Home Invasion Dream – October 8, 2020

Federal enforcement officers are seen during a demonstration against the presence of law enforcement officers and racial inequality. REUTERS/Caitlin Ochs

Yesterday morning I had a very short dream- blunt and to the point.

I dreamt I lived on the upper floors of an apartment building (not where I live in real life). These were small units and each one held a family, couple, roommates or a single person living alone.

In the dream my neighbors and I were tense, standing alert by our doors. I could see through the entire building and all through it I saw people holding something in their hands, standing right next to their doors. In homes with men the men stood closest to the doors with their wives right behind them, while children were shushed and told to stay back. I was alone in my house and I wasn’t holding anything but my ear was pressed up against my door, listening for something. I saw down the row of units on my floor, everyone was at the door braced against it, waiting for something. I didn’t know what but I know in the dream I was tense, really tense and nervous. I also felt like the first one to open the door to try and get a better look outside was going to get “in trouble”, but I honestly didn’t know why I felt that way or what the trouble would be. Eventually the tension and waiting in silence was too much for me, I needed to know what was going on so I opened my door a tiny crack just to see if the hallway was clear. From my “through the walls” view I saw several other people do the same on my floor. People wanted to know what they were bracing for.

The minute I opened my door a U.S. soldier wearing full combat gear, in what looked like light green, grey and brown splotches, holding a big gun and wearing a helmet indoors, ran from around the corner and said “We’ve waited long enough. Come out, come out or we’re coming in! Come out RIGHT NOW!”

Wow. I was so, SO sorry I’d opened that door, because the man caught my door with his full strength and there was no way I could push a man hard enough to shut my door. I tried but it didn’t work, he pushed my door with his shoulder while holding his gun upward,  put his face in the opening and shouted “COME OUT NOW OR YOU’LL GET IN TROUBLE! COME OUT NOW!”

So I let go of the door, he pushed it open then stepped back to see if I would come out. I folded my arms across my chest and stepped into the hallway. Down the hall I saw various scenes of struggle as some doors were kept closed until they got kicked in, people were dragged out fully resisting and being handled very roughly by these soldiers in what looked like army uniform (I’m not sure, I just know the colours were green, dark green, grey in patterns on the uniform. I also saw some uniforms that looked “sandy”, these colors were tan, light brown and brown speckles on the uniform). Other people opened the door quietly like me and filed out into the hallway. As soon as I stepped out of my apartment into the hall and saw all this, as well as soldiers lined up on my floor – the dream ended.

Please see link below for more on this if you are new to this blog or missed it before or didn’t make time to read it when I shared it or… whatever the case may be. May your prayers be sharpened heading into our future days, because a militarized America is promised from the Lord and we shall see it one way or another. We’re already seeing totally unnecessary strong-arm military in different parts of the country, no matter what’s going on there’s really no need to bring local soldiers out against citizens like Desert Storm Part 2 but as I’ve posted before- THERE IS A REASON FOR SHOWING US THE ARMY AND EVEN THE POLICE LOOKING THIS INTIMIDATING. Because one day it will be real life, daily life.

One thing I’ve always tried to make clear, we should not assume that being saved means being exempt. The things coming to this country are JUDGEMENT. God said it will fall on everybody, if not why are armed forces kicking down my door in dreams? God is alerting us that some things will affect A-L-L, the difference in outcome will be HOW God takes care of us in it, what mercies will meet us in it, and how we ourselves will be obedient, still, listening and TRUSTING HIM THROUGH IT TO COME OUT UNSCATHED ON THE OTHER SIDE. This requires casting away our belief that God is so much love that He won’t judge and punish America for her sins (which are like a fiery smokestack in the spirit realm by now). Unbelief breaks the efficacy of God’s word, it is WRONG and none of us should still be repeating this arrogance of “God would never do that!”

But if you are one of those who hears repeated warning and prophetic words and still does the “Let’s not worry cuz He loves us!” thing, then… Great.

To the rest who read, study, ponder, and take these things away to set before the Holy Spirit so He can prove them to you and show you how to prepare, have a blessed day and remember to fix your faith to the Rock. We must strengthen those things that are weak. We must stop playing around with our faith and start to flex and test it to see if it really is an anchor that holds within the veil. Believe me, I put myself first in line when I say this: You do not want to find out, IN THE EVIL DAY, that really you’re weak and not as strong or steadfast as you assumed you were. Amen.

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If you faint in the day of distress, how small is your strength! (Proverbs 24:10)

P.S. The uniforms I saw in the dream looked like those below. Does anyone know what groups they belong to? Kindly comment in the comments section below. God bless you.

(Video for this post is now available HERE. )

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  1. Scarlett says:

    I sure don’t care for dreams like that! Men with guns wearing military garb……
    About those camo designs….I tried to look up the patterns on the Internet. Trying to do so was like trying to “find the cat” in a bazillion of similar cat patterns. There are so many similar designs, it’s hard to choose.
    Several years ago, a bunch of military personnel were doing training exercises, in my neck of the desert at the time…..near TorC, N.M. They all wore desert camo design uniforms which obviously looked like a desert sandy tan color.
    Then, about the time of Jade Helm, we had a bunch of military personnel come from Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo, N.M to try and convince the locals it would be OK for them to use our airspace with constant flyovers. They all wore some greenish looking camo…..but again, who knows which one? Meanwhile, during that time frame…2 jets in unison flew so low over my apt, screaming so loud, it was scary as good be.
    One of these days, the Military won’t be asking locals “for permission”….they’ll just do it! My question to you sister Celestial…..is WHY? Why do you think you are getting these invasion dreams? Is it for guns, vaccine issues….or is it because we’ve been vetted and are going to be herded off to Fema camps. Just asking for an opinion, not something etched in granite.
    Thank you and Lord bless you as you continue to serve Jesus.

  2. Lisa Ann Dailey says:

    National Guard, we have a camp not far from where I live.

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