Technology & Tracking In America – July 2, 2021

But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. – (Daniel 12:4)

I am starting a new series today on The Master’s Voice. It is not an easy series and I would’ve waited a little longer to share but the dreams keep coming a few days apart so I realize this is something God wants revealed and discussed urgently. The subject matter is difficult and graphic so if you know this blog does not spare details, please be advised. The series is called “In America” and looks at the intersection of technology and power in the USA and what it will mean for the citizens of this country down the line. As always the truth is in the details so please pay attention.

[From my journal]

I had a dream that I’ve seen many times before and never remembered. I don’t know how that’s possible except that this time the Lord played it twice and spoke to me about it; that’s how I remember the details and that I’ve been seeing it many times but not remembering it.

I dreamt that God exposed the technology companies of America and their spying. I know this seems nothing new but the way He did it and what else He showed me is a theme He has repeated for this whole month, showing aspects none of us including me can ever anticipate will come.

I dreamt that after a long day I came home and went to bed. I was so tired I didn’t eat I went straight to bed. In the middle of the night something woke me, I knew someone was in the house. I saw through my bedroom door and there the Lord Jesus stood holding one of my tech devices. He took a fruit knife, pried open the device and showed it to me. From my bed I saw clearly a hub inside my device, an entire electronic hub made of black metal and icy blue microchips. It was one big surveillance system inside my device and when I saw it my heart sank. There were blue lights winking patiently giving off the exact location of the house. Probably recording too. When I saw that I felt hopeless and said Lord how can they do this? We are lost if they can do this. But that wasn’t the worst of it.

Suddenly the dream changed and I saw piles of naked dead bodies. Piles and piles and PILES of totally naked, starting-to-rot dead people. Let no one misunderstand what I mean by ‘piles’. A pile can be large or small. The corpses were piled in HILLS in front of me, one hill of bodies after another, not buried, sitting out in the open unnamed red dirt somewhere. I was so shocked that the stress over the tracking devices evaporated. I said aloud What is this now Lord, what is this?

The Lord did not speak. The dead bodies remained in front of me, I saw how the flesh was starting to turn slick from being out in the heat, skin turning to oh-so-slightest tinge of grey, how flies were starting to show up on a few of them as they hit the  decomposition stage faster than the rest. None of these bodies had a head, their heads were all gone and only the headless corpses were thrown carelessly one of top of another until as I said, they formed hills of the dead.

God if even the corporations will hunt and kill us like this we have no chance. 

In response the dream shifted again: A particular famous tech company sent their private soldiers to my house to arrest me. I saw men in black SWAT gear who did not work for the government but worked for this specific tech giant who God told me not to name, come to my house and take me. I was in my dressing gown when they came; they arrested me on charges of ‘Sedition’, ‘Religious Bigotry’, ‘Disturbing The Peace’ and many other similar charges. I didn’t get any trial or a lawyer or due process, I was only told what the charges were against me, that I was guilty, then they took me someplace and beheaded me and threw my body on the pile. I was too shocked to say anything, I  just lay in bed in the middle of the night watching all this (in my dream).  

As I wanted to ask the Lord about these things the dream repeated itself, God showed me again:

Men in black SWAT gear with black mirror helmets that looked like reflective motorbike headgear, came to my house and demanded I open the door. They beat on the door yelling in deep male voices one on top of the other like they do to intimidate and confuse people: “Police!” “Come out right now!” “Open the door!”– they kept it up until I rushed to the door in a robe to see what the fuss was about. Soon as I opened my door they stepped in the doorway to keep it open, two came in and the rest stayed outside. One pulled up his visor after they came in and said Ma’am you’re under arrest for crimes against the state. You’ve done this and that equivalent to disturbing the public peace, inciting riots, religious hate, causing panic etc. You are guilty and will be put to death.

They took me by the arms and led me away in my dressing gown. I was too shocked to do much so I went quietly. Next thing I knew I was dead seeing my body thrown on one of the piles of people killed by the tech giant’s private army, their own ‘secret police’. But as I looked at my dead body in the vision I knew it was not me. I knew as soon as my head was cut off and my body hit the pile that it wasn’t really me; the second viewing of the Lord made it clear that He was showing me what will happen to many Christians who have been preaching, teaching, sharing, blogging, making videos etc. about Jesus- many passionate believers who are right now speaking up against evil practices while advocating and upholding the word of the Lord will end up in those piles. This includes true pastors and Christian leaders too, as well as many who truly follow and confess Jesus as Lord.

The Lord impressed upon my heart that lots of the naked beheaded bodies were Christians who spoke up for Jesus and were tracked and identified by the electronic hubs inside the devices they unknowingly carried and used for the work of the Lord. Others of the dead were those who resisted the evil laws the government will put in place, who organized protests against the government, or organized any sort of group that defied corporate power and influence over the masses, or engaged in anything the government felt was ‘anti-government’- all those people were tracked, spied on, and identified by the tech companies to the government using not external means of tracking but embedded spyware INSIDE the devices themselves to capture data.

The Lord finally spoke saying These companies spy on everyone. Everyone. They spy on them and track them. There is no way to avoid it, they listen to conversations and the devices interact with cell towers sending out the location of every person who owns one. It’s the same whether it’s a laptop, phone or watch, fitness tracker, tablet- whatever you buy is rigged and acts as a ping for the New World Order to know your location. In the last days tech companies will be personally responsible for the deaths of millions of people. Millions. Using the data they collect they will readily identify for the government who is who, who does what, and they will give people up for incarceration and death. These companies will not just steal data they will physically send armed personnel to get people out of their homes and kill them.

[End of journal]

All I will say here is: Perhaps we can understand better why today phones and laptops can no longer be opened by the consumer. They say it’s because the battery might explode or we might touch something we don’t understand and destroy the sensitive inner works of the device, but maybe it’s just because there are things in there now (or will be in future) that follow us day and night broadcasting who we are, where we live, what we eat, what we like, where we shop, what we think and what our views are as expressed on WordPress, Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube, WhatsApp, Instagram etc via Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, Huawei, OnePlus, and countless device brands.

To all those who must have the new Echo this and Alexa or Siri that, who have normalized talking to them and having their children talk to them, this post should be a wake up call to you. To many this is no surprise, but to me it was a shock- I thought the devices merely communicated to cell towers. I did not know they were transmitters themselves. I also did not anticipate the very graphic final results all this spying will lead to.

People are being compiled into databases of who is a believer or not, God has also said before how patriotic people and those who own weapons or are very resistant or anti-government in their views (He called them “sons of freedom”) will also be persons of interest who end up on government ‘lists’. There are ways to keep your devices safe (or safer than they are now) so I suggest after reading this series you begin looking into them, maybe even join the growing list of proactive Americans who use certain tools to keep their personas a little less obviously available for harvesting and targeting by these big companies. Knowledge is power as they say.

God has told me repeatedly that the end times Beast system will wreak havoc on the Christian community (along with every other community), many will be killed and there will be martyrdom across the whole earth before His coming. I have shared these prophecies faithfully and will leave a few links below. You can also just read Revelation 6 and 13- they are very plain in what they teach. Please keep in mind this is a series so after you view all the data you can reach your own conclusions. I ask God always to bless and keep all the readers of The Master’s Voice, thank you.

To Be A Martyr For Christ

The Man Of Sin

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  1. Joe D says:

    Yes martyrdom like the early Christians martyrs will come in due course.

    The Holy Spirit will give us the strength to endure this and after martyrdom its Gloryland.

    We have to be in prayer forgiving our persecutors who satan and his demons deceive and use mightily for his kingdom.

  2. LorQ says:

    Hi Celestial- Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show has reported the procurement and the future use of guillotines on Christians and other “enemies of the state” for awhile. Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura taped a television show that uncovered an enormous storehouse of government coffins that will hold 4 bodies each. That show was censored. Sometimes clips can be found on YouTube, but they are subsequently taken down (it’s hit and miss). Alex Jones and Steve Quayle have been reporting on devices in people’s homes recording, tracking and listening for many years. Many would not believe, they just scoffed.

    Once again, this post bears witness to what other brave souls have and are reporting – and most importantly WHAT GOD IS WARNING! People NEED to wake up now! Please! Do NOT delay or wait! Seek God today. REPENT! Before time runs out and He cannot be found.

    Thank you, Celestial. Thank you for your obedience of Our Lord.

  3. Scarlett says:

    I’ve known for years of witnessing on the old TOPIX and other internet forums to people about these things you’ve spoken of, that my name was recorded in some fusion center in Utah or somewhere. Little known to them, that our God is recording them and their plans and doings as well. Own own future looks much brighter.

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello Scarlett. What is TOPIX and a fusion center? And how long ago was this, it would be helpful to get an idea of how long this has been happening.

      1. Scarlett says:

        Hello Celestial. I lost my original post but here goes to answer your question. Basically, they are information sharing centers between governmental agencies on all levels, where they have huge amounts of all sorts of data stored. I believe they came in after 9/11 along with Patriot Act 1 & 2…(all for the greater good of course).
        TOPIX had forums all over the world in every podunk hole in the wall hamlet, to all the major cities, states and countries, in every topic imaginable, including religion, and even things similar to what you post on, no holds barred, and pretty much anonymously. Then suddenly, while during the later part of Mr. O’s reign, it just disappeared with a little apology, and then….without a trace!. Then about the same time, a new national and international forum appeared under the name, “PATCH” for cities, states, countries, etc;, which required your name and whereabouts. I don’t use it because it’s just more surveillance, and tracking.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Celestial, the government is actually admitting to this quote on quote censorship and identifying people based on posts, mainly Facebook; this past week in the news actually. Anyone who is speaking against the jab. Many have already experienced it, getting fined and banned on Facebook. I have been aware that these lists exist for awhile. I conscientiously know that they are reading every text, post, etc. But I have to tell the truth about Jesus Christ regardless and what He is warning His people.

  5. Bee says:

    It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. I’ve been trying to warn my Christian friends against big tech for years with no avail.
    And I’m guessing the tech company you’re referencing is the one which starts with a G.
    I disable updates right away on devices and disable Cortana/Alexa/Siri. Though I have a really old model of phone I might switch to permanently.
    Paying for the latest model of device is just a dumb idea in my opinion. And stop leaving the internet/Bluetooth or other data on your devices. Flight mode should be deployed every time you have a conversation with people in real life about things which will soon be taboo.

    1. Scarlett says:

      Thank you for sharing this info Bee. Since i, for one, need to be better informed about how to achieve a greater level of privacy on the Internet, what if any views do you have on TOR as being a safe venue to latch onto?

      1. Bee says:

        I think having a TOR browser is pretty great but if you use the products by the G company or have a phone where it defaults to all G browsers (android) there will always be hidden trackers. It is hard to avoid it.
        I go as low tech as I can. I mostly use a duckduckgo browser and go online only briefly to do what I need to do.
        I use protonmail when I can. And am trying to transition off using the G company services entirely. Though it’s difficult.

        I guess all you can do is try not to have your personal information attached to most accounts. Real names. Real details. Etc.

        1. Scarlett says:

          Thank you Bee. that’s great advice. Christians and everyone who values their privacy are going to have to resort to more stealth as they move about in this changing world.

  6. spiderweb921 says:

    Celestial, what you are sharing with us from God is total truth. Total truth. Thank you for all you do for us in staying true and faithful when sharing with us what God shows you.

  7. Scarlett says:

    Who on here has heard of or used PalTalk? I used to use it for attending Christian Bible studies there on audio, video, or sharing with friends privately. Frankly, it is hands down better than FB. Recently, since this escalation of censorship on FB, YT, etc, I began wondering if PalTalk is more open to discussions and posting and most important, maintaining privacy for members. I would love to find a prophetic group such as this on PalTalk and enter into deeper learning and corporate intercessory prayer. All this said, I came across this on the net, and found this…
    PalTalk seems to be one of the safer venues for Christians for sharing and staying in touch, but without a doubt, we are all going to have to keep our heads down much more than we have in the past to stay out of their watchful snooping.

  8. Scarlett says:

    Duck Duck Go just blocked Facebook from accessing a comment I was viewing on “Chop Down the Tree”.

    1. lorQ says:

      I had The Masters Voice as one of my Quick Links and it disappeared on my Home Page. Keep trying to add it back on and to no avail, I cannot add it back on. Other favorites and Quick Links are disappearing (mostly of a religious or alt media persuasion), and weird, odd websites that I never look at or search for are added! Ghosts in the machine, censors working overtime or Both!? We live in perilous times, the End Times.

      1. Scarlett says:

        I’ve always been a person that prefers anonymity and privacy, but have been actually stalked and shadowed in private life, Now, there seems to be no place to be private, in your own home, or using your own devices. One day as I was on my PC, suddenly my video cam came on by itself! Now, I do keep it covered unless I;m using it.

  9. lstemarie says:

    Celestial: God bless you for your obedience to the Lord and speaking for Him to share these critical messages! Do you think God is suggesting that we should get rid of Alexa, iPhones, etc to help maintain our privacy and avoid this type of persecution?? I had an inclination to get rid of our google devices and then Alexa, but after a while brought them back because it’s convenient and didn’t want to live in fear. What do you suggest??

  10. Gatekeeper says:

    A few years ago Georgia governor ordered guilotines under the guise of providing more of a humane execution of prisoners.

    It’s been reported the US government bought about 30,000 guilotines under Obama. Plus thousands of ammo for homeland security.

    FEMA has a compensation code ICD 9 E 978 which pays them for execution by guilotines. They have since changed the code with a new one but services are still active.

    I’ve also seen a procurement document which shows Canada under Trudois bought 30,000 guilotines as well.

    Death by guilotines has a few benefits:
    : Ability to harvest organs and body parts
    : Creates high levels of adrenaline caused by fear, used in adrenochrome.

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