“The Bricks Have Fallen Down” : Why Judgement Comes To A Nation (Isaiah 9) – January 30, 2022


This video is Part 1 of a two-part teaching from the Lord Jesus Christ on the process of judgement and how it comes to a nation. Nations are chosen for judgement like winners in a beauty pageant, the only difference is the “honor” of being chosen is dubious and comes for being a sinner. So how can a nation know it is under judgement? What are the signs that point to the decay and eventual destruction that are usually the outcomes for sinful nations who depart from the ways of God?

Is it by natural disasters like floods, droughts and fires, or more hurricanes than usual?

Is it economic warfare at home and abroad, an escalation of harsh words and threats with big players in the international arena- is that what judgement is? Stalemates over trade, choked traffic in the ports, rising prices and trade embargoes? Is it ‘pain at the pump’ and cash register, a sinking feeling as you watch your bank balance struggle to do the same things you did with ease last year?

Is it sudden outbreaks of disease- like being the nation who led the race in the number of dead and dying for covid, a frustrating place where doctors can’t or won’t talk about or explain things to the satisfaction of us all?

Is it rot in the youth population– a nation of boys who don’t want to be men and men who want to be women? A nation of women who mostly don’t know (and don’t want to learn) what the Bible teaches about females, except that the word of God to them now firmly represents ‘the patriarchy’?

Is it deteriorating and destructive social structures- when each new set of rulers seem intent on ripping up the foundational beliefs of the country and throwing it overboard in favor of brand-new policies nobody ever heard of before- new math, new genders, new racial policies that drive huge wedges of mistrust between massive sections of the population- so that less people want to love, live together and build together? 

Or is judgement simply when God- who is perfect in design, perception, speech, assessment and knowledge of everything hidden- gets sick of it all and says: “I am weary of your sins. Even your secret sins, the ones hidden from the mainstream, I am sick of them and of YOU. I’ve uncovered your skirts and found them soaked in infants’ blood. I see flesh destroyed everywhere you go. I’ve reviewed your policies and found them selfish, grasping, violent towards others, and self-serving over all. I see murder and lies everywhere and will no longer tolerate it. You are worse than every empire before you- behold you are JUDGED and the judgement is set- cemented- I will not relent. ‘My hand is stretched out still.'”

Judgement is all these things. The slow rotting of something once beloved in front of the ones who love it (which is its own form of torture, watching something you love destroy itself)- watching it rot because it denies God, refuses to love or serve Him, or even acknowledge His right to speak over the nation. America is judged because she thought to fire God- hand Him his pink slip- she thought to send Him out of the company and take over the assets, shares and Board of Directors herself.

She acted (and still does act) JUST LIKE SATAN, who is the original sinner. Satan’s plan was to tell God “Get down from that chair. I’ll sit there. I will rise right up to the Highest, to the Mount itself, and rule as God.”

That’s America’s sin- “GOD GET DOWN FROM THAT CHAIR. Get down from the policies, monuments, institutions, schoolhouses and everywhere we do business. Get down from our government and leave our sexuality; stay out of what WE call marriage! Let our children be transgender and nobody say anything about it. Don’t talk to us about right-to-life policies, we will play God to the unborn. Let our boys become anxiety-ridden and our girls extremely militant, and YOU God, take your ideals, rules, constraints and ‘hate speech’ propaganda, AND LEAVE.”

Even if anyone denies it, it is still true. Satan decided God was irrelevant and the outcome was a hideous transformation that could no longer be tolerated in Heaven. America has done the same thing  and even if so many want to refuse or deny it- no home will be found for her on earth. God is speaking in these end times- His assessment is TRUE which makes every man who denies it a liar.

The work of The Master’s Voice is simple. To read out the charges, the accusations and the punishments Yah has decided for America. God sent me to expose the evil things people are sleeping on, wickedness taking place all over this country that millions don’t know about. Without exposure they’ll keep saying it’s conspiracy, they’ll keep sleeping peacefully instead of waking up from this danger rest to REPENT and start mourning desperately over what goes on in this place.

God sent me with His message for an end times generation, to prove through these written prophecies- FOR THEY ARE THE WRITTEN PROOF OF GUILT AND SIN that God is right when He judges and blameless when He blames (Psalm 51:4).

These prophecies aren’t for us to say: “Why is it so graphic? I don’t like her style.” They’re not for anyone to complain or justify themselves: “But I haven’t done these things! Why should I be judged?” Nor for some to insist: “Tokyo and Berlin do the same thing! Why aren’t there prophecies about them?!”

I’m not in Tokyo and Berlin. I’m here and I will speak the word of the Lord against the church, the USA, the One World Beast system of the Bible (Revelation 13), and the warnings of personalized punishment and judgment of every single human being (or country) who copies the ways of Satan and Mystery Babylon. Satan is the highest ranking sinner of the heavens, and America is the highest ranking sinner of the earth. That is what God has said.

If there is one prophecy among many that support these statements, read this one —> UNDONE.

Let the Lord’s words fall where they may, and those who have ears and have read even a few of the the 390+ prophecies neatly written on this blog- hear, and make their decision. The End Times are a “thing”. Believe it or not. They are real, they exist, and they will bring validation to the righteous and some serious sorrow to a hard-hearted, disbelieving generation across the world, not just here.

Part 1 below studies Judgement. Part 2 to follow, studies Mercy. Hear the words of the Lord.

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  1. Martin says:

    Thank you Celestial. The one comment really stood out for me which shows the anger and hurt in one scene felt by The Lord “I’ve uncovered your skirts and found them soaked in infant blood”


    Blessings from South Africa

  2. Frank Bell says:

    Thank you once again dear sister. I did share this one, Yah’s elect that are still sleeping need to understand and come outta Babylon.

    1. Fred says:

      Amen! Stay strong Celestial. Do not fear. Thank you for being faithful.

  3. Allison Archer says:

    God truly is weary of the sins of the people as He pours His heart out in His selected born-again people
    It is painful and troubles my soul greatly as the Spirit grieves

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