“The Floods Are Coming” – October 2, 2021


Therefore shall evil come upon thee; thou shalt not know from whence it riseth: and mischief shall fall upon thee; thou shalt not be able to put it off: and desolation shall come upon thee suddenly, [which] thou shalt not know. – (Isaiah 47:11)

Here is the word I received this evening with an instruction to make the video for it today.

Many will be taken away.  Suddenly, without warning, in their complacency, in their lukewarmness, they will be taken away suddenly. As a flood, as a sudden judgement – they will be uprooted who have no root in themselves and be taken away.

And these are they likewise which are sown on stony ground; who, when they have heard the word, immediately receive it with gladness; but have no root in themselves, and so endure but for a time: afterward, when affliction or persecution arises for the word’s sake, immediately they are offended. – (Mark 4:16-17)

They will be swept away by their own strong delusion and I the Lord will remain God who is enthroned over the flood.

The LORD sits enthroned over the flood; the LORD is enthroned as King forever. (Psalm 29:10)

Flood waters are coming to the whole earth. Some countries will be touched lightly by floods while others will be completely inundated *(hit hard)*. Still others will be totally drowned never to rise again. Mystery Babylon is the last type of nation. Totally drowned, totally removed from the face of the earth. I will cover her with the sea like a blanket and this stubborn nation that scorns the prophets will never be seen again. This is my word which cometh down like rain, it lighteth like snow. It does not return to me void until such time it has fulfilled all my good pleasure.

For just as rain and snow fall from heaven and do not return without watering the earth, making it bud and sprout, and providing seed to sow and food to eat, so  My word that proceeds from My mouth will not return to Me empty, but it will accomplish what I please, and it will prosper where I send it. – (Isaiah 55:10- 11)

It will be the fall of Babylon which convinces other nations with wailing to return to the rest of the Lord. It is by the fall of Babylon that others will repent.   

Nations to flood are Pakistan and India for the gods that they have. The false gods, the false religions.

And Europe will be flooded much more than they have ever seen before, for paganism says the Lord. For this ‘religion’ which goes into the woods and talks to nymphs, satyrs and other unseen historical creatures. The religion where they wear white and put crowns of flowers in the hair and worship nature, especially the women. For having a renaissance and return to those evil practices of their ancestors who did spells, boiled potions and called on the gods of the creeks, rivers, streams, mountains and the great forests, I will strike them hard with floods, for they are confederate in this sin, a group of godless nations.   

This thing the Lord is showing me are those practices where the girls wear those shapeless white nightgowns, break slim branches off trees for wands and go into the forest to worship creatures, female and male creatures- wood nymphs, water spirits and things like that. They seek out that demonic god with the goat legs and hairy body and face, Pan. Sexual gods. Free sex and sleeping with one another to release spiritual energy, this is what impresses on my heart.

Leaving food out for the ‘wee creatures’ and things like that, I’m hearing these phrases and recording them. The “wee creatures”, small people, leprechauns, little people believed to be a blessing to the house and helpful, when really they are just various denominations of the fallen.

Woods festival, fall festival, ‘changing of the seasons’ festival, changing of the lunar calendar, fall calendar, all these phrases I am hearing them as what the floods punishment is for. Also this word-  CELTIC. CELTIC. Sparkling blue stones, magic stones, runes, telling fortunes by magic stones. It feels this has to do with magic and stones and rituals and all. That is going to be punished with angry muddy brown water rushing against of the cities of Europe, for doing that against the Lord. The Lord says these people are godless and will be taken away in their sin.   

And there are also mystic religions that will be punished. I see people lighting themselves on fire, beating themselves til blood flows. THIS ATTRACTS DEMONS. Working themselves into a frenzy, letting entities use their bodies as “hosts”. Lighting their tongue on fire with a stick yet they don’t feel it because they’ve practiced for many years to channel some type of energy from their body, energy from the demonic spiritual realm that causes them not to feel even if their tongue is pierced with a smoking stick whose tip is on fire. Even those who practice magic do this, borrow power from the demon realm. The Lord says you who watches them are confederate with them, meaning you are a partakers with them in doing what they do.   

Acts like channeling heat, channeling fire, FLOATING IN THE AIR IN LOTUS SITTING POSITION.    MYSTIC RELIGIONS says the Lord. You shall be judged as well. All of this is idolatry, idolizing the creature over the creator, stealing power from “the gods”- secrets taught to men by the fallen angels which elevates man above his station and reveals to him secrets he has no right to know. All is idolatry, all will be punished says the Lord.   The floods are coming to the earth and many will be taken away. Suddenly you will be taken away. This is the word of the Lord.   

Below are a few considerations of what this prophecy is about:


Anything that takes away the focus of creation from God as the source of eternal power, giver of life and the sole Creator who man is supposed to offer praise, worship and allegiance- will be judged.

Anything that splits human attention between God as a ‘supposition’ or myth and refocuses it on some deity, being, creature or ‘god’ is going to be completely crushed and destroyed in the judgments of God.

Whoever is found still practicing or clinging to these ancient beliefs and practices without REPENTANCE (even as we begin to see more clear signs of the end times which signal how close Jesus is to His coming), will unfortunately suffer the same fate as the false religion itself. They will suffer the judgements of God. 

May the wise hear and understand. Amen.

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  1. Mary says:

    Thankyou very much Prophetess Celestial for this message.
    Repentance is seriously needed and living in holiness, Purity and consecration.
    May the LORD have mercy on us and help us as we navigate these last days of our pilgrimage.


  2. clambotte says:

    Thank you Celestial, these things are so interwoven in our culture, people don’t even realize that they are consorting with the devil’s realm. There is so much valuable information in this prophecy to let us know that the things alot of us have been indoctrinated with since we were children are not of God. Thus we can repent and rid ourselves of anything that is clinging to us. Praise the Lord!


  3. Anonymous says:

    The fall festival caught My attention and I need to ask. When a person goes to such events specially here in the south they do a lot of fall festivals for the family….rides…food…pumpkin patches…..is this what is being referred to here?


    1. Sonya says:

      i think most fall/harvest festivals are just celebrating the harvest time of year. unless it’s mingled with paganism like worship of false deities and rituals like halloween or Celtic creatures like she mentioned above. if it’s just pumkins, food, rides, people getting together i think it’s probably ok. pray about it before attending a particular event and when you’re there if it feels like it’s something you shouldn’t be at, leave and pray for forgivness.


    2. Celestial says:

      Many modern festivals/ holidays are directly derived from ancient pagan celebrations. Like solstice, cycles of the calendar, fertility gods, things like that. Marking certain seasons & times of year while giving “thanks” to gods of plenty, harvest, abundance is in this category. A lot of things people do not don’t look like what they originally were, but God knows the root of things and it’s better to pray & seek clarity. Saying “I didn’t know” isn’t going to cut it at this point. Christians should be praying about what they do and why they do it, even if their children are unhappy not to be part of the mermaid birthday party, Halloween or things like this. It is more important to honour God with how we live than give excuses without seeking Him about what we do. Read the post “Blood To Drink” if you haven’t yet, it gives additional context. God bless…

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      1. Anonymous says:

        Amen received!


  4. Scarlett says:

    Idols and icons are everywhere. It seems like most people will worship anything except Yahweh, and His Son Yeshua.
    I live in the Southwest mountains of New Mexico, first settled by the Spanish in the 1,500’s, bringing their idols and inquisition, but already inhabited by Indian idol worship and spirits of devils. The Spanish Penitente “churches” are built here in secluded places hidden in the back roads and mountains; this is where they flagellate and crucify themselves to try and finish the job of saving from sin, as if what Jesus did on the Cross was not sufficient. On the other hand, indigenous Indians have their own rituals, one of which is the “Sundance Ritual”, where they also do a type of shedding of blood by piercing the pectoral flesh of men attached to leather cords while they stand and endure for a long period of time, and the women stand in place and dance, and fast water and food for the same long periods. My former neighbor who would go to these things, never came home without being sick, and suffering from some demon manifestation that had attached to her.
    Finally, there is every other conceivable wicked practice you could imagine, such as witchcraft, all kinds of magic and Shamanism, New Age “healing”, native Curandero “healers”, Paganism, you name it. It’s a Mecca all over this aptly named, “Land of Enchantment”. God’s judgment is righteous!


    1. LorQ says:

      @Scarlett – My mother’s family has deep roots in the “Land of Enchantment” (Wagon Mound and Raton are a few of the places they settled in New Mexico). As a small child, I was told about brujas and demons, the practice of witchcraft and voodoo, and other stories that I thought were just that, “stories”. I was incredibly wrong! Without going into too great of detail (copious drug use, severe alcoholism, continual rape of children and adults by multiple rapists, the young males being groomed to become serial rapists and pedophiles, very serious predators in the family that were shielded by the women of the family, serial physical child abuse and neglect, the list goes on and on and on), I realized that the maternal side of my family tree is infested with evil of and from the ancients. To say I have seen demons and to be tormented by them when I was younger (child, teen, young adult) is an understatement. I was one of just two people from this very large family to publicly denounce (and seek criminal charges) for this family (no one was ever charged, my dear mother shielded her demonic family) and move away. Even though I was emancipated and freed of this family at seventeen, it took several years for the demons to quit tormenting me and leave (I was not a Christian at this time, more like a very lost soul that was searching, searching, searching). Thankfully and with infinite gratitude to Our Almighty Lord, I was rescued and saved from this torment.

      And that is who I give all credit, praise and glory to – Our Almighty Lord – who absolutely, without one smidgen of doubt, rescued me from the clutches of Hell. HE is the only reason I am sitting here, typing this comment. What I went through, living with and under the satanic tent of severe mental, sexual, emotional and physical abuse as a young child and teen, is not a testimony to me, it is a testimony to Our Lord. He saved me. He guided me. He led me to a different life, one free of violence, one filled with His peace. Honestly, these mere words can never convey the depth of gratitude and love that I have for Our Father.

      I don’t know why I feel compelled to write this today. Maybe someone who really needs to see this, will read it and give their life to Our Lord. Maybe this is someone who is in the depths of despair, that may think their life isn’t worth saving, or who believes that God doesn’t hear them or see them due to their situation (whatever, it may be). If He can rescue me from this type of Hell on Earth, He can rescue anyone.

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      1. Scarlett says:

        I’m truly sad to hear you went through all that. It would be traumatic for any adult person, let alone young children with no voice to be able to seek help.
        Celestial has spoken many times of such children, sexually and emotionally abused.
        I’m glad you got away from the abuse and the evil influences and into knowing Jesus, the Deliverer.
        New Mexico seems to be saturated with these wicked influences. Much of it is also based on Catholicism which holds so much of the Mexican people here in bondage. It just runs in the generations. One of the absolute worst demons is that of the so-called “Lady of Guadalupe”. She is no lady, but rather a serious demon holding thousands in bondage.
        You feel compelled to write these things you suffered because it is your witness of overcoming by the Blood of the Lamb, and the word of your testimony, as in Rev 13:11.


  5. gmataylor says:

    This post piqued memories of so many things that happened during my childhood, and my life, quite frankly, that I hope to revisit it at some future time and elaborate. I am close to 75 years old and have witnessed a lot. When I say a lot, I mean the gradual, subtle intro of more and more wickedness into our cultures until we’ve become a haunt for every unclean thing.
    A few years ago, the Lord began to reveal these things to me. He said it was an elaborate plan to cause God’s people to break every one of God’s Laws continuously. I won’t elaborate here except to say that I was horrified. So much so that Lord had to send a brother in Christ to walk with me through some of the places (spiritual and physical) and pray with me, reminding me that our God is bigger and stronger than all of it. As a result, I’ve had to learn spiritual warfare.
    I am blessed to have found your blog. It has been like rejuvenation, rest, and a reminder of the work we must do while it is the day, for night cometh when no man can work.

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  6. Mark says:

    May God, our Creator be quick with the command to start the punishments. May the Earth see the power of our Father. Repent, obey and worship is an easy roadmap. Man following through faith and unwavering allegiance is not easy with us worrying what others think! So, God be quick and end this evil world, I cry out to you , bring the harshest punishments and death to all who do not repent, obey and worship the one and only God! I am not perfect and if it be your command for me to suffer, then I am yours to do what you need to do…
    For it is written in my heart and mind -“Be still and know that I am God”. You are in control of everything and I know this and therefore, I do not worry, for the end is coming and death and suffering is part of it. I, as a man, can only be partaker of your plan. With love, obedience and faith, amen


  7. Kent says:

    In Obadiah’s vision, chapter 1 in verse 15 it says, ‘ The day of the Lord is near for all nations. As you have done, it will be done to you; your deeds will return upon your own head.

    Does this verse refer to America and Europe Celestial?


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