A Few Words – September 9, 2019

prophecy 2

“After that, we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will always be with the Lord.” – (1 Thessalonians 4:17)

Hello Everyone, 

Welcome once again to The Master’s Voice end-time prophecy blog. I’m happy to have you here, and you’re always welcome. I’m writing this feature for all new subscribers who’ve decided to follow the blog, as well as for all the new visitors I see from so many wonderful countries around the world. If you’ve only started visiting in the last few weeks or months- welcome. If you’ve been here since the start- thanks for sticking with it. This is not a hobby or some flash-in-the-pan experiment, far from it. God the Heavenly Father commissioned this work- visit the Welcome page to know more about that. It’s here for a reason and that’s to make His voice known to the nations.

This blog exists to share specific prophecies of the Lord Jesus Christ relating to the end times of this world in general, and the United States in particular. Since November 2012 The Lord has been telling me in increasing detail about the last times that will be on this earth before His great and highly anticipated coming. He has revealed in spoken revelations, dreams and visions a lot of information not taught in church today, things right out of the Bible that are little known, poorly explained, largely considered irrelevant when they’re not, and stuff that’s not known at all! God has a lot to say about the earth, humanity, Himself, creation, the devil and how all that is going to blend together when we approach the time TV and Hollywood have handily dubbed “The End Of The World.”

The “end of the world” has been a solid part of mainstream popular culture for so long that guess what?- nobody believes it in anymore! Nobody thinks it’s real, it’s merely an old  joke, a sure sell for blockbuster movies featuring top actors watching the world blow up in front of their Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. Well people, TV lied to us all. The end of the world is NOT a joke, nor is it limited to movies. This world (like every single other created thing on this planet), has an end. Everything God made starts, lives, and dies. I always tell people- You can save yourself a lot of heartache by simply paying attention to the world around you- it’s created with patterns, you know. The patterns are obvious to anyone, so if you want to know God or know yourself, identify a pattern, obey it, and God will come to you.”

In other words, one clear pattern is that- Everything ends. Everything dies. All things come from somewhere and right back to that ‘somewhere’ do they return. In the case of mankind, it’s dirt. This is one truly convincing argument for the reality of God- dirt. The Bible is the only book that tells us how we were made (from dirt- Genesis 2:7), that we lost our privilege to be long-life beings (lifespan limited to 120 years- Genesis 6:3), and that death is the commonality that binds us all (Hebrews 9:27). All humanity is from dust, and back to dust it goes. Open the grave after a while, and bones have crumbled to dust. A person requests cremation, what do you get? Grey dust. Even if lost at sea a body retrieved dries out and turns to dust. We turn to dust to matter what ‘religion’ we are; this should tell you that religious ideology has NOTHING to do with and cannot alter a universal command we all exist under. As I study the Bible and see such obvious commands in action I realise it’s worth knowing WHICH BOOK is telling the truth, and finding out all the truth you can from the right one so you can meet the right God when you die. This is especially urgent for people of other faiths with other books that tell them the Bible is contaminated, corrupted and nothing but lies. That is not the case- the Bible is in fact so much truth piled together in 66 books that at times I wonder how I keep reading the same book year after year and discovering absolutely brand new things in it, every time. It is a living book.

Science says even huge flaming stars that burn for centuries eventually morph, dwindle and become surly black dwarves that wander away to wherever dead stars go. If a star can die it means the universe is mortal, so please understand that ALL of this present universe will one day fall away to reveal another form of life for which the body you have now is INADEQUATE. After life there is death. And after death there is judgement, and facing God. And after that (depending on how well you did or not)- Heaven or Hell. Either eternal life with Jesus, or eternal torment alongside satan, Antichrist, the two beasts of Revelation and a host of other beings you don’t want to meet. The choice lies with us.

The Master’s Voice is here to teach us these things, to reveal the mind of God as He is showing it to one messenger. The church of God is His primary concern- He wants us ready, waiting and expectant to receive Him on the day He returns to gather us. As a human being I can assure you, nothing is more important for the safety of your skin, bones and internal organs than making sure you are a born-again Christian who is living a righteous, acceptable and holy life unto God on the day He comes back to this earth for His church. That’s because Jesus Christ is returning for only His pure Remnant bride on that day, in what is called the great catching away (more popularly known as the Rapture). Jesus will only take what looks like Him on that day- as a man can only expect to see his own reflection in a mirror, so too will Jesus ONLY RECOGNISE AND TAKE WHAT LOOKS LIKE HIM ON EARTH ON THAT DAY. Let the reader be warned. Only what is BORN-AGAIN, holy, cleansed, just, true, PURE and waiting with FAITH INSIDE THEM, will be lifted off the ground to meet the Lord in the air when He comes back for his people.

More will be shared about this as we go. For now, I know people think Christianity is a type of persistent foolishness that just won’t disappear off the earth and give everybody else a break. I also know many think Christians are people of weak intellect who need a fairy tale to cling to because the world is too hard to bear. Well… Christians are all sorts. I do know foolish ones unfortunately, I also know razor sharp ones, highly astute and impressive scholars. I myself spent 5 years in law school, 12 years building legal strategy and networking for companies and individuals, and another 2 years studying Masters-level economics and policy- to put it mildly, the mental energy I’ve spent in my life didn’t come cheap. And yet, I’ve found the intricacy of knowing God to be more challenging than anything I learned in school, than anything I’ve ever learnt in fact. This is because God stands right at the end of everything you know and turns your mind into HIS open highway. Following Him is not for the weak, simple-minded or proud. People think that intelligence excludes faith- quite the opposite- I FIND IT HELPS IT ALONG VERY NICELY. We are not stupid for serving Jesus, in fact, I hope as you serve Him you keep a regular polygraph of how amazingly your brain grows as you learn the realities of life from His words. 

The Master’s Voice is an timely, prophetic, end times teaching resource to help anyone who wants to know God on a deeper level do just that. As God teaches me, I share what I learn here. As God gives me prophecy, I proclaim it without reserve here. As God gives me revelation and understanding of the times to come- you’ll find it here. Jesus is real. He is not a historical myth made up by bored old men in togas. He is REAL; He has POWER to change, restore, heal, lead and bless you, and best of all, protect what remains of your life until He sees fit to Rapture you, or bring you to Him another way. The choice is yours first (to accept and follow Him), and then His (to make of you what He will).

On that note, here are a few tips. Use this blog wisely, and try to read everything on it. Take your time, come back as often as it takes, but try to read as much as you can. The Holy Spirit gives truth regularly which means that soon this blog will be thicker than a dictionary, and things you need to have seen will be very far down the archive chain. This blog contains MANY PROPHECIES for the United States; if you’re an American you need to read them. Use the MENU as the best way to cover this blog, and try to read it all.

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