Earthquake Activity: Signs of the End – July 1st, 2019




This is a brief word of revelation connected to other prophecies which will soon go up. This word was received this morning July 1st, 2019– 9:02 a.m. I woke up to see red spots, red concentric circles sort of… vibrating before my eyes. I thought perhaps it’s because of just waking from sleep, but even when I sat up I saw more and more of these circles appear in front of me. I’ll try my best to explain what they looked like:

A small or large red circle, surrounded by concentric rings spreading out in real time like ripples of a pond. These spots were pulsing like heartbeats, and the rings of the larger ones spread out wider and wider, covering more area than just the epicentre of the red dot. As I looked, the few circles multiplied greatly until I saw a map covered with so many of these circles vibrating on all the continents! I was even surprised to see the continent of Africa vibrating with dots, because that land mass is on a very large and solid plate that is not historically associated with earthquakes. But I saw even that continent along with all the others, start to be covered with dots, more and more red dots adding themselves like they were being updated onto the map. I knew I was looking at the spread of earthquakes over the world, a part of the hardships of the end times.

Desolations are determined, times of suffering, hardships, struggles and devastations to all nations. Earthquakes are dangerous because they can’t be predicted- we just wake up and hear some place has been hit by one- hundreds dead, scores missing, governments helpless against a natural disaster. Very few countries can afford to deal with earthquakes out of the blue. They bring enormous physical losses, death and grieving, instant homelessness and huge logistical problems of locating and burying dead persons, as well as sheltering masses of people, sometimes for months on end. Google viewers move on quickly from an earthquake, the people affected by it suffer for years afterward.

Increase in earthquakes is found in the Bible, read Matthew 24. Now that it is near, prayers and intercession in the nations need to increase not decrease, to go up not down. THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR SLACK HANDS, or for leaning in the corner as a remote observer. This is the time for all praying hands on deck, all praying knees flat down, all listening ears tuned in, and LIFT UP A CRY for mercy- God’s arm is not short that He won’t reduce death tolls or even avert certain calamities if He sees MORE REPENTANCE AND PRAYER FROM THE CHURCH. He is looking to believers to plug the gap, but how many are prepared to work as evangelists and intercessors for Christ? The trees of the church will produce either good or sour fruit, and the Lord will know who went to work in His vineyard diligently in the time of the end and who did not. 

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