Stay True To Your Assigned Gender- June 21, 2019



Dream from September 20, 2018, and it’s related to the ‘Catastrophic Flooding’ post. 

Let’s go straight to it.

In a dream the Lord took me to a man’s house. I don’t know him but he’s a real person somewhere because I was in his house. He had a nice life because his house was pretty fancy. I was in his room while he got ready for bed; he lay down and relaxed but kept staring at the ceiling, so I wondered- “What’s he looking at?”

Soon as I thought that, I was put in the bed next to him and saw this: 



A large, skinny screen was on the ceiling. It was his mind projected- the events of his day were on it like pictures and icons; there was even a ‘mouse’ moving onscreen as he edited events and categorised them. Some he deleted. We all do this I guess, but I was amazed to see how it actually looks. He controlled these images it’s important to know- you’re in control of your mind and the thoughts you allow in your head. As he drifted to sleep the images got fewer until the screen of his mind became peaceful and blank.

Then out of nowhere came this sentence in pink capital letters: “YOU SHOULD BECOME A WOMAN.” I thought “WHAT?!! Where’d that come from?” I physically reacted: “This is from the devil! It must be!” But he didn’t react, he looked like someone wanting to hear more. I saw he was open to this statement and it amazed me.

The screen flashed again: “YOU SHOULD BECOME A WOMAN”. I looked sideways at this guy like: “Can you believe this?!” but instead of resisting he was considering it. Yes, he was actually considering the madness the screen suggested. I thought “He can’t serious. This is from the devil!” I would’ve said it, but he couldn’t see me.  

42194704_2131485046921538_8043245212962652160_nIn a dream you can see things literally or as symbols. I found it so strange that this man wouldn’t resist such a corrupt suggestion, but then I saw into his ankle- there was a tiny, shrimp like creature with the word L-U-S-T printed on its side. It had a sting in its tail, and was stinging this man as fast as it could. That sting was lowering his resistance to sin- the hidden lust in his life was working to open his soul up to all sorts of influences! That’s why he was looking at ‘YOU SHOULD BECOME A WOMAN’ like it’s the kind of thing men hear and smile at every day.


42238190_2131487346921308_8633994934912811008_nHe began to FANTASIZE: The screen changed to women’s underwear- panties, camisoles, bras, slips and garters, you name it- all showed up on that skinny screen. His eye caught a lacy camisole; his heart reached out to that image as something to wear in secret and no one would know. It was like watching someone do online shopping with their brain. Once he accepted the first thought it moved to other things. Then I was next to his bed again, and an earthquake started shaking the room because of this man’s sin. Remember the earth is shaking and falling apart under the weight of collective sins of all of us. I’ll add that in part 2.

For this part of the dream, know that the thoughts and ideas we entertain in our minds and hearts are our responsibility. Scripture says: “You shall give an account”– not just for deeds/ words, but even for things hidden in the heart/ mind where nobody sees. God sees about them, and we will have to answer for them.

Temptation isn’t sin satan tempts EVERYONE to do what God doesn’t approve of- he wants to trap our souls and claim them for himself. But we have power through the Word of God to resist satan, and by doing so we daily overcome him. Humble yourself under God’s mighty hand, resist the devil and he will flee from you (1 Peter 5:6). Temptation only becomes sin when you do not resist, when you entertain it to the point where it gets you to become an active participant! Once your ‘mouse’ appears onscreen to engage the devil you’ve started sinning, so the objective is to guard your heart EARLY (Proverbs 4:23) Make it a habit to drive away thoughts you know do not come from God, or your soul can be trapped by the enemy easily. May God uphold all of us as we seek Him. 

Part 2 of this dream can be found here. Thank you for reading.


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  1. Rover Radar says:

    The shrimp like creature you saw, was a scorpion.

    1. Celestial says:

      Thank you for visiting TMV Blog Rover. It was not a scorpion, I simply put the image up to help others get an idea what I saw. I know the difference between the two creatures- it was a mix of both. Also it was a spiritual symbol the Lord used to show how small, hidden & deadly was this item in his body. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Valerie says:

    Good day! Please how can I become better with Christ. I want to be better and leave the things of this world. I want to be totally changed. What helped you? Maybe I can learn from it. God bless you and thank you

    1. Celestial says:

      Hi Valerie! I saw you’re a new subscriber, thank you so much for following TMV Prophecy Blog. Please email me at and I’ll do my best to help answer your questions. God bless you, I hope you see this reply.

  3. Tracy Tolbert says:

    Thank you dearly for this channel

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