An Iron Church, False Teachers & End Times Warnings Of Yah (PRAYER CALL) – Nov. 4, 2022


This is the full prophecy prayer call from November 4, 2022, minus the introduction prayers.

– Property ownership gives way to ZONES, ranging from best to good to poor.

– America will become a Marxist nightmare & fever-dream.

– There are printed step-by-step rules & protocols on how to destroy a nation.

– The wicked have “purpose” & delusions as they serve Satan and break down the nations to replace it with a so called “improvement” on God’s design for humanity.

– Man keeps choosing the same cycles that destroys him.

– Machines & robots will rise to destroy and enslave their creators.

– Fallen ones have entered the world thru secret spells, NECROMANCY, witchcraft & other occultic practices like Egyptian rites.

– Media & social platforms have too much power to deceive the masses.



– Male-and-female in one is SERIOUS ERROR

– Snares are capturing believers because they cannot discern light and dark, they cut their own lives short because they follow those who have sold them in the dark kingdom.

– Joel Osteen, Marcus Rogers, TD Jakes, Bill Johnson, Joyce Meyer, John Gray & many more- SOLD OUT

– Occultic pastors who do black mass feed the church foul waste.

– The internet is a SNARE, be careful how you use it.

– Many reject the truth gospel but there are believers who steer clear and want nothing to do with the subtle lies of the age.


– The church is trapped by witches & workers of darkness appearing as light. A CHURCH UNDER CRAFT.

– People are bought & sold by pastors, entertainers, gospel artists for earthly reward & occultic power. – – Lives are being lost due to NO DISCERNMENT IN THE CHURCH.

– The thief on the Cross was WISE.

– Those who won’t stop sinning will face earthly& spiritual consequences.

– Judgement is already in the earth.

– God Himself will trouble people til they repent and if they refuse they will pay the wages of sin in full.

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  1. Sheila says:

    Thank you so much sister Celestial. I have purposed to obey the Most High , I don’t have many friends because I always choose the way of Truth .

    Many don’t want to accept the truth so I shake the dust off my feet and move to whoever will listen .

    I have told many about the false teachers but many choose not to listen! These are supposed to be born again Christians but what I call them is blind sheep.

    I will stay on this narrow path, as I know where it leads to .
    Stay blessed my sister .

  2. The rule book you reference is their “bible” of how to completely overturn any republic (America isn’t now and never was a democracy). This tome is called “Rules for Radicals” by deceased HERO and MENTOR to Obama, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Pelosi,…
    Saul Alinsky. He autographed a copy for HRC and she was absolutely ecstatic to receive it!
    This book, indeed, provides a step-by-step plan for complete societal upheaval and it’s been a favorite (since publication in 1971) by many non-politicians, also, such as George Soros.

    1. LoriQ says:

      Yes, David, absolutely correct. Took the words right out of my mouth. Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. If I am not mistaken Alinsky dedicates his tome to the original rebel, Satan. Says it all, really.

    2. Katie says:

      The name Saul means “you asked for it” Very fitting.

    KING of Kings LORD of Lords ! Bright Morning Star!
    I repent of my own ways i seek your face denying me i choose to take up my cross and ONLY follow YOU!
    thank you kindly to allow me to live to see answers to questions i asked as child in NYC. decades ago!
    YOU are GOD of every Generation JESUS thank you
    how may i serve your kingdom today?
    counting the cost – step by step – day by day thank you
    JESUS for morning by morning YOU never leave nor forsake. AMEN

  4. Jesusmyblessedhope says:

    Dear Celestial, just finished re watching your video on “The Plagues of Egypt” very sobering realities for the future, at the same time, in that same message of judgment, the Lord is still full of mercy, Praise The Almighty Father.

    I must say sister, you were so much on fire with the Holy Spirit. the details, the constructions of every word n explanation just hits right pointblank to any skeptics heart. After listening to this message I wonder if there will still be anybody who will not believe that our God is the only true God, nor not believe that Celestial is a true prophet n a special mouthpiece of the Lord specially for this time.
    Thank you sister, God’s blessings n Shalom

  5. Yari Zapata says:

    Hi Celestial I hope it’s not a bother for me to comment this publicly I’m just in awe with the way God is using you and the way you are letting him work through you, I truly feel closer to God when I here his words through you. I’m not sure if you talk to anyone individually or have an email to be reached at but I have questions as a believer wanting to build and get deeper with God during these times. That God may continue using you mightily and pouring his blessings over you. God bless !

  6. Jobob says:

    The QR code is the mark of the beast.. it will be in you, on you, or you will worship it by using it for ALL buying and selling… but most of all it will track you and show your vax status. It is the mark. The three cubes in the corners equal 666. A cube has 6 sides. Do not use it for anything or you are worshiping the beast. They conditioned us for many years with the bar code and the 666 impeded in it. You have to completely separate from the system. May God be with us and guide us.

    1. Jobob says:

      This is the best description of how the WE code is the mark

      1. Jobob says:

        I forget which video it was… but celestial had a dream where there was a black box everywhere that was easy to pick up that represented the mark. It’s the we code

        1. Jobob says:

          The qr code is likely embedded in the transhuman injection. That’s what the jab is. People who have taken it are are in the process of becoming other than God’s creation. They can repent, but they don’t have much time

        2. Celestial says:

          I’ve never told anyone anything about the mark except 1) People need to quit trying to force me to say it’s a vaccine. I don’t work for people and this blog isn’t the group survey, opt-in variety. I say what the Lord tells me directly, whatever else the public feels on any topic I do not say no matter who believes what. 2) I have said that we will see that mark MARKED ON HUMAN FLESH, just as it says in Bible. I have not said anything beyond that. Prophecies are on record here for all to see exactly what I’ve said. God bless you… 🌺

        3. Celestial says:

          The black box dream was a scanner in malls & public places; I said it picked up an *identification book* we all carried. I did not say anything about it being the mark. Please let nobody put words in my mouth, I am always clear when explaining things. God bless you.

  7. Pavel K. says:

    I just woke up from a dream where I was back in my childhood home with family – it was dusk and I was standing outside watching the pretty colors that were occurring on the horizon, when a mushroom cloud appeared in the distance, followed by a shockwave. I ran inside and told everyone to take cover, but only after they detected the urgency in my voice. Afterwards, when I felt it safe to get up, I walked outside and noticed the general confusion amongst the neighborhood. People seemed to be aware that something was wrong, but not uncertain as to what it was. I then walked back inside to see the TV was still broadcasting the news, when the text on the screen that normally read, “Thanks for watching, we’ll be right back” in English, switched to Cyrillic. I tried to point it out to my family but it never reappeared and the news still kept on airing as if nothing happened. I started to explain to them, or tried to, that the news media is complicit in all this, just like our leaders, and that this is happening because America is a wicked nation – that Russia will overtake us and everything. I had a cousin try to argue with me that he’ll just give them all he has so nothing will happen to him, and I told him that whatever he has, they’ll take it anyway, they don’t need his to permission to snatch it up. Whatever he doesn’t want to give up? They’ll snatch that too. There is nothing they won’t take, for America has long withheld it’s riches. After much convincing, I told them that they all need to leave, because people will come to the area to clear out anyone remaining. Shortly after, I woke up. Sister Celestial, I rarely have dreams I feel prophetic (if ever), or even ones that carry a meaningful message, but this one struck me as such in a heavy way, that I felt the need to share it.

    1. Florian says:

      Shalom Celestial,
      My pregnat wife – she is in the 8th month, was told by the doctor today, that the heart of our unborn Hanna stopped beating.

      I am basically devastaded.
      I know you are busy. However anything is welcome.

      1. MaryLeah says:

        Oh Hanna God! May the living God comfort you.
        Draw them Lord and keep them there under your peace!
        Praying and weeping bitterly for your loss!
        Love, Mary Leah

  8. William Sterling says:

    Everything that God made is good. Everything He put in His Book is true. Everything that JESUS spoke was from the Father. When we take His words to task, we blaspheme Him. Nothing has EVER changed in His Word. Nothing. When church doctrines contradicts His Book, their words and reasoning are coming from the enemy. Revelation 22.18-19.

  9. Jamie says:

    The UN is re-writing the 10 commandments on Mt Sinai.

  10. hb says:

    Blessings to you, Celestial! I am praying Psalm 19 (esp. v. 7-11) with your many admonitions in mind. I am
    thankful for TMH’s mercy and lovingkindness.

  11. Kaycii says:

    Blessings in Jesus Christ mighty name sister Celestial. I thank God for your prophecies, what a Wonderful Father we serve. Blessed is the name of our Lord Jesus Christ forever!

    I am aware you don’t believe the cv19 jab is the mark. But unfortunately it is, it changes our God given DNA and has Luciferase along with patent number 060606. I share this with you out of love. I keep you in my prayers because truly your prophecies have been so helpful all glory to Christ. But please be aware the jab is the mark. We can never put this in our temples because it is the abomination of desolation. There’s a documentary you can look up on YouTube “ it’s worse than you think” by Revelations of Jesus Christ ministry. Shalom

    JESUS CHRIST is King!!!

  12. Marty says:

    The jab doesn’t appear to be the mark. It is a slow kill depopulation weapon unleashed to distract us from the failing economy. It is the software operating platform for the coming Mark.This Ed Dowd presentation shows that the banking system is insolvent. The debt has become too large to manage so the Banksters need millions of people to die to offset inflation (by destroying demand).

    Peace be with all of you. 🙏

    1. Kayci says:

      Watch this video and explain to me how it’s not the mark

  13. Mary Leah says:

    Brother! Sister! Hear the praises of the most high! Hear this and worship Him who is worthy. Our most precious and beloved of our soul! Beautiful! Beautiful! Oh I can’t stand it. Where else can we go? Where? Run to the ark. Run to the secret place! Praying and praying for all those seeking Him!

    1. Maggie says:

      Its true some of the best prophetic intercessory worship is coming out of Nigeria.

      1. Flourish&Thrive says:

        Also check out Theophillus Sunday. Nigerians have something when it comes to worship

        1. MaryLeah says:

          Thank you for introducing me to the Theophillus Sunday! This was the words from the first song I clicked on! Oh Oh Oh, no where else makes sense!
          These are not enticing words Oh lover of my soul!
          Search my heart and hear the deep poundings of my heart Lord
          Pay attention to the cries of my heart!
          The words of my mouth may not make sense
          But I know that you are here that such is the depth of the heart of man
          Keep me here, keep me here, keep me here!
          Sets my heart on deeper things!
          Keep me here, keep me here, oooh Jesus!
          Who is like you Lord in all the earth!
          You are matchless in love in beauty and in work!

        2. Flourish&Thrive says:

          My pleasure sis. I don’t know that one, I will definitely have a look! This is one of the first songs of his I was introduced to:

          Be blessed

        3. MaryLeah says:

 here is the youtube link to the song! Thank you for the blog!

  14. Pamela Albright says:

    Not much word or posts from Celestial? Today is November 15th.
    I just read most of Ephesians 5…very info. 🙂 later everybody…all take care!

  15. Villie says:

    Celestial do you think that we are in the 7 years of Tribulations from what God has shown you. May God continue to bless you.

    1. KINGdomchild says:

      She has said many times that when we in that period we will know there will be no mistaking it. We will wake up one day and the world we once knew will be flipped upside down in every way.

  16. Nathan says:

    Shalom! PayPal is not allowing me to send you financial support. Your probably aware of the problem. Is Cashapp the best way to go about it at this point or have you found another option. It would be great if I could set up something that is re-occurring. Thanks for your obedience. Your brother in Christ.

    1. Ha says:

      She said that she is aware about the PayPal situation and that they didn’t give an explanation about why her account is blocked. (I know the answer: satan and the imps don’t want her to get the resources to keep her ministry going!) As for as cashapp, she says that she doesn’t like using it.

      Email to see what options you have.

  17. Angie says:

    Where is she????
    Havent heard anything in a while, on any Chanel, or even on revival

    1. Ha says:

      People, really! 😒 She said on her youtube channel, that she is going on sabbatical! AND that God is moving her into other areas offline, to minister.

      1. Mary Leah says:

        And Samuel did that which the LORD spake, and came to Bethlehem. And the elders of the town trembled at his coming, and said, Comest thou peaceably? 1 Samuel 16:4

  18. Florian says:

    Shalom Celestial,
    My pregnant wife (shes in the 8th month) was told by the doctor today, that the heart of our unborn Hanna stopped beating.
    Tomorrow we will have to go to the hospital…😭

    I am basically devastated. I knoe you are busy.
    However, amything is welcomed.

    1. Hb says:

      Please know I am praying. My Jonathan passed similarly. It is still hard sometimes, even 23 years later. Ultimately, looking back, I see my faith has increased because of my sorrow(s). Just know you are not alone!

      1. Florian says:

        Thank you.
        I never felt so much pain and agony.
        My wife and I are now in the Hospital. The process of initiated birthing will take 1-3 days.

  19. Valerie Mcclendon says:

    🙏 amen great teacher I love your way it is truth spoken my God have mercy and give us wisdom..hallelujah dear woman of God…

  20. Angiestuart says:

    Thanks for this wonderful word and warning

  21. Karen Huntley says:

    Celestial where are you? Are you OK?

  22. Ephraim says:

    Gd Morn Celestial…
    Glory to the Most High Living God in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ Our Personal Lord and Savior who we Believe in Him and Have Faith Thru Him.
    I Love your Commision to Our FATHER. The LORD our God. It is NOT easy as to what your are Doing According to His Purpose.
    Did you Enter into a COVENANT with God way before he started using you?
    I aske This to say He came to me when I Lived in Daphne AL. Twas 2018 Sep 30.
    I Spoke to Angels who Told me God had sent em to me bcaz I have a Great and He (God) wants to use me according to His Purpose.
    On my Right hand while laying in Bed, there was a Bright Shining Light n out of it twas a Deep voice Talking with me where I Accepted Jesus Christ as my Personal Lord n Savior who I Believe in Him n have Faith Thru Him. I Entered into a COVENANT with God Willingly and Accepted even unto Death during my whole Tenure being used by God. I SHALL have EVERLASTING LIFE.
    During my Tutorship by the HOLYSPIRIT even now, God has been coming to me, Talked with me. He Finally asked me to Return back to Africa where I moved from to States. Now being here, I shall build Him HIS CHURCH. What you post on TMV is materials I fully Intend to Teach HIS CHURCH.
    Being in the village, I have fully Adjusted and in the process of Bringing in Sustainable water by digging a bore hole, put up irrigation system for greens, (Abstained from “flesh”) and get on with Building HIS CHURCH.
    How i ended up back came from a seven day fast where the day after the fast, God came to me, His SPIRIT entered my Body n we was speaking back n forth in the Spirit without audible voice even to day.
    Sometimes he speaks to me thru my own voice.
    I have came to experience Truly how God’s personality is. When he gets mad…. Oh NO its Terrifying! His sense of humor, laughing, eating, even stretching my Body, His Temple to measures impossible for human to achieve at any normal circumstances.
    Twas necessary to say hi n Thank you for the tireless living sacriice u doing for the CHURCH of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST.
    Our FATHER, the LORD our God Shall keep Blessing the work of your Hand n u Shall live EVERLASTING LIFE in the Mighty n matchless name of JESUS CHRIST our personal Lord and Savior who we Believe in Him n Have FAITH thru Him.

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