The Mark Of The Beast- August 9, 2021

The soul that sins shall die. (Ezekiel 18:20)


This prophecy is called The Mark Of The Beast. I am not going to argue with anyone, that is the name the Lord has given it after it’s been up 12 hours already with no name, and that’s the name that stays. The vision I recorded is below:

This vision has troubled me all night to the point that if I don’t wake up and write it I won’t be able to sleep again until I write it.

As I was sleeping a woman came to me with an urgent message. This woman came through the wall with her upper body and said urgently “Celestial, the people of America are choosing wickedness. They are choosing the beast. Soon there will be none left who is righteous. Look”.  I looked and this is where I’m troubled, because for all the hours I saw this vision over and over it is difficult to convey it so it can make sense. I’ll try.  

I saw a brown thing with the appearance of cork but it wasn’t cork, it was solid and of a texture like cork but it was not it. *Cork is the burnt residue of the actual wood also called cork, when burned it smears with a tough, hard-to-remove blackened substance like charcoal. The thing I was looking at looked like cork but was actually sin, and most of all it was SATAN. I don’t know how to put it, to explain how what looks like a piece of cork can be actual Satan but- it was. The thing the woman told me to look at was inside a wall but at the same time it was inside a cave but at the same time it was inside a dimension not in the same realm as my bedroom, it was ultimate distant light years away from where I was.

It was also totally ALIVE with presence, with deadly intelligence and malevolence but I’m telling you- as I looked at this thing it projected to me the harmless, innocent appearance of wood bark or cork, about the size of a basketball or a bit smaller. It acted as if it were not what it was. It acted as if it was a lump of cork but I SAW it was actual, physical SIN – grave sin of the most abominable nature by which God will cast a man away from His presence forever if he remains in it at the judgement.

I saw the thing was Satan himself sitting there, it was HIM pretending as a brown lump of dead wood, pretending to be nothing at all. And I didn’t know why he was doing that but he was doing it so successfully that if God had not given me eyes that see what is instead of what it was pretending to be- I’d have seen only a dead thing and not Satan sitting there acting like nothing.  

As I looked at it- in the wall, in some distant cave and in some far realm, the woman’s urgent voice came back to me- The people of America are choosing wickedness. They are choosing the beast, soon there will be none left- Celestial, look.   

Then I saw (I’m trying to express it)- I saw something “like as if”.  Note: It’s not what was really there, it’s what God showed things to me as. There are some things if God shows a person as it really IS, that person’s brain may split under the weight of the revelation and be spoiled. It is very possible to become crazy by what one sees, this is why God gives grace to people He shows things to. If He did not man will never comprehend it; indeed I struggled to put this vision into words as I truly experienced it.

What I saw was LIKENESS, meaning whatever was really occurring God knew I won’t be able to stand it so He showed me what I can process so I can tell others LIKE AS IF that’s what really happened. I had a sense of something terrible happening BEHIND the pictures I saw; there was another reality happening behind them and my impression was the real outcome to humans who found the cork was far, far worse and more horrible than what God allowed me to see. I saw pictures but one of the feelings I had throughout this part was skeletons.

I saw LIKE AS IF a man entered a cave looking for shelter, maybe, or maybe just to relieve himself while on a journey and saw this cork sitting there in the cave looking innocent. He said “What is this?” He went over and took that innocent looking cork and handled it with his hands, defiling himself GREATLY. He said “Hmmm, I do not know what this is but I think I will keep it”. And he became so greatly defiled that filth flowed over him til all colour and beauty was removed from him. His clothes became filth his mind was filth he was filth in its fullest living form as he held the cork staring at it, and of course Satan entered him. This man was wearing ancient style clothes of Bible times or even older- he lived when people stopped in caves for the night while traveling or to use the toilet. He had a crooked walking stick and was from a very old time. I saw this but at the same time it didn’t happen. Amen.  

While that was happening but not, I saw how man bought a house of high price. A mansion. He went in to survey it and while he was surveying he came upon a secret panel that opened in the wall. This is not what happened at all, but it is LIKE AS IF that’s what happened. A man found a secret hole in the wall and in the hole of the wall sat the cork. The man said “Oh. What do we have here?” and he reached into the wall and held the cork and wickedness and abomination of all forms flooded into him and he became vile. He became selfish and wicked in the extreme and Satan manipulated and controlled him as he brought the cork out of the wall to himself. This cork was as big as a basketball so it filled the man’s hands, soon as it touched him a black oil began to flow backwards over him in waves, up from his hands to arms to shoulders to face and downwards to cover his whole body.

He became as filthy as the first man but he was wearing Victorian era clothes. A top hat, red velvet smoking jacket, a shiny polished black walking stick with a gold handle, shiny black boots and expensive brocade men’s clothes of his day. His face got black like crude oil was smeared on it,  his whole self washed with black oil and he was defiled. I saw this at the same time as the man in the cave but it wasn’t really there and was NOT (may readers understand me). It is not the real process that happened. Maybe this is the only way God could show my brain to process the real deeper mystery of what sin is and how it truly kills humanity.  

I know that black crude oil having seen it in many visions, it is sin. If you’ve never seen crude oil in action and are a little lost on what it does: Look up some oil spills and see the ducks and fishes perishing once that substance touches them. There is no way to get it off safely. Only harsh chemicals can dissolve the crude enough to loosen feathers or free scales enough for animals to live but most of them don’t survive the oil or cleaning process and it ends up being nothing but a mountain of stinking messy death for nature conservationists to clean up after a company spills oil.   

Simulataneously I saw Americans in caves and mansions from one end of this nation to the other, discovering that lethal cork. From one end of the USA to the other- big small, old young, all races, geographical  and wealth backgrounds – Americans reached out and touched the cork in every available form of sin ever invented or presently known to man. They came across it and did not resist, they touched it and the same blackness flowed over them and consumed them.

The entire nation was defiled. There was not one righteous. You may say “I am righteous” but I say that you have no idea what God’s standards of true righteousness are, it is only Jesus. Only JESUS is righteous and if you are not with Him constantly saying “Remember me when you come to your kingdom, you God who alone is righteous”, then you don’t even know how to find the starting block to righteousness. I saw the entire nation reach their hand to this cork and when they did a metal slave bracelet clamped around every wrist. Every hand that touched cork (and there were so precious few that did not touch it as to make their number almost irrelevant, but of course their name and number is with God)-  

Every hand that touched that thing immediately got clamped in a metal slave bracelet with a digital watch face in red that constantly blinked this number: 666. 666. 666. The cork took everyone who touched it captive to the beast system,  I saw they were all captives and slaves of the new world order.

This vision of the 666 slave system was not like the first two- where things seemed it happened but did not. This one was real before my sleeping, troubled eyes. As the whole nation (almost) went to total captivity of actual Satan who is the actual beast, something reached out of the wall and slammed a metal wrist monitor on all hands reaching to touch cork and America became so vile and wicked that it was inconceivable how God was able to bear with her.  

I saw if anyone receive the mark of the beast or his name or the number of his name he became filled with wickedness as the woman had said. He began to love and desire only darkness, vileness and wickedness; his heart was dark and all he wanted was sin. I saw Americans on all sides choosing the wickedness and forgetting God, forsaking God, throwing away God, choosing self, choosing the cork who is nothing less than Satan sitting innocent as dry burnt wood but IT WAS HIM.

People were filled with darkness and the land was dark with sin. I saw people arguing about vaccines if it was the mark or not but I saw there were SO MANY WAYS TO TOUCH CORK AND ALL OF THEM BROUGHT THE SAME END OF THE METAL BRACELET ON YOU. 666. 666. 666. The wrists in tracking monitors were endless before me, blinking a digital red lit up number, 666. Slaves of the beast, can’t go back to God forever.   

I have delivered this vision as best I can, I feel relief and I know I will sleep now. If there is more I will add it later so please check back later in the day to see if it has been updated. God bless.  

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  1. Joe D says:

    Terrible its coming to this…….
    Pray !

  2. Tina mark says:

    Oh GOD please help my family and I to walk righteously before you. Please help us to endure until the End

  3. Mark says:

    Hi Celestial, I wanted to share a dream I had about the v:

    The Lord has been confirming me lately with some of your dreams, so I know they are from God. Below I’ll post some of those which He has confirmed to me. God bless! PR 🙂

    About Obama:

    About the Kuiper belt asteroids you mentioned before:

  4. Jobob says:

    Another prophesy from the masters voice about to come to pass

    1. Celestial says:

      Jobob I send you a wave of thanks for the heads up! I updated my YT community page. If anyone isn’t subscribed look for The Master’s Voice Prophecy Blog on YT and subscribe. 👍🏽

      Click here to sign up:

      Fulfilments and updates are here:

      1. Jobob says:

        Thank u sis… also… the Pentagon just announced all service members need to be jabbed by Sept 15 or face courtmartial. .. imo…. this may be the reason why me and many others are seeing in our dreams and visions the absence of our military during invasion. I was with a militia on the west coast being chased by Chinese army thru the giant sequoia Forrest in a dream. All the jabbed will be controlled.. I served in the us coast guard… to be threatened with courtsmartial is a very serious thing. A lot of presure.. a dishonorable discharge is a black mark on the rest of your life..

      2. Jobob says:

        The cdc just proposed internment camps for high risk citizens… u know… elderly, unjabbed, the non compliant… yeah… all us…

        1. Jobob says:

          I don’t post warnings to cause fear, anxiety or to be dramatic…. it is to let everyone know the the things we are about to face so we can prepare accordingly. Both spiritually and physically. Fear will give us a carnal mind and we won’t hear God’s voice. Cause us to make bad decisions. Power, love, and a SOUND MIND. There are things that frighten us. But to live in fear is not of god. Endure to the end. This is not our home..

      3. Jobob says:

        Uh ohhh… I think they took down your video … it said its private when I tried to refresh it

  5. Anonymous says:

    ”The positioning of the mark is a counterfeit to the positioning of the LAW of the LORD. Deuteronomy 11:18 Therefore shall ye lay up these my words in your heart and in your soul, and bind them for a sign upon your hand, that they may be as frontlets between your eyes.

    The beast opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God. The mark is an opposition to God’s law. A spiritual seal of lawlessness. Lawlessness is SIN. Brought in according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders. The restrainer will be taken out of the way. The spiritual mark of lawlessness will abound”.

    Thanks for confirming the above that I received from the Lord some months ago. God Bless you!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Zechariah 5: 5-11

    The woman in the Basket

    Then the angel who was speaking to me came forward and said to me, “Look up and see what is appearing.” I asked, “What is it?” He replied, “It is a basket.” And he added, “This is the iniquity of the people throughout the land.” Then the cover of lead was raised, and there in the basket sat a woman! He said, “This is wickedness,” and he pushed her back into the basket and pushed its lead cover down on it. Then I looked up—and there before me were two women, with the wind in their wings! They had wings like those of a stork, and they lifted up the basket between heaven and earth. “Where are they taking the basket?” I asked the angel who was speaking to me. He replied, “To the country of Babylonia to build a house for it. When the house is ready, the basket will be set there in its place.”

  7. Byron Searle says:

    Hello Celestial, In 2017 the Lord gave me a vision of what you are describing. I saw the earth from space, it looked as if something was pouring a black, thick goo on the top of the world. The black goo reminded me of dirty motor oil and it covered the entire globe. And was dripping off the bottom forming a pool . I have seen this darkness several more times. In a prophecy called absolute black I was in a cave, down hundreds of feet and the lights were turned off. It was so dark you could not see anything, your eyes strained just to see a glimmer of light. The Lord said that is the sin of America.
    Thank you sister, you have confirmed so many words the Lord has given to me.

    1. Celestial says:

      You are a blessing brother Byron, thank you for visiting and sharing. Blackness has submerged the whole nation but a few- so FEW abstain from ‘motor oil’ and this is why the sentences of judgement are so heavy for America.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Check this out

    2. Bee says:

      Hey Byron,
      What happened to your blog?
      I miss reading it.

      1. Anonymous says:

        The Lord told me to take it down, He said perilous times are ahead, and since I work for the government he said time to take it down. The Lord is still speaking to me but more of instructing on what to do these days. The Lord said Celestial is speaking the truth and has been given the same things he has shown and told me. I thank God for you, for you are awake and see, pray for those who are awake yet sleep.

        1. Bee says:

          Thanks for your faithfulness and stay safe.
          See you in the other side.

  8. Lucretia says:




  9. Anonymous says:

    I feel led to write to you that “their idol is dead wood.” Idol worship–having other gods–in whatever form.

  10. Lord's Sheep says:

    Thanks for the message. Things are getting tougher in Canada as well. They are mandating the shots for all Fed workers and other Gov. entities. I work for Prov gov and I don’t know what to do.

    1. Jobob says:

      Lords sheep..>>> you must refuse… do not comply… regardless of the consequences.. the jab is a deadly, or zombify u, or sterilize u.. nothing good will come of it. Prepare now for future needs.. don’t fear tho… be matter of factual about it… this is what I’m facing.. so…. this is how I’m gona handle it… step out in faith… he will meet u there.. 👍

  11. Len Hummel says:

    Thank you, dear sister, for your faithfulness to sound forth the prophetic word of warning. The cork is the disguised, unacknowledged sin of the carnal adamnic nature that willingly also takes the serpent/viper injection. All this is hidden from those in darkness & denial,…but it is also “hidden” IN PLAIN SIGHT – in plain sight to those who walk in and abide in His Word & Presence.
    I am found on fb & youtube. Len Hummel. lenbenhear.

  12. Len Hummel says:

    ahvah LOVE to all who love Him and seek always to abide IN HIM. 👑💎🔥🕊️💛👑

    1. LorQ says:

      Yes, to abide in Him. He is the shelter to seek in these perilous times. He is the one to ask for guidance. He is the one to build a foundation upon. He is the one to take all questions to. He is the one to wait patiently upon.

  13. tudor says:

    i think Steven describes the same thing that u saw in the vision! it s called black goo

  14. Anita Berghofer says:

    Celestial I know exactly what you mean when you say :”it was as if, but at the same time wasn’t”.
    I am a vivid dreamer. Been whole my life. God has given me some strange gifts that I haven’t discovered yet what they are actually for. This post would be to long to explain what I mean.
    But regarding this as if,- I have seen it milion times. As if you are in another dimension when you dream where things are so multilayered that you have to pick one of the things you see, the thing which would be the closest /fits best to explain the things you see. Even to yourself.
    I just wanted to share that because it was familiar to me…
    God bless you,

  15. Anonymous says:

    The women in this video discusses how the black oil/black goo is evil and how it is connected to the Nazis.

  16. MJL says:

    Wow. This really impressed upon me the importance of discernment. People look with their physical eyes and curiosity draws them to something (the cork). They have no idea of the real nature and significance of the cork so they touch, explore, play with the thing. Satan knows how to attract people and then hook them into sin. Most people, even Christians, expect satan to be hideous, ugly, obviously evil. He is way too clever for that. It is so common for a person to say, “I will try this thing (drug/extramarital sex/lying/etc.) just this once. I’ll be fine. Nothing bad will happen.” That is with something they know is not good for them. Satan knows how to disguise a thing so it seems innocent and harmless. That will draw in nearly everyone, including Christians who don’t discern. This message is very sobering. Sin is EVERYWHERE and do we even recognize it?

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