I fled to safety. The letters were on the wall as I was running by so that’s what I thought I saw and what the drug sounded like. It’s correct name is AYAHUASCA and you can learn more about it online. Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.

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  1. Hélène says:

    Welcome To the Hotel California

  2. Lologu says:

    Even my country Sweden have started building those camps. The Lord showed me the camp earlier this year. I was in the camp in the vision. I saw the uniform, it was filled with mostly Christians of African descent. There was spies amongst us. I woke up perplexed, Sweden 🇸🇪 is the most Liberal country in the world. Why build a camp? Then I got the shock of my life,when two days after the government, announced building deportation camps close to the airports. If you know Sweden well, there are already migration camps. Then the Lord said to me, those aren’t deportation camps,those are the beast styled camps,then I had a feeling of a camp called FEMA in America. My dear Sister Celestial, it’s not just the US,they are planning for the world. May we continue to obey the Lord Jesus at all times.

  3. sking85e9e7ffb4 says:

    Hi all
    I used to be a DJ at a backpackers in South Africa before and a few times while the party was happening and everyone was having fun I would get that voice asking me Sean what are you doing here, when that question came it was as if I started seeing people not just there outer appearance the false them but I could see behind the laugh and dancing was a sad or bitter or confused person masking it with alcohol, drugs and the illusion of a good time. That happend a few times I now know it was Jesus asking me and showing me the truth of these places. Yah has truly been merciful in my life all praise to him.

  4. LoriQ says:

    WOW! My blood ran cold reading this blog post tonight. The deception is great in the land of the United States of America.

    There are several stories coming out about NFL Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers using Ayahuasca to help “heal” and be the best quarterback he can be on the field. Seems to me that they (NWO/Beast System) are using prominent members of society with a far-reaching popularity to “normalize” said drug. Kids, teens and young adults are so susceptible to what sports personalities, entertainers, singers and other “celebs – famous for being famous” are pushing, saying and selling to the public. Celestial, your timing is God-sent, the Aaron Rodgers story now makes perfect sense. Another snare is being set up for those that cannot or will not pay attention or trust in God.

    As for former President Donald Trump, thankfully, I got off that train four years ago. (Thank you, God!) It has come with a price whenever I speak to someone who still supports him. They do not want to hear that Trump has flaws, is wrong or isn’t the Messiah (he isn’t). So many Republicans, Conservatives and Christians still support him and believe that a red wave is coming in November. If you say that Trump can’t save this nation, their heads explode. They become angry, belligerent, bellicose. There is a prideful, arrogant knowing on their part – they are right about Trump and everyone else is wrong. Both political parties and their followers on both sides are cut from the same cloth. Nothing will save this nation: not a man, a woman, a political movement, the green movement, the climate change worshippers, the prosperity church movement, not a Republican, not a Democrat, not an Atheist, nothing will save this nation now.

    True national repentance was/is weak in this nation. Personally, I do not believe there are many God-fearing Christians left in America. Not those who follow, obey and seek Our Lord on a daily basis. Not those who will seek to become righteous and do God’s will. Not those who diligently read His Word every day let alone study it in depth. I could go on however, the picture is painted for anyone willing to have God open their eyes and ears to the truth that is right in front of us.

    As always, thank you for serving Our Lord. God Bless you mightily and keep you safe.

  5. Annette Watson says:

    Greetings to all.
    I live in Melbourne Australia, They are building them here in every state of Australia.

  6. erica says:

    There are no white hats . Trump has handlers chabad mafia . it all started with Don Nixon and then Robert vesco mob .Trump is allied with Carlos Salinas he controls cartels also banked with epstein he is from Lebanon born in Mexico .No children are being rescued in the dumbs especially under the getty museum that is ran by Gordon getty doing trades exchange children for art etc.Funds Newsome, kamala garcetti.prince Andrew and elites go to meetings at the getty .the queen sat on that throne (getty) now its Charles turn .oh and rothchild has also visited the getty and received a medal how nice! The dots are connecting isn’t it ? all the q stuff is psy ops .Trump ALL of them are cons.this is the end of America well that depends we are pushing back and they are scared .don’t give up spread the message ! .are ye gonna still trust the plan ? we have to change the outcome until christ comes .I’m seeing alot of people pushing back there is hope.please don’t delete this information.

      1. Erica says:

        Yes all of them chabad /mossad
        Source truthcatradio.com whistle-blower ex cia contractor steven d kelley laser optics inventor engineer
        Fred pdf book lasers cavers and MAGICK in his website yes they do MAGICK and are called CAVERS . Prayers please hes been attacked.

  7. Maurice says:

    A few months ago I was reading the book of Job and for some reason got real interested in the “ shadow of death” there are multiple references to it in the book. After some digging I came across a Christian website that talked about these “ death spirits” or Spirits of death, and/ or commonly known as grim reaper spirits that actually look like what we think of the grim reaper- wearing a hooded robe and carrying a scythe I believe People have seen right before they die or when they came close to dying ( like almost falling off a cliff for example ) I’ve read many stories of them as well. They reminded me of the movie series “ Final destination” where the protagonist somehow avoid their intended deaths and “ cheat death” they spend the rest of the movie being hunted by the “ spirit of death”. You’re line about their final destination brought all this to mind. I still don’t really know why the Lord had me go down this rabbit hole. Hopefully this adds some sort of puzzle piece to someones understanding. Thank you Celestial. Lord bless you 🙏🏻.

  8. latashacalhoun says:

    The hotel dream reminds me of a movie that I wasted with my children and I liked as I use to love Greek Mythology movies for some odd reason. The movie is called Percy Jackson & The Olympian’s (I do not recommend to watch as I know now). However, there was a part where they went to this hotel casino in Vegas, there they was giving this cookies that was a psychedelic drug that kept them in this different type of world. So many people was stuck there from decades ago. Everything was free, they had the luxury of doing whatever they wanted except to leave the hotel. But a voice kept talking to Percy which I think it was his father that in this movie was a (god). Once he realized what was going on he went to his friends who went to the hotel with him. The staff who was giving out the cookies to drug everyone noticed that these three stopped eating the cookies so they knew they were waking up. Then they tried to kill all three of them.

    Again, I do not suggest to watch the movie because it is a much demonic movie but I watched before my calling. These movies though truly tells us their plans, we just watch without realizing much while some do discern, I didn’t believe anything in this movie til I read the Book of Jasher, then this movie became as real as possible.

    1. sking85e9e7ffb4 says:

      Percy Jackson or rather those types of movies are based on what we where thought as mythology. But there’s more truth than fiction in there than we like to admit I would agree that lines up exactly with what our sister C has seen in her dream. Although being a dj in a backpackers for a few years I came across many people using ahuasca sorry for spelling most of not all of them where into new age calling themselves free spirits enlightent souls. All I see no is souls in shackles through sin and wickedness. I praise Yah for protecting me in that time and delivering me to open my eyes and ears to hear his voice and obey.

      1. latashacalhoun says:

        I agree 100%… I use to think that Greek mythology was literally all just a myth, they just did minor twist but spoke of much truth. Literally when I read the Word now that my eyes are open and my ears hear… it’s so easy to see what I just thought was fake to be real. I am also happy that you were covered, all praises to The Most High Yah.

        Be blessed, shalom!

  9. Pauline S says:

    Perhaps I am stretching things a bit here but if you notice the name of God is incorporated into this word: aYAHUAsca. And if you unscramble the remaining letters it would read “casa” which if I am not mistaken translates to “home” in English. “Yahua’s home, or abode”? And isn’t this what the evil one is working so hard to desecrate and destroy? Just a thought.

    1. Celestial says:

      Please stop adding God to drugs. This doesn’t need secondary interpretation into anagrams and all that (which is a weird habit gaining hot traction in the world today). A thing is clear as it is, a real, actual, dangerous drug used on an unsuspecting end times population for mind control until the time comes to kill them. That’s all. God isn’t involved, He isn’t in the drug, a thing is just what it [clearly] is. God bless.🌺

      1. John says:

        Celestial, it’s odd because online I’m reading this drug heightens senses and improves memory. It’s exactly the opposite of what you were shown! But, I do not believe everything I read on the internet as most information is now censored.

  10. Francis Anthonys says:

    This might help to find out what this drug is. Big in Latin America.

    1. Celestial says:

      Many people corrected my pronunciation of what I saw. When I saw the comments later I don’t know what surprised me more, the fact that so many Christians are aware of this drug already, or the fact that people are getting on planes to go drink some witchy brew to visit ‘past lives’. Truly, human beings do not know the value of life nor do they value the gift of keeping body & soul together until the return of the Lord. Let each one get what he sows to.

  11. Linda P. says:

    I have learned so much from your prophecies Celestial. I’ve been able to see things about myself that I would never have seen if it weren’t for your direct writings. So many times I have had a different view of a person, such as Trump, Benny Hinn, and many others, and when I try to tell anyone I get so much pushback. I don’t understand how people see Q, Trump, etc almost as a god and as doing no wrong. I then simply tell them to ask God and the Holy Spirit for guidance. You have been such a blessing to me. I am so grateful I found this site. It has forced me to take a deeper look at myself.

  12. Jay says:

    I saw a special on that drug, it was pretty powerful. People were vomiting and then they saw “clearly” and were changed forever. Strange stuff.

    Here’s my comment on Trump. No man will ever save America single-handedly. But don’t you suppose, if he were part of “the system”, that the leftists would not be gunning at him so hard? Impeachment, trials, proven lies from mainstream media, the FBI raids, etc etc. and he would have been found out? But every time it has come up a total fabrication. Politics are a game but he did not play by the rules. That’s why it upset the system so much. I look at trump as a gasp of oxygen in the middle of a poisonous smog that is the democratic/leftist/satanic system. A deviation on the path, if you will.

    I’m not a “trump worshipper” (I worship Christ) – but I did vote for him twice. I believe the election was fraudulent which was the plan of the antichrist all along. I have not seen the PROOF yet that would color Trump a demonic government shill. If by asking for proof of him siding with the Clintons Obamas etc labels me a trump worshipper, I’m gonna tip my hat and say goodbye to the loonies who think so.

    I guess I don’t understand what’s deceptive or wrong about siding with a party that refuses to kill unborn babies and believes that sodomy should have NO place in this country.


    1. Celestial says:

      When a deceived person hears they’ve been deceived they always say they’re not deceived. That’s the job of deception. If God reveals anything rooted to idolatry men will ALWAYS say “But I don’t idolize & I don’t SEE”, proving the successful root of idolatry which is to hide the false god from the worshipper. How can a 2-time Trump voter ever admit GOD IS RIGHT IN JUDGEMENT OF TRUMP’S LIES AND DOUBLE NATURE, without that 2-time voter also being forced to admit 1) he was FOOLED, 2) he is *still* a fool who, even on a prophecy site where the majority of God’s revelations are beyond him, marvellous things he never heard of, he will STILL protest & say: “Yeah but not this one, not this revelation, it’s not true. I don’t SEE how it can be true, I supported it twice, what’s so bad about etc?” Who can help you? Your eyes are glued shut bcz pride says if “If I admit God is right I must also admit I was a fool & am still a fool who- though I hear the truth, I can’t accept it. I can’t process or admit I am deceived, not me the “sharp eagle” who knows better than the Holy Spirit. I have no choice but to use any means I can, including calling anyone who may refute me a loony, to defend the lie (and myself who fell for it). Anything I can do to defend the lie that took me captive TWICE, a lie that has me still, I’ll do it.” Hmmm. It’s pitiful to see some of you. You have no capacity for God’s words bcz all available room is given to your lie, you have no capacity to REPENT bcz you defend your lie & see no sin in it. You tip that hat Jay. People like you can’t be helped, your fate is to fulfill scripture which is all over this blog, esp 2 Thess. 2:10-12. The proof of that verse comes here DAILY. You keep walking in that blinding truth where you don’t see; let God’s words be the lie until the day you see every word performed on you & all like you who think craven logic is where prophetic revelation comes from. Take care.

    2. Celestial says:

      The idolatry of Americans is to bow to politics, the very irony is lost on you. “No man can save America single-handedly”, your opener shows how far gone you are, the wound is very deep Jay. That’s why God will let the New World agenda rip this nation to tiny pieces in front of you, freedom torn down & replaced with North Korea as you watch helpless. They will put the majority to death and scatter the remnant, and Russia will finish the rest. At that time then you’ll hear God 100% when He says the Saving One came to America but was cast in the trash so you could serve other gods & lose your minds discussing red & blue and which of the clay foot idols was “better” than the other. When the hard truth of this blog unleashes itself on America be sure to come back to share what else you see, or don’t see. I’ll bet the clarity of hindsight will pierce you in places you didn’t know you had…

    3. Onyinyechi says:

      You didn’t side with the party that legalized abortions and gay marriages (kudos) so you sided with the other evil party (shame)… so you saying it’s better to side with an lesser evil than a greater evil; it’s still siding with evil. You know you can only serve one master, you can’t close the door on Satan and eat at the table with Azazel. “The loonies” wow, when Satan has a grip, he won’t let go. The faith people put in man over God is real, so real that even when His judgment fall upon the ones you love and trusted so much, you will be the one that will curse Him. I would say repent, but you probably would still choose Trump over God anyways, chai!

      1. Hélène says:

        Just for general knowledge
        The amount of money that was given to Planned Barrenhood by Trump is astonishing. It’s a bald faced lie he was against infanticide. Makes me nuts to watch Believers perpetuate that myth. He also had a flaming sodomite leading his parades and rally openings, last I knew. He sells “Pride” shirts & hats on his website. I’ve lost the link. I didn’t see a pic of it, I went to it myself on his site.
        I’ve always known Trump was a bad bad man. I watched him for decades, casually. Could not believe when he was *running*. Who in their right mind would vote for him?? Well wasn’t I ostracized for my position by every single person who knew me, except the few nonconservatives. Was I voting for Reptillary?? Not voting for either was not a choice for a godly adult LOL

    4. elfmom55 says:

      Jay, look up “Trump controlled by KGB/Mossad” by Timothy Fitzpatrick. I posted it about 3 mos ago and got in trouble for it. No one but NO ONE gets to Trumps wealth or position unless in the “Club”. There is so much more online exposing him and who/what he is. He told us in the beginning of all this deceptive theater what and who he is when he read that snake poem.
      I marvel daily the amount of God’s people that are so deceived by him!.

  13. sking85e9e7ffb4 says:

    I was never really a Trump fan would always tease the American tourists for voting in trump before lockdown started. But then covid hit and we so happend to watch a Trump press conference and the news afterwards would completly attack everything he said even playing clips out of context made me think that he was really trying to go against the establishment (I’m what you would have called a conspiracy theorist for a while now) and he gained a bit of respect from me as his team as well as him handled themselves quit well from the constant media heckling. 2020 for most was a very bad here for me I was a blessing as I took the time we where forced to take to study God’s word and really started digging and gave my life completely it Yahs control but in my digging I came across Kim clement wich was prophesying a bit about Trump and he was chesn by God wich made me back him even more. But as I started digging more watching his press conference I would get this feeling of doubt especially when he was pro vaccine and I knew for a fact that it was pioson and just the spirit warning me about him, wit a bit more digging you start finding out that he was a decoy dove much like Mandela was for us in South Africa. But 2020 was my start of really finding out yah truth he opened up scripture so much for me that I actually understand what happend and his truth.
    There is so much peace in knowing that Yah is in control and what ever happens to us is in his will and just praise him for his majesty even knowing what’s coming is scary, Yah is in control and his will be done and we can stand on his promises they are yes and amen.

  14. Julie says:

    The Lord told me 3 years ago bad things were coming. When I asked what He said camps. Then slowly over a course of months, the Holy Spirit told me I’d be going into these camps. And that I’d be tortured and martyred for my faith. He even spoke to me Nov. 4th and said: Foot soldiers coming your way. Don’t be alarmed! Things will begin to be shut off. Stay calm. You will have to go with them. I don’t know why I’m going in there. I don’t understand. I thought I was supposed to be helping someone. This dream doesn’t sound that way at all.

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