“A Man Can Never Be A Woman” – August 5, 2022

“The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.” – Deuteronomy 22:5

I dreamt this morning of transsexuals. 

Towards dawn I had a dream and that’s what they were called, that was the name for them at that time. That’s what they were originally called. Not Trans or transgender but “transsexuals.”

I was walking in New York City along the stretch from W 45th to W 51st (Midtown) where many restaurants and theatre places are and I passed this group of men standing on the sidewalk doing poses, ‘vogue’, and ballet stretches. They were ranged along the sidewalk like theatre folk but they weren’t, these were men from every walk of life involved in the transsexual lifestyle.

*A transsexual person is defined many ways now, especially since modern practice has evolved to include chemicalphysical and even psychological changes that result in outright medical alteration of the original biological male or female body, but the revelation I had in this dream is that “trans” WAS a very skillful cross-dressing male who wanted to be female, doing whatever it took to achieve that goal.

IF pursuit of the goal ended up in surgery or medical intervention so be it, but transsexual originally meant “a specific lifestyle of extremely careful, skillful and dedicated camouflage so as to be undetectable from the real thing”. This includes male and female who used to do this. It was an ART. It was almost a calling. It was something not everybody was good at and the ones who were good at it were seen as gods by those wanting to get into the life. That is what ‘transsexual’ meant long ago. It didn’t mean surgery, denying reality and puberty blockers. It meant you knew you were a man but you wanted to live as a woman and you did everything you could to be free and achieve that goal.

You moved away from your family and the people who originally knew you. You changed your hair with wigs or growing it out, and used contact lenses to change your eyes. You spent a LOT of time experimenting privately with makeup and clothing, figuring out by trial and error what worked for you. You found people like you to be friends with, to cut the loneliness and try to make sense of it all. It is a difficult job to learn how to be a woman.

I know this from information pouring into my heart while preparing this message, not because anyone told me or because I know any transsexuals at the time of this writing.

I saw men of a certain biological build – slender, light-boned, narrow waists and shoulders, gymnast or ballet dancers’ legs, slender hips and more feminine, “less square” faces. That doesn’t mean all of them were like that, I saw tall men, big men, broad shoulders, stocky height, thick calves and big thighs among them. But most of them fit the first category – in other words, men on whom makeup, dresses, the right hair and curated mannerisms could perform amazing optical illusions to make them look like women, without the kind of of work you’d need to make a six foot 200 lb. man look like a woman. 

They had the kind of body that could “get away with it.” They weren’t dressed in this dream though, so they couldn’t get away with anything to my eyes. They were men. They were naked yet not really naked, they seemed to be wearing an amazingly sheer, flesh-toned, whole body stocking that made them look naked without being naked, something like that. Each man wore a sheath exact to his skin-tone so as I walked by I was confronted by men of every conceivable race and skin tone in ‘apparent’ full male nakedness, posing and gesturing on the sidewalk.

These men were not happy with me. They made frowns and hand motions to drive me away, some of them flapped their hands in an exaggerated fashion at me – “Go away!!”- like when women see a mouse. Some hissed that irritated gay hissing- “Ssssscat!” while others were openly belligerent. They put both hands on their hips and struck a confrontational pose towards me like “Huh! And who are YOU?”

Others seem to both mock me yet want to convince me they were women at the same time – they took their most “female” sensual pose, leaning back with head thrown back and flat chest toward the sky, one arm in a curve. Others stood like Broadway dancers and swept a hand over themselves from top to toe as if to say “LOOK at all THIS honey. Can’t you see I’m a woman?”

In all this nobody spoke. It was like a weird mime event I walked though. I didn’t speak to them and nobody spoke to me, there was just all this weird energy and hands flapping, posing and challenging stares as their way of communicating without words.

The problem was all these men had penises. And no breasts. Not a single pair among them, not a breast to be seen yet every one of them had a penis that was tucked so skillfully between their legs as to make me wonder if my eyes were playing tricks with the flesh-coloured body stockings for a minute. But, I could still see the telltale man-bump that said, “I’m hiding something”.

They hadn’t had the bottom surgery and I felt we were in the era where you didn’t need it to be transsexual. You didn’t have to remove the gear-stick and become an automatic to be fully accepted and validated in the cross-dresser life back then; you could stay fully male and live your cross-dress life, then dress properly for Thanksgiving when you went home once a year to see your family.

These men were angry at my presence but they were also angry at society. They stood there in flesh leotards, some type of hair-cap and full eyelashes, mad that there was no place for them in society, no joy and no respect. I just looked at them and all that I saw I’ve listed here. Then I passed by and the dream changed.

I saw men from the torso down to the lower thighs, the way Roman half-statues look. They spent all their time learning how to fold and tuck their privates back and away from visibility. They were aiming for 0% visibility in clothing, it was THE art to master in their community. They discussed endlessly among themselves what was the best way to do it, they asked one another and shared advice candidly but I did not hear what they said. 

God showed me naked men without holding anything back. I saw that after a long time of doing this male genitalia shrinks. It becomes almost comically small. Like any other body part ignored and not used, I saw men in the transsexual lifestyle experienced a shrinking of themselves until grown men had the bodies of Roman statues. Full grown men with the privates of very young boys or pre-teens. All I could think was, ‘the penalty of error in the body’. 

Whenever we do things God did not intend or create the body to do it always, always brings repercussions that are unexpected. The unnatural bending of themselves and possibly the use of female hormones created an unintended consequence and God was showing me them and Roman statues as a comparison.

I saw a transsexual website. A chat forum. The amount of mail moving on that site was beyond what I can explain. IT HAD MASSIVE TRAFFIC – pop!, pip!, peep!- notifications coming in and going out through the servers at tremendous rate of speed. Someone was scrolling the website for me so I could see, rolling through the pages and pages of chats, an unbelievable amount of men talking to each other from all over the world:

Hi I am new to this can anyone help me with this? My breasts keep slipping when I walk what should  I do? Welcome to the messenger board, please remember to be respectful and no asking for hookups or sex. I am the administrator if you do this you will be removed. Where are the best wigs? My shoes hurt what should I do? I can’t tell my parents. 😒 I can’t tell my wife. 😭 Why do I do this? 💔 I can’t do this I have a family. 😔

The messages flew back and forth at an insane rate of speed and God said to me There are more men in the gay and Trans life than can ever be understood by a normal person. If the depth of this life were to be uncovered to America the ordinary person would faint. They would scream and not believe it. It is their father brother husband boyfriend boss and best friend who is on this chat board and millions of others like it. For fun, for loneliness, for secret expression, for relief, for a family and a sense of belonging, for information on how to gain a whole new identity as a woman.

The rot inside America is greatly repressed. The whole thing is rotten. The whole head is sick and the body putrid, that’s why I will destroy it. There are bankers on these sites. There are high-powered executives and media moguls who run companies that inform the world, on there looking for advice on heels. The anonymity is why they are there. There are ordinary people too, teenagers aching to be accepted but unwilling to confess to the team how much pleasure they get when they are all naked in the locker room. It is caregivers who love to molest their patients because they are weak and can’t do anything about it; it is men who have no power over others and men who have great power over others. The head is sick and the body is putrid, that is why I will destroy them.

“Why will you still be struck down? Why will you continue to rebel? The whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint. From the sole of your foot to the top of your head, there is no soundness—only wounds and welts and festering sores neither cleansed nor bandaged nor soothed with oil.” – (Isaiah 1:5- 6)

*This scripture is a picture of a nation getting progressively worse with inward sin that manifests as “sick habits” that invite God’s judgement. He sent word over and over to them to stop sinning so He could heal them and bind their wounds but they did worse things than before until He had to ask – ‘How many times must I strike you? How rotten do you want to be?’

The transsexuals in my dream were saying to me: I am a woman. I AM a woman. I’m just like you, there is no difference between us. Their eyes were angry and sad, they said nothing out loud but I heard them in my head as I walked by. They kept displaying the nearly flat area of their crotch with grand hand gestures as if to say “See? There is nothing there. I am just like you. I am a woman.” But God said: “A man can never be a woman and a woman can never be a man”; then I woke up.

Transsexuality is something that comes from the inner man, from a broken and often abused spirit. It is an aberration of the whole man and a parody of what I made man to be. 

I shared a while ago that when Yah opened to my eyes to the meaning of ‘A man shall not put on what pertains to a woman’ I was shocked. It blew me away. God is not talking about this pointless debate of women in pants etc. He was looking ahead to the day when a man would deny his entire male nature and “put on”, literally meaning- TAKE ON AS A STATUS AND ORIENTATION- everything that a woman is, to declare himself ‘herself’ and then put on and wear everything a woman does in the pursuit of FULLY BECOMING A WOMAN. Likewise a woman does the same, declare herself ‘himself’ and put on the garments, mannerisms, likes, dislikes and affectations of a man as she BECOMES MAN.

This is the abomination before the Lord, man as woman and woman as man. Woe to those who put darkness for light, evil for good, who are wise in their own eyes (Isaiah 5:20) . This is what the Father said is forbidden – the inversion of gender roles which will surely cause a breakdown of society if it spreads far enough, new meanings for ‘mother’ and ‘father’, ‘husband’ and ‘wife’, a REVISION of self and gender that will surely erase the plan God created in Eden if allowed to continue. When you see matters this way can you still say “But it’s not hurting anyone”, “But it’s just a preference”? Is the calling card of Satan who perverts, reverses and confuses everything he touches, not clear in this?

I give this message as it was given to me, there are others like it and I will post them as I find time to do so. 

Here is what people used to do to change their appearance (and it’s still done to this day).

Photo credit: Drag Dreams

Photo credit: Dino Dillo Beauty

Photo credit: I Love Beauty channel

*I do not know if these men are all trans. I am only showing straight men (especially those with no self control) that you have no idea what is waiting out there for you these days. 

If anyone is having trouble in this area (or any area of sexual purity), this message is especially relevant to you. How so? Pay attention to what Yah is uncovering in this series. It is not only “the times”, or the rise of gender confusion fueled by an intensely sinful and permissive society. God is revealing by His Spirit the many ways that Satan encourages sin and uses MAN to destroy God’s natural order. When this order is finally too weak to stand the devil will establish the Beast System, with every perversion known to man and quite a few ones we’ve never heard of. 

These are potent warnings to all who can see them for what they are. These are high-level spirits at work. Evil spirits do not have mercy, they prey on human lust, pride and weakness. They look for hairline fractures in people and apply pressure of temptation until they break the gates. In future when spiritual wickedness is very high these spirits will be strengthened and attack both sexes. Remember- every sin is outside the body but sexual immorality is a sin against one’s own body (1 Cor. 6:18). Look at how these devils are ‘transforming’ the bodies of men and women today, until their minds can no longer accept the reality of their existence and they fight for the right to change and ultimately destroy themselves. This did not happen by mistake. This is the work of the Devil, and he could try it with anyone.

Sexual promiscuity is already out of control and IT IS RIFE EVEN IN THE CHURCH. People are just not guilty about sex outside of marriage anymore, it’s a milestone we passed long ago and now men don’t even want to hear they can’t be women if they want to. Society, and by that I mean the church too, is not bothered by the consequences of their actions anymore. Yet you who are seeking mercy from Jesus, you who want to live pleasing to Him: Listen and pay attention to the Lord.

Any man who isn’t careful about his purity but is more concerned with what looks good can fall prey to this – and no do not flatter yourself- NO you cannot always tell who a real woman is now. Surgery and enhancement now only need opportunity and the right lighting to make men sleep with a man, that’s why there is so much tragedy of transsexual maiming and killing now. The ultimate test for a trans man is if you can buy his act enough to sleep with him, if you like him enough for sex it means he has arrived, he has passed the female test. They’re willing to take that risk to see if they’ve achieved their dream, so, the joke will truly be on a lot of promiscuous straight men who will even end up marrying some of these trans-males in the future.

High quality surgery and medication have completely changed the game and Satan isn’t done with the technology that will lend even more believability to this than what we’ve seen so far. 

Sexually promiscuous men, men who aren’t led by the Lord in their interactions with the opposite sex will find themselves at risk of liking and loving a trans person without ever knowing they’re trans (men and women). Not only that, the use of medical intervention techniques at a very young age now, as well as total transformation surgery means- as I’ve been saying a long time- some men will spend the rest of their lives wondering why their ‘wife’ can’t have a baby. Barrenness won’t be the cause, it will be this. However even that won’t stay the status quo- technology will enable men to have babies and many more things the Lord has said to me. Let those who have ears, hear.

Read this post to understand how gradual and slippery the slope into this life can be: Stay True To Your Assigned Gender Pt 1. 

Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice. 


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  1. Scarlett says:

    I used to read some of Thomas Gibson’s prophecies. There were warnings that the homosexual agenda would grow into a full blown force by the year 2,000 and so it has. Lester Sumrall also prophesied the same warning. Apparently this has been going on since the beginning of time, including the transexual aspect of homosexuality, since Yahweh has specifically addressed the issue in the Bible, but within the past 10 years, it’s grown into a terrifying behemoth to the point where we feel we have to guard and constantly be concerned about what or who has been influencing our children as the entire culture is being turned upside down,. I once felt I could move fairly comfortably around the world I lived in; it was safe and familiar. That world no longer exists. That fact was reinforced recently when I had to choose what sex I identify with when filling out a form. When the government won’t define the difference between male and female, but expects me to trust them, no. I can’t and won’t. Or, I’m supposed to believe an infant sucking on the nipple of a man boob is really getting milk out of it, no, I don’t think so. It’s just a male binkie. These people appear to have taken leave of their senses.

  2. Lologu says:

    Thank you my dear Sister. I have been worried about this,because the Lord kept telling me about our young men in West Africa, who has taken seriously into this. Since most of them see it as a way of poverty,they don’t mind losing their manliness. The whole earth is polluted,but the Lord have mercy upon us all. Thank you for all you do. Stay blessed always. Meanwhile, I miss your videos🙂,but i know its a lot of work. The Lord Almighty keep you in Jesus mighty name.

  3. Kakou elsé says:

    Hello my sister
    Hello my sister I bless the Lord The Eternal God for sharing this knowledge with you and for revealing to you what many refuse to see, there are so many well-known personalities who are transgender to the white house former President Obama his woman there is a journalist who openly takes out the secret that it is a trance, they liquidated it, the journalist didnt even last… They are very much in Hollywood my sister and dsns the music industry is terrible, all the men who fantasized about his people who were of the same sex as them before the surgery was not as pushed, it makes that in the ancient films of the eighties / 90 they had the apple of adam, link of which I share you. https://youtu.be / 6huAYICjnmw. Today have them to retaper by surgery to the extreme, that they have as woman as we do outside, just in appearance, some have said publicly, that they are men, people are so idolatrous that they thought it was a joke… https://youtu.be/U-_q47nAZWM it is surrogate meters that carry their children https://youtu.be/f_9GwSsDPMQ quihttps://youtu.be/LHAeGNa3dzM
    You were talking about men who in the very near future will carry pregnancies, there are trance women who are men who are proud to carry the pregnancy under the appearance of a man, lord she abomination, and they made male emoticons with the pregnancy, and this movie of the 90s with arnold Schwarzenegger junior for predictive programming have programmed people to accept this, so that they get used to it…

  4. Jasmine says:

    Blessings to you Celestial, I pray you are well and continue the works the Lord has called you to do, thanks for being obedient and sharing, I am learning so much and the Lord has really been speaking to me and teaching me through your ministry,I hope that I could contact you not sure how to email you or message you, but if you see this please let me know. God bless you abundantly,

    1. Scarlett says:

      Hi Jasmine…sometimes Celestial does miss a comment where someone is asking for a way to contact, Just in case she doesn’t see yours, her email address is located on her Support Page:

      1. Jasmine🌸 says:

        Thank you

  5. Vonya Blasingame says:

    Hello. Clearly. No explanation. Yet. Gas the the End of videos. Y.T. around? Shalom

  6. Lauretta Graham says:

    Celestial as Always I appreciate you. May Bag a Himself continue to protect you fully. Continued blessings to you God’s daughter servant. Thanks very much

  7. Marisa says:

    Please,Celestial, if later you can talk in more detail about what the Lord has been saying about spiritual gates, I would greatly appreciate it…. I would like to learn more about it but I don’t know of reliable sources. God bless you!

  8. Red says:

    Inside these people there is a spirit of hate. Deep down they hate women. It is similar to the way satan hates God, yet he tries to also be like God. That is what confusion does to the mind. It takes what you hate and in changes the definition, then perverts it. For example, God created marriage between a man and a woman. Satan hates it, works endlessly to change the laws and definition of it, and perverts it so that you can be married to anything now. God created families. Satan hates it, so he creates broken and blended families that are a counterfeit to what real family looks like. These people hate women so much that the battle is to redefine what a woman is and pervert it.

  9. Linh Chi says:

    Thank you Celestial for these POWERFUL and STRIKING revelations from God. Your slow gradation into this “colorful” topic paints quite an austere image of transsexuals. I admire your ability to relay these prophetic messages in a straightforward manner and I look forward to hearing more messages from the Lord through you. Thank you for helping stay on the narrow path. Someday, when we all make it to heaven, it’d be an honor to meet you in person. I’m sure we’d be great friends. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe. Amen. PRAISE THE LORD!

  10. Debbie 2 says:

    A recent article shared that an 80 year old Grandma was permanently banned from a YWCA because she asked a man that had on a women’s bathing suit to leave the women”s restroom. The Granda grew concerned when she observed the man watching little girls as they removed their bathing suits to use the toilets. When Grandma asked the man if he still had the male organ, he told her that was none of her business! Please pay attention to who got banned. This is a good example of where we are headed.

    1. Celestial says:

      We’re not headed there Debbie. We’re there. That’s the scary part people find hard to admit. Gay life, Trans life is the new “Boss life”. Powers that be are just waiting for the movement to grow loud enough, strong enough, then they’ll move suddenly with a TON of laws that fall on us like lightning, laws that will make this group one of the most powerful lobbies in America. Anyone who says anything against it will be fired, banned, canceled, etc etc.

  11. Azure says:

    In no time “straight” men will be showing up with the tell tale monkeyp0x sores. I saw an article yesterday, “5 ways to tell your wife how you got the pox” geared to hetero men. The sores will appear everywhere.

    Also, I hear netflix just released a movie called Carter (Korea), where a virus spreads turning man into vicious animal-like beings I haven’t seen it but it sounds very similar to what Miss Celest has said.

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