A Hammer For Jezebel, Pt 2 – June 3, 2019

jezebel effect

“Jezebel- You have Been Judged”

In this dream, women were limited by the type of clothes they wore, the high heels, the makeup like war paint on their faces. They were the only group taking an insane amount of photos, obsessed with themselves, and the Lord put me among them to experience it. ‘Stand like this, pose like this, make this face.’ At one point the photographer put her hand in my mouth and squeezed my teeth together for a better smile- AND THEY MOVED! My teeth actually moved and became perfect! These ladies put their kids in my photos, put arms round me like best friends- but I didn’t know any of them. The entire thing was fake to make me look popular. As soon as they took enough pics they lost interest in me and walked away without a second look. (Please see part 1 of this prophecy here.)

Tell the principality Jezebel these words:

“Your time is up. Your reign is finished. Everywhere I look now I see you manifesting, especially in the women. Tight clothes, long hair, painted eyes, luscious mouth talking evil filth as an evidence of the landfill of the heart. I am weary of bearing it- you act as if you do not know Me. As if I would tolerate you, as if you do not remember what I did to you in ancient times. The whole world is corrupted. I see women mincing and prancing. Do you know what the scriptures say? “The daughters of Zion mince and prance as they walk, making a tinkling with their feet.” (Isaiah 3:16) Indeed, they walk that way BECAUSE THEIR CLOTHES ARE TOO TIGHT!!! The entire form is exposed, nothing left to the mind’s eye. I say again by the thunders of Heaven… I am weary of bearing it.”

“These women are corrupters, they neglect their duties and their infants for the sake of their appearance. They do not read My word but spend hours on the perfect outfit, the perfect eyebrow, “perfect and perfection” is laid like tarmac over very broken, very beaten souls. REPENT. YOUR SOULS NEED REPAIR. Your soul needs its Lover, your spirits need mending and your minds need to be free. Jezebel your claws are clenched on my people, but I will strike you with an anvil and you will let my people go. I will humble the women. I will make an end to the charade and falsehoods, I will expose the rotten epicentre and those who repent and cry out to me I will heal. Principality Jezebel. Mother of whoredoms. Your rule is over. You are judged and found wanting. Soon, dogs will lick up your blood, and you will be found no more.”

This is the direct declaration of the Lord.

This dream shows: the controlling influence of popular culture and trends on women; obsession of the so-called “selfie” which is nothing but self worship (when there are 12+ images of you in the same outfit/ pose on your phone in an hour you have a problem, and it’s time to address it); harmful changes and unnatural appearance of the female form in these last days; use of outer decoration as a false form of self-esteem in order to escape brokenness in the soul; the neglect of family, function and relationship to follow beauty; harmful clothes that hurt the body; obsession with looks and how things look to others; willingness to have cosmetic surgeries in order to look perfect. Women are willing to cut, poke and prod their bodies in search of “perfection”, but God is saying He is about to put a stop to every facet of Jezebel from now on.

If anyone reads this and it offends or stings, I ask you kindly to read it again. God is a careful surgeon- He knows where things are killing His women in the corset, and what is really at the root of all the attempts to basically create another person out of cosmetics. I urge you, instead of offence, hear what The Lord is saying, and begin to mend your ways. May God bless the hearers and doers of His word. Amen.

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  1. I had a dream in 2012, when God warned me to stop all these things….

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