The Pause Is Over, Prepare For The New World Order – April 22, 2020

When He opened the seventh seal, there was silence in Heaven for about half an hour. – (Revelation 8:1)

I received this prophecy on April 22, 2020 at 6:50 a.m. Transcript is printed verbatim:

The pause of Heaven is underway and about to come to an end. Just as it says in the Book of Revelation that there was a pause in the spiritual kingdom of a half hour- after which global judgements fell with increasing frequency, so says the Lord to this world- When you see your pause lifted from the earth so know the pause of Heaven is lifted and greater judgments than these things shall come to pass. Greater sicknesses and pestilences will follow, devastating disease that dries the bones and shrivels the palette of the human being to a mere raisin and shadow of themselves before death. (I saw very shrunken, dried up people who were dead, laying on hospital gurneys awaiting removal.)

Sickness will be synonymous with earth life from now on: plagues, diseases and pestilence shall ravage the human population and many lives will be lost because of it. Man-made diseases will take a front row in these disasters, evil released from secret vials created by human hands. Mankind’s wickedness against mankind shall be at an all time high, as innocent suffers with guilty in the ATTACK AND REMOVAL OF LIFE by wicked human agents of destruction. There is no limit to the cruelty of man’s heart; there is no limitation to the evil of humanity and this will be displayed in the area of BIOLOGICAL WARFARE AND WEAPONRY AGAINST UNSUSPECTING POPULATIONS OF THE WORLD. Men and women will be put to death with impunity by things that cannot be cured, secular sickness that is not from Me. Yet I will allow it for the sake of My vengeance against man: For the multitude of his iniquities and transgression against Heaven and against Me I will allow these lives to be lost, as a punishment from Heaven and an expression of My anger against the sinfulness of man.

The Rape of Men

One clear proof and evidence of the breaking of the pause shall be the sexual violation of men and women in the home. Men will take the virtue of women, young women, female youths and girls living in their homes and given under their charge. Guardianship, curatorship and even the sanctity of wedding vows will be violated as men and women take advantage of others sexually (especially those living with them): with molestation, with traps and attacks, with cruelty, with deadly force and with deception that leads to sexual violation and in some cases, outright rape.

Virtue shall be attacked and destroyed in the earth as a symbol of the virtue of the church that has been lost, and the virtue of man that has been utterly compromised and destroyed. Among these shall suffer the virtue of Zion. The church will be attacked and molested in this way as well; it is written that the church of Jesus Christ shall suffer violence but the violent shall not prevail against it. “Since the days of John the Baptist.” (Matthew 11:12) What does that mean? It means My son John’s head was lifted from his body because of the sexual pleasure which Herodias’s daughter gave Herod and his courtiers: they watched her body move and it was well pleasing to all, therefore when this little child asked for the head of a great prophet he was put to death in that very hour. Without hesitation John was killed, and for what. For sexual gratification, pleasure of the eyes. (Please read Mark 6:14-29 for better understanding.)

In the same way after the pause ends a sign will come upon the earth, hunger of sexual pleasure to the point where sex will be taken by force, and the easiest victims will be the man and woman living in the care of another person- whether it be a renter in the back room, the worker or distant relative who lives-in for wages, the youth or child living with a guardian or parent. Even the married woman with her husband is not safe- hunger of sexual gratification will sweep the planet and the urge for sensual pleasure will rise to the point that some will take it by force. A demon has been released by Hades that is responsible for this. This is the work of a demonic spirit not the work of Heaven,  yet will I allow it for the chastisement of man.

For the fornication of man and his unending sinfulness against Me, his craving for sexual immorality will be allowed to reach its natural conclusion. Anything you pursue in sinfulness will eventually grow mightier than you and pursue you. After the pause – rape, sexual attack, molestation on the increase. An evil fever sweeps the earth as virgins are violated, male and female, even the prisons will fall prey to the work of this evil spirit and mankind will cry out painfully for the sake of this evil he has loved and pursued against My command. Virtue will suffer on the earth, this is the word and revelation of the Lord.

(During this week before I received this prophecy my Bible kept falling open to Lamentations 5:11, and I wondered why such a verse kept highlighting itself. Now I understand. “They ravished the women in Zion, The maidens in the cities of Judah.” )

The world that comes after this one is the world of the Antichrist. THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS AT HAND. Its arrival has been announced in the global pause, the global reset as all nations have been forced to retreat, forced to submit, forced to shelter in place until a future time and order is given. The world of the lawless one approaches, a cruel king and evil master approaches and the time of woes of the nations is now. 

Men will be put to death for non-compliance in the new world order; those who refuse to comply will be rounded up under false pretences and put to death for refusing to obey the commands of the new world order. Resistance shall be met with harsh measures and life will be lost as this kingdom establishes itself. Its root shall be watered in human blood and mankind’s resistance will pour blood as the sacrifice on the demonic altar of the birth of this system. Then it shall be known the meaning of this saying: “Even so you have not yet resisted sin to point of shedding your blood.” (Heb. 12:4)

Mankind shall resist the growth of this cage of sin to the shedding of blood, martyrs shall arise in great numbers and refuse to bow to the ‘god’ of satan and their lives shall be taken from them. These will be religious and non-religious martyrs. Many sons of freedom shall resist the new world order and their lives shall be taken from them under the umbrella of ‘terrorist groups’ and ‘sons of anarchy’ but they are not; they are sons of liberty and defenders of freedom fighting for the souls of men. However in these days and in the days to come they will be targeted and spied on, tracked down and exterminated in great numbers. The right to bear arms will be forbidden and EXTINGUISHED from the earth, mankind will be brought into caged circumstances as rules and regulations that have never been seen before come to the forefront as the means to control humanity. The New World Order is in play. Humanity woe unto you for the devil comes to you now in another form.

The pause is over. Death is coming after it. This is the word of the Lord. 

Note from me: The prophecies on this blog have always been strong, graphic and intense. However even I can see an increase in the severity of these words- they give me a lot to think about and pray about these days. I have others to upload, but for each one visiting today I want to say we truly have entered a new phase of time. I can see and feel HOW MUCH things have changed here in New York- we can’t do anything without oversight, not even buying food is allowed or walking around outside if you don’t follow the new ‘law’ of wearing a face mask (passed overnight it seems, with a hefty fine for breaking it).

Every day we wake up there’s a new regulation, shift, change, announcement or retraction- the news contradicts itself constantly and I’ve lost interest in following it all because I can’t! I can see the plan is to wear people out with changes, to make them frantic and hopeless because of endless announcements, and I’m not going to play that game. I read my Bible, study, pray, write and think about the future, whatever that’s going to be. I put my trust in Jesus Christ and follow Isaiah 26:3 every moment I’m awake, that’s all I can do. Please take the time to read Revelation 6 and Matthew 24 and study them with prayer. PRAY FOR GOD’S MERCY IN THESE THINGS.

Stay safe out there and God be with each one of you and your families.

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– Celestial 

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  1. Scarlett says:

    Reblogged this on Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary.

  2. T says:

    In the United Arab Emirates where I live… they’ve just announced an APP that MUST be used to enter public beaches, supermarkets, hotels, gyms, restaurants in the capital city. It will put people in tiers according to vaccination status. And this starts in just a few days. JUNE 15. Just saw it. The pause truly is over ☹️. May the Lord help me navigate these deadly days.

    I’m going to look for and read again the prophecy you had up on the blog concerning the app for New York.

    1. Celestial says:

      May God bless you for how you’re taking these things He’s warned us about seriously. The post you’re looking for is:

      1. Patricia Jones says:

        I’m 63 years old and have been praying for God to send me someone that’s speaking directly from him as I’m severely disabled and am unable to get the word except via the internet. God led me to this blog. To him be glory and honor for his faithfulness to his people.

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