Behold A Pale Horse, Pt 2 – June 9, 2022


This morning I was woken up from a dream where a man was speaking. He said in a matter-of-fact way (without much emotion, as if he was talking about groceries and the need to get them regularly), that it is “necessary” and “ideal” – if possible- for the human race to suffer some kind of overwhelming plague or disease every seven years- so as to reduce their number. It is not good (in his view) to let the intervals stretch out beyond this, because then people start to multiply and think they have the right to life.

He said we have about two years before the next notable plague should visit us, but it is desirable to keep the visitation of plagues upon the majority as close together as possible, maybe only a year or so apart, until they resemble “birth pains” and people are cut down by them like young trees in the wind.

All this was said in the voice of a college lecturer going over the main points of a topic but I was amazed hearing this. The amount of human pride I have to see in my dreams is equal to or even greater than the TOWER OF BABEL, greater even than the pride of Nimrod calling humanity to say it’s their right to leave earth and return to the stars, so come let’s build a mighty tower to the sky.

This word Marburg came to me.

After that a small brown plant, like a small pine cone in shape and design, was thrown across a newspaper announcing the rise and spread of the “Marburg fever”. The paper said the fever was spreading fast and people better get their homes in order against it. The photo the newspaper chose to highlight the severity of this Marburg was a large modern building completely engulfed in flames. The building was burning down to the ground, the idea was that Marburg fever would do the same to those who were careless with their health.

I didn’t really see what this brown plant was that was tossed on top of the paper- it was small, brown and like a pine cone (I didn’t say it ‘was’ a pine cone, I didn’t see it long enough). The surface of it could even be said to be shaped like dragonfruit (except it was brown). It came to me that this little thing was a natural cure or preventative against Marburg disease but… I do not know what the little brown nut or item was.

“Pandemic fevers” and sicknesses are going to enter the general population like never before. Thus says the Lord. (Pandemic fevers refers to whatever next disease that will be so widespread it’s declared a pandemic). People will catch things from one another that haven’t been seen in a hundred years or more of medical science- so understand- the real world implications of this is that the current crop of doctors, even aging doctors, even doctors who are already dead across the last 100 years have NEVER seen these types of illnesses and sickness before. The medical community are completely unprepared to see, diagnose, fight and heal these diseases.

These are raw diseases coming out of the past to a new generation that’s never seen or dealt with them before; the result will be difficult and devastating- NO HELP. It will be terrifying in terms of national panic and social disruption. Thus says the Lord “A BREAKDOWN OF SOCIETY”.

These sicknesses have been reduced to a footnote in existing medical science books like Grey’s Anatomy- illnesses that haven’t been seen in forever so printers reduce the info on the disease to a tiny few sentences in the book to save room for printing the “real diseases” that we see today. This is what people will see arising among us, this is what people will catch, this is what people will die from. These are the plagues of Revelation as prophesied by John the prophet of the Lord (Revelation 6:8)

BEHOLD A PALE HORSE says the Lord.

“I looked and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with PESTILENCE, and with the beasts of the earth.”

Multiple diseases will hit countries, with the result that world population will go down sharply instead of going up as has been the trend for decades. That U.N. population clock will stop trending upwards as it’s been for years and begin to trend downwards instead, “A man shall be as scarce as the fine gold of Ophir” [a verse I’ve prophesied many times as I read the words of the Lord from Isaiah 13].

Hear the words of the Lord:

Sickness. Plague. ‘The Ague’ (Please look it up, it is a terrible type of fever accompanied by bone aches, excessive sweating, physical pain and usually people didn’t live through it. It was highly contagious and people left households with it alone for fear of getting infected by it. It is as old as medieval times.)

Also neuropathy diseases (not sure what those are), sleep paralysis, sleep apnea, and cases of sudden choking at night as throat muscles refuse to work. Mental disorders of all kinds will skyrocket and doctors will be extremely perplexed at the number of cases they receive of even perfectly healthy people presenting with everything from paralysis to paranoid delusion, seeing the dead (i.e. HALLUCINATIONS), being transported to other places in their mind and convinced they are in those places (i.e. FANTASY), forgetfulness, extreme forgetfulness and even losing one’s mind completely.

Also night sweats in the young and old and night terrors (these are extremely realistic dreams and sometimes physical sleep encounters that are so real they evoke major panic and terror in the one experiencing them; both of these are caused by demonic activity). These things will be on a mass scale – the phrase the Lord used is “A MELEE OF DISTRESS AND CONFUSION IN THE HUMAN RACE.”

(A melee is an intensely scattered mess of a situation.)

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  1. Elma Zanamwe says:

    Thank you my dear sister Celestial. I hope to get through all the blog posts and videos within the coming few months. It’s a lot to take in. It’s only by God’s Grace.

    1. Celestial says:

      Take your time. I received the words on this blog over 10 yrs, only now due to maturity and shortness of time they come faster than before. If you read everything at once it has a numbing effect, you’ll feel paralyzed, hopeless and angry. And that’s His intention- it’s to arrest us from business as usual. This blog is meant to knock the heart/mind until selfishness, excuses, unbelief and pride are removed, til people realise “There’s no hope in this future she’s talking about without God. I need GOD.” That’s the only way they will repent of past & present sins and get themselves connected to God. Prophecy comes to turn us back to Jesus, any other response always ends up worse than before. God bless 🕊🙏🏽🌺

  2. Wow- I’m wondering if the pine cone is talking about pine needle tea? This tea has great health benefits and has been used to help people with covid and even helping with vaccine shedding- Some medical/scientists/researchers have been warning of these diseases coming due to the vaccines and the 5g towers working together to “activate” these illnesses and pretty much cause a zombie virus. Hemmographic(sp?) Fever, Ebola, Marburg and some others. Whenever I hear of this I lead people to this blog. It all lines up perfectly with the Lord’s warnings you have shared with us. Just wanted to share this with you and whoever reads this comment. Thank you so much Celestial. Your obedience to the Lord and sharing with us is always such a blessing to me and many others. God bless you in Jesus name 🙏💞

    1. Nell says:

      How amazing (re: FlipityDooDah) – I immediately thought of Pine Needle Tea when I read this blog. I have been seeing it a lot on natural health channels and have been meaning to get some to add to my first aid kit for the coming years.

  3. Bea says:

    Celestial there was just an interview I watched where a man announced Marburg is what is coming next. I will try to hunt it down and send you the link. ❤️ Blessings to you.

    1. Celestial says:

      How can these people know these things? How can a person just look up in the sky and predict a “next” disease? Is this not evidence that they have a hand in releasing them? Indeed it seems these people have a lineup of sicknesses for this world already, that’s why they are constantly grinning on interviews talking about “the next one.” Infuriating. May God give them what they want to give others. Who sets a snare will be caught by it, who digs a pit will fall into it, amen.

      1. Kanard says:

        Yes let them fall into their own traps.

      2. They know it because of the effects from the 5g towers mixed in with the vaccines and the graphene oxide that is in them (the black fig seeds you’ve spoken of). This lets the researher whistle blowers know what’s coming on. The evil scientists have definitely gone above and beyond to make these vaccines self replicate – so there’s people on the other side trying to help those who have been “shedded” on or impacted by being around vaccinated people – Alot of very strong believers who are running underground health clinics and spreading the gospel along with treating people naturally from these vaccines – but no one really knows from the underground clinics what the success rates of any of these natural remedies will be able to reverse in people – It’s all just alot of prayer, fasting and natural medicine – but the warnings are the same as you share here – 🙏

      3. Another thing is these vaccines cause what is known as prions disease – which is what’s known as a zombie virus – like madcow disease or the deer zombie virus – it’s been weaponized to impact humans – that along with the frequency from the 5g towers (the loud noise the vaccinated hear that activates them from a prophecy you’ve shared) which changes them to zombies – the whole thing sounds crazy – but your blog has helped offer much clarity –

  4. LoriQ says:

    There is a book, The Hot Zone, by Richard Preston that was released in 1994. It is a factual book that describes Marburg and other biohazard viruses that could potentially wipe out large swaths of the world’s population. A very good read and a very sobering one.

    1. LoriQ says:

      Marburg is in the same league as Ebola, a hemorrhagic fever that has a higher fatality rate. Fortunately it is not transmitted like a cold. However, that has probably changed due to scientists meddling with these dangerous viruses. Years ago I read that Russia AND the USA were both seeking to merge Ebola/Marburg type diseases with Chicken Pox/Monkey Pox/Small Pox. If they were successful, then the transmissibilty of Ebola/Marbug would spread like the common cold.

      Due to what you saw and heard, Celestial, it sounds like the evil sorcerers were successful. God have mercy upon us. Psalm 91.

      1. Scarlett says:

        Loriq..Gain of function is what Sen Rand Paul kept trying to pry out of Dr. Fauci, during the hearings on Covid-19, claiming that the virus had been weaponized and made more virulent. All of which Fauci denied, of course, because if he had actually confessed to being complicit in such an act, it could be considered treason, since the only purpose for causing gain of function of a virus or disease is a crime, considered an act of war in the way it’s used against the countries own citizenry.

  5. Anne says:

    Diabetes is one example of a Neuropathy disease (Neurological; pertaining to the nerve system). Epidemic in the USA.
    There are conditions placed by God to heal you. IF you keep them He will keep His promise in Deut. 7:15 below. Beware of a healing without conditions.
    He will not be mocked.

    How It Works
    Diabetes attacks the body’s nerves systemically, from the inside. Gradually destroying and short circuiting the electrical impulses (which are messages) and eventually destroying the nerve(s) they travel on. The affected part dies resulting in rot and amputation and or early death.
    Sugar is a poison.The person typically continues to eat the poison. Diabetes untreated causes a painful and disturbing death. The threat of an absence of China’s supply of Insulin is alarming. Learn how to deal with the emotional cause of the (sugar) addiction.

    Cause And Effect
    The disease Diabetes is caused by the person. It is not breathed in from contamination or passed from people. Substituting excessive uncontrolled amounts of sugar based ‘foods’ as gratification, as self rewards, as instant energy highs and as relief from depletion of energy by stress (stress produces exhaustion) trains the mind to message the brain, via nerves,*where* to reach and what for, and in doing so develops addiction.

    Worth noting is: all types of sugar; milk, fruit, plant, honey, granulated or powdered, brown, purple, red or white, when dumped into you will begin to ferment and naturally produce alcohol in your stomach at your perfect fermentation temperature of 98.6 f. Alcohol both imitates energy and sedates.
    Christians claiming they don’t drink are getting tipsy every day if they’re ingesting any form of sugar. Mead is made from honey, wines from fruits, higher alcohol from starches like potatoes (vodka), cereals (carbohydrates that turn to sugar before your first morning class begins) rice (rice wine). God made you as a wine barrel.What you eat is meant to ferment. Abuse of foods causes many different diseases. Don’t blame God. Seek the truth to overcome the root cause of your behavior. Be bold, fast and pray, or ask others to, for you, then keep His Ways and start sincerely trusting Him

    Sugar is a very powerful addiction working like alcohol addiction. Because it is.

    And a legal one And a cheap one. Worth considering; nearly all addictions are oral. Deal with the cause and the root not the symptom. Overcome the messages in the mind by deciding to believe the truth Jesus told us. Change the argument (the lies) in your mind. Have hope. He wants you to receive His most amazing rich, life changing promise in Isaiah 58

    Believe And Do
    Read and do Isaiah 58. Read and do Deut. 7:12-16 conditions

    This conditional promise in particular:
    Deut. 7:15 And the LORD will take away from you all sickness, and will afflict you with none of the terrible diseases of Egypt which you have known, but will lay them on all those who hate you

    The New King James Version. (1982). (Dt 7:15). Nashville: Thomas Nelson.

  6. Annemarie says:

    Thank you for the Word. Before I was saved I had a sleep paralysis experience. Only one but it was terrifying. Completely demonic in nature. I awoke and couldn’t move anything but my eyes. As hard as I tried to free myself and “wake up” I was paralyzed. As I scanned the room I saw a black shadowy spider-like figure in the corner of the room, hanging from the ceiling. I felt the evil intent and couldn’t do anything to move my body and run away. Eventually I was able to wake up (I was awake, I guess I mean my body was able to completely wake up if that makes sense) and as soon as I did this creature disappeared. I told myself I had to be dreaming. But now that I’ve come to the Lord and read much about spiritual warfare, I have to admit to myself — as I knew when I was experiencing it — that it was, in fact real. I hear you Celestial and believe all you’ve written about these demonic forces. I pray I never see that thing again and wouldn’t wish an experience like that on anyone. If anyone has to deal with that on a regular basis, there is no doubt in my mind it could drive a person mad. Just thought I’d share and say that we need to be closer to the Lord than ever before in these last days. That and I’m so happy to be saved and as a result my teenage daughter was as well!
    Thanks for sharing all of the warnings God gives you. It benefits His people so much.

  7. Christine says:

    Vicki Goforth Parnell on 444 Prophecy News has shared an herbal remedy for Marburg and for Leprosy. Enter Yarrow tea and Burdock root in the search bar. May God grant us His Wisdom, Strength and Peace. Thank you Sister Celestial!

  8. Heather Sebald says:

    Marburg Virus is basically Ebola. haemorrhagic fever

  9. Joseph says:

    This is an observation, just something that is tickling my mind. I’ve been a visitor for over two years now. Most of your material i have listened to, and now I am reading through your blogs. The amount of information contained in all of this is extraordinary. Much I have came across in other people’s points (outside the prophetic). What intrigues me most is your error-free grammar and punctuations. I understand that this is coming from the Lord, but this is being put from pen to paper from man. Yet, I dont see any mistakes. Plus the vast amount of material you are producing is breathtaking coupled with the error-free composition and the extraordinary symphony of knowledge. This is not all human. I understand you are well educated, my wife shares the same degree as you. So I know research is her life, but the various rabbit holes you get into and mastering it with details is not typical. Point being, when dealing with prophecies and disconcerning lies, I cannot find doubt in what you write or broadcast. This isn’t so much a praise to you but a praise that the Word is spoken through you and the Lord loves us to share his warnings. May all who read your work see the truth and make it to the end for the way is narrow.

  10. Diane says:

    While you were speaking about the little brown thing that might be able to help and mentioned the dragon fruit. I immediately thought about the dried sweetgum seed ball, which contains shikimic acid that has the ability to halt viral replication. It’s a spiky looking seed pod that resembles the c virus protein spike.
    Thank you for sharing and warning God’s people of things to come.

  11. Linford says:

    Child of the Great High Am, I absolutely adore you, your total obedience to the work of our Lord Jesus Christ . The warning is not wasted, thank you.
    May the almighty continue to bless you with more blessings knowledge wisdom and spiritual discernment. Thank you.

  12. DA COSTA NOVO DA SILVA Paula Maria says:
    You can find more about Marburg and the plants that you saw in your dream.

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