“Kamala Harris & The Beast” – October 8, 2022


“Kamala Harris is going to delete everything America looked like and replace it with a new thing.”

This recent dream continues to show a theme. When the Lord repeats something over and over it means that issue is ‘Pending, Important, “Pay Attention!”, “Verily verily I say to you”, etc. If it keeps coming over and over it means a point is being driven home, after which it will slow down and only come now and then as a reminder. Kamala Harris was a consistent theme 3 years ago and all those messages are linked on YouTube as a playlist and here under “Government”, now it has started up again along with Donald Trump in rolling back-to-back messages.

I dreamt of Kamala Harris making a speech on TV, an important nationwide address that was simul-cast to the world. However she wasn’t speaking for us to understand her (or hardly anyone else for that matter).  She made the speech entirely in a language called TAMIL but I heard it in English. She was making some serious statements in her address, this is what I remember:

Why have you followed and emulated the United States? Why have you followed and copied America in your ways? America is UNDER JUDGEMENT. America is about to be judged. All who are like her in her ways, her sins, her evil, you will be judged along with her. To the extent you copied her God will judge you. If you have any laws like her, unjust laws, immoral laws, unrighteous laws, God will punish you when He punishes her. To the extent you copied her, if you have tolerance for sin and other forms of immorality in your society and in your legal system especially, you will be judged by God. I am Kamala Harris. I am the US president. I am telling you the facts of the matter. This nation is under judgement and to the extent any nation has accepted her evil and emulated her actions they will be judged also. 

She was saying other things but that’s what I remember: a speech in a foreign language (Tamil) saying America is judged and anyone who copies her will be judged by God. Also, I wondered why she’s speaking a language to Americans that they can’t understand. 

I also saw her writing on top of the U.S. constitution. She was sitting at the same desk Pres. Joe Biden and Pres. Donald Trump sat at on their first day, when they brought them a ton of papers to sign – they sign things then give the pen away as a keepsake, take a new one and keep signing. The thing is nobody brought her new laws to sign, she was writing directly on the U.S. Constitution. 

Whatever is supposed to protect the Constitution and keep it from degradation, whether sheet glass or temperature-control, it wasn’t there. The actual U.S. Constitution is what she wrote on  making corrections, changes and in some cases absolutely deleting its provisions.

Cabinet ministers and ‘official staff’ stood around her just like on TV; they all saw what she did and were confused but nobody said or did anything. Some were older men – grey and distinguished – they were very offended by what she was doing, so stunned they couldn’t speak! I saw their faces changed, their eyebrows rose almost to their hair, their eyes so big watching her that it was comical. They were flushed with upset yet not a single person spoke up; for her part she didn’t even see their reactions, she never looked up once from what she was doing.

She made edits, corrections, alterations and in some cases crossed out provisions altogether with a big black pen. ‘Amendment 2’ was crossed out, she went over it several times scratching it out vigorously until it was a black, blotted-out area. Then she carried on working her way down the page making changes. Everybody watched but nobody said anything.

*I know very well it is called ‘The Second Amendment’ but in this dream it was referred to as ‘Amendment 2’ – as in:

“Amendment 2 is hereby revoked by United States Federal laws and ordinances. Amendment 2 shall henceforth and from this moment no longer apply in any of the United States territories and states here party to the U.S. Constitution. Amendment 2 is now outlawed; it is now illegal to possess of any items previously guaranteed, protected or referred to in U.S. Constitution Amendment 2.”

People were hearing that on a continual loop from those patient female A.I. ‘announcement voices’, the same way we hear that planes or trains are arriving at Terminal 2 or 5. It played on a loop and we all knew what it meant.

*To those who may not know, the Second Amendment is one of America’s most cherished pieces of political freedoms – the right to form militias, the right to bear arms, to protect your property from unlawful search and seizure, attack, bears, a corrupt government and everything else under the sun. It’s a simple sentence:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

In the future that we’ve been in since 2020 and are set to continue in,  “Amendment 2” will no more be a part of U.S. life. Amendment 2 will be first revised, then further revised, then changed, then amended some more, eroded piece by piece by new regulations limiting it, prohibiting this part and that part of it until the amendment is useless and taken away altogether.

“Amendment 2” will become a crime for which, if you are caught infringing it you can lose your life under treason laws (which will also be amended and stretched to cover a very large body of crimes). If we’re seeing corporations now amending their terms, giving themselves overreach so far into the private lives and rights of citizens, then do not be deceived that this government (which is a also a corporate entity for sale to the highest bidder) cannot do the same. They can and they will. I saw that America will become a land known for an ENDLESS NUMBER of “Crimes against the State.”

It won’t just be the usual serious ones like sedition, treason and terrorism, it will expand to cover crimes of speech [violent speech, canceling speech, hate speech, speech that “incites” people to do ABC or not do ABC], crimes of intent, crimes of “You are guilty of thinking about things that dismiss, disdain and endanger the state‘, crimes inciting hatred or violence against the states – all of that will move out of social media and become actual, codified laws that you can die for breaking.

America will be talked about like she’s a real person, like the state is a person who can be “hurt” and ‘endangered’ instead of an intangible social entity made up of real people who are the ones who can be hurt and endangered.

Crimes of thought WILL EXIST. For instance if you buy a book by an author who’s known to have strong views about civil rights, freedom, personal liberty and all that, an writer who says things like “The rights of the people is draped in the flag of freedom and soaked in the blood of warriors” and stuff like that, you’ll be accused of INCITEMENT if you talk about the book to others, and SEDITION if you are caught owning (or reading) that type of book.

If you share the contents of that book to anyone who REPEATS YOU (whether in agreement to a third party), or REPORTS YOU to anyone in power, you will be accused of having thoughts and intents that are “anti-statist” and you can be severely punished or killed for that. Incarceration is just a mild punishment, more and more as we progress death will be the most-used “deterrent”.

The Beast System is a draconian world of authoritarian measures. It will be a highly monitored, well-organized state project. A government-run project. Everything will be central. Centralized power, centralized state mechanism. All the states, counties, provinces and external U.S. territories will be UNIFORM. There will be one matching set of laws for Trinidad, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Haiti, and all US states.

The Lord said Puerto Rico and Mexico are going to be ‘in troubles’ because of America.

Appointed officials with very far-reaching powers will be sent on a regular basis to visit every area of the nation; their job being to oversee projects and changes unique to the roll-out of the Beast government. America does not currently practice centralized power, she has a federal system in which some things run from the center but because of how she was set up from the beginning every state retains extensive freedom to make laws and dictate their own course.

In the future it will not be like that anymore, the central State will have power and all states will have uniform laws across the board. There will be a ‘schedule of duties’ where states have to keep those duties; including sending money to the central government as fees or taxes and in return people will be sent to each state to oversee and enforce every aspect of life in that interests the central government. Their job will be overseeing states and territories and reporting back. 

Kamala Harris will be the face of these changes. She will be the handmaid New World Order but she is not (personally) the Beast. The Beast is clearly laid out in Revelation 13 and Daniel 7:7- 28 as a KINGDOM, a kingdom that must arise according to end times prophecy. Every kingdom has a throne, a seat of power, and Revelation 17 describes very well where that is. Mystery Babylon, the land of multitudes of mixed peoples, nations and tongues. She is said to have a prostitute spirit, a ‘great city’ that rules over all the kings of the earth. The Beast who is also a man is something else; he will make himself known at the time when there is no need for using a proxy anymore. 

This is the prophecy and revelation of the Lord Jesus. 

15 Then the angel said to me, “The waters you saw, where the prostitute sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations and languages.16 The beast and the ten horns you saw will hate the prostitute. They will bring her to ruin and leave her naked; they will eat her fl   esh and burn her with fire. 17 For God has put it into their hearts to accomplish his purpose by agreeing to hand over to the beast their royal authority, until God’s words are fulfilled. 18 The woman you saw is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth.” Revelation 17:15- 18

After that in my vision at night I looked, and there before me was a fourth beast—terrifying and frightening and very powerful. It had large iron teeth; it crushed and devoured its victims and trampled underfoot whatever was left. It was different from all the former beasts, and it had ten horns. Daniel 7:7

19 “Then I wanted to know the meaning of the fourth beast, which was different from all the others and most terrifying, with its iron teeth and bronze claws —the beast that crushed and devoured its victims and trampled underfoot whatever was left. 20 I also wanted to know about the ten horns on its head and about the other horn that came up, before which three of them fell — the horn that looked more imposing than the others and that had eyes and a mouth that spoke boastfully. 21 As I watched, this horn was waging war against the holy people and defeating them, 22 until the Ancient of Days came and pronounced judgment in favor of the holy people of the Most High, and the time came when they possessed the kingdom.

“This horn waged war against the holy people and defeated them.” This single sentence almost demands that we think deeper about what it means to live in a time when Satan shall surely be allowed to reap from among the saints (among many others). He will be allowed to take a certain number away UNTIL the Ancient of Days pronounces judgement in favor of His own. If this single sentence could be fully understood it would transform the type of Christianity many are practicing these days, which in its current form is nothing more than a very deceived religious escapism that is dangerous to those who trust in it.

However hearing the truth is usually rejected in favor of easier beliefs, mostly an early ‘Maranatha!’ as if Jesus told said that only some parts of end-time prophecies apply. May the Word Eternal (who is actually the Lord Himself) open the eyes of His people and refine and perfect their faith in the true scriptures before He comes. Amen. Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.

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  1. Celestial says:

    Related Prophecy: A BROKEN RULE OF LAW –
    (unauthorized executive changing of the constitution): https://the-masters-voice.com/2021/01/18/a-broken-rule-of-law-november-18-2020/

    1. Geri Vogel says:

      Israeli News Live: Israel Sets the Stage for One World Government
      Concerning the stepping down of Biden, Kamala Harris, and Trump. The whole video is about 15 mins but specifically mentions Biden asked to step down starting at the approx. 6 min mark. I remember you saying he would leave and Kamala would move Into the position for a time.

  2. Rachel says:

    Hello Sis. Celestial,
    I just started reading this post and was stopped in my tracks when you mentioned the Tamil language. Tamil is my native language and I currently live in Canada. I think Kamala’s roots is from Tamil Nadu which is a southern province in India, I believe her mother is a Tamil. I do remember the time when Tamil Nadu celebrated (watched an Indian news channel) when she was elected as the VP of US. I was surprised that she is talking in Tamil addressing the nations and warning about God’s judgements in your dream! I’ll pray for more revelation on this matter!

    I’m praying for you and I’m still at awe at how God led me to your blog in 2021 when I was trying to search for “harm that causes harm” prophecies to know what God was saying about it! Almost everyone I followed advocated for it except you and that’s when I started following your blogs and videos as I know it’s truly the Master’s Voice!

  3. Agnessa says:

    Thank you for sharing sister. Truly God is gracious to warn us of what is coming up ahead. May we continue to strengthen our roots, repent and cleanse ourselves as these final chapters unfold. 📖

  4. Roni says:

    I ponder what future means…. If war is in 2 years it seems kamala must come within then.

    1. Hb says:

      Well, the current president has a bit more than 2 years left … and she is to replace him — which I have taken to mean before the next election in Nov ’24.

  5. HB says:

    God Bless you richly, Celestial. The recent flurry of vids has been sobering, causing my Spirit to rise up. Thank you, Father, for making a way (even one that leads unto death).

  6. Roni says:

    If there is war in 2 years does this mean kamala takes power before that … It’s almost 2023 and it was said in one of the prophecies here that biden would not finish his term.

  7. Roni says:

    So here we have barak campaigning for democrats 😞.. Im sure celestial said he would do this or be involved.. There are confirmation to her words ALL the time.. Smh
    Thanks for the work celestial.. Smh😞 even so come LORD JESUS

    1. Onyinyechi says:

      I seen that as well, that was the first thing that came to mind. I’m like this man face is still showing up, he still have say… well we know what’s coming, Yah has spoken. Then look at how many Black people threatening Blacks if they don’t vote. Michelle Obama in ears too. So many Black women look up to her and her husband. The U.S will be doomed soon as he step back on that stage and it’s already in fire as he still have a mouth piece that is very powerful, smh!

  8. sking85e9e7ffb4 says:

    Thank you for your message. I fear our country sometimes as we have bought into America hook, line and sinker we have legalised same sex marriages, abortion. Our eduction system is directly modeled after the American system our churches emulate the American church. Then we have so many false prophets and preachers leading the sheep astray. I pray that God have mercy on our people and we might repent of our wickedness.

  9. Terri Petty says:

    Yah is great! He leads those who truly love him. I thank Abba Father that he allows you to bring scriptures clearer for us who have a heart for truth. I feel a time coming when your mission will change. Until then, I’ll be listening and watching. Yah bless you dear one. Thanks for your dedication and suffering these visions and dreams. Prayers to see you face to face in glory. What a beautiful day that will be. Take care

  10. Timothy says:

    Not understanding sequence of events.
    First you say God says America is going to be in civil war in couple years when trump is killed, then Russia/China come and utterly obliterate America to where nothing left, but now say Kamala gets in office and gets the beast system here in full swing and a new way of governing this nation. (This can’t happen if other prophecy happens as there won’t be a nation here left, but a wasteland with vaxxed zombies killing and eating people)
    Two completely different prophecies that both are said to happen in next couple years from now.
    Either America is destroyed by Russia or America becomes the seat of the beast power..which is it?
    I’m only trying to understand

    1. Besala says:

      Timothy, for starters, the human reasoning mind doesn’t have the answers.

      America is going to be completely destroyed after she is done being used by, yes, even the beast that she is sitting on, because she’s a whore.

      As the Day of the Lord approaches, the meaning of all of the Scriptures will become increasingly crystal clear to us.

    2. Joseph says:

      Who said the prophecies are sequential?

  11. Grace Letebele says:

    Hi Celestial
    My name is Grace from South Africa, I am very new in your channel. I would like to view the videos by date, how do I do it.

    1. Flourish&Thrive says:

      Hello my fellow South African

    2. Chege says:

      H Grace, search for The Master’s Voice Prophecy Blog on youtube. On top of the page you will see Tabs, Home, Videos, Playlist, etc. Click on the Videos tab. The videos are arranged by date starting with the latest at the top to the oldest at the bottom. The Playlist tab arranges the videos by topic. You can also go to her blog https://the-masters-voice.com/ where she has posted more written prophecies that have not been made into videos. May Yah guide you and open your heart, mind and soul to the things Yah is telling our sister to tell the world

    3. Marina says:

      Thank you Celestial.

  12. Dave says:

    Another fulfillment of the prophecy the Lord gave you regarding Obama’s re-emergence through the Biden/Harris administration https://www.npr.org/2022/04/05/1091043231/obama-biden-white-house-aca

    Thank you for your obedience Celestial!

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