Things To Consider… – February 6, 2021

Hello to all on The Master’s Voice. I’m still posting the dreams of Feb. 2, 2021 but first I felt strongly that I ought to share a few words. I hope they’ll be clearly understood and taken in the spirit which they are meant- after all I said several times before that this blog is a whole mind-body-spirit commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, and that commentary will solely be for functional reasons, to clarify things or give further insight as He reveals them to me. Yet this needs to be said today.

THIS IS A BLOG FOR JESUS CHRIST. His Majesty the Lord, the only begotten Son of the Holy God YAH, Jesus the Lord who lives and dwells in fire and ice and sits between angels that look nothing likes the lies painted in many cathedrals and churches, that’s who this project is for. It was conceived by Him, designed by Him, and though it’s my hands on the keys and my face in the videos this is THE LORD’S WORK AND WE WILL DO WELL TO ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT. 

Why am I saying this?

Because of America. Foreign visitors may find this post of only passing interest, but if you do these things then you too need to take a moment to examine your heart, to see if it contains these foibles and habits that could land you in the same hot water as many people in the U.S.A. will be in future.

America has a disturbing and unholy fascination with prophets, prophetic people and those who are spiritually gifted. It doesn’t matter if they’re truly those things or not, the fascination remains. The word of God in 1 Chronicles 20:20 says “Believe the Lord your God and your shall be established; believe His prophets and you shall prosper– yes, it says that. The problem however is here in America (and many, many people around the world are guilty of this), too many people believe every liar who appears with a dream and a scripture. (God forbid if it’s an election dream and three scriptures, then the nation loses its collective mind with proclaiming it to be the true word of God from the very throne of Heaven.)

Time and again I’ve seen how America is fascinated by and addicted to the highly questionable habit of following without thought and without testing ANYONE who says they saw something and claims that God was the one who showed them what they saw. 

Even if the actual content of what they say doesn’t hold water or doesn’t bear witness with the Holy Spirit it won’t matter – blinded Christians are either unable or unwilling to see it and therefore form honey-bee clusters around some highly deceptive and dangerous people, people who have hurt their faith greatly in recent months and will surely do so again.

Lying dreamers and deceivers, you America are fascinated with them. Fascinated with all manner of “gifts” or mentions of gifts or hints that ‘I’m gifted!’- this country never hesitates to flow like wine to witness and listen to any type of nonsense that can be dressed up like a pig in a wig made of scripture and stories that simply-aren’t-TRUE. Why are we so sick with this love of lies and falsity in the Body of Christ?

That’s point one. Stick with me I’m going somewhere. 

The second thing America is addicted to is the cult of personality. It’s everywhere: TV, movies, sports, music, politics, even religion. Even pastors have become a cadre of brand-name wearing, skinny jeans playboys now; time and money have done their thing and now it’s not enough to preach the word but you have to do it in sneakers that can pay a month’s rent. Am I saying that people can’t be wealthy? No. Am I saying that something has gone wrong in America, not only in the upper echelons of Christian society but every other echelon as well, yet people don’t seem to recognize it at all? They only follow follow FOLLOW with relentless energy at all times without even asking “Where are we going?”

Yes, I’m saying that. The blind are taking the blind into a ditch. (Matthew 15:14)

The cult of personality rules America, a feverish hunger to get, find and consume information about a person based on the apparent ability of that person to do… something. Doesn’t matter what that ‘something’ is, as long as a person can do it well America will put him on a pedestal and form a cult of personality around him. So if a person is good with a basketball and performs that skill openly he will attract followers and fans until he becomes this entity that’s larger-than-life.  That’s not bad because even the Bible promises that a skilled man will become famous, but for America mere fame is not enough. Nope.


They want to know what the basketball star or movie star enjoys for breakfast, they want a look inside his home. They want to know his favourite car, his children’s names and how many times he’s been married. They want all his childhood trauma laid out with appropriate tears so they can decide if he deserves their compassion or not. They also want his opinion. It doesn’t matter if he dropped out of school at 16 to pursue his dreams and therefore hasn’t really committed  to the kind of self-education that’s necessary to form sound opinions – they will STILL ask him what he thinks about everything from global warming to voting rights, just because he is a currently trending supernova in the sky of popular opinion.

They will ask him things he hasn’t really thought about or has NO IDEA about, then take his empty opinion as fact and replay it over and over on the news until it becomes one, all because he is a ‘person of interest’.

I find this a distorted and distressing mindset to have yet it’s rampant in our society. Actors talk about the law as if they’ve studied it and musicians give commentary on the interest rate when they rarely see or handle their own finances. Everywhere people are clinging to popular insight even though it’s little more than what my law school professors called “unlearned opinions” – and nowhere is this more evident now than in Christianity and its dangerous love affair with so-called ‘prophets’.

PEOPLE LIE TO YOU AMERICA. And you flock to conferences and seminars and believe it. They challenge none of the sin in our midst and give us all we need to prepare for HELL. Be careful, Jesus will hold you accountable for whatever you’ve accepted as fact. It is NOT a workable defense on Judgement Day to cry ‘But prophet/ pastor/ apostle so and so lied to me!’ You won’t get away with it, the liar will be judged as a liar but you will be judged as a FOOL. So take time with who you follow.

In America it’s only elections God gives prophecy for. Every four years the spirit of politics descends from wherever it spends its time and unleashes a flood of “prophetic” visions, dreams, insights, scriptures and revelatory ‘non-wisdom’ about what the fate of America will be at the polls. A mushroom cloud of known and unknown men and women spring up, swearing up and down that God told them ‘things to come’ and we should listen to them. Yet even though He never told them anything because He does not actually know many of them or count them as really His, the world is still mentioning their names and what they said and how it’s going to happen.

Soon as elections end though, whether the outcome was right or wrong- the prophecies end.

America, what about the rest of your life? Does God not care about the economy, why is He leaving it up to the financial channels, CNN and Bloomberg to ‘prophesy’ to you in that area? What about your children- their safety and wellbeing in the end times, has He nothing to say about that? What about the farming industry, the question of whether you’ll have enough to eat in the future? Has the Spirit of the Lord visited no-one to warn like He did with Joseph, how to stock and store so you won’t perish with hunger in the days you don’t see coming? Why isn’t God telling the prophets how new technology and Artificial Intelligence are being harnessed to rob us of all personal data to make IMPRINTS OF OUR LIVES? Or how after those imprints are created and logged away some unseen powers will know who is a useful and efficient life fit for the New World Order and who isn’t?

Why doesn’t God tell your prophets that the undead are coming? Doesn’t He think it’s something essential that you’d want to know: grey-fleshed, super-strong, ravenous, ‘dead-but-not-dead’ people overrunning this nation due to some unknown special effect that turns normal men and women into end times human meat eaters? How could God not care about warning ANYONE about this? Is He sleeping? And how come in all these years of magnificent flowing “accurate prophecy” being delivered direct from the mouths of angels to these top men and women, not one of them have ever told you that this country will be bombed out of existence —-> I SAID OUT OF EXISTENCE, until there’s nothing left but smoking craters and fires burning so high that space satellites will be able to see them from earth? Why isn’t God making this information mainstream so we can all hear?

Because God is fringe. He’s always been that way and He probably always will be. He tells a few people nobody knows to warn (I know I’m certainly trying to), and those who hear are usually those on the fringes. Those who don’t are on the wide highway and even the Bible said in the end of days it would be so.


Your dwelling place is in the midst of deceit; Through deceit they refuse to know Me,” says the LORD. (Jeremiah 9:6)

Through deceit they refuse to know Me.

Through (1)  love for and fascination with lies, and (2) paying attention to PEOPLE and NAMES instead of what they’re actually saying (whether it’s true or not), this nation refuses to know the true God. A huge proportion of Christians here and abroad refuse to truly know, honour and follow Jesus Christ because they prefer Santa Jesus- who is a mythical construct of reckless love, butler-like servitude to their personal desires, and no ability to judge earthly sin whatsoever. Santa Jesus, owner of the gentle face and permed blonde hair. This false Christ is way more popular than the real one but He is the reason the earth will be emptied of life, because all who believe in him will perish when the Beast reveals at last that HE IS THE ONE WHO MADE HIM UP.

The majority have left following the straight and narrow path of seeking God with all their heart and instead hearkened to the powerful lying spirits sent by Satan in these last days into the mouths of so-called prophets, lying spirits that will act as Pied Pipers to drown all false believers in the black and deadly river of DECEPTION. There’s now a focus on a new gospel of rest and peace for the end times believer, a future where only good and more good is anticipated and there’s no need to prepare for anything else. Woe to all who believe this.

I’ll be honest and say this kind of thinking isn’t unique to America. All over the world believers are fast asleep in a hammock under the palm trees (metaphorically)- if you say any bad word to trouble their peace like “War, Invasion, Antichrist, DEATH, End Times” they respond so angrily like the sea rushing at full tide- You’re lying! You’re focused on the bad! You’re full of doom and gloom, God won’t let that happen to His people! Etc. etc. etc. 

Yet I know that same God has already prepared a ton of perfect white clothing for those of us who will be beheaded in the last days for our faith (Revelation 6:9- 11). I’ve seen the robes on their gold hangers, hanging by a very long altar that stretched to the horizon because of how many will die this way. In the Bible at the fifth seal the martyrs who already died will cry to God concerning how long they’ve waited to be avenged, but God consoles them saying ‘Don’t worry, just a bit longer, I’m just waiting for the rest of your brothers and sisters who will also die with their heads chopped off, to reach their full number’. If no death will occur before the Rapture then… who are those white clothes for?

Right in black and white that sentence of martyrs is in the Bible, and right in black and white the images of those times are being faithfully recorded on this blog… and yet. Believers are told by so-called prophetic people only the A-B-Cs of Bible reading which they the people could easily do at home by themselves, but the prophets cannot tell them of coming martyrdom in America, about the heads I’ve seen chopped off, about the multitudes of tiny caskets I’ve seen lined up as children return through death, starvation and engineered diseases back to the Father. The ‘prophets’ can’t speak about the lack of food that’s coming or the waters of earth turning to blood, they tell us nothing about America dropping so far down the international ladder that she’ll need foreign aid to feed families. They’re silent about a huge economic crash that will leave us walking on fiat currency like useless paper on the ground. They can’t tell us about any of it because almost none of them SEE IT, and they can’t see it because nobody called them to see and they aren’t God’s friends at all. 

He never called them. He never sent them. He never said a word to them and if He never spoke to them then it stands to reason He never sent them to speak TO YOU. Read Jeremiah 23, and understand.

What do your prophets see America? If they can’t warn you of what’s coming, what good are they?

I  bet even God wants to know.

As for me, this blog is not about me. It’s not that I mind if someone asks me what I think about this or that, but I’m not going to answer personal questions like what I do in my own life and all that. Knowing more about me doesn’t make what I say more or less true. I’m irrelevant, it’s what I’m saying that matters. Either the words bear witness with Christ and Christ’s book or… they don’t. This is a work for Christ, the focus is Him and the centre is Him and it’ll always stay that way. This is not about me, and what I think doesn’t really matter. What matters is that we hear CHRIST. What I believe should be obvious from my heart poured out on these pages, I don’t know what more I can add to that.

I’ll carry on posting the information soon. May God bless each one and help us keep Jesus at the centre of it all. Amen. 🙏🏽

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  1. Carol Davis says:

    Thank you !

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. sheepdogwarrior says:

    The hard truth is always appreciated by God’s children.
    The lie’s are demanded by step children of God, those in name only christans… because grandma was a christan, they’re not even
    really repentant…from sin.
    It’s so sad, still there’s hope, all that’s coming might wake up a few.
    Who will be lead to this ministry.
    So hang in strong… sister in Christ.

  4. CHENG WAN LENG says:

    Is the rapture equals the second coming of Christ, after the mark of the beast? Thanks

  5. kimkim76 says:

    This is so very true. Some will be in for the rudest awakening ever. That grieves my heart to the core and I pray often for the Holy Spirit to remove the veil. The process of waking for me was very painful, repentant, and full of lamenting. I am grateful that the Lord woke me up in time to prepare myself and fortify my faith. I am so over this wicked, evil, world, and long with intensity for what Paul said, “To be out of the body is to be present with the Lord”. Your words fill in the pages of my understanding with details. Thank you!

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