“Abductions, Aliens, Portals- They Are NOT What We Think” – October 21, 2021


What more can be said? They are not what we are told, believe, or assume according to popular beliefs. This is the previously held back completion to the full message: Portals & Pfizer Vaccines

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  1. LaTonya says:

    FYI: Heard this a few days ago. It was also posted at thedailybeast.com.


    In May 2014, Pope said he would baptize an alien if they demanded it.


    1. Robin says:

      No matter how I much I try scrolling up and down, no subscription button appears, so I don’t know otherwise how to.
      Will just have to visit everyday to see.
      I am subscribed to Youtube channel, however.

  2. Angelica says:

    Dear Celestial! Thank you for this information. Would you please let me know how to stop this creatures taking your children? Also how to stop them getting to you over and over again? What can be done?

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