Disease & Decay In America – June 18, 2021


There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven. – (Luke 21:11)

I sent plagues among you as I did to Egypt. I killed your young men with the sword, along with your captured horses. I filled your nostrils with the stench of your camps, yet you have not returned to me,” declares the LORD. – (Amos 4:10)

Then I heard another voice from heaven say: “ ‘Come out of her my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues.” – (Revelation 18:4)

I am about to finish the last dreams of the ‘In America’ series. Thus far I’ve posted: Tracking & Technology In America; Pogroms In America; Vaccines In America.

This is the fourth- Disease.

I had a dream about how America became. My dreams are rarely about how America is now, which is why I think so many assume this blog is talking about an unforeseeable distant future, decades from now. There’s nothing in what I see to indicate that though; if anything these dreams always seem to focus on how fast America will change- one minute normal, or close to normal- the next, catapulting out of real life into a horrible, dangerous free-for-all with no leadership or sense of direction or continuity. Then a mysterious new type of rulership “appears” and suddenly life is rigid, tightly controlled and even worse than before.

In this dream America was deep in a water crisis. Water went from a cheap, available resource to the kind of scarcity that had people fighting and hoarding, especially in the cities. We needed water for more than drinking- it was the only thing preventing a weird ‘crystallization process’ taking place in human cells. God showed me in people’s bodies, people who had high fevers especially- I saw multi-sided crystals in their cells like pockets of pink Himalayan salt. These crystals were “sweating” out something into people’s cells that made them high strung and delirious, talking crazy and hard to control in their fever. I knew that anyone who had these crystals was at risk of turning into reanimé. The cell water ratio HAD TO BE KEPT HIGH, meaning you had to BE AND STAY HYDRATED– but how were you going to do that with no available water supply?

Water was precious to reduce fever and stay hydrated- it was more than just a drink. People were [G-R-E-A-T-L-Y] turning into reanimé (the undead, i.e. zombies) yet water was the only thing able to fight off the bruising fevers that usually came on before someone turned into an undead.

(Besides that of course, humans need water to drink and stay healthy, active, normal and alive. So there was that too.)

Keeping body tissues hydrated was key to preventing the rise of reanimé yet the world became FULL of reanimé because clean fresh water was so hard to find. It was like that across the whole world- we began to fight for and hoard water. In the end the shortage meant it was inevitable that people turned into reanimé; without water there was nothing to counter the raging fevers of 102 to 105 degrees or more that “pandemic sicknesses” gave the population.

I do not know exactly what ‘pandemic sickness’ were.  I just know they came in ROLLING WAVES and each wave of them was worse than the last. These things took out the population like no man’s business. People DIED like flies because of wave after wave of pandemic sicknesses. It was customary to see grown men on the street, still trying to go to work to feed their families yet covered with fever sores, lesions, little white or clear ‘bubbles’ of pimples clustered on the neck, lips or forehead– once you saw these things you knew a person was sick and avoided them like the plague. I mean like the literal plague – the advent of these ‘bubbles’ meant they were in the infection stage of whatever was going to kill them because the underlying diseases causing the pimples were so strong they rarely lost a victim.

Pimples took all forms according to whatever super-disease was attacking and killing a person. Some were hard and white, appearing in clusters on the torso and back. These ones were extremely painful, hard to the touch and hard to get rid of with traditional treatments for skin disease. That’s because this was not a skin disease, it was a symptom of whatever rare and unknown disease was killing people at that time. 

Other pimples were the really gross “clear kind” which means they were kind of glassy with liquid in them. These ones you had to be careful how you dealt with them. They could be itchy but they were fragile- if you forgot and scratched to get relief they burst easily and the liquid in them (being highly infectious) smeared everywhere. The liquid got on hands and hands touched things so it was very easy to spread. The clear pimples showed up mostly around the nose, cheek and chin area- just a few at a time not a lot like the hard white back and chest pimples. Yet you’d see people caking on makeup or creams, trying to go to work because it was the only way to get money or feed their families. People were furtive, sick and very desperate in America- it was made very clear to me in this dream how desperate and difficult society had become.

The only thing I can compare having these glassy pimples to (in terms of how people responded upon seeing them) is the part where Tom Hanks developed HIV lesions in the movie ‘Philadelphia’. How people treated him at his law firm until he lost his job is how they acted in this dream when they saw pandemic pimples. People were so fearful that they strongly scorned and ostracized sick people because everyone knew what those pimples meant! Having them was painful, disgusting and a clear sign of illness. However as a disease indicator these things were brand new- nobody knew where these diseases came from. None of the outbreaks responded well to available medication and the medical community became very stressed by these things as time wore on. [End of dream].

The Lord said a few things and I’ve noted them here for information and a warning. 

Disease is going to cover America and once it starts it will not be possible to stop or contain it. New diseases will keep coming, things that leave doctors frustrated because they won’t be able to treat or contain them or even explain what causes them. They will be new ‘super diseases’- PLAGUES that put a huge drain on existing health frameworks around the world. Many people will be taken away by sickness. 

A plague is not a few hundred people or even few thousand people sick and dying, it’s hundreds of thousands of sick, desperate people walking around, trying to talk to doctors, family and friends for help, using public facilities as they get sicker and sicker but hiding it for the pressure of economic needs (i.e They have to eat, pay bills and live somewhere- they are people too and will try to maintain their everyday lives for as long as they’re physically able). 

These normal day-to-day activities will spread diseases even more. Harsh measures will be put in place over time to contain disease: strict anti-socialization laws, medical isolation, even death will be used by world governments to stem the rise of ‘pandemics’. Plagues are waves of extremely dangerous diseases spreading easily among populations and human relationships will suffer greatly due to how scared people will be of one another. We will truly see mass death by pestilences just as Bible said. These things are sure to come and will only get worse in the future.

Further Notes:

Big white ‘pimples’ are sometimes called boils. Flat weeping clusters of pimples can form lesions. These things (possibly even more than what I saw) afflicting large numbers of people (especially by infectious transmission) are undoubtedly called a PLAGUE. They are not the plague itself- they are ‘Disease Markers’- little outward signs of flesh-decay that point to a much more dangerous underlying cause of disease. God is warning that plagues will be a fact of life in the future, large numbers of people will die from this so He wants us to know corona is not as bad as it gets. We must be wise when we hear things like this because they point squarely to ramping up of the birth pains and travails of the nations. However many among the Body of Christ are NOT acting wise; they are acting as if these things will only happen after they have gone to some other place I will not get into today.

Here is Jesus speaking, plain as day:

“Then He told them, “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, famines, and pestilences in various places, along with fearful sights and great signs from heaven. But before all this, they will seize you and persecute you. On account of My name they will deliver you to the synagogues and prisons, and they will bring you before kings and governors… So make up your mind not to worry beforehand how to defend yourselves. For I will give you speech and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict. You will be betrayed even by parents and brothers and relatives and friends, and some of you will be put to death.…”

Right here, ONE passage of scripture contains multiple things prophesied repeatedly on this blog:

(1) Nation vs nation etc- Wars will come, including ones America will fight with her enemies and lose.

(2) Great Earthquakes- “Explosive Times” Pt 1 and 2 (Type it in the search box below to see prophecy of earthquakes waking up all around the world and greatly disrupting human life, triggering huge migration patterns across nations and even across the world as people try to move to safer places.)

(3) Famines- I can’t speak for anywhere else but I know God said America’s punishment will hit her belly. Even the children will be fainting from hunger, famine will come to the USA as agriculture totally FAILS. God said food operations will be systematically destroyed by the government with shortages as the first indication of a failing food index, followed by real hunger and government dependency to feed families, then war will truly ruin everything and eventually foreign ships will have to bring food aid to America.

(4) PESTILENCES- Here we are. Pestilence(S) PLURAL. So no, corona and 19 supposed forms of delta variant is NOT the worst it can get. Not a single one of us has been raptured out of corona, we had to pray, fast, adapt and survive it. People lived through coronavirus, some died from it, others are still dying and regardless of what you believe of the politics concerning this global shock to the system we received in 2020, God is saying: THERE IS MORE AND WORSE ON THE WAY.

Let’s read further.

(5) Fearful sights and great signs from heaven- On this blog I have said without rest that God showed me: Fallen angels descending in their visible form FROM THE SKY, wearing their angel clothes, terrible to look at. I’ve seen the ice giants frozen in the Arctic and Antarctic regions, sleeping on biers of ice with rosy cheeks like how Snow White slept after she was poisoned. Rosy cheeks means there is blood still alive and at work in the frozen body. God said those giants ARE NOT DEAD, they are “cryogenically preserved”- a term which means there was sophisticated technology even in ANCIENT TIMES, TECHNOLOGY THAT COULD FREEZE PEOPLE FOR THOUSANDS OF CENTURIES ‘TIL THE TIME THEY NEED TO RISE AGAIN.

I have seen the sky open and alien beings descend right in front of us all- every nation and continent- they stayed so long that they became a horrifying part of life. THEY WILL BE HERE demanding to live in one society with us- freely sleeping with people, performing genetic hybridization on people, and yes many humans will joyfully agree to it because there is no limit to our ignorance. Thus will be fulfilled the words of Daniel- ‘They will mingle with the seed of men but shall not cleave to them, just as iron does not cleave to clay.’ (Daniel 2:43)

The “citizens” of the air, sea and sky will reveal themselves, they will all come out of hiding, you will need a heart of BRICK to be able to watch what will be walking down the street enjoying humanity’s public spaces as idiot protesters shout “Aliens are people too!”. If you have not prepared yourself and you can’t see that Jesus said the same thing in Luke 21, Mark 13 and Matthew 24 so we could open our ears and LISTEN, then it’s possible you will not use your times with God wisely. You will not cultivate a heart of brick (which means a strong faith that trusts on the risen Saviour no matter what you see and hear). If there is no heart of brick then your heart will FAIL YOU in those days, just as Jesus said in Luke 21:26.

Jesus said the sun will turn black, Jesus said the moon will be red, God said the earth will lie in pitch blackness for SIN and punishment (Isaiah 13:10). God said He created the lights of heaven to mark times and seasons, on this blog I have shared that all manner of supernatural phenomena will be seen in the sky- multicolored skies, strange cloud formations and a big red planet so huge that it will even be visible in broad daylight in Africa. I wondered so much why God mentioned Africa til I finally realised it’s because the least amount of sky phenomena is visible there. Using the Time and Date website you can check major eclipses and other things like that, Africa literally sees nothing half the time and “the tiniest bit of something” the rest of the time when things happen in the sky. But this huge red ball of a planet came into our orbit and even in Africa where nothing ever shows it hung low in the sky and they saw it. God is basically saying ‘When even the Africans can see things you know you’re in perilous times’. Africans saw the huge red planet in broad daylight along with the rest of us AND NOBODY WAS RAPTURED.

I have seen the fallen angels throwing down their spears to earth, meaning they will follow after their weapons and use them on somebody. I’ve shared of many so-called ‘fairy tale creatures’ whom God exposed their bloodthirsty nature, like mermaids who are really half serpent fish people; like snow queens who kill by bursting men’s hearts with ice. Do you think Disney has ever had an original idea, or that what they show has no basis in fact? NO, Frozen was for a REASON (part of the reason is the wicked love money as much as anyone). These satanists love to show the truth and make you pay for a ticket to see it! Frozen Pt 1, Frozen Pt 2, and Frozen on Ice. Okay. Jesus knew what He was telling us. “Fearful sights and great signs from heaven” means exactly what it sounds like; it means visible things that cause horrible fear in humanity and our two feet will be right here to see it as the Bible says.

Yet another clear marker to help us know the times: “They will seize you and persecute you”. Some might say that’s already fulfilled but it’s not. Persecution has never raised its head in America. The worst an American Christian has ever endured is a heated argument on Facebook or being unfriended by their friends and family for having ‘difficult views’. That’s not persecution, that’s life.

Persecution is when you are OPENLY, SYSTEMICALLY AND SYSTEMATICALLY EXCLUDED from society, services, jobs, benefits, schools, neighborhoods, healthcare (making you sick), housing (making you homeless), police protection (making you a target), supermarkets (making you hungry), industry and everywhere else for NO OTHER REASON than you name the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Persecution is when doors SHUT and opportunities and offers EVAPORATE once you reveal who you live for, which is why Jesus said under these types of dehumanizing conditions many will fall away. There is no way a comfort-loving person or even a reasonably resilient person will be able to bear that type of life without Jesus; nobody will be able to suffer complete social and economic ostracization as well as constant threats and danger for Jesus sake. They will pretend for as long as they can and hope to get away with clandestine Christianity, but once they start killing people who serve Jesus many will leap out the pot altogether. A person will have to be 1000000% SOLD OUT TO JESUS to endure all that hardship.

Last but not least: “Some of you will be put to death…”

The number of the martyrs is nowhere close to fulfilled (Revelation 6:9-11), I’m speaking of genuine committed believers who God has appointed to prove their faith to the grave. Many will taste DEATH for loving Jesus, for sticking with their faith to the end. In the top of this post is the first dream of this series- “Technology in America”. In that dream God showed me hills of dead bodies, HILLS of the dead who were beheaded for their faith in God and also for being a thorn in the side of the U.S. government. God said mass death will come to this nation: poisoning in food, poisoning in medicine, poisoning through ‘government programs’, open mass killing in future times– none of these prophetic words are opposite to what Jesus Himself said yet they are so strongly resisted because they are spoiling the early Rapture party. Well… May the wise ones hear.

The only one who can protect vulnerable human flesh from lethal and fast-moving diseases among the population is the Lord Jesus Christ. In other words things will escalate to where no mask or sanitizer will be useful- it will take JESUS to save souls out of such terrible living conditions. It will take EXTREME CAUTION, SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT, WISDOM AND THE MERCY OF GOD to be able to walk unscathed through the valley of the shadow of death. God is telling us repeatedly through these prophecies that many trials that will test our faith to breaking point are on the way, yet only five virgins are listening to put oil in the lamp while the other five are not.

The rise of pestilent death is discussed in Revelation 6:8. The word PESTILENCE is already removed from many translations and replaced with the generic term “death”- that word death (small d) actually means PESTILENCE which is one of the ways the rider of the Pale Horse reduces one-fourth of the world’s population. Can you imagine, people are speaking of an early departure to glory yet raw Bible data warns us to prepare for ONE-FOURTH of all humanity to perish before we even go far in prophecy? Are we even listening to what the scripture says? PESTILENCES are powerful new sicknesses that kill so many at one time that there will be no room for the dead; there comes an end to coroners who can look at bodies and grave diggers who can bury them and that’s where cadavers are burned. Pestilences are diseases so strong that science and medicine are powerless to stop their trajectory, diseases that just keep going until they burn out, like ebola, until there’s nobody left in the area to infect. My goodness. Let us have ears that HEAR. May someone who reads this choose to be wise and hear that the Holy Spirit is saying to the churches. Amen.

You can read more about this in other prophecies on sickness below:

Worse Than Before: (Hard white pimples first time I heard of them and more plagues to come)

The Fairest Of Them All: (Highlighters of virulent diseases of the end times- sores, pimples, lesions)

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  1. Heather S. says:

    Celestial, have you seen images or diagrams of the crystallization caused by prion disease? Does this crystal look like the salt crystals you saw?

    The following medical research article has been circulated and debunked by f”act checkers” galore but I wonder…could the mRNA vaccines cause prion’s?


  2. Scarlett says:

    I read that on Brighteon, as well. It plainly says that the test animals showed signs of Prion in the brain.
    Some years ago, I was doing intake for Red Cross donations during the Mad Cow scare, and on the required form for donors, all they had to say was some rather nebulous responses to questions regarding possible exposure to the disease. There can be a 30 yr incubation period for this nasty disease. I would not want to need a blood transfusion. I don’t trust food or much of anything nowadays, except Jesus, and those I have good discernment on.

  3. Joe D says:

    OMG !

  4. Daughter of the Most High says:

    when i saw the part with crystalization process happening in the human cells i was reminded of this evil deception

    they are talking about how there must be a virus which will activate the 12stranded dna?? even the symptoms for covid are similar to the symptoms of that “activation” of our 12 strands thats filthy satanism. they are also talking about how humans will become crystaline beings how everything will change into crystaline? if you notice the names of the vaccines and their meanings they are all connected to the stars zeneca literally means fallen star/dimension of annuaki/ one from the stars

    here is this new age deception of the 12 stranded dna humans “used” to have


  5. highcountry2021 says:

    In regards to: “….these dreams always seem to focus on how fast America will change- one minute normal, or close to normal- the next, catapulting out of real life into a horrible, dangerous free-for-all with no leadership or sense of direction or continuity.”

    The theory of pole shift seems to fit “how” everything could change very quickly and also how FEMA camps would be needed and why there might be a plandemic and a cure to reduce the population ahead of time (from 8 billion to something much lower like the Georgia Guidestones suggest). This playlist on youtube :
    I recently found and is quite good at explaining the pole shift and evidence for its possibility. You can also research the site zetatalk.com and that site has an amazing amount of information on pole shift. It claims the information is from zeta aliens and most likely trying to position themselves to convince people they are the good guys and not fallen angels or demonic entities which most people will probably fall for unfortunately. The zeta website shows in detail how the east coast would sink during a pole shift which ties in well with NYC going underwater including the buildings after adding 600-650 ft of sea level change which would happen very quickly as the ice caps melt being relocated to a warmer location.

    Many people are well aware of this and the fact that the US gov knows all about it. Research John Moore’s videos on pole shift and global warming and he does a good job explaining this coverup. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpbiuKTtMZo&list=PLCAC7ACC6EC540DA3

    All of this fits well with the bible (and every mountain and island was moved from its place..the earth staggers like a drunkard, etc.) and all the prophecies I’ve read or watched including Celestials, Chuck Youngbrants, and many others.

  6. Jobob says:

    Thank u sister… your doing what is necessary to open our eyes. You must have a rock solid heart for God to show you all this…. we need you.. and God knows it…

  7. Jobob says:

    I know u are a smart girl … to put it mildly… and your certainly favored by God…. but NYC just announced the jab is required for any public activity… I know it’s not gona be easy in any state in the days to come. But NY is gonna be at the top of the list in judgement. U and yours (believing family) has a home in s. ohio.. me am suggesting you get West of Appalachia.. God is here too sis.. Ask him about it at least…

    1. Celestial says:

      Thank you Jobob, you and many kind people offer me safety and I pray God richly rewards each one for Christian hospitality. I will always seek God for the way forward, bless you. 🙏🏽

  8. pmachikiti says:

    My eyes are being opened every time I read the prophecies thank you Heavenly Father. Sister Celestial thank you for taking time to write all these prophecies for us to read, study and pray and moreover to warn and enlighten others who are still unsaved for the perilous times ahead so that we can all repent and walk upright. May our Lord keep blessing you in every area of your life and may he give you the desires of your heart faithful servant. Amen

  9. LUCRETIA says:

    Just last week I woke up with the word TICKS. I had woken up from a dream about itchy skin. Then the word TICKS, impressed on my heart. May we put on the heart of flesh. Christ. It is His flesh that was bruised for us. Only He can guard our hearts. Only His peace made through the blood of His cross, WILL keep us. Without the heart of flesh (Christ) truly men’s hearts (stony and stubborn) WILL fail. May God keep us. May His peace Guard our hearts. Amen.

  10. highcountry2021 says:

    I mentioned Chuck Youngbrandt prophecies above.
    Before this gets taken down I would recommend you watch this video of him talking about his visions.


    You can’t find this on youtube or bitchute by searching directly for it as the previous links were labeled as violating policy.
    It’s over 2 hours long but well worth watching. He talks about the chicago earth quake/new madrid fault in this video among other things. It’s an excellent presentation.

    1. Maureen says:

      Lord what must we do to be saved.

  11. l29v15 says:

    I remember that you said To strive to keep our DNA clean.
    This video is 4 minutes, it’s a Dr. Telling what the jab does to ones RNA, and more.

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  13. Maureen says:

    Lord what must we do to be saved.

  14. Paul Coppin says:

    A Dr. Pierre Gilbert talked about Crystals in Vaccines from 1995. Interesting searches on Graphene Crystalline Quantum Dots also. Here is Dr Gilbert talking about and turning people into Zombies https://www.bitchute.com/video/FjBYKkSxa9tP/

  15. thank you LORD JESUS you are my only hope you are Ancient of Days! how may i serve you ?? KING JESUS for i am nothing; know nothing, and i but YOU ! thank you King JESUS for your spirit and your servants amen

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