The State Of Things, Part 3 – July 9, 2020

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The sound of a cry comes from Babylon, and great destruction comes from the land of the Chaldeans. Because the Lord is plundering Babylon, and silencing her loud voice… – (Jeremiah 51:54- 55)

Welcome to The Master’s Voice. On this blog you can find all the prophecies God has given me over a period from 2013 to 2020. This blog was commissioned by the Lord in 2019 after a lengthy period of prayer and seeking as to how to share the information I’ve had for some time now. All prophecies are dated according to the date received (not date posted.)

I didn’t keep track when the blog turned a year old- I missed the birthday on May 27, 2020. It’s been a true labour of love and countless hours on and off-screen but may God receive  all the glory for His words, this is His voice being lifted up for all to hear and return to holiness, righteousness and following only one God and one Saviour who is Jesus, by the power of one Spirit who is Himself God.

The Master’s Voice is a warning to America to repent and turn back to the Lord who raised her up as a beacon of hope and freedom to the nations. She started well but took Him for granted along the way, some of these prophetic words contain a literal love story of how God felt towards this country, only to have His advances rejected. (See America In Chains below).

America wasted His favour and went her own way- and now God is sending judgement to  her whether she returns to Him or not. This isn’t to say repentance won’t help- it’s just that the majority of these prophecies make it clear that judgement will come to America regardless of her decision. Her sin has to be judged.

Mind you- ALL nations will be judged, but this one will be judged worst of all: Mystery Babylon is seen in Rev. 18 receiving judgement that makes other nations weep in fear and pity. Yet we should never stop praying, national repentance can do a LOT to turn God’s heart. He is merciful and always willing to show compassion and forgiveness to whoever genuinely asks.

I’ve included a few links here for new visitors who haven’t had time to go through most of the words in detail. The general gist is-

(1) America has fallen from first place because of extreme descent into sin and wicked lifestyles, therefore God has judged her and released a wealth of [very graphic] prophecy against her. (2) Many of these crimes have been listed in detail by the Holy Spirit through dreams, visions and direct dictation- therefore the blog is rather intense in some places, very graphic in others and sometimes hard to bear. I have to share the information exactly as I receive it, it’s not for me to mute it or leave any out because God must be given room to speak exactly as He wants to.

(3) Some words are specific to certain cities, some to certain events. New York, money, war, abortion, sexual immorality and abuse, and political intrigue are just some of the topics covered. (4) There’s no real way to index a WordPress site so I suggest reading in your spare time as the Lord leads until you have a working idea of what this project is for.

(5) I’ve heard people say these prophecies are not true. There isn’t any need to answer that since they are true- they’re specific, blunt and would take an enormous amount of skill (and free time) to dream up out of nowhere. (6) I’ve also heard people complaining, But why is God only focussing on America? Why is she so much in the prophetic space when you can’t even find a word about her in the Bible during the end times?! 

Well, either you’re so patriotic that it’s clouding your judgement and belief system, or you’re imposing what you want to happen over what God says will happen, which is never a good idea. It is better to know the truth and deal with it than pretend you can’t hear and see what’s right in front of you, and I believe this blog does a sound job of explaining what’s right in front of us.

Think about it like “first child” or “only child syndrome.”

Anyone who’s a first or an only child well knows the pressure, expectations, rewards and punishments that come with that position. You get it all when it’s just you- you’re spoiled, blessed, and loved from all directions. But when other kids show up expectations show up too. You’re expected to set an example. You’re expected to share. You’re expected to keep your siblings out of trouble, to protect them and moderate between them with fairness due to your privileged place- not trash and rob them every chance you get.

America has been the leading nation in history since 1944 for goodness sake- do we really think God expected all the power, influence, strength and resources He gave her to reward Him with a slow decline into the degeneracy we see today? No, Isaiah 5 shows what God does to those He pours everything into, who reward Him by abandoning His holy ways for sin.

(7) Additionally, America is all over Bible prophecy. Anytime you want to see her google ‘Babylon’ or ‘Mystery Babylon’, and there she is. Rev 17, Rev 18, Jeremiah 50, Jeremiah 51, Isaiah 9:10 to the end of the chapter, all these God has pointed to directly as referring to end times USA. All that is covered on this blog which now has 197 posts, if you read long enough and pray about what you read, the Holy Spirit will lead you into the truth. Many cling to their own opinion but I believe a truly discerning person [even someone who is not a believer] knows how to read to truth and not to their own perspective. 

(8) This blog also covers the supernatural, politics, and other nations like the Middle East, Russia, China and mentions of Asia and Europe. Whatever the topic- my objective is to put JESUS first. I’ve said before, nothing here for is entertainment.

(9) THIS WORK IS FOR GOD. GOD NEEDS A SAY AND A NARRATIVE IN THESE END DAYS, HE IS OUR MAKER AND MUST NOT BE DROWNED OUT. God cannot be less important to us than the news, He can’t be overlooked for Youtube. What kind of world have we made where we believe news media over the Bible? No. I’m here to put Jesus forward as clearly as possible, and to urge people to understand that time is running out for all of humanity. Sin is not an American problem, it’s a human problem. I have been mocked, ridiculed and heavily doubted but after this long walking with God I must say, it doesn’t move me. What I’m aiming for is to warn somebody and see them actually listen, for that result I will speak regardless of whether one person believes me or everybody does.

These are merely housekeeping posts, updating my readers on The State Of Things. 

Thank you and God bless.

Feel free to browse links below, all links open in a separate page so you won’t lose this one. 

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I end with this note from a previous prophetic teaching:

To the people I teach, advise, counsel, pray for and direct I always say- “Wrestle anyone, antagonise anyone, frustrate and resist anyone, anyone you like- but do not fight, frustrate or resist Jesus Christ. He is the Lord, the maker of all flesh. Do not upset Him, do not ignore His Holy Spirit, or throw His words aside like a cheap coat eaten through by moths. Do not pretend you can’t see His hand waving at you from the roadside seeking your attention, do not make yourself stubbornly deaf as if there is someone who cares about you more than He. When you do this you will by one disobedient act after another make for yourself a Heavenly Enemy- when at last that Enemy arises against you what a bitter and detrimental day that will be… for YOU.”

Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice, see you again soon.

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