Conspirators At The Helm: A Parable – January 9, 2020

“When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan.” – (Proverb 29:2)


*The “helm” is a place of leadership, the front, the driver’s seat.

Let me tell you a parable, says the Lord. Settle down now, and I will make it plain. 

There once was a shipmaster, and a merry captain was he. He was bright with potential and shone as a beacon of hope. He called sailors to his vessel, asking them to sail away with him. He told them he had plans to make them rich, a way for each man to make his fortune, and many joined up with him from distant lands in joy. They believed he could steer his ship; they believed he would travel with them to destiny and future independent wealth. But over the course of the journey the shipmaster’s heart grew darkened and hard. With every advance to success that his sailors made he schemed how to take away their wealth. He plotted how to capture their money, so that all everybody in the vessel earned could belong to him. Possessions went missing in the ship time and time again, and a mighty outcry was heard each time the thefts were discovered:


Each time, the shipmaster held up his hands among the sailors and called for peace. He told them since they were all at sea together, the culprit had to be on the boat. There was nowhere for him to escape to! He calmed them down and told them to be logical, assuring them that the wicked ones would be found and exposed, maybe even cast out to sea and left to drown. He selected able men from among them and formed committees, and he gave them this charge: “Find the culprits. Give yourselves no rest until you uncover the meaning of this theft. Find the ones responsible and bring them to me.” The chase was on.

But with all their efforts, questioning and resources the selected committees found nothing. No thief, no proof, no trace of guilt. They were no match for the crafty shipmaster who robbed by night yet stood out in the open by day, steering the ship in front of everyone as a good and fearless leader. His chambers were heavy with the gold that he stole, but as captain nobody suspected him or ever thought to search his quarters.

Until now.

Hear the word of the lORD.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. BANKRUPT NATION. THIS IS YOUR FINANCIAL HISTORY. READ AND IT RECOGNISE: WHO ARE THE SAILORS, WHO IS THE SHIPMASTER, AND WHO ARE THE SELECTED COMMITTEE MEMBERS. As you read this understanding will come to you, and you will know where your money went for at least the last 50 years.  The nations gathered to you America- hardworking men and women of every race and background- heeding the promise of ‘The American Dream’. They came to make their fortune and many of them were successful. They invested everything they owned in the nation, believing they could build generational wealth for years to come.

But that was not to be.

The money walked away. It left the banks by night, it disappeared out of the stock markets, it slithered away from the bonds you set your faith in. The money lost its value bit by bit. It disappeared into the mouths, bowels and secret chambers of your shipmasters- the leaders, government officials, administrations, institutions and presidents-  they and all who worked with them formed a network of fraud so complicated that you will never figure it out.

Massive crashes and frauds were perpetrated before your very eyes, TIME AND TIME AGAIN, and a massive outcry demanding to know who was at fault resulted each time. But nothing was ever found. Committees and investigations reached outcomes of “No Fault”, and things went on as usual until another breach was made. This parable is the financial life of America as the Lord has revealed it today.

Many theorists and investigators are out there are working to figure this out but God says to you, you do not know the HALF of what you don’t know. You will never figure it out.

You are nowhere close to figuring out this labyrinth [twisted puzzle] of conspiracy. It goes deeper than you ever thought possible, so deep that on the day it is exposed to you, you may faint with shock and surprise who it is, who the shipmaster really is. I the Lord will expose the conspirators who run this ship, who hijacked my nation in their endless greed, who went from shipmaster to Master Pirate, who robbed the poor and shortchanged the widows and orphans in favour of only enriching themselves.

CONSPIRATORS! You made the nation corrupt and blinded her officials with bribes. They sleep with minors to pass votes in the Senate: boy and girl flesh is the price they want to spend their vote. They have salaries yet want to be paid in flesh for their work. BUT I WILL CHOKE YOU says the Lord. I will choke you until you confess.

(I see an image of a man choking and shaking another man so much that in order to save his life the weaker man begins to scream and confess the information that the stronger man wants to know.)

I will choke the truth out of you and before you die IT WILL BE KNOWN IN FULL WHAT YOU DID. You will not die in peace with your crimes cloaked in silence; your deeds will come to light so everyone can know you raped children as an exchange and payment in order for you to DO YOUR JOB which you were elected in good faith to do. JACKALS.

This is the promise of God: Prepare. I will lay it all bare. 

Here end the words of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Revelation: The depth of financial conspiracy in this country is surprising. America has been looted from the inside out, and its collapse will be televised for all. American money will crash and cascade in a domino wave of deadly effect, destabilising and even crashing other major currencies around the world because of carelessness and selfishness in the financial arena. People have played GAMES with the stock exchange, personal games for personal benefit, but the outcome of it is everyone suffers.

POVERTY will attack this nation like an armed robber; people will be hard pressed to put hand to mouth in the future. You who have bread, share with your neighbour and so fulfil the law of Love. Such things will be highly pleasing to God in that hour, because America and many nations will be more impoverished than words can possibly say or express at this time.

*P.S. After I got this prophecy I googled and found that 50 years ago the ruling president and administration was none other than one of the the biggest scandal-makers and crisis deniers in U.S. history: Richard Nixon. Personally I’m always blown away by the perfect accuracy of the Holy Spirit in every line of these prophecies. There is always something new to learn.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Richard Nixon took the US dollar off the gold standard in 1971 which consequently rendered our money Fiat Currency- backed by nothing but the word and might of the American Government. Our government is no longer mighty, our Currency will be rendered worthless soon….

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  3. Hélène says:

    My mom loved Nixon much (had worked on his campaign at the local & regional level) she made me watch his televised resignation while she cried, having lost the savior Kennedy so few years before (he was everyone’s savior at that point, unifying the parties). I was prob around 8 ICR. I thought it all pretty boring. My mom cried alot anyway.
    To be that time again, to have that chance again-for life…now we simply have to occupy, in increasing horror. How is this fair? But I do not place the hoary frost nor did I create leviathan. He is just, amen.

  4. elfmom55 says:

    Watergate was Pedogate with Richard Nixon and Billy Graham

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