Isaiah 9:12- “His Hand Is Stretched Out Still” – August 5, 2019

Here is the word of the Lord:

“The Syrians in the forefront and the Philistines bringing up the rear; together they shall devour Israel with an open mouth. For all this His anger is not soothed, But His hand is stretched out still.” – (Isaiah 9:12)

This is the same word that has been repeated on this blog- the United States will be destroyed. She will be attacked by her enemies in successive waves. This means those who hate her and desire her downfall will make strategic and staggered approaches where one comes first to devastate her then the other follows right after, attacks so  close together that it looks like (or is) a coordinated and comprehensive attack. From the sea, air and ground America will be struck on all fronts, to the point where her relief forces are decimated and destroyed: Army, Navy, Air Force and any other special forces she may have (that I can’t name because I don’t know them), will be scattered like a child’s toys when he’s done playing with them. Men and women in uniform will be greatly slaughtered and there will even be attacks on naval forces and other army bases stationed abroad, to make very sure that no “backup help” is coming. America will run from her enemies in the air and on the ground- she will be outclassed by technology she has no idea even exists.

Insight: It is widely believed that the peak of modern warfare and technology resides in the United States- there is even something called “The Military Industrial Complex”– this body or ‘political organism’ should I say, is widely revered. It is all-seeing, all-knowing and all-powerful, or so it thinks. Even when citizens complain against it they secretly love it, because they believe as one man that this is what keeps them safe. 

However I see in a picture of the Lord, this mighty army of America scattered like ants on a hill- the flag of the United States is tattered and torn with blood on it everywhere. The man who was supposed to uphold it in battle has dropped it and fallen himself, and the nation is torn as if from the roots up, with no-one to come to her aid. As shared in the prophecy Dinner At The U.N.“- America’s allies will have no help to offer in the day the nation is attacked. Your traditional allies will not defend you U.S.A, partly because they will have their own trials in that hour, but mostly because they have no intention of going down to the pit with you. You will be by yourself, says the Lord. You will be uncovered like a woman in the midst of evil men; you will be naked and afraid with nobody to help you. At long last the mountain of evil you have done to others will be repaid back to you.

I see a man striking another man viciously in the chest multiple times, so many times that the chest of the second man is just a messy, bloody pulp as he falls to the ground. So shall your angry and bitter enemies do to you, strike you in the heart multiple times until you have ‘heart attack’- with shock, with pain, with betrayal and with the sheer blunt force of military might. Your weapons are not the best; there are weapons formed under the earth with hidden technology that makes yours look like child’s play- there are things with cloaking technology where your enemy will sit in the water one mile away listening to your conversations and you will not detect them. There is technology that lets them fly right overhead making not a single sound, only when they wish to be revealed is when you will know your airspace has been invaded. You will be brought down with a strong hand America; your enemies have been named and they will come with others who wish to enrich themselves from all that you possess. Not one thing will be left with you- it will be carted away in ships to distant nations and used to build up the wealth of other countries. Even your flesh will be carried away.

“With a strong hand you will be dragged down from the heights, with a strong hand the LORD GOD will punish you. Behold His hand is stretched out- the Syrians before and the Philistines behind them- but for all that God is not done with you, there will be more to come.”

This is the word of the Lord.

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The Lord is calling this nation to repentance one person at a time- I’ve noticed that Americans form the bulk of visitors to the blog, with foreign visitors from over 40 nations clocking in too. This means more than anyone else we see these prophecies go up and have endless golden opportunities to PRAY about them. These words are not fantastic, frivolous or cheaply given- they come from a place of constant prayer and intercession because GOD IS SERIOUS ABOUT SOULS. He wants people to be saved; He wants people in right relationship with Him. We’re at a crucial point in human history- think of it like a rollercoaster inching its way towards the steepest drop you ever saw, you know it can’t keep climbing forever. Eventually it will crest that drop, and then things will truly change.

The wisdom of God is to prepare us before that happens. May we all listen in Jesus name. 

– Celestial 

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  1. Scarlett says:

    “The wisdom of God is to prepare us before that happens”…….
    I honestly don’t know how any American Christian can be fully prepared for the devastation that’s coming. But still, we must take this to heart, pray and intercede as if there may be no tomorrow, because there may not be for many of us.

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