“Explosions” : Military Agenda & Destabilization In The N.W.O – November 2, 2022


These two videos explain how weaponizing the military, using package bomb attacks and scare-propaganda will accelerate America’s transition to the One World government, which is also called The New World Order. Both of these are modern titles for the Beast System of Revelation 13.

Video ONE:


Prophecies related to this theme are America In Turmoil Pt 1, and America In Turmoil Pt 2.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hello Celestial,

    i’m a minor with a pmo addiction, plus some other unknown sins. i’ve starting reading my bible, where to go from here?

    also some other questions:
    – i’ve seen people talk about kundalini, tantra and other stuff like that, is that ok?
    – is manifestation/loa real? quantum physics seems to support it…
    – im thinking about reprogramming my subconscious mind using “subliminals”, is that ok as well?
    – on youtube, people make frequencies, beats, and these energy fields called morphic fields. they’re sort of suspicious to me (the morphic fields), are they ok to use? i can explain how they “work”, so to speak.
    – how do i repent of all my sins? some times i confess and pray but i don’t feel like i have for some weird reason.
    – how do i develop a deep relationship with God?
    – how do i avoid this uncoming onslaught you’re prophesying about?
    – how do i become more respectful to others, especially my parents, because i struggle with that

    and finally,
    – how do i wash my garments clean as snow as you’ve mentioned in one of your prophecies?

    thanks very much if you reply to this comment. i thank you for your time. a prayer for me would be greatly appreciated!
    – Anonymous

    1. Malik Thomas says:

      1. Forget all that other stuff that is not God, fix your eyes on the Lord only
      2.Celestial has a repentance series on YT (Repentance is confession and renounciation to the Lord of all known and unknown sins, and making the effort to change with the help of Jesus through prayer) I was delivered from the same addiction
      3. Ask God to help you be more respectful to your parents
      4.Fast and pray, remove yourself from social media, games, and entertainment. For a time just let it be you, your bible, and God
      5.Ask for the baptism of the Holy Spirit
      6. Once you have truly sought after God, and find him you won’t worry about trying to escape these prophecies because you can’t for it is written He who endures till the end shall be saved. Know that God will be with you during the calm and IN THE MIDST OF THE STORM. Psalm 91 know that a 1,000 will fall by your side and 10,000 at your right hand but it will not come nigh you. Learn to Trust in the Mighty Fortress that is our God rather than trying to escape.
      7. You can wash your garments as white as snow by:
      Repenting Daily
      Praying Daily
      Reading the word of God daily
      Removing yourself from sin
      Not giving in to temptation
      Dont try to do this out of your own strength, always cry out to the Lord for help
      May the Lord help you Overcome🙏🏼

    2. Jolanta Malec says:

      Hi Anonymous. Praise the Lord for waking you up before destruction. Malik Thomas gave you great explanation. I just wanted to add that if you try to do it all and you can’t do it ,don’t worry. We all fail sometimes, but get up again and try with little steps. Set goals daily and next time make it bigger. Reading a Bible is hard at the begining, but don’t give up. Every time you read, you gain knowledge and next time more is added to it.The more persistan you are the better resoults. If you like some girl and she doesn’t notice you, would you stop right there or try harder to get to know you? The same is with God ,show Him that you want to get to know Him , then one day you will start to see little mirackles around you and finaly feel His presence with you. God bless you

    3. GrayStroke says:

      Stay away from everything NOT of Jesus Christ. Begin by asking Yahuah Elohiym to open your eyes of understanding. Read the gospel of John. More then once. Learn to use concordance and dictionary and learn to dig into grasping each word of any verse that Yah tells you.
      Only one way to get close to yahuah Elohiym. Repentance. This is not to say I’m sorry because i got caught type of sorrow.
      This type is pillow talk Repentance. You tell Yahuah why you sin, everything that led up to it. It is to search the secrets of your heart and confess them to him. It’s for your benefit not his, he knows your sins.
      By confessing satan the accuser loses legal ground against you.
      Next learn how to cast out your own demons. Watch videos by Derek Prince. On-line are free books on deliverance by Gene Moody. Get them.
      Also if you live near a river, lake, coast, ponds the get deliverance books by John Eckhardt, on Marine Spirits.
      You have much to learn little time to waste.
      If you are serious, if you are here for just for attention Yah will reveal it he is not to be toyed with, especially when people are reaching out to help.

    4. sking85e9e7ffb4 says:

      Hi there To God be all the praise and all the glory forever Amen.
      The people above have given you really good advice, I would like to add that your first 4 points you laid down are all new age ideas and to be stayed away from and repent if you have done any of the above God in all his mercy will forgive you if you are truly repented. You need to be really carefull who you listen to start so much deception and false teachers out there. cover your self with prayer daily asking Jesus to protect you and lead you satan and his minions will not let you go without a fight but in God is victory of Sin and this world. The road is not going to be easy but Jesus will be there every step of the way and remember at the end of everything there’s nothing better than getting a “well done my good and Faithfull servent come in to my presence”


    5. elfmom55 says:

      I just found a young man that has a powerful deliverance ministry on YT a couple days ago. I wasn’t real sure if Celestial would have wanted me to leave a link to him so I’ll just give you the name and you can look him up yourself. “Noah Hines Deliverance Ministry”. Many here are praying for you! We ALL need prayer!

    6. Lynette says:

      Some things Yah has led me to over the last several years after showing me I had a lot of darkness He wanted to rid me of: Deliverance…Youtube: Themthatbelieve deliverance ministry, Kay ElBlessing, Evangelist Joshua, Apostle Paul Williams…Website: Demonbusters.
      Prayer: Chantel Ekabe has weekday “prophetic prayers” where she will pray through the Bible; also Johnson Suleman (Celebration TV…can find him on Youtube) prays weekdays through the Bible. Our family also got rid of 1000s of dollars of our belongings due to symbolism/occultic meanings. Freemasonic items, Halloween decor, certain toys, clothing with occultic symbolism, crystals/occultic jewelry, etc. Anything that could be an open door to the demonic has been trashed. Worship: Shane and Shane on YouTube sings songs from Psalms, and Esther Mui sings lots of scripture songs. Kyle Lovett on YouTube has prophetic instrumental music.

      1. Tracey says:

        Hi sister, I don’t know any of the other names on here so can’t comment. But Johnson Suleman is 100% guaranteed false apostle, prophet, pastor or whatever one can call it. I suggest you take the rest of your list to the Lord in prayer to confirm them because Suleman is a spiritual fraud. Everyone “uses” the Bible if they’re on a pulpit… so that’s not really a good enough measure. The question is how do they use it? Truthfully? And equally important- Of what spirit are they?

        I praise the living God for the work He’s started doing in you and He who started the good work is faithful to complete it. Thank God for you throwing away so much… you’re clearly on your way. Just ask the Lord to lead you into ALL truth and refine your listening list. If need be, stay away from all of them for a time to hear God for yourself clearly and then let Him introduce who He wants either back into your life or give you new people (but I can guarantee God will never never ever recommend Suleman- that man is a wolf & maybe even a fox all at the same time). You’re honestly better off just doing your Bible and this page than listening to sugar coated poison from people like Suleman. That man will spiritually take more than he can ever ever give you. God forbid. Our souls are too precious. May the Lord help us all as we continue journeying into the deeper waters with Him. Amen.

        Even with some “Christian/ prophetic chants/ instrumental/ soaking worship” music… not to make everything scary… but the other day I briefly listened to someone reading the Bible on YouTube. I’m telling you it was supposed to be some soothing background thing and it was very bad. It’s not how I read the Bible at all- never have- but someone I know listened to such and I decided to see what it was about…. The lady Bible reader was filled with demons that literally were almost trying to jump out of her to whoever stayed too long on her page. I was shocked & horrified. Meanwhile she’s reading Bible!!! And people were all over the comments saying oh I sleep with this every night. Another one said oh I used to find this weird but the more I listen now I love it (how satan gets in and stays)

        We have to remember satan quoted Bible to Jesus while tempting him. Satan! So will his followers. We have to pray sooo much because honestly, satan isn’t just trying to come in through secular things anymore. He’s firmly planted himself in everything in the church and oh they are reading Bible big time. Infact, they even read KJV to make sure you know they’re very “solid and serious”. Please search for a post on this blog called- The feathered, flying serpent. It explains things in 3D detail. Jesus isn’t everywhere men are calling his name- there is spiritual presence there sure but it’s unfortunately a feathered, flying serpent. And the people are having a good old, time but Jesus is outside there wondering why can’t anyone notice i have nothing to do with any of this. I’m not saying we can’t listen to anything at all- I listen to some preachers online as well as music (all confirmed by God because I can’t afford my precious life to be poisoned). All I’m trying to point out is not everything that speaks on Jesus is of Him.

        God bless you Lynette.

        1. sking85e9e7ffb4 says:

          Something I noticed when pastors are about titles ie Apostle, prophet etc 99% of the time they where not ordained by God True Apostle, prophet don’t care about titles they care about the work that needs to be done for Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Those titled or should I say entitled pastors be very weary about.

        2. Lynette says:

          Thank you, Tracey!

          I will be in prayer. The Lord is done using most of this list in my life, as they were only used for a season each. For those I still visit, I will seek Yah.

  2. Steven Shindler says:

    Hi Celestial,
    I just tried to send you a gift via Paypal. You were blocked from receiving gifts. Is there another way you can receive gifts? Maybe physical address?

  3. Tanya says:

    https://twitter.com/Xx17965797N/status/1588427215058132992?s=20&t=QukICmTxmE9KOLAAG2UPdg i found this on the internet and it reminded me of the previous prophecy of u.n. soldier i think, it was very similar picture of soldiers with this video, their armour specifically

    1. elfmom55 says:

      Russ Dizdar (RIP) had a wonderful Satanic ritual abuse deliverance ministry called “The Black Awakening”. He did a lot of exposing of Super Soldiers the gov. is creating.

  4. Redeemed says:

    Everything have been said. Jesus Christ is the Way the Truth and the Life. No man can come to the Father except thru the Christ for He is the Son of God and God in the flesh. Everything else is falsehood. Eternal salvation is of the Lord Jesus Christ only.

    On another note, there are alternatives to PP that are better and don’t cater to censorship. Both Christian and non christian.

  5. Onyinyechi Onyeukwu says:

    Messy, very messy… she have an email. David received a message from Yah through a messenger directly to David and not over a radio. However, when a person hears from God what makes you think He wouldn’t correct her so I say get thee behind her demon be thou removed from this place.

    1. Celestial says:

      It is alright sister. The pride they referring to is exactly what’s eating them, it’s the farmers with the emptiest fields who give the most advice about farming! 😄 They are twisted up with watching somebody do what they can’t, it does not stop me from my work 1%. Flies will nag ’til the day the Lord returns, then find to their shock He’ll lay punishment for pride at a different door than they expected. God bless.🌺

      1. Onyinyechi Onyeukwu says:

        So true

  6. Ark says:

    I sense an urgency in your latest postings. It’s something I feel within my spirit as well. May the Lord bless you, Sister Celestial and find us faithful until the end.

  7. Roni says:

    im getting a report out of texas that russia struck Poland

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