Empty- August 17, 2019

The Empty Throne, image copyright Bernard Cornwell

Surely now they will say, “We have no king, For we do not revere the LORD. As for the king, what can he do for us?” – (Hosea 10:3)

‘Thus says the Lord GOD, “I will also destroy the idols And make the images cease from Memphis. And there will no longer be a prince in the land of Egypt; And I will put fear in the land of Egypt.” – (Ezekiel 30:13)


The White House will be empty of a Chief.

The White House will be empty of a sitting ruler.

The White House will be empty of a hand at the helm to guide it forward, a hand elected and chosen by the people of America.

The chair will stand empty, and another type of ruler will come.

This is the word of the Lord.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Wow, the first three lines of this prophecy certainly seem to have been fulfilled!
    Celestial, thank you so much for your faithfulness and boldness in proclaiming truth, wisdom, and understanding and for your willingness to be a faithful messenger for our King and Savior.
    May we live our lives in reckless abandon for our King in the days to come, especially in light of the soon fulfillment of the fourth line when “another type of ruler will come.” May we be like the men of Issachar, who knew and understood the times they lived in and knew what to do in those times (I Chronicles 12:32).

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