A Look Ahead – February 16, 2020


I just woke up from some strange dreams just now, 9:45pm Sunday February 16, 2020.

It looked like dreams of the future- in all of them I was hiding in plain sight or living a double life so to speak. I had a job and an apartment yet for some reason I wasn’t using them. Or maybe I was being wise given the circumstances, and so I didn’t live full time in my house. I’d live somewhere else for a while before coming back but even then, I’d leave those places and go sleep elsewhere, just so I wasn’t easy to track.

I saw society was very well ordered in one dream and in the second dream it was not. In the first dream society was very neat and bougie. I had a nice apartment with soft lighting in the floor and clean, minimalist designs- everyone’s apartment was like that- ergonomically designed, neat, upmarket, pristine and functional. It seemed like a “green society” I was living in- very well planned and peaceful.

Designing something ergonomically means that you set it up perfectly for the human experience. You design things so everything flows smoothly like water in a little stream- pleasing to the eye, pleasing to the senses, pleasing to the body– restful and for best possible use. My apartment was a cozy, breathing ‘one person’ sleeve, yet I hated it and didn’t want to be there. I lived on the second floor of a high rise with identical one person units all around me- I saw one shot of my apartment building (this dream seriously felt and looked like a movie by the way), all the units were exactly the same from the outside and there were tons of them.

The second dream was more or less the same theme as the first except in this one, society was shot to hell. It was noisy, dirty, upsetting chaos. I remember wearing a trench coat with the collar up to hide my face, for some reason I wanted to avoid detection from cameras as I walked the streets. I also passed a lot of mayhem- in one place men gathered at a landfill of sand, cheering wildly at a free-for-all, celebrity death match wrestling bout being held in the open. People gathered round screaming in bloodlust for somebody to kill somebody, there were drones overhead in the second world and soldiers in very stiff black uniforms patrolling the streets. I went close to the match wanting to ask “What are they fighting for?”, but since I was on high alert I decided not to talk to anybody. The soldiers were many but they did not engage the public- it seemed their purpose was merely to BE VISIBLE– to be seen by everyone so people would mind their manners and not give the cops a reason to engage. I passed the wrestling match looking for a friend of mine- the same girl was present in both dreams but in the chaotic world she was much more valuable to me as a friend than in the perfect one. (I do not know this person in real life.*)

smart home 2

Everything was computerised in the first world- your door handle knew you by skin and would light up when you touched it after a long day. It was made of smooth, greyish-white, luminous metal that glowed when it recognised your DNA match: You touched it when you got home and the door swung open saying “Welcome, so and so”. I didn’t have my door activated at my apartment and always touched it with gloves on. I preferred to open my door the old fashioned way- with a key- it seemed at this time period this was mercifully still an option. The door still had a keyhole as an option the consumer could use, even though it was a smart-door.

In the first dream I must have been arriving home after a relatively long absence, a few weeks or so. I got in, walked to the kitchen and the lights followed me, switching themselves on and off as I walked through the apartment to the kitchen. The fridge door had a list of what was needed flashing in a muted panel- I say ‘muted’ because I did not allow my fridge to talk to me so the voice mechanism was off, but I couldn’t turn off its ability to tell me “milk is bad” or “you need bread” on the console. I ignored it and looked at a gift delivery on my kitchen table. I didn’t know who put it there or how they got in, but it was on the table. The surface of the package was ‘living plastic”- what do I mean by this- there was a message scrolling in red across the surface of my gift, and this is what it said:

‘Welcome home! We don’t care how long you’ve been away, we’re glad you’re back so let’s get cleaning! Simply assemble Clean Broom and we’ll take care of the rest!’

This gift was a broom and mop combo inside the package. The ‘threads’ of the broom were off white and alternating as I watched, between stiff (for the broom option) and wavy soft, floaty tendrils (for the mop option). I stared at the thing like “What kind of fibre is this that moves itself, and can be both hard and soft as it wants?” The worst part of the broom was the handle. It was broken up into pieces that screw into one another, made of the same cool, luminous metal as my door handle. I knew once I put the broom handle together it would light up and capture my DNA by touch, and then feed it into a larger system so some computer would know- Celestial just touched a living metal component at such and such physical location, she is at such and such place at this moment. That info would act as a call tower recording my latest location, time of record, that I was alive on such day at such time and touched this broom handle. I was mad because it was a gift sent to me from a friend (whom I do know in real life). I made a mental note: “I have to tell her again to STOP SENDING ME THESE GADGETY THINGS BECAUSE SHE KNOWS I HATE THEM AND WON’T USE THEM.” I left the broom untouched on the table because I had no idea if the plastic could also record DNA touch, then the dream switched back to the second one.

In this second dream I was looking for a certain corrupt government official. I didn’t know this man personally, I’d gotten his details from my friend (the woman I don’t know in real life). I wanted him to exempt me from something in the system and my friend told me “There’s still ways to do it if you know somebody high up enough to bypass the computer. Everything may be computerised but we ain’t in the belly of the beast yet- human beings can still override the computers and this guy knows how to do it.”

He was a true shady type, I didn’t like him the moment I saw him. He also wore a trench coat like mine- I think the coats represent not wanting to be monitored by the system. I waited for him near the death match landfill because the police kept a safe distance from that type of messy chaos. They stood at a distance in a semi-circle in case things got out of hand, but they were far enough way that I could mingle with spectators and not be seen. The police carried guns that were not like normal guns- very large, black, blocky weapons that looked more like flame throwers than modern handguns.

This man eventually showed up and we spoke while staring at the match, like people who don’t want to be seen talking. I needed him to exempt me from certain things the system required me to have in terms of identification- I didn’t want to get them and he said sure no problem. We stood there talking like we weren’t talking at all. I gave him my information and told him I would pay him in person once I saw that there were no more ‘checks’ on my identity, and he agreed to work first and get payment later because he knew my friend and trusted her, and because she highly recommended me.

The weirdest thing was – this friend of mine was fully compliant in all areas of her identification. She had everything the system wanted; she saw no problem with obeying the law and getting it all done. Yet she also knew this man who got people off the grid and helped them avoid compliance. I found this so strange but she thought nothing of it. She was one of those technology happy people who see no problem with anything, but she was also very liberal and felt nobody should be forced to do something they’re not comfortable with. She felt if someone didn’t want to comply with these checks they shouldn’t have to, because people have rights. So she sent me to this man to get me off-grid even though she herself was fully on-grid in every way.

I just woke up from this dream which switched back and forth between two different time frames of the future. I think they go together- one is the onset of the system where you can still opt in or out of things, and the other is later when it’s getting harder to stay disconnected and society is starting to break down.

Look… I know people must read this blog and wonder who’s running it but all I have to tell you is this-

This is what God shows me. When Ezekiel saw the living creatures or the wheels covered with eyes it seemed strange too; people are arguing in theology to this day over what ‘the wheel within the wheel covered with eyes’ means. (Ezekiel chapter 1 is very odd.)

I never chose my life. I never even chose the particular calling or set of spiritual gifts God has given me. I also know not a lot of prophets out there speak on this matter, yes they speak of the Beast and Antichrist a lot but they do not speak on the practical matters connected to the rise of these persons or the SYSTEM THEY REPRESENT. God has called me to do His work, speak His word and reveal His heart and foreknowledge to people, and that’s what this blog does. I am not in charge of the content of this blog, Jesus is. What I see I say, so unless He tells me not to say something when I see it it’ll be posted.

I had a tough day today and after church I slept for 5 hours. This is what I saw while asleep. I’m posting it because to me it confirms the four posts I just put up a few days ago, about the Beast and the Iron Spider. They may be prophecies from different dates last year but they ALL show the same theme: a system is coming to monitor this earth, to conform all of it into one consistent pattern based on technology and information gathering.

We’re at the “big data” stage of the system now, where all they want to know is our cellphone usage and paper towel preference; they track our shopping trends to learn how to target us with ads in an effort to get us to spend more money. They surely record our calls and pay attention to everyone’s Facebook. Yeah it’s at the “big data” stage now but I assure whoever’s reading this- MICRO DATA IS COMING. Micro data is where skin and saliva form your own personal DNA profile, where your fingerprint will follow you everywhere. Your hair strands will be in a lab somewhere so that if you ever disobey the system and are on the run and drop a hair strand on some smart floor containing that glow-y, living, light-up substance I saw- you better believe that floor will be the next level informant. It will report “Lucy’s hair touched my surface in the Walmart at East 42nd and Lex at 5:56pm on Thursday, June 14, 2033”– and if anybody is looking for you that one hair will light up a thousand panels in the city where you were last seen, and those black clad cops will converge on where you were in SECONDS. Not only that, before the cops even get moving they’ll have drones in the area looking for dear Lucy – all due to a STRAND OF HAIR SHE DIDN’T KNOW FELL OFF HER EXTREMELY STRESSED OUT HEAD.

So. This is… The Master’s Voice. Yes, it gets a little strange here but… hey… salvation is firmly the answer to the world ahead of us. When my life is so difficult I hold on to Jesus- He is the solver of problems and mysteries equally. I could not live without knowing God, and I don’t even want to think what navigating the future without Him is going to look like.

GOD LOVES HUMANITY AND DOES NOT WANT TO SEE IT EXTINGUISHED LIKE A DOLLAR STORE CANDLE BY SOME DEMONIC SET-UP THAT WE (LET’S BE HONEST) ARE CURRENTLY PLAYING WITH. Like a child with a bomb who does not know the danger of that round, ticking circle so are we- clicking, swiping, blinking into phone consoles and giving apps our faces as a game to ‘age’ us. Hello? After the app “ages” you and you laugh about it with your friend, does it strike anyone that it STILL HAS YOUR FACE IN THERE? Did you even read the tiny print that says such and such app will retain your image AND CAN SELL IT TO THIRD PARTIES?

Of course you didn’t. Because nobody reads fine print. Stop giving your face to an iPhone to make an “emoji” of you. It’s funny now but it’s not safe.

Satan is coming. Oh he absolutely is. This is not doom prophecy, this is flat out “I have a Bible and I read it and I don’t even need to be spiritually gifted to know that it says Satan is indeed coming.” He is coming and his evidence is stark and staring all around us. Smart cities, ergonomically designed green cities are the next big push- the UN has been salivating over this theme for at least 5 years now. Cities with less carbon emissions [translation: they will take your cars and give you bikes, you are easier to catch that way. Bikes are fueled by you, and how far will you get when it’s time to flee to the mountains as Jesus said? Can you BIKE to the mountains? See beyond what is obvious people, see the plans satan has in play]. Cities with smooth streets and ‘optimised’ accomodation units for your pleasure [translation: nice bigger roads for police tankers to patrol, tiny rat sized apartments where people can be rounded up in no time because the entire front faces the street and there are no alleys, forests, or handy malls to escape and disappear into.]

As a lawyer even while I listen to what people are saying I can’t help hearing everything they’re NOT saying. So I listen to many of the world’s latest “hot themes” and “global agendas” with skepticism, because inside the speeches I hear “PEACE AND SAFETY!” Yet my Bible tells me “When you hear ‘peace and safety’ [as the order of the day, as the ‘new focus’, as the global trend, as the watchword in your organisations, institutions, regions, nations and universe], that is when sudden destruction comes upon you.”

There is a proverb I truly like. Simple and basic in its application:

I will not die foolishly.

I happen to like this saying very much.

God bless you all on The Master’s Voice, more will be posted. I have one or two dreams from the past to share about these themes. Thank you.

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  1. Cheryl says:

    God Bless You, Celestial…Your straightforwardness, genuine Love of Christ, and obedience to the Holy Spirit is remarkable. You are definitely, an anointed Soldier of Christ. Your blog illuminates the truth, and demonstrates the love and mercy of God. I am so grateful to God for the wisdom, and revelation that He pours into me, for I truly know, the Holy Spirit led me to your blog.

  2. B.A. says:

    I have to say most of which you speak is not a surprise and most not new to me but what has really struck me is the in depth detail of much of what is comming to earth and the U.S.A. that you lay out. the other thing that has struck me is that in order for all these things to come to pass we are not going to see the end of things any time soon….meaning in then next 5 or 10 years. I guess that is some good news as it gives us more time to pray for your friends and family members and to make sure out own house is in order. Cheers, from the Yukon

    1. Hélène says:

      It was disconcerting for me to figure out we have aloooot longer here. I was banking on 3 yrs at most, that was back in 2020 🤦‍♀️ So now I’m at a loss, in day to day living. I think there’s a master plan at work here- for my life anyway. So I’m not completely crestfallen but hopeful.

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