In The Midst Of Deceit, Pt. 1 – September 14, 2019


Every one will deceive his neighbour, and will not speak the truth. They have taught their tongue to speak lies; they weary themselves to commit iniquity. Your dwelling place is in the midst of deceit; through deceit they refuse to know me says the Lord. – (Jeremiah 9:5-6)

The word ‘deceit’ is strange. It always (especially if you work closely with people) brings up the question of INTENT. ‘Deceit’ is more than just lies- after all lies can pop up quite spontaneously- people lie suddenly if they’re angry, scared or cornered. But DECEIT is a family of lies where, even though there’s been time to explore other options, IT IS DELIBERATELY DECIDED THAT THE BEST WAY FORWARD IS BY A WEB OF UNTRUTHS TIED TOGETHER INTO A NET, so that others can be caught and trapped by it. This tells us that deceit is full of focused intentions in a way that everyday lies are not- deceit signals a higher degree of manipulation than your average lie. It means there is HIDDEN AGREEMENT somewhere, a carefully built trap, and that is very dangerous.

“In the midst of deceit” says the Lord, the strong Defender of those who love righteousness and pray so He can show Himself to them… In the midst of deceit, says the Lord, is where My people dwell. They honour My name and they say ‘GOD IS HOLY’, they work to discover holiness: what it means, what it is, and how it transfers from Me to them. They are My people. Yet they are tested and terrified on every side by the world around them which is rushing into destruction, rushing like wild horses, rushing into hell. My people dwell in the midst of stubborn, wicked, pernicious, persistently ADULTEROUS PEOPLE, people who tell lies as if they were raindrops falling from heaven, and I know…

Yes I their Father know. It is very difficult for them. I hear them crying out for Me to remove them and indeed I will, but not before the right, proper and appointed time. My people you need PATIENCE, so that after you have done My will you can become perfect, TESTED, and pure with nothing broken or lacking about you or the faith you have in Me (Hebrews 10:36). This is where you need faith and patience saints, so that after you have  endured you can receive an inheritance in My kingdom and be crowned with crowns of glory (James 1:12), and the everlasting love of Me and My Son. You need ENDURANCE, because this is a race to the finish line and for some of you, yes, to the death (2 Timothy 4:7). Some of you will be brought to Me as platters of dead flesh- lacerated, bruised, broken, your eyes taken out and your tongues removed because you confessed that I am the Lord God and ruler of all heaven (Matthew 24:9). Some of you will be cut to pieces and thrown in public as dead meat for everyone to look at, so children and grown men can be warned: “This is what to those who follow Jesus Christ. This is what happens when you say the god we have always known, the god of our fathers and our fathers’ fathers, is not god; this is what happens if you turn and follow this foreign God JESUS CHRIST.”

For My sake some of you will be tortured and killed in public (John 16:2); your deaths will be recorded and broadcast on national and international cameras for all to see, and everyone will know that you loved Me. My Father in Heaven and I also love you; we will acknowledge you in public before the hosts of heaven, before the angels who never die, before the ancient elders of heaven. We will raise you up with crowns of glory and say of your sacrifice of flesh to us: “WELL DONE THOU GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT, DRAW NEAR AND RECEIVE YOUR EVERLASTING REWARD.”

But for now, you who name the name of Jesus have need of PATIENCE, because the hour is far spent and spent through. Time is THROUGH for humanity; you are living on borrowed time, all of you. The Christian and unbeliever: whether you believe, or are trying to believe, or aren’t sure what to believe or believe nothing at all, time is OVER for all of you. Now extra time begins. The devil will visit your planet soon in different form, a disguise you have watched on your televisions for at least 50 years. He has openly identified his trick to you, but will you still fall for it? Will you believe the ‘visitor from the sky’ is your brother, your “kin”, another form of “humanity” that I God created and stashed somewhere “in a galaxy far, far away?” Or will you wake up before this new death descends on you and realise that I am a God of ORDER AND COMPLETENESS, and I do nothing outside the boundaries of the world I created long ago?

Have I not said: Let each tree produce fruit ONLY AFTER ITS OWN KIND, AND LET ITS SEED BE CARRIED IN IT TO PRODUCE MORE FRUIT? (Genesis 1:11) If you can see yourselves as living trees I have made, and inside each of you male and female are the reproductive seed that produces life, then…. why are you lying male with male? Why are you letting the women seduce each other, while you seduce another male? (Romans 1:26- 27) Do you possess the other half of the living genome to produce life as male with male, or female with female? If you cannot, why do you do this wickedness before My eyes and call it “good”? Who taught you this abomination? If male lies with male, and female with female, then also you will lie with strange flesh and think nothing of it when it comes before you. Yet I have said LET EVERY TREE PRODUCE ITS OWN FRUIT, MANKIND WITH MANKIND AND NOT WITH FOREIGN BODIES I HAVE NOT CREATED TO MEET AND MATE WITH YOU.

You are all deceived, and in the midst of deceit do My people dwell, surrounded on all sides by the high walls of treachery that even now are planning to destroy the whole world and replace it with a new name, a new style, a new system, a new world order; treachery rising to establish what I never established, what I never commissioned, what I never commanded to be. Strange flesh mixing in the end times, strange flesh descending from the sky. Hear My voice My people, KEEP YOUR VESSEL HOLY AND DO NOT ENGAGE IN SEXUAL IMMORALITY. Do not lie man with man or woman with woman and DO NOT LIE WITH ANYONE YOU ARE NOT IN COVENANT MARRIAGE WITH. Do not rush into strange beds or let strangers enter your homes; you will contract FAR MORE THAN A DISEASE. Indeed you will sleep with STRANGE FLESH, and the destruction it will bring on you will be like Sodom and Gomorrah. Keep yourselves holy and if you desire marriage FAST AND PRAY so I can reveal the nature and identity of the person you are seeing- not just if they are good or bad, but if they are HUMAN OR NOT, which is far more important. In the midst of deceit… in the midst of deceit the people of the Kingdom dwell, and indeed this is a terrible thing.

This is the word of the Lord.

Brothers and sisters… on The Masters Voice you will hear it like it is. Because I’m not a pastor I don’t have a church, and because I don’t have a church I don’t know you, your family or your life. Because I don’t know you or your life, I can’t possibly be controlled by what you think of me, or worry if you will post unpleasant things about me on the internet (which many already do). I cannot worry if you will be sad, mad or glad about the things I post here- and that is my freedom. I don’t have to worry if you won’t give me offerings, or if you’ll march to my church office and demand an explanation why I said demonic beings will come down from the sky to mate with humanity, and where did I get that from. Pastors have to endure a LOT- often their hands are tied to speak the whole truth to the people of God, and that is a pity. But on The Masters Voice I am free to spend time with Jesus Christ, open my website to post exactly what He said to me, and carry on with my life. On this blog I share what God tells me to share- by doing that I know I’m speaking the gospel AS IT IS, sharing end times prophecies of God in love, wisdom and compassion for everyone who comes here. This is for the saved people of God AND the ones who just happen to be passing by and have never heard this stuff before. This blog is a fishing net God has given me. “Follow me Celestial- I will make you fishers of men!” (Matthew 4:19) “Ok Lord, here I am, my life is available to you!” (Isaiah 6:8)

Here I am truly, desperately looking for your HEARTS- I am a person standing by the busy roadside where all humanity from Kosovo to Kenya, Bahrain to Bosnia, USA to Ukraine is passing by- I’m standing by this roadside saying:

Have you heard, have you heard of the God of heaven, who breathes out the hotness of stars with His breath? (Psalm 33:6) Have you heard of the Son of God, who loves you so much (John 3:16) that He is willing for now to accept all your hatred or suspicion of Him (Genesis 6:3), if you’ll only give him ten minutes in the gospel of John Chapter 1, to explain that He is the only G-O-D who will ever matter (Isaiah 44:5-8)? Have you heard He makes the fool turn wise (Psalm 19:7), and turns the wisdom of the wise to foolishness? (1 Corinthians 3:18-20) Have you heard He can freely teach you how to live your life (James 1:5), a God who can open your eyes and blow the dense nuclear cloud of absolute DECEPTION of this modern world, right out of your head (Revelation 3:18)? Have you heard, have you heard of a raging DRAGON, who watches all you do and is seeking just one perfect moment to lash you in your chest with his mighty tail (Revelation 12:9), to knock the very lungs out of you and send you spinning into fire so hot you’ll never stop screaming because of it (Revelation 12:17)? Satan is looking to have company in hell brothers and sisters, don’t let that company be you. (Matthew 25:41)

If you’ve ever wondered who satanists are serving? It is this dragon, but even satanists are welcome to leave him and come follow JESUS! (James 4:7-10) Have you heard, have you heard these things, with all your fancy professional qualifications and degrees? (1 Corinthians 1:26) Have you heard these things, though you never had opportunities in life and have suffered so much pain that maybe you think it’s not worth staying alive? (Matthew 11:28) Have you heard of living water (John 7:38), REFRESHING that will clean your wounds from sexual abuse or abandonment, and help you start over even though you are an adult now and the silent demons of the past have never gone away? HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS TO FORGIVE SINS AND MAKE YOU A MAN AND WOMAN FIT FOR HEAVEN ON THE FINAL DAY THAT COMES SO FAST TO ALL OF US? (1 John 1:7)

Have you HEARD?

Do not let the busyness of this world’s roadside, do not let the stress and pressure of your boss, your marriage (whether it’s good or bad), your family members, your retirement plans or retirement fund, your luxury car, your fabulous career, your hidden drug habit, the sex you’re having with some young girl or boy or somebody’s wife, the crimes you’ve committed, the crushing weight of guilt from things you’ve done, your neutral attitude towards “religion”, the lies of the media, or anything else on this planet, stop you from pausing to listen to what God is saying to you. God is saying: “STOP FOR A MOMENT. LOOK AT ME. I AM VERY REAL. I HAVE A VOICE. I HAVE A HEART. I HAVE A PLAN. I SPEAK. Once I said, “In the beginning” (Genesis 1:1). Now I am saying “In the time of the end, there will be…..” (Daniel 8:17)

People, let us be sober. We are no longer “in the beginning”. We are at the END. Listen to what God’s Spirit is saying to your own heart- YOUR RELIGION DOES NOT MATTER. It does not disqualify you. What your parents, grandparents, and the entire ancestral family tree believes does not bind you into staying with them; your soul belongs to you and you alone must decide where it will spend eternity. Do not worry about your president or the laws of your country- God owns them all, and He still wants a relationship with Y-O-U. There is only ONE GOD and if you hear Him as you read these things, if you hear Him over your own noisy, opinionated and sometimes frightened and confused inner voice, if you hold on to Him and LET HIM LEAD THE WAY out of inner darkness, He will save you (Romans 10:9- 10). Follow Him- He is the only road to everlasting life. (John 14:6)

All these verses in this post are relevant, please don’t skip over them. Get used to reading a Bible because the word of God is one way to test prophecy; it’s a sure way to verify where words are coming from so you don’t end up eating poison on random websites in these end times. Read the verses and pray about the prophecy- Jesus is happy to verify whether things you hear are true or false, Shalom!

Then I confessed my sins to you;
I did not conceal my wrongdoings.
I decided to confess them to you,
(Psalm 32:5)

Confess your sins to God. Ask Him to forgive you, tell Him you need His help to live a righteous life. His compassion is so great and He does not condemn anyone who asks for mercy and help to turn their life around. I urge you, if you need Jesus, call on Him. Amen.

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  1. Profound! May God cleanse any spirit of deceit in me.

  2. Studying this for the second time. Made me so emotional on many levels. Would stop in between reading and visions. Will we make it? May God strengthen his remnants in the end of times

  3. LorQ says:

    A new show was released on Netflix called “Sweet Tooth “. Benign name, sinister and twisted premise. It is a series about Hybrid humans and how they came to be after a Virus killed many of the Earth’s population. These Hybrids are called Miracles and ugly, evil human beings are hunting down these miraculous Hybrids to slaughter. These Hybrids are the future, they have powers to save Mankind! What an unholy abomination! Ugh!! It also dawned on me, while I watched one of the trailers, was this is how many will be Deceived! Showing a cute little boy with deer antlers- a harmless and vulnerable creature developed and born to save the planet. For anyone that doesn’t have their eyes and ears opened by God, they will fall for this unholy twist of His Word.

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