Stay True To Your Assigned Gender- Pt. 2 – September 20, 2018


I saw a man fantasising about being a woman in the privacy of his bedroom. Because of what this man was doing, mini-earthquakes hit his room. First his bed rocked, then the room quaked-  I saw tremors coming from the ground itself, to the point where I was thrown all over the place. His bed was rising with the ground up and down but this man felt nothing. I was scared and wondering why the very earth was behaving so violently…

foldsThen the spirit pulled me outside, high in the air, and all across the world I saw this same earthquake activity. The ground was simply… upset. It undulated in deep waves like the sea yet this is the EARTH we’re talking about- it’s supposed to be fixed and steady. The waves grew in size til it was like that man’s room- shaking everywhere. I saw places of low seismic activity, and places where the ground worked itself up like an accordion.  I felt this pressure in my body too- when the ground pressed tightly I felt it in my chest like someone pressing all my organs together until it was hard to breathe.

One place in particular grabbed my attention. From the air I saw this area stretch out like a sea wave: relax, press, heave then roll (all this happened way beneath grass level). This compress-stretch-compress-stretch action was mirrored in my chest ’til I thought “My heart is going to burst”.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, the ground in this place rose up in heaps like the sea’s waves, clamped into deep fissures until finally- it broke at one pressure point. Yes. It snapped like a cookie with a massive sound- POCK! and the two pieces fell apart from each other back down to ground level. When the ground broke the pressure in me also broke- crack! The ground fell back down in two huge pieces and I fell from the air. Everything disappeared from in front of me and I saw in big red capital letters:


I had this understanding  when I woke up: The darkness in human beings is great, and the depth of spiritual oppression working in the world is increasing. Spiritual wickedness is expressing itself more freely through humanity and collective sin is defiling the whole earth. The Bible says “All creation has been groaning like someone in childbirth, right up to the present time, because it is waiting for true sons of God to arise” (Romans 8:22).

It also says creation has been “made subject to futility” in its existence, not because the earth wants to be that way, but because God allowed it in hope that one day His creation would be free from all decay it currently suffers (Romans 8:20). The word “futility” in Greek actually means “moral depravity”– and that’s the key to this dream: sin and its effects.

I’m not saying every earthquake or tsunami is somebody’s sin, but I am saying God revealed plainly the link between the increase of private, hidden sickness of people in bedrooms and the violent reaction the earth is having globally. They’re surely connected- it is increasing wickedness of sin that is driving us faster into the end times! Jesus died to free us from sin, so why – with all the grace He makes available by His Spirit- why do we keep going back to it? He took a terrible punishment to make sure we wouldn’t have to live in sin, but it seems humanity prefers to do that anyway.

Instead of grasping salvation firmly many want nothing to do with Jesus. Meanwhile we Christians are very vulnerable to small habits that weaken us and make our prayer and willingness to serve God INEFFECTIVE. The arising of “true sons of God” means WALKING IN HOLINESS, that’s the sign God is waiting for to bring in the millennial reign of Jesus. Sin puts pressure on EVERYTHING- US our souls, the trees, animals, the sea and the earth- everything! The creation is groaning indeed, and it’s all because of the progressively heinous acts of sin human beings are committing on this earth.

If your goal is not to see God one day, if that’s not your main mind-candy then I’m sorry but this world and the cares of this world still has a hold on you. Jesus said this world with its ‘multiple storylines’ is already passing away; it’s those who are living to see Him who will see Him.

Prophecy: San Francisco is going to suffer some form of catastrophic land disaster involving heaving, rolling and breaking/ snapping of the earth itself in that area. The sin of transgenderism (that’s what that man was doing in his bedroom) is prevalent in that area among other things; this event of a terrible earthquake with violent reactions is going to occur in that area of America directly linked to that. [See Part 1 of this message: Stay True To Your Assigned Gender“.

This growing trend of men “being” women and women saying they are men, where people graduate from cross-dressing to actually mutilating their bodies; this is the work of satan. He first defiles the mind through projecting thoughts to people who entertain them; once those thoughts have found a home in people they unknowingly set themselves on a journey that can end in terrible damage to their souls and bodies. Let the reader be wise and understand. God has shown me another dream about this which I will post at other time.

May the Lord minister this word to somebody. None of this is “Celestial said”- it is a direct vision and word of the Holy Spirit for us to pay attention to ourselves and be mindful of the progressive manner that sin enters and destroys. Pray for those who are not saved to leave their dangerous habits and be saved, and PRAY for mercy for places which are under God’s judgement because of sin. INTERCESSION can still save people’s lives. God bless everyone who takes these words to heart. Shalom.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Please how do I become a better Christian with understanding. Please help out. Thank you.

  2. Marcos :-) says:

    Greetings Celestial!

    Recently, I had a dream in which I died and went to Heaven with the LORD. I don’t know how I died, but I did, and I went to Heaven. I saw a woman in a white and golden robe and she had shorter blonde hair and she was at my left. She was the Bride and the woman was smiling and she was extending her hands towards the LORD as if she had met Him for the first time. It was also like she was welcoming me into Heaven when I arrived. When the LORD went to me, while sitting on His Golden Throne, an angel and the Bride cheered me and the LORD congratulated me for being able to enter Heaven.

    The LORD GOD was on His Throne further away, but I could see Him through a “window/portal”, because the place where He was looked different from where I was. The place where I was, was still Heaven, but it was like the Center of Heaven, like a main place. The whole place was VERY BUSY. I saw some people around dressed in casual clothing, but what caught my attention were lots of blurry cubes of color just flying around the place. They were so vivid and they were very busy and took your attention a lot. I couldn’t distinguish the division of the “floor” and the “walls” of the place I was in, but the cubes moved around the walls and floor. There were above this pale white background color, and the cubes were black, white, red, dark blue, and some were yellow. They represented the amount of activity and work that is in Heaven. Is was very overwhelming.

    Then, the LORD showed me another “portal” below Him and I saw a place made of water (it was just an open sea/water place) and I saw a young man in his 30’s, jumping and having fun in the water. I then perceived that there were many “places” in Heaven. When the LORD showed me this, He spoke to my spirit (not audibly), telling me that I could make the decision on where I wanted to be in Heaven. But I knew that wherever I chose to be, I was not allowed to go anywhere else, except by asking permission to Him or to a guard angel. But yes, THERE ARE MANY PLACES IN HEAVEN. Then, I made my decision and asked the LORD if I could stay in “here with Him”, and that wherever He went, I would go also.

    After this, I was escorted to a place further back, still in the place with the moving cubes, and I found myself with some people in a red taped queue barrier (please search “queue barrier” so you know what I’m talking about). I was talking with a friend and then, when the LORD JESUS CHRIST walked past us, she asked Him to “update us on what is going on on the earth?” What I can best remember, He replied: “WE ARE AROUND THE TIME OF 9/11”. The LORD would still tell us what was happening live on the earth. Then, the LORD showed me a superimposed image in another “portal”, and this image filled almost all my field of vision. I saw an ocean water, and it was some ocean northwest of Europe, or Britain. The water was very calm, not stormy. Then I saw four different ripples come from beneath the water, and I heard a low rumbling sound from beneath. Then the LORD JESUS said to me: “EVERY TIME EUROPE SINS, I SEND A SMALL ~2.0M EARTHQUAKE IN THE SEA. SO THEY BETTER STOP SINNING AND REPENT!” And that was the end of the dream.

    God bless you Celestial, and may He give you His Peace wherever you are. I pray that God gives you the resources so you can do what He’s called you to do. The work you’ve been called to do is not easy, but if He gave you that assignment, it means that He knows you are able to do it, and He will help you do it. Shalom Aleichem!


    1. Celestial says:

      Sigh. I am touched by what you’ve shared and for the strengthening of the Lord for my purpose. Encouragement is welcome. May the Lord soothe the breasts of his people are they hear all the things they must endure to see His face, for the Bible is clear: “It is through much tribulation that we enter the kingdom of God.” (Acts 14:22)

  3. Sheri Leyva says:

    Sadly my oldest daughter now believes she is a man. I have absolute faith that God will deliver her from that demonic spirit and she will be a mighty warrior for our Lord Jesus in the future.

  4. Marina says:

    Thank you Celestial.

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