Isaiah 10:1 – The Unrighteous Decree – July 31, 2019

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“Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees, who deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people, making widows their prey and robbing the fatherlessWhat will you do on the day of reckoning, when disaster comes from afar? To whom will you run for help? Where will you leave your riches? Nothing will remain but to cringe among the captives or fall among the slain. Yet for all this, his anger is not turned away, his hand is stretched out still.” (Isaiah 10:1-4) 

After hearing this prophecy on and off through the entire month of July, I received the full word on July 31, 2019, 11pm. This word made it clear to me that the nation of America (far from being made great again) will instead head in the opposite direction- direct to where chaos, internal destabilisation and persistent difficulties in political, economic, and social spheres combine to make life as unbearable as possible for U.S. citizens. We are at the 70th week of Daniel the prophet- whether anyone believes it or not, or is waiting for a special signal to convince them of it, is not for me to debate. I post the prophecies of the Lord Jesus Christ as I get them and preach the gospel of the Kingdom and salvation for all men- after that we will all make our own choices. Certain things kept me busy the last few weeks but  given the prophecy The Taskmasters it is now time to release this word. This is the third or fourth time I have been told that the U.S. leadership will be cut short. 

Note: The Lord Jesus Christ, The Father Jehovah and the beloved Holy Spirit are a relational God-head. Their primary ministry is to men, TO SEEK AND SAVE THEM FROM THEIR SINS, TO RESCUE THEM FROM HELL AND TO TRANSLATE THEM AT THE GREAT DAY OF THE LORD INTO THE RAPTURE SO THAT THEY CAN BE WITH GOD FOREVER. That’s in caps because it deserves to be- If any man doesn’t know why he was born, if any woman is confused as to what’s she’s really doing down here, that large, bold statement is your answer. You are here to find Jesus, accept Jesus, serve Jesus, love Jesus, learn Jesus, KNOW Jesus and be known by Him, until the day your breath expires and you can return in peace to the same Jesus who sent you down here for a human experience to begin with.

All else that gets in the way of you rightly and skilfully doing these things is what gets humanity in trouble first, and in Hell second. If you don’t ‘believe in Hell’ (as if Hell were an option at McDonald’s where you can click “Yes I believe” or “No thanks”) – I’ll say nothing more than to let you know that Jesus spoke of Hell frequently and gave descriptions all through scripture as to what it looks and feels like, and what type of stubborn, foolish, rebellious and selfish-minded person allows themselves to be taken there because of pride and refusing to live a holy life. These are not things that need debating- rather, they need LEARNING. You must at some point in your stubbornness or disbelief accept that no-one is born knowing God. Just as one learns the alphabet in his own language so he can interact in this world, so too scriptural things must be learnt (even if you never heard of them before you found this New Yorker’s blog). Therefore if there are things about God, Jesus, Heaven and Hell you do not know, it is better to set about learning them and testing all you know (or don’t know) against what the Bible says, rather than trusting your eternal soul to the flimsy weight of “I don’t believe it!” Hell is indeed real my friends, do not go there – Amen. 

Here is the prophecy about America and the current leader President Donald J. Tump:

“I will remove Donald Trump from office, and his death is upon his own head. An arrogant man, who removes the shelter from over the heads of innocents and uncovers the weakness of the poor. Woe unto you. WOE! To those who write unrighteous decrees, harsh laws and pitiless taskmasters that expose the weakness of the mothers and nursing infants, thou cruel one who denies shelter to My people. Woe unto you who refuse to cover the naked or feed the hungry. Woe to you America. Woe to the masthead of the nation, Donald Trump. The axe is already at the roots; even now the plans are being laid for your downfall. They will cover you with the flag and call it a day; they will call it an afternoon after you are gone. THE HAND OF THE CONSPIRATOR IS AGAINST YOU TRUMP. They will move against you soon, you will never see it coming. They will play the Trump card. They have already anointed your successor; in secret they called him and made him precious promises of what to expect when you are dead. They have poured oil on his head in dark places and shouted ‘Hail to the king!’ MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. Trump you have been weighed, you have been found sorely lacking, this day your kingdom is finished in the sight of Heaven. This is the word of the Lord.”

At this point I’ll make a few observations. First, I know what many Americans think. I am not deaf or blind- I watched the 2016 election frenzy and heard all the prophetic comparisons to ‘King Cyrus’ and all that. Many false prophets, true prophets, and random people with a random dream lied to the people of this country. They said that God said all sorts of random things He never actually said. People of God, learn to calm down. Learn to sit at the Master’s table and wait for Him to serve you; learn to allow Jesus to uncover the bowels of a person so you can know who this person is, and whether they mean you harm or good. Stop waving the flag for everyone who shows up on the ballot, and insisting he/ she came from God. Do you not yet know how to recognise godly people?

Barely five minutes ago this nation laid palm fronds from Hawaii to Alaska, welcoming their humanitarian saviour Barack Obama. Then (as now) the ‘prophetic fountains’ flowed deep (and false) that ‘Salvation had come to America!’ Oh stubborn nation, when will you learn to understand that there is but one God, who lays the sea like a skirt around the nations, whose voice splits the rocks into pieces? WHEN WILL YOU STOP PRAISING MEN AND SMASHING YOURSELVES ON THE SHARP ROCKS OF THEIR WEAK, EVIL FLESH? Are all the millions of mistakes of people who did this in the Bible not enough for you?

So after giving me this prophecy, God said to me “Remind them about Saul”. Here is your reminder. Non-Christians, seeking unbelievers, backsliders, and other curious folk who visit… perhaps you’ll find an analogy here worth keeping, worth making you come back to read more about this person called 🌟Jesus🌟. He’s an excellent Father, faithful and far more loving than the other ‘gods’ who have never answered you back when you spoke to them. He alone can solve the puzzle of your spirit. You have a spirit- that’s who’s asking those hard questions when you’re trying to ignore the pains of life and fall asleep at night. Your spirit is the one driving you to get out of trouble and find more than what you’re busy with right now, because that spirit knows the end is coming and believe me brother and sister, your eternal spirit wants to LIVE not die. 

Read 1 Samuel 8 & 9 to understand what is shared below. Please get used to reading your Bible; read several chapters a day. It opens the mind, it breaks down stubbornness in the heart. Read it often so you can grow and LIVE.

Saul was a king chosen by men, not God. God wanted to be the unseen king of Israel, the King they followed by FAITH- but they were so stubborn, so persistent in wanting to be like everybody else! Their hearts and minds were like rock- they pestered the prophet (and God) until finally God told Prophet Samuel, “Anoint for them a king.” But God let them get a man who was JUST LIKE THEM! They did NOT get a Godly man, in fact they elected a man who was in every way JUST LIKE THEM- Stubborn, cunning, resistant, proud, sneaky- the list is long. King Saul looked great on the outside and fit for the job, but on the inside he was the living mirror of the people who wanted him to rule them. Isn’t this proof of the scripture: “With those who think they’re smarter God shows just how shrewd He is.” (Psalm 18:26) GOD LET THEM PICK THEMSELVES. And if you’re a Democrat and you just read that and felt justified- You picked yourself 8 years ago, twice– and where did that get you? Yep.

Saul was a king God allowed because of the people’s pressure. The man in the chair now is the same. I’m not the one saying that- prophecy is the one saying that. The same God who let him win is the One now pronouncing this verdict on his life and on his head. This is the third or fourth post of this type: See POTUS; Succession: Deep State; and Empty. [Update:] See also Little Fires and Ezekiel 13. For Obama see A Proud Boaster and Bull Mastiff.

We must stop looking at human beings as perfect, infallible. We must (especially if you’re a Christian!) STOP forming opinions of people based on what CNN, CSPAN, BBC and Fox News says about them. The Lord reveals His secrets to his friends the prophets, let JESUS be the one to reveal people to you, and when He has done so BELIEVE HIM AND COME AWAY FROM THE FENCES. My old pastor always said, “Many Christians don’t like to come deep into the pasture with God. They like to play a dangerous game and sit right on the fence, but what they don’t know is- SATAN OWNS THE FENCE.” Indeed that’s true, but all who like the fence will get a shock when they see their favourite pony fall out of the race one day, or the pony they hate magically come back to power to torment them in the future.  

As for me? I am Celestial on The Master’s Voice. The Bible is my friend and warning people to wake up and see what time it is, my other (unpaid) job. If even one person reads this blog and thinks hard about life, asking: “Really WHAT am I doing with my life? What am I doing with these useless friends who keep getting me into trouble? What am I doing at this dead end job? Why am I living like this, messing with a drug or porn habit? WHAT AM I DOING?!”

If even one person gets sober because of this blog- turns from evil to good, atheist to saved, doubtful to sure that Jesus is real and knowing He’ll be back one day with a question sheet a mile long- (Did you serve Me? Did you know Me? Did you tell anybody else about me besides your best friend? DID YOU LOVE ME AT ALL?)– if even one person orders their steps right and follows Jesus then I know I’m doing a great job. That’s all there is to it 💟

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  1. Eric says:

    I’m certain more than one person is coming to the Lord as a result of your blog. Your words are from the Lord. I so appreciate what you are doing and thank you for your faithfulness.
    I believe you are quite possibly the lone voice in the wilderness. I haven’t heard anyone else pulling back the darkness and exposing so much as you are doing in obedience to the Lord. Keep it up! You are a very bright light in a very dark world. God bless you!

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello Eric. This is so awesome, I literally dont know HOW I missed this! Thank you so much for such a kind observation- I do my best and I mean it from my heart. The work I do on this blog is a labour of Love for me. I want sincerely for us to get our hearts right and enter into communion with Jesus, so we can be saved and go to Heaven. There is no higher goal than that: “For what does it profit a man if he gain the world and lose his soul?” God bless you for such awesome encouragement!!

      1. Eric says:

        You are most welcome. It is precisely because your motivation is so honoring to the Lord that He speaks to you and entrusts you with so serious of warnings. As things spin further out of control in this country, I pray the Lord will increase and bless your ministry in mighty ways! I pray He will bless you with safety and provision as the days grow more dangerous. Keep speaking what He gives you. It is so very important!

        1. Celestial says:

          Amen and amen! Thank you very much for this encouragement Eric, may the Lord God of Heaven bless your life and be gracious to you and yours in all things. Thank you so much for this exhortation and blessing, I appreciate it very much. I’m really touched. God bless you brother.

  2. Chantal says:

    The Lord spoke to me a few years ago whilst I was watching a video of D.T. boasting against Russia. To paraphrase, He said that this man that He gave to that nation was a reflection of their own character as a whole- brash, arrogant, boastful, and blind. Years ago, when He began to instruct my group, Yeshua said, “Once again, my people are looking for a Saul, some great leader to stand up and take control. Why can’t they see that I must be their only leader?” I subsuquently worked rather hard in my assignment to pull believers off of the politics train but not too many listened. It’s idolatry and we’re to live for one Kingdom alone where this is not our home. Thank You for your post.

  3. Tracey says:

    Count me among those who can testify to a deepening of their walk as a result of reading this blog.

    Thank you so much my sister. May the Lord show you His approval of your service to Him in this life as well as in eternity in Jesus name. Amen

    I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface with Christ… but I’m sooo delighted to be on this journey. Wish I’d started much earlier in life but I know the years the locust stole He is able to and WILL restore. I can already see it with the quality of teachers He’s introduced to my life to accelerate my growth. It’s a thing of wonder. I Praise God

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