Communism In America – October 31st, 2022


“So he carried me away in the Spirit into the wilderness. And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication. And on her forehead a name was written:


I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. And when I saw her, I marveled with great amazement.” Revelation 17:3- 6

This is the what the Heavenly Father Yah said to me last night, late, after I had done my prayers and was about to go to sleep. 

He said “Tell them these things from Me, and tell them that they will surely come to pass. There is no help anymore. America has surrendered her position, she has been taken over by the dragon. Tell them what I said.”

“Kamala Harris is coming and with her some of the most dire times in U.S. history. She will be the president in this country and there is nothing to be done about it. Tell them it will be loss of freedom and loss of life like never seen before; tell them from Me that America will never be great again and that decline and economic rot will eat this nation from the ground up like termites.”

“Kamala Harris is a New World Order president, meaning she is the first tangible face of the New World order. No matter what it looks like now, or how coming events are presented she represents the New World Order. She is not an American president. She does not serve American ideals, best interests or causes. She will not be interested in the economic betterment or recovery of America, she is a N.W.O. architect and is serving the throne of the Beast. Too late, Americans will recognize that she is not connected to the nation at all but to another entity that has already won power for itself.

America is under the principality of the dragon, Satan himself, Satan has taken control and established himself; now he is going to rule from his seat in Pergamum with an iron fist.

“And to the angel of the church in Pergamos write, ‘These things says He who has the sharp two-edged sword: “I know your works and where you dwell, where Satan’s throne is.” Revelation 2:12- 13

As God spoke I saw a terrible dragon with a red and black appearance, flying extremely low over America with roaring exultation. VICTORY! said that dragon. The dragon flew extremely low to the territory and was so triumphant, gloating like someone who won a big match against his opponent. It swooped in lightning-fast patterns all over the sky, crowing with triumph and roaring a terrible roar over the land. It had red scales that also looked black depending on how you looked at it, it changed color to red or black or both by a trick of the light, like double-sided sequins that have two shades fused to give an appearance of different  colors depending on the angle that is used.

The Lord continued: “Pol Pot was a man who killed people en masse in his own country. That’s how it will be in America. War & dictatorship will kill people in great numbers, in this way America will be repaid for the wars and brutal terrorism she visited on others. As their children died yours will die, as their mothers wailed yours will wail. This is the just punishment of the Lord to the land of the serpent, America the Great, United States by name.”

Yah said “Also tell them this: ‘Nothing will go according to how you expect it. Nothing will happen the way you think. All your predictive programming and presumption will be confounded and you will see events happening out of place and out of turn until you are emotionally exhausted. You will be worn out trying to figure it out and you will still not figure it out. Nothing will keep a straight line, nothing will conform to a regular pattern or go the way you think it will. In this way I will exhaust you of your own strength until you learn humility. I will humble you from being “experts”, I will humble you from being gods who want to know and predict the future. Things will get so bad that your next 24 hrs will become a question and a mystery only God can solve, then you will learn to depend on Me alone or you will perish by your pride.

I went to sleep after that, knowing that this was serious, knowing things are taking a severe turn as I have been saying. I dreamt that a communist way of life came to America. Leaders were not chosen by votes or based on party affiliation, tenure or anything else, but by their overall ability to “cease” being or thinking like Americans and put the Beast agenda first above all. Loyalty to the new system was all that was required to rise rapidly in that robotic new style of government – many whose lack of natural charm or people-skills would have otherwise disqualified them from ever being able to hold public office, nevertheless shot to powerful positions as the new government established itself.

Favors and job positions were handed out based on who you knew, or if the government called specifically for a citizen to work for it, and that is how it went. There was no personal loyalty within the government however; people could be extinguished as easily from within the structure as outside it and the general attitude was ‘Take nothing for granted and watch your back.’ 

I saw billboards, flags and other print-media representations of Kamala Harris being raised over over the U.S.A. Over the White House – on buildings, at all State Houses, Governor’s mansions, council houses – anywhere that government members met, or sat or lived – she was represented there. A photo was there, or a poster or a flag. It was exactly like seeing photos, posters and flags of Chairman Mao go up everywhere in China, except there was greater fear and unrest in the America when this was being done than has probably ever been in China. Chinese people are accustomed to a certain style of leaderships, Americans had never seen it before in their lives. A great fear came upon America when these things were happening and in the dream it poured into me as well.

I had multiple dreams of this woman but I don’t remember all of them. I had about six dreams; each one started the same and then the body of the dream ended up different. Each time I found myself standing on a street with a very wide, panoramic view of a neighborhood in America, and even though it was only one street I was on I was able to see across the country. Every time I saw a big flag of Kamala Harris go up, a very big flag with her smiling brightly was raised up right into the air over the whole country, then I began to see people pasting the posters on walls, unfurling huge polymer billboards down the sides of buildings, and handing out flyers with her face on it.

When this massive flag went up in the sky fear struck the nation and I tell you in this dream I felt it. I felt that fear, in fact it was past fear, it was DREAD. It was a crystal clear feeling of “Oh no, OH NO THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING; THIS IS NOT GOOD AT ALL!!” Dread like lead in the bones, even though I was sleeping I felt it.

The army was in the street, massively deployed against citizens for reasons I didn’t know in detail.  Pandemonium, fighting, people resisting in pockets but more more of them fleeing every which way. U.S. forces were grabbing people for detention on false charges -immediate detention, no lawyer, no bail. They were hunting certain people down to kill them, in no uncertain terms the order was ‘Find and exterminate, no questions asked’. It was fear to the point that I without hesitation saw which way the wind was blowing and fled to my parents house with my friend.

I entered the most silent way I could and we ran up the stairs to the bedroom. We came to a third floor and looked out the window across America at a terrible, terrible storm. Angry water raging from the sky, spoiling marinas and parks, even the sea was so angry and chopped up everywhere. The outside scene was like looking inside a dishwasher and I told my friend, I will die first before I let these people catch me. I’d rather die taking my chances with the Lord than be one of those who are caught.

So I determined she should get on my back and I’d climb out that window and try to move along the ledges til I reached the ground, then we escape through the alleys. That was the plan. We stood there for a moment praying, asking God not to let us fall, asking God to protect us just as He had been doing thus far, that even through that terrible storm and all our running we hadn’t gotten wet.

Unfortunately my mom heard me come in, she was entertaining friends but she heard and came up just as I was about to step on the ledge. Sweetheart what are you doing, why are you going through that window? Her concern was so great I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t voice my intentions so I made an excuse and came down. I couldn’t say ‘Mom I’m wanted by the government, I’m hiding for my life, I’m willing to jump out of a third story window to avoid capture by asking God to give me nimble hands and fingers on wet brick walls to make my way down’. I was telling her some excuse and the dream ended.

I dreamt of Kamala Harris’s face rising on the flag over America and again a horrible fear came over me. It was the fear of America ITSELF, all the people collectively, paralyzing and powerful. We had never had a dictator before. We didn’t know what that meant. We didn’t know why things had to be rationed, or why we couldn’t go where we wanted when we wanted. You were restricted to the area you came from.

We were restricted heavily in movement and in who we could be affiliated with. Because of the new laws it became seen as “not worth it” to keep ties with rebellious friends and family members, people who didn’t want to accede to the new regime and obey. A ton of people decided it wasn’t worth the effort to maintain family ties with resisters or those who wouldn’t accept the new changes; they cut away all associations with their own kin in order to obey the government.

As I saw Kamala’s flags and billboards go up I thought “Chairman Mao. Chairman Mao did this, his face was everywhere in China reminding the people who was their lord and god.” I was frozen by the rise of such blatant propaganda, you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing this woman’s face. I was very disheartened by all the changes that came, I thought “If America can do this then there is no hope for anyone.” The dream ended.

I had a third dream- Kamala Harris’s BIG flag began to rise and now I realized I was in a dream loop, so the the fear hit much faster than previous times. When you become ‘aware’ in dreams you hate seeing the pattern happen mostly because you can’t do anything about it. I watched the first flag rise, then the second one put at full mast over the White House, then when they began rolling down the polymer banners and putting up the banners Yah said:

“POL POT WILL COME TO AMERICA. CAMBODIA WILL COME TO AMERICA. EXTERMINATION. DEATH BY GOVERNMENT. ASK YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT IT.” And I looked down at the streets, blood. Blood blood blood rolling downhill, sitting in the open sun, drying to caked dried black ground in the summer heat. I said Lord I don’t want to be in this dream. I want to come out, but I did not come out. Instead I continued to see blood appearing on the streets of the United States. 

It was mass murder extermination – they took people in the night mostly, especially in the beginning. A neighbor there at bedtime was gone in the morning, with no word where he had gone. An entire family taken at night while the neighbors were looking through curtains with lights off to appear asleep, but all the while father and mother are looking through the curtain seeing a family in bathrobes and bed slippers all marched off and never to be seen again. It was midnight dread, midnight dread is what people called it and some people refused to sleep in their homes or any “last known locations” affiliated with them. They slept in all different places and even broke their family up at night for better chances of survival, so that the whole family would not be extinguished.

I also saw A GREAT DISPARITY IN THINKING in America. I really did. It exists already but because the nation is not under existential threat it does not show as much now as it will later. Some people rose to the occasion of this landscape because they had been taught all their lives not to trust the government. They’d been taught by parents, grandparents, teachers and other influential people in their lives to play the game when the government plays fair but to NOT be disappointed or mad at all when it doesn’t. In other words, “Love America but expect anything from the government.”

When the government is just, you be just. When it’s right you be right too, but the minute it stops being these things break rank, loose hell and take care of your own. I saw there are a ton of these people in the United States, they are scattered all over the the nation but mostly in certain areas.

Yah was showing me these people are usually the type that can grow their own food and will never be found in line at the welfare office or accepting any kind of government handout, payout, nothing; they don’t want it. They are not poor and don’t trust government so when the U.S. govt. pulled off its mask these people were 100% prepared and were not shocked, dismayed or sad about anything.

They sat on their porch saying things like “Told ya!”, “It’s a corporation!” and things like that to anybody who passed by looking stressed out or scared. They did not care one bit what was happening in the big cities where people were being put to death for the most ridiculous and manufactured reasons you can think of. They never loved America as much as they loved their freedom, guns, dogs, pets and families, so they were not shocked at all when a regime government appeared because they really never expected anything different.

The real shock was in people like students, professors, educated people, the “experts”, learned citizens (people with many degrees and letters to their name, people who have learned America from books where America is the one describing herself, instead of them learning from and paying attention to reality.) The majority of people were shocked to the bone and the loss of life was far more among them because of unpreparedness, disappointment, blank refusal to accept what was happening and mass cognitive dissonance. It was like two different Americas responding to the same catastrophe, one group did better than the other. 

After the third dream I did not want to go to sleep. I stayed awake for two hours fighting sleep, hearing God tell me how Pol Pot was a merciless dictator who exterminated his own people for his own reasons. He saw enemies everywhere and his style of governance (if it can be called that) was consolidating his power by “preemptive strike”. Pol Pot struck political enemies before they could strike him. He buried them all and when he got rid of them he decided that people who were related to them or liked them or might have supported them were dangerous too, so got rid of them too. From there the chain just got wider until millions in a few short years. *[This man killed about 25% of Cambodia’s population in only 5 years; it is estimated to be between 1.5 and 2 million people exterminated in just five years.]

Khmer Rouge were some of the most dangerous and sadistic forces ever seen in Southeast Asia. This coming system will be just like that. 

Those were the things that were bubbling through my heart as I tried to stay awake. Yah was telling me that government killing is the worst kind because the government can abuse two things most civilians don’t have – authority and guns. Governments have all the authority and most of the guns, while citizens have the right to possess weapons but most don’t own them. It is therefore a situation that highly favors the government.

Yah said Vietnam also exterminated its own people over many years, many were killed by a regime government til they had to run to survive. Yah said human extermination and extinction has always been the end goal of the devil and anyone who doesn’t understand that yet is living in a very “loose” reality indeed. He said if you don’t know your enemy you are at the mercy of that enemy because no matter what you think the reality is, the enemy knows the real reality and therefore has an advantage over you.

The Lord said to tell you: These things are from the I AM who is perfect, they shall certainly be whether you believe them or not, but know when they come to pass that it was revealed to you what the end of America will be- a regime government. A rogue government under sway to the Beast and the Dragon who gave him his throne.

“Then I stood on the sand of the sea. And I saw a beast rising up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his horns ten crowns, and on his heads a blasphemous name. Now the beast which I saw was like a leopard, his feet were like the feet of a bear, and his mouth like the mouth of a lion. The dragon gave him his power, his throne, and great authority.” Revelation 13:1- 3

The seat of the Beast is Mystery Babylon, the throne where Satan and his Beast rule from:

Then he said to me “The waters which you saw where the harlot sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues. And the ten horns which you saw on the beast, these will hate the harlot, make her desolate and naked, eat her flesh and burn her with fire. For God has put it into their hearts to fulfill His purpose, to be of one mind, and to give their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled. And the woman whom you saw is that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth.” Rev. 17:15- 18

The phrase to focus on there is- “and GOD has put it into their hearts”, meaning everything the Beast government does to America is by the hand of God. He has said as much in so many prophecies – Do not look to the hand that struck you, know the one who called them against you was ME. 

Prophecies that exactly repeat this message:

Pogroms In America; Tanks in America; A New Govt. For America; Nazis In America,Pt 3; Lockstep

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  1. Onyinyechi Onyeukwu says:

    Wow, reading this one after I have read so many and watched all the videos this one just made me think of a dream I had earlier this year. I cannot shake that what I was reading in my dream was this right here article. And my dream was about a queen but I knew it wasn’t like a real queen but a powerful woman in government.

    As I was reading this I started saying in my head, “let me search my notes of the dream I had that fits this”. I finally finished reading, searched my notes and read my dream then came back to read this post again.

    What just really freaked me out is that not paying attention that I read this post twice, I went back to read my dream again that I wrote down and literally in my notes it says “so I read it over again twice and was like, this is it” This is what I was reading in my dream about a queen, a woman of power, the first female president of the United States but my dream was just in part. She will bring forth these new mandates never heard of, much famine all over. You said she was speaking in a different language after becoming The President of the U.S, she was giving out her woes.

    Below is the dream I had, I just copied and past from my iPhone notes:

    Dream had on 4/5/2022 5:18am Is when I finished writing this dream down.

    The sun will become a great big fire ball and the earth will be consumed with heat, famine, and the queens great punishment

    As I was dreaming, I read like this book and it was speaking of Revelations, in my dream I was saying that I’ve read this before and I heard of it but it slipped my mind and I just kept living regularly not worrying about it.

    It was taking about three woes and I was telling and showing my husband, it was announced by someone like in government or a church leader person that was saying we are in this time frame, to prepare, so I read it over again twice and was like, this is it.

    I had to hurry and tell my children how important it will be to stack up food, to leave the place we were at. Torment was about to happen, something very bad will be on the rise. The queen will put out these mandates.

    I kept repeating this in my sleep to write it down, so I did but I wrote my dream down in my dream, however, something kept pushing me to wake up and write it down as I was still sleeping.

    the book I was reading had these three woes written in three paragraphs, with each paragraph starting: the first woe, the second woe, the third woe but it was written in a different language that I could read and understand.

    I finally woke to write part of what I was reading in my sleep and whom I was listening to in my dream.

    The sun is already a fire ball so I guess in my dream it means the sun will either be too close to earth that there will be this horrible heat that will be unbearable, many people will panic, people will run to and fro. Many people won’t know what’s going on but those who have read the book of Revelations will know. There will be a horrible famine all around the world at once. The queen must be representing someone very powerful or there will be a woman that is set up to push out these mandates of people not being able to go anywhere.

    Also in my dream, I was in a different setting, this man was explaining what this specific scripture meant.

    Practically Yah was speaking in code for the elect to understand. For nothing in the world can I remember the scripture but he was using what was going on now to that scripture and was telling me that Yah is speaking in code to His elected one’s. Kind of like speaking in parables but only His chosen understands what is written.

    1. Celestial says:

      When the video is published kindly repost this comment there, except make one correction- where you said the woes were said in a language that you could understand. I think you meant to say could (not). Blessings, shalom.🌺

      1. Onyinyechi Onyeukwu says:

        Yes, it was a dream I wrote months ago and I wrote it so early in the morning I never spelled checked it… so my notes still have the original date so I just copied and pasted it

    2. Malik Thomas says:

      I woke up from a dream and recieved in my spirit Ezekiel 2:10 “And he spread it before me; and it was written within and without: and there was written therein lamentations, and mourning, and woe” on October 26th. I dont know if this might be connected to what u are saying.

    3. MaryLeah says:

      I had a dream the other night with a typed sheet of paper and listed on it was 1. 2. 3. in times new roman size, larger size, like 14pt Each items had an offense beside it. I only saw the first one, the other two were not revealed, I have been praying and fasting for revelation. Oddly, the first makes no sense yet, but had to do with the brown bread that I baked the previous week.

      1. MaryLeah says:

        11/2/22, the dream continued and the brown bread was reduced to a very fine powder.

  2. Jennifer Jones says:

    Thank you for writing this word. I was just reading about God’s warning to Isreal : the judgment on a nation for INNOCENT BLOODSHED. The fear of God hit me like a ton of bricks

  3. Elijah says:

    God Bless You! When you speak of a red and black dragon, I wonder if it looked something similar to Smaug from the Hobbit.

  4. This is hard to read. I thought that what makes this so unbelievable to many is how Kamala Harris is perceived by how so much media presents her — as a bumbling foolish woman. When I read these prophecies I see how well Satan and the beast system have disguised their agenda. But when I hear her cackling evil laugh…

    I have lived in Africa as a missionary for 20 years and looking at the meltdown of my home country from outside is shocking.

    1. Roni says:

      Your beyond blessed to be gone.. I wanted to leave over a decade ago and have no way of doing it and no money to do it and was basically not givin the ok to leave.

  5. sking85e9e7ffb4 says:

    Thank you sister for your message all this is already in play Biden clone is glitching more and more, Obama is in the is lime light more these days campaigning for the Dems seemingly but we all know his campaign is for the beast system. YAH had truly started to open our eyes and ears. my wife and I will listen to these people speak and it’s like all we hear is the between the lines speach and propaganda. All praise to YAH for his blessingins his mercy for us in warning us about these events that we might be ready and praying when it all starts so that we can look up for our redemption and not fall in that day of adversity.

    1. Roni says:

      It’s makes one suicidal.. I HATE hearing their voice and seeing their face.. The idea of kamala having posters up makes me want to die. I know my soul is not pure nor ready but i have understood all these things confirmed here since 2009. Dreamt some of these things since i was an elementary school. Demons following me home. Seeing in the spirit a house on fire tho in the natural there.aas only the steps left only to find on Halloween the house did indeed burn in an exorcism. Dreams from childhood of the government taking us away .now in the natural years later having american intelligence tell family who works with them they are gonna take us away.
      I did not need to believe theories of pizza gate cause i was there in real waking life coming from ballet class when i KNEW in my spirit as i passed a pizza place there was danger..kidnap rape… I panicked and fled and saw a man in blue jeans ,black boots, a black shirt ,and sun shades. Staring wondering noticing that i kept looking back in fear trying to get away altho all the other people has no clue back in the late 90s or early 2000s .. Masons or brotherhood working for metro wanting to take me under ground and kill me . telling me to watch my mouth because the things i said made “some people very angry” i lied and pretended my step dad was my real dad so i got out of it …. Now i have their attention they said. They will be watching.. That’s how i remember it if im not mistaken on that part in regard to their exact words but it was something along those lines..
      Meanwhile there are leaves to rake and floors to mop and i rather it all be over because i wish it never began. No one cares no one listens nothing but abuse rejection and this awful sinful flesh. Nothing but lies and stupidity and family who like kamala and love obama telling me to think positive 😞😢

  6. Julie says:

    I will be taken away and martyred. I was reading in Hosea this morning before I read your message. The verse that popped out to me…therefore you shall stumble in the day; the prophet also shall stumble with you in the night.
    I’ve been called to warn. I’ve been doing it for 3 years. When you said they will come in the night, I knew that I would be one of the ones they would come for. Thank you for your obedience.

    1. Roni says:

      🙏🏾❤. Scary but martydom is an honor. My mom says death only last.a moment.
      I saw some person who had a vision and the Martyrs wore crowns with a red velvet band. I thought to myself I’d at least like some rubies. In that moment a had the thought person said those who had rubies had been tortured and killed ..

  7. Christine says:

    Hello Celestial, I read your article this morning and it was a confirmation of my dream that I received this morning at 4:40 am on november the first my dream was about Kamala but at first I wasn’t sure that it was her she was wearing a purple hat with matching coat with no makeup, she was telling me that her country had a problem and said to me she needed help, so I offered my help so I followd her in an elervator going down than to my surprise it was a trap, they were thousand and thousand of people surrounding the elervator waiting, then I said to her I will escape then she laft at me and the army also, then I woke up then I said to myself I want to change my mind so I will check on my emails then I checked your email 17085, about your dream on october 31, you dreamed about Kamala then I remember the face in my dream and it was her. Sorry about the writtings Celestial, i’m a french Canadian person, God told me when I offerd my help to Kamala it was very prideful of me, so will the Canadians who will offer help to Kamala and it will be a trap to all Canadians.

  8. LoriQ says:

    Ok. I am watching the video to this post on YouTube. Had to stop and make this comment because I am STUNNED by Christians who think you are filled with darkness and evil.

    Just wow! Insane! The first time I saw you on YouTube I smiled. God’s light radiates through you. It is like a Beacon, a Lighthouse of God’s Light in you. I’ve seen His Light in a few others throughout the years, but it is rare. A woman I knew years ago had the same light, she told me it wasn’t her, it is God (I wasn’t Christian back then. ).

    People’s eyes and ears are closed including Christians. Disheartening. Just prayed for this an hour ago. We are so deceived as a nation. Sigh.

    Thank you for sharing God’s word with us. May the Lord continue to keep you safe from all harm. Please just know that some of us do appreciate and respect the work you do for Our Lord. God Bless you, Celestial.

  9. Angela says:

    Dear sister. Today November 1st. Pay pal is NOT allowing to send you any gifts. I don’t know if you are aware? Is there a way to send an E transfer? In His service. Your sister Angela

    1. sking85e9e7ffb4 says:

      I can confirm I had the same issue please advise how we can send gift

      1. Celestial says:

        Hello, my PayPal is inactive for now, they did that. You can always look under the videos and find out how to get alternate options (not that I have many). I have a “care of” address that will deliver physical mail to me a few days after it arrives, so if anyone needs that you can write masters God bless.🌺

    2. Ha says:

      I think some of your spellchecks are putting or adding a blank space after you put in the proper email.

      I have no problems.

      When you donate correctly, her picture shows and an “E” appears next it.

      1. sking85e9e7ffb4 says:

        I tried using an existing payment and yes it’s. E with her pic but still won’t allow it says recipient not accepting payments not email can’t be found.

        1. Celestial says:

          Hello, my PayPal is inactive for now, they did that. You can always look under the videos and find out how to get alternate options (not that I have many). I have a “care of” address that will deliver physical mail to me a few days after it arrives, so if anyone needs that you can write masters God bless.🌺

        2. elfmom55 says:

          Have you looked into Gab? They call their site a “parallel economy”. It is a Christian “truther” site totally removed from the big guys.

      2. Celestial says:

        Hello, my PayPal is inactive for now, they did that. You can always look under the videos and find out how to get alternate options (not that I have many). I have a “care of” address that will deliver physical mail to me a few days after it arrives, so if anyone needs that you can write masters God bless.🌺

    3. Celestial says:

      Hello, my PayPal is inactive for now, they did that. You can always look under the videos and find out how to get alternate options (not that I have many). I have a “care of” address that will deliver physical mail to me a few days after it arrives, so if anyone needs that you can write masters God bless.🌺

  10. Jesusmyblessedhope says:

    Dear Celestial, Just finished watching the video on Changes in America 2. I am just so compelled in my Spirit to comment here because I so, so much feel your pain, your tears, your exhaustion, plus the sense of urgency to release as many videos. I can only pray for your blessings n uplifting, inspite all, you never gave up, you r faithful n obedient to the Mighty One who sent you.
    I realize, I have a long way to go in my walk to faithfulness.
    (but as always the Lord is gracious in my falters)
    If the apostles who ministered for the Lord suffered so much persecution even unto death, just to prove their faith, how so that we will not? Then , u talk about the false doctrine on rapture n I am ascertained how everything is falling into clarity on the Mystery of God himself.
    I dread the time that u have to leave for another calling, but i just need to extend to u how your work has been bearing so much fruit, not only to me but to others as well, surely.
    Thank you little sister, I pray I will not disappoint.
    God’s blessings 🙏🏻 Shalom

    1. Celestial says:

      This is a beautiful comment, thank you. I do get worn down, I work long days but the Holy Spirit delivers what is needed for EACH VIDEO, each post. I give all the glory to God for this work which has grown so much since I started. I believe in staying committed and when it is tough, I believe in just one foot in front of the other. Both views have served me very well in my life. May Jesus keep sustaining you, in commitment & perseverance. God bless🌺

      1. Jesusmyblessedhope says:

        Dear sister, this response is precious. My intention of leaving the comment was just to bring a little comfort n smile to an already streched out day. I was not expecting u would borrow me a few minutes. But now that u did, i just feel delighted n want to say that.

        I chew n absorb the Words of the Lord thru you, i thank Him for preparing us n i thank Him for sending us Celestial, a true servant of the Lord in my Spirit as often as i do. So, think of all the souls you are SAVING everyday from your time, efforts n patience n prayers poured forth on this minstry.

        Shalom sister. God’s blessings 🙏🏻

        1. Mary Leah says:


  11. Juanjose says:

    Hola ,Celestial, hoy leia un encabezado del periodico y decia, america se viste de rojo, esto a proposito de l victoria de las elecciones del izquierdista lula da silva a prosito, mi pais Peru, es gobernado pir un izquierdista, pero el SEÑOR nos a prometido que pronto caera’, saludos

    This short Obama Video is very interesting. Please watch it.

    1. Elijah says:


    2. Allison says:

      @ 6:55 -7:05 in the interview
      you will get your demonic desire Mr Obama

      Americans /world wake up for the end clearly is here

      1. Flourish&Thrive says:

        Would you look at that!!! Would you look at that! Plainly, with a smile. But God really reveals hidden things to His friends, the prophets.

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