“RFID” – June 21, 2022

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This dream contains themes of kidnapping, human trafficking, spyingcomplicit behavior by authorities and forcible tracking and chipping of humans. The Lord gave me this at early morning, once again I was glad to wake up because I thought it was real and had actually happened.

I dreamt about the RFID chip. People know about it and Christians in particular are very concerned about it but I’m not speaking from popular knowledge. TMV is only for direct prophetic revelations, things God has shown me directly and told me to reveal and proclaim so His church can be aware of them, and the world too can learn from them and be warned.

I’ve only seen this chip twice- once in April 2020 as doctors put it in people’s bodies without their knowledge, the other time is this dream.

I dreamt I planned a trip home but I didn’t tell anyone because I wanted it to be a surprise. I did everything I had to and was counting down the days but on the morning of travel two men came to my house (who I’ve never seen before) and said You are traveling with us. I said Uh, NO I’m not, I don’t even know you! I’m not going anywhere with you but they looked at me with grim looks and said Yes you are or your family is going to suffer.

I got scared for my family but tried to be calm, I tried to get information of who they were, what they wanted and why I should go with them – it seemed to be two ordinary guys but their attitude said they worked for people much higher than them, people who gave them the confidence to come to somebody’s house and say “We’re taking a flight together.”

I was so angry and tense but I wanted to see my family so I said Please try not to get in my way since you won’t tell me what you’re here for. I locked my house and took my luggage to the street with these guys following every move, but when I went to call a cab the thinner guy said No you’re riding with us, so we got in their big black car to the airport.

All the way I was thinking, I wonder if my family is okay. Lord, why have these people come here and why do they keep smiling at me in this silent way but don’t want to say what they’re here for?

When we got to the airport I was the first one out, I went round to get my stuff but Thin Guy  jumped out and held my wrist. He said Not so fast- no funny business at this airport. I know you’ll want to try something because we’re around a lot of people but here’s a little something to keep track of you.

Then without warning, without me even being able to explain how it happened he grabbed my wrist and at the same time took something like a fuse from his pocket. It looked like a common appliance fuse except it was tapered at both ends, a small red glass thing with proprietary black writing on it. 

I struggled to yank my hand away as he held it up a few seconds and said This is my little friend to keep tabs on you. My little WIFE. I wouldn’t want to lose you so early after I just got you.

My brain was scrambled by that word – ‘wife’ – I said WHAT?!?! but he pressed the glass on my wrist and -blip!- it went right in and disappeared. I wanted to scream with frustration but it’s hard for me to lose control like that, instead I yanked my arm back with such force that I nearly fell over. I looked all over my arm to see if there was a wound or some cut for me to squeeze the chip out but my hand was the same, no cuts or any sign that something had been put into me. I almost thought it didn’t happen but the grin on his face told me whatever I’d seen seconds ago really was in my hand.

As you move around this airport I’ll know exactly where you are, if you try anything you won’t have a family to go to. Now let’s go.

The little red thing I saw, when he took it out it was very small between his fingers. Very very small, I only saw it because Yah always zooms on things in my dreams when He wants me to focus on them. It looked like a glass ampoule tapered on both ends but also like a fuse [see below].

It wasn’t ‘on’ at first but  as he held it it lit up, bright red with black writing like you see on gadgets to show who makes them. I couldn’t get it out and I was so angry and frustrated to have something in my body without my consent.

Once we got in the airport they forced me to act like I was with them. I went to processing and got routed to a smaller, private plane; it wasn’t even the flight I paid for but the flight attendant who handled my check-in ignored that while seeming very familiar with these men.

I watched her wordless interactions with them, she tried to smile at me comfortingly like Just play along sweetie and it won’t be as bad. I was horrified to realize that right here in America this woman saw something was wrong yet she did nothing about it. She even seemed to be working with them! I was visibly unhappy because Thin Guy was literally holding me by the handle of my backpack, acting like he was in love with his “fiancee” – but the rage on my face was proof that everything wasn’t okay. The airline lady ignored all the signs, processed us and wished me a good flight with a guilty face.

We went out to the tarmac away from the bigger planes and there I saw quite a few other women like me, all with male guides. Everyone had a male guide but for some reason a few of us had two, like me. We got on this chartered plane and next thing I knew we flew to Middle America, the areas with endless miles of tall green trees, that’s all you see as you’re about to land. Just tall trees til you even wonder where will you land, then a private landing strip opens up. After that I did not see full scenes in the dream but still this is what happened to me next.

I was forcibly married to someone. That same skinny man who called me his wife. I stayed in that place a long time and had 3 children by that man. I had to wear long skirts all the time and that man slept with me whenever he wanted. Each of my children were given an RFID chip at birth, I saw it go into their chubby wrists but strangely theirs were just a tiny blip of a thing. If mine was the size of a full fuse theirs was a quarter or a third the size. I asked why is theirs so tiny and was told it’s biometric tech- living tech- it’ll grow with them until it becomes full size in their wrists.

I woke up up from this dream like a bullet saying No no no God why is this kind of thing happening?! I went straight for my wrist to check it but of course it was a dream. 

This is not my life.

This is the life of thousands and hundreds of thousands of women in America (and around the world) who are being trafficked under the noses of other people who don’t want to listen or believe that such things are going on.

Trafficking rings, forced wives, breeding farms, chipped babies. They show these things on TV and people watch it- “What unpleasant IDEAS!”- not knowing those unpleasant ideas are actually facts taken from REAL LIFE and sold back to us as entertainment.

THIS is what God is angry at. THIS is what He sees and called me to reveal it so everyone knows what’s rotting in the basement, we will hear about it until we’re forced to ask ourselves why some of us keep defending a nation that commits so much sin without remorse.

People want to cling to an image of what the nation is but THIS is what the nation really is.

This is the truth about people’s daughters who moved across state for better jobs and got snatched right out of their apartments; their parents have been waiting to hear from them since they were 23 but they’re 37 now, out in some forsaken backwoods being marriage-raped by men who bought them on one of the secret online catalogues better known as Snapchat, Facebook, Tinder, Instagram and all the rest.

Women, men, boys, girls, babies, teenagers disappear in America without a trace- poof!- into thin air, and reappear several flights or truck rides later on a farm or underground facility or breeding program they’ll never escape unless by some miracle God intervenes.

THIS IS HUMAN TRAFFICKING COUNTRY – the only difference is human cattle aren’t branded with fire-irons but with some type of NANOTECH that even goes into babies. Believe it or not- read this dream slowly and put the pieces together logically, THINK ABOUT WHAT GOD SHOWED:

Children are being born OUTSIDE OF THE SYSTEM, maybe they don’t even get names but only tracking numbers as IDs. They get biometric markers made from some type of tech we don’t even know about publicly, something that can be put in one-fourth the size and GROW with a baby. This is not being talked about by so-called Big Tech, it’s never been covered on the nightly news. So what does it actually mean?

It means this is PRIVATE TECHOLOGY – tech that points to a WHOLE PRIVATE WORLD behind this visible one! It means there’s an entire reality going UNSEEN, unchallenged, unregulated, yet it’s having a visible impact on our lives. It’s stealing even grown men and women from their homes to serve evil purposes NOBODY WANTS TO SERVE. That’s what it means.

America is where you think the only people who know your flight details are you and the airline but GOOGLE HAS THE FLIGHT PLAN AUTOMATICALLY. I was horrified to see a flight some years ago visible on my Google feed with the words “Don’t worry, only you can see this.” You buy stuff and the receipt shows up in your Gmail tab even if you didn’t ask for an online receipt.

The world has gone to where online spying has been normalized til most people don’t give it a single thought; the tendrils of their private lives are all over the internet without much care who’s looking at it. People are easy prey for those with a satanic agenda, they can’t wait to throw their private data out there – photos, family, addresses, likes, dislikes, lovers, money – all of it’s so easy to get that even people in Asia can catfish them in 24 hrs for online porn photos. Look it up, it’s a thing.

Misused technology is how potential rapists know you’re flying, it’s how traffickers find out where you live.

This dream isn’t my life but it IS the life of millions of missing persons that have no rescuer, people that law enforcement, airline staff, Child Services, Social Services, human rights foundations, the legal system, POLITICS and a ton of other voices say “Do not exist. It’s a rumor that kids are missing. It’s a conspiracy theory. It’s whatever we say it is so believe us.”

They claim it isn’t real. Gone girls out in the woods, some carried overseas to be raped night and day for breeding or fulfilling other people’s sexual fantasies and guess what? People claim it isn’t happening because “If it was we would’ve heard about it, they’d say something on the news.”

The deliberate CHOICE to stay blind is a crippling sign of cognitive dissonance in America- we’ve come to the point where full-grown adults think they can make reality disappear with a word. If they say “It’s not true!” then reality disappears and becomes what they want. Truth is now so offensive it’s being silenced everywhere at any cost, all so people feel protected in their mental safe spaces, comfortable enough to ignore the ‘bad conspiracies’ and focus on election results. 

NOBODY IS SAVING THEM because not enough people in fully-asleep, easily-triggered America even believe they’re missing to begin with! How can we save what we say isn’t LOST? How could “such a thing” ever happen here? Well it’s happening. On a mass scale, it’s happening.

That RFID thing is a TRACKER. It is demonic. I didn’t see it for long and of course we know it must be inserted with some type of needle, but if this one I saw really does go in without medical process then it’s 10 times more dangerous than what we know. Recall what the man said- I’ll know where you are anywhere in this airport so don’t try anything.

Monitoring, tracking, spying- this is America’s forte, the home of the Beast system that’s tightening the net every day. We are headed to a world where everything will be monitored down to its tiniest particle, every move will be recorded and this chip will be squatting like a frog at the center of it all. 

Such a horrible dream, such a horrible fate to be ‘married’ and raped all the time, living with other women who have no identity other than breeding children for who knows what.

This isn’t my life but if the church of Jesus Christ doesn’t wake up and stop praying these misled prayers we’re so invested in – “Revival!” yet there is no repentance, “Rapture!” yet there is no careful study of what the word of God actually says about the unfolding of the end times –

If people don’t stop wanting to be their children’s friend all the time and instead start telling them what men out there are capable of with no mercy to young or old –  

If people don’t wake up and tell their kids (especially girls) that “More is more” when it comes to dressing, then it’s safe to say that instead of real issues being tackled and destroyed by our prayers they’ll stay free and unchallenged in darkness. This is why judgement is on the nation, for things like this. You can’t live in a place where stuff like this is happening and think you’ll inherit a blessing and reward from the Lord.


If we continue to do nothing we cannot be surprised where it ends up. The Lord sees what we don’t, He exposes sin so that we understand why judgement is coming. When it comes everyone will know why Mystery Babylon pays the terrible price she pays in Revelation 18 – The judgement of Mystery Babylon, the Harlot of Revelation, aka the United States of America.

Our response is supposed to be prayer and taking up the mantle for such victims as these, kidnapping & human trafficking. Amen.

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  1. Celestial says:

    Since everyone always posts links but me… 😊

    Here is documented food for thought about what’s going on in the real world. I discovered this only a month and a half ago. The devil has multiple snares, this one is fueled by LUST. Imagine how easy this is in a culture where people are constantly sending naked images to each other ON CELLPHONES:

    1. Jesusmyblessedhope says:

      This is sad 😢 to watch happening in my country. But as you’ve said Celestial, this is the evidence of cause and effect. Not to justify, but what happens to people neglected by the government for economic buildup and support?
      The citizens are uneducated, gullible and poor. Everyone left to each his own to fend for themselves and their families. It is a means to an end for most people specially in the rural areas.
      This definitely is wrong because needless to say, Filipinoes are good people, hospitable, helpful, generous,and kind . But because of desperation, they choose to look the other way in order to survive day to day.
      Once again, thank you for these words dear sister.
      God bless and protect you🙏🏻

      1. Celestial says:

        Sigh. We mix issues. We mix the need for compassion with accepting excuses for sin. I don’t mix issues; I will answer to God for doing that and leading anyone to think that’s ok. The Philippines has tons of people going thru hardship who don’t turn to porn, prostitution and other sins to get by. THEY are the proof that SINNING is not the answer to SUFFERING. This type of mindset is everywhere (I see people liking your comment already)- but I know God doesn’t judge as we do. Sin is no excuse for struggle or Job wld have been the biggest sinner of them all. God will *not* accept an excuse like God I was abused so I became a rapist or child molester. “Sin begets sin” is the oldest cycle of man but ALL sin (causative sin & resulting) will be judged by God. Christians, read your Bible and understand WHY it is called The Narrow Way. Things you’re sympathetic towards now, be ready to give the reason why you felt sorry for it when Jesus asks you (Rom 1: 32). God is a consuming fire that’ll eat up every last excuse, so have answers ready for inspection as to why some of you THINK, ACT, SPEAK & SYMPATHIZE the way you do. (1 Cor. 3:13-15). We will account for every word & thought, all the stuff we tried to justify so my advice to those who can hear is: It’s time to mature in how we view things in this world. God bless. 🌺

        1. Jesusmyblessedhope says:

          I hear you Celestial, thank you.😊

      2. Solange says:

        Yes we go through hardships, but the word of God says that, those who trust in the lord God we never be put to shame, just pray and trust in God that he’s able meet all your needs and stop depending on your on understanding. The problem is that, people, we don’t have faith that God can and will take care of our needs. This is why this is happening.

    2. RR says:

      Thank you!!

  2. The breeders are for the babies to be sacrificed by satanists or to be raised mkultra Delta’s for mass shootings or Beta for pornstars then you have the presidential models like Biden

  3. Kanard says:

    There is also a black market for selling organs.
    They are trying or have already transplanted wombs into men for child birth.
    Where are they getting these wombs from? I think we have our answer already

  4. Nita A Renfrow says:

    Sad. Pitiful, very scary. I worked as a counselor in College. I was very worried for the freshmen
    girls. Some very naive midwest girls who never been away from home. We held workshops and informed. Ill send this to everything I believe will listen. Thankyou for educating.

  5. Amelda says:

    This is the blood of the whore of Babylon’s fornication, in the cup-Rev 17:1-6, the root lust and seed of pride. Immodest clothes and hearts are more then half naked, it is what many so called believers wear as normal attire! Tight fitting jeans, slacks, body hugging clothes of all sorts. Believers even think swimwear can be modest if it is a one piece or full pants and top sorts….what are believers even doing at beaches and pools? A vision my husband received many years ago, YaH showed him that swimwear is the same as underwear, it’s just the material that differs! So yes beloved Celestial…what’s in your heart draws the demonic marine kingdom workers! What you wear, do, speak shows to whom you belong, if it is just lip service! And when they get you, no turning back! Heartbreaking😔

    1. ytillett says:

      Amelda, so just so I’m clear: You don’t believe any Christians should ever be able to swim (male & female)?

      1. I am at the moment at the seaside. I am living reading my Bible and deepening my relationship with Jesus.
        He brought me here as a merciful gift to me and my family so I can swim because I have severe Scoliosis.
        So you cannot assume… Anything.
        And yes,… Wearing modest swimsuit tankini. People look at me like I am in a coat, but that is their problem…
        You are talking rubbish. First you don’t know anything about Celestial. Second, the anger of men doesn’t serve God, says the Bible….
        Celestial is a true, humble servant of the Lord and you will pay your price for hurdling rocks of words at her. Hate, proud heart. That is what you have.
        And that is all I will say.

    2. Clary Sage says:

      What are you saying- God made the sea and water only for unsaved people to enjoy? It was OK for Adam to enjoy the ocean naked but now bcz we wear clothing we can’t? This is how Puritanism started- one minute it’s modesty (which is good), the next minute nobody can smile bcz smiling means fun and fun is “bad”. Celestial lives in America and we see what it’s like here, that doesn’t mean Christians have any less part in enjoying the world God made. It means we have to be a standard when doing so. Other faiths cover top to toe but don’t know God, so let us not conflate her stance against near-nakedness of the world with sweeping doctrines like “believers can’t swim or be at pools”. Nope, that is not right either.

  6. Russ Wagner says:

    We believe this to be true. We are praying every Thursday night on a National prayer call for trafficked individuals to be set free and the perpetrators brought to justice. We also are doing rescues and developing safe homes for aftercare. Please check us out, pray for us, and we should connect for collaboration. ChainBreakerTeam.org

  7. Tamar Duran says:

    Thank you for bringing this to light as many are unaware. It takes all of us working together to get the word out and that also means each person asking God what how they can do something about it. I work with a group who is doing rescues, raising up homes for survivors, and providing for their aftercare. Everyone can do something.

  8. Angie DeJong says:

    Dear Sister
    I know you get a lot of links.. I do not wish to be “one of those” but.. I will send this “one” Video shows a US military man “who is physically “”changing”” since the harm.. he shows his Drs note with a drawing of his eye changing shape and other body changes he is experiencing.

  9. Koko says:

    When will these globalist one percenters SYNAGOGUE OF SATANIST leave us alone. I would rather die than take this beast chip

  10. Allan says:

    Hi Celestial: Thank you for being willing to be used by Yah to reveal truth. Your posts are important.

    He spoke to me probably 3 or 4 years ago saying, “I want My little ones protected”. I then wrote down a list of causes He wanted me to be involved in. At the top was abortion. I have been standing outside Planned Parenthood one day a week since then. He also led me to become involved with The Chain Breaker Team, which works to facilitate after care and reclamation to sex trafficked individuals who have been rescued. Allan

  11. Nonke says:

    Dear Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us for we know not what we do😔

  12. Tiara McLeish says:

    Celestial what was your past life like?

    1. Jesus loves me says:

      Why is that important, no, seriously? Are we here to learn what God says, or is this the Oprah Winfrey show?

  13. Kakou Elsé says:

    Hello my sister and thank you for this message for us parents, and for our children, we are responsible, I am from France of Paris and here they introduced sex classes for the little ones and teach them masturbation, role playing, sex reversing… There were 30 mothers who demonstrated in the streets, I felt like I was the only one shocked, the parents who dared to take a stand after their children came home shocked because they showed them porn, it is teachers who bring complaints, parents who are threatened, to be removed from their parental authority, here is the world upside down, children who disappear, many knowing the truth are limited… Let us take responsibility, before God we will have no excuses! I share with you a link on the MK ultra mental control by the CIA on children, adults. Shalom https://youtu.be/sdwjxvGihLM

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