Forced Vaccines & Aliens: The Pride Of Man – October 22, 2021


This is the second half of the very first prophecy God gave me about vaccines. The full message is Forced Vaccines & Aliens. I’ve said before that I used to separate alien themes from types of prophecies so as not to confuse topics. I thought they were better handled separately but, as the Lord kept giving more messages of aliens in the same sitting with vaccines, or aliens with invasion I saw that these themes were not separate at all. They are interlinked somehow.

I continue uploads from the video series on aliens and the fallen angels. Visit the Supernatural Series on my Youtube  channel- you can find all videos as a playlist on the channel dashboard and work your way through. That playlist has the complete lineup of all these teachings in order, to make it easy to keep up. Like and share videos for a wider reach, thank you and God bless. 


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  1. Your videos have reached 14.4 thousand km to Palmerston north NZ
    God has no boundaries of time or distance. God Bless you Sis shalom

    1. Student Of Yah says:

      Interesting number, 144,000.

      “And I heard the number of those who were sealed, one hundred and forty-four thousand sealed from every tribe of the sons of Israel”

      Revelation 7:4

  2. gem journey says:

    The X Files…Simpsons…Outer Limits and Twilight Zone as well as many others are called “Predictive Programming”…
    They can do this because THEY orchestrate the cause!

  3. Susannah says:

    Hi Celestial, just recently found your channel & blog and have been reading with much interest. I have had unexplainable encounters dating back to the 1960’s. My father worked in the Space Industry at that time, btw. So, have done much research in this area over the years. In the past, I had perused the MUFON site, and I came across information that lead MUFON (mutual UFO Network) investigators of “alien” (demonic) abductions and visitations became aware of the fact that the ONLY thing that would stop these encounters and abductions would be invoking the name of Jesus Christ. Perhaps this would be of value to others as we go forward into dangerous territory. Jesus literally means safety. Thank you for the valuable information you are sharing at large. Blessings.

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