Insurrection – February 19, 2020


The Holy Spirit spoke to me at 9:11a.m. today, February 19, 2020 about America. The topic was INSURRECTION, the breakdown of society, the undermining of leadership and the loss of everything America holds dear or that defines it as a free and powerful nation. The Lord does not call this country great, whenever He’s teaching me about things to come I can’t help but notice how He doesn’t use that word even though it’s all over our TV and media: America is great, “the greatest country in the world”, “Make America Great Again”. It is absent from His vocabulary.

When He does mention it it is always in relation to the destruction of the United States. ‘Great’ will be its destruction, ‘great’ will be its fall. God acknowledges the might and physical prowess of Mystery Babylon but He does not call her great. I notice things like these when I make my notes because I know when the time comes to fulfil these prophecies not one pen stroke will be left out of the fulfilment- Revelation 17 and 18 are clear that end times Babylon will have a great fall indeed, and a great burning also. Please study these two chapters for your own research and information.

Thus sayeth the Lord: 

“Speak to these people and tell them their transgression. Leave nothing out, make them know how they have grieved My Spirit and offended against My holy countenance. I have gazed at their sin for far too long. My words shall have their fulfilment in the near future. Nothing shall be put off anymore- prophecy good and bad shall come to fulfilment all at once. Those who have pleased Me will receive their blessing and promotion in a time of great chaos, but those who have earned My wrath shall be kindled with a burning that cannot be put out. I will set this nation to tinder and ashes, nothing shall remain when my mighty ones have had their way. America will become a footnote in history, a thing that newborns cannot believe once existed. Though they try they will not believe it- a once great nation removed from the earth as if it was never born- surely such a thing can’t happen. But it shall and it will.

I have removed the buttress of My support from America. I have taken away My hand of goodness and now I will force her to drink the cup of her own abominations that she filled to the brim. It is a bitter cup and they will reel with drunkenness who drink it; I will make them drain it to the dregs, to the very lees*. All My faithful saints shall see My goodness; I shall preserve them by My hands and lead them out to pasture. But the wicked will perish in the high places, in the dens and underground caverns they have built for themselves My hand shall seek them out and drag them out for judgement. I will expose them and not hold back My punishment- I AM the Lord and there is none great except Me.”

The Lord spoke about insurrection- disobedience- rebellion- civil unrest coming to the United States of America. I have shared extensively the last few days about the beast system but what the Holy Spirt revealed today has less to do with that system and more to do with the process of America’s transition into chaos, insurrection and the state of lawlessness that will allow the set up of the Beast. America is a central figure in the end times but not in a good way. She will be a prime example of a nation that forgets God and what happens to her is a warning to other nations to REPENT while they have time, and seek God as a corporate people with all their heart. 

The scriptures given are: Isaiah 9:12-13, and Isaiah 13.

The Lord said: “For sin, for stubborn refusal to repent I will bring sudden attack and destruction on the USA and she will fall to her enemies. For stubborn refusal to repent, for multiplying of sins and clinging to iniquities I will allow the destruction of this nation. These people are stubborn and refuse to acknowledge Me, instead they multiply their sin even in the face of My judgements. They do worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, for as Sodom and Gomorrah burned they acknowledged their iniquity and cried out in remorse. But this nation, tell them I the Lord have said it, this nation shall curse Me to My face even as she is destroyed to ashes. They are rebellious and hard-hearted, therefore I will not relent concerning the things I have spoken of her. She will be destroyed to her foundation. Babylon the adulteress shall go into destruction and be no more. Thus sayeth the Lord.”

Russia will be here and Ukraine. Tell the American people: The boots of foreign soldiers will trample your soil, your backs into submission and your faces in the dust. You will be utterly invaded, captured and taken prisoner. Yes the Ukraine will be on U.S. soil as an ally to Russia. These nations will be here: Russia with Ukraine, China with Taiwan and one other Asian nation which shall not be revealed at this time. These four countries along with their allies will collaborate in a war effort of blinding speed and efficiency.

America will be brought down by what God called “a symphony of nations”- high class technical and technological collaboration among enemies will cause her downfall. He said plans have been underway for years, some formulated RIGHT HERE in America. These plans are very detailed and contain no margin for error. By the time the first wave lands on the beaches it will be a matter of time before everywhere is overrun. Vulnerabilties are being assessed as we speak, terrain maps have been provided to them, aerial views and shots are taken every day and passed on to our enemies. Our security systems are heavily compromised from WITHIN, there are workers from WITHIN feeding information to the enemy and some of them don’t even want money for it. They simply want to see America fall. 

ISAIAH 9:12. The Syrians before and the Philistines behind, and they shall devour with an open mouth. I have received this scripture [and most of Isaiah 9] many times, describing a double headed assault from two enemies- one leading the charge and the other skilfully bringing up the rear in a way that leaves no means of escape, no way out and no relief from the attack. These things have been shared in piercing detail from very many visions and direct prophecies from God, check out a few posts like those below. Also if you’re new to the blog and don’t yet know why it was created please visit the Welcome, About and America tabs at the top banner of the site.

Enemy At The Gates

Isaiah 9:12 His Hand Is Stretched Out Still

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This blog’s primary mandate is to speak prophecies, dreams and visions of AMERICA. I was told to prophesy to AMERICA first- about how she has strayed, how she has disappointed and angered God with her sins, how the Lord will retaliate for her delinquency, and about the future of this nation. Only after America has been warned and her end prophesied for the record will the Lord judge her, for it is written in the Bible- the Lord God does nothing without first revealing it to his servants the prophets (Amos 3:7).

After the revelation of these things- which I am surely not the only one warning about them (a quick online search will expose an avalanche of people speaking on these same themes though not in the same way)- then God will unleash the fulfilment of all this at a time and in a way He sees fit. I am a messenger sent to tell people in America and around the world, “Prepare your hearts. Clean your garments, choose the righteous path and make peace with God. Jesus Christ the Messiah of the world will return, His sword will judge the nations of the world, prepare the way of the Lord.”

This nation will go into decline. Everything will start to fail. Her systems in particular are already infected and will become severely overburdened. America will also be DEFUNDED. Money will be stolen out of the economy for personal use- already mega theft is occurring in plain sight in budgetary over-expense and abuse. Yes the Lord is saying many projects in the New York area for example, and in every other state but especially the big cities are GROSSLY OVERDRAFTED. They have huge, inflated budgets padded with kickbacks, bribes and ‘hush money’ for the various senators, governors, mayors and other city leaders involved in approving any project.

These people were mentioned in another prophecy—> they will be reprimanded, caught, and in some cases publicly exposed and jailed for their ongoing abuse of power and resources of the federal system.

The system will be overburdened, abused and corrupt, even more than it is now. Certain services will be cut and when that happens the poor and less fortunate will be hard hit. Welfare will suffer, subsidised education too [public school system, school lunch program, after school program, sports and music programs, diversity programs etc] will fall away to reveal bare bones education that turns children into zombies who are not well rounded at all. No more welfare checks will go out, social security for the elderly will also be greatly compromised, no more pension money, no more subsidised food stamp program- these things will be squeezed right to the rim of existence as money is siphoned out of the system by the wealthy and the greedy. They may not disappear altogether [for fear of causing public revolt and outcry] but they will be milked dry and less and less funds allocated for their existence.

People will struggle to find food. “America you will know HUNGER”, says the Holy Spirit. The price of goods will be greatly exaggerated, household budgets will be slashed as purchasing power drops. Grocery lists will go from wants to needs, then from needs to bare, basic life essentials, and then from that to raw hardship. Food is a necessity but it will be a chief source of social unrest in America: not everybody has it now and in future it will be even more scarce. Check out this prophecy —-> World Politics- America.

Essential services -heat, gas, power will become faulty. Blackouts, power and grid failures, gas lines cut, power lines cut for non-payment, entire grids going down, you will start to see what’s called ‘third-world tendencies’ for want of better phrasing. 

God spoke about decline, destruction, insurrection and emergency powers. Insurrection in particular. Insurrection refers to people no longer obeying the laws as they have been set. Insurrectionists decide not to comply with laws but to be rebellious, acting as a law unto themselves. God said there will be renegades in parliament [Senate and House of Reps collectively] renegades on the bench [Judiciary] and of course, in the Executive the biggest renegade of all will soon take power. He said there will be assignation [secret meetings to create and execute plans that have no good in them] and conspiracy leading to death. (See this prophecy Conspirators At The Helm for more).

I have seen Americans fighting one another [physical fighting not verbal] over something that happens here, something that sends the whole nation into shock and provides necessary instability for eventual societal breakdown and war to arise. Invaders will not just enter this country as she stands now- no- first will come instability from within and then sudden destruction and attack from external forces

Insurrectionists will be inside the government (attempting to bring it down) and outside the government (among the citizens and in the street). Law and order will break down as things become chaotic. Haves and have-nots will be sharply separated in society and nobody will buy this ‘American Dream, Be All You Can Be’ storyline anymore. People will want to know why they don’t have access to basic things when they can see other people having so much, but without answers to this America will fall into unrest. Money will be a problem, jobs will be a problem, see this prophecy- Money Down The Drain for more. 

This is the prophecy and revelation received today- click related links after reading because these words are often repeated by God as proof that they will come to pass. 

Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice. Shalom.

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