Sedition & The Fall – July 30, 2020

“To whom shall I speak and give warning,
That they may hear?
Indeed their ear is uncircumcised,
And they cannot give heed.
Behold, the word of the Lord is a reproach to them;
They have no delight in it.” – Jeremiah 6:10

WordPress has changed something with the editor and I hate it like fire. Never struggled like this to write and edit content before! Prophecy is below.

I received these words, dreams and visions 8:30 a.m. July 30, 2020.

My first dream involved a group of women, American women sitting on one of their house’s very nice front porch having punch, cake and tea. They were discussing the downfall of America as bluntly and casually as you discuss a sale at Target- they were talking about whether to make it fall, how should it fall, when should it fall, and what should be the outcome of its fall. I couldn’t believe what I heard, I’m sure it showed on my face. I tried to compose myself as I listened but to no avail. The discussion got deeper and more detailed as cups were refilled. The cake was complimented while these women discussed other people dying so lightly, they weighed the possibility of rebellion from “the masses” and how to squash it in the same voice you use to ask the gardener not to shave the lawn too long this time, but to make it shorter and neater.

In the dream I rose from my chair (in the outer part of the circle on the porch) and walked away. No one was bothered about me leaving or cared about the frustrated look on my face to hear U.S. citizens describing their own nation like a cow about to be killed. I went down the steps, stood in the street awhile to get my bearing, then started walking north. The dream ended.

After that came a voice: “SEDITION is at work in America. She is about to be torn apart. The yeast of discontent is fast at work in her but there is no cohesion to keep her together. She will fall apart and she will be torn apart. The architects of destruction from within and from outside will destroy this nation and bring it down to rubble and bare bones in the time to come. This is the word of the Lord.”

Now awake, I saw a vision of a large Tupperware container with a blue lid. I couldn’t tell what was inside at first but foam rose furiously at the sides of the lid. There was so much pressure inside the container that I saw yeast, bubbling and forcing the lid up all by itself. It seemed water had got in and activated it, now it was doing what yeast does- swell, bubble, fizz and fight its way out. Then understanding was given to me that America is like a powder keg of very old ammunition that’s been ignited, like those old cartoon black round explosives with the fizzing stem. The stem gets lit then fizzes and spits fire until it burns down to the device itself and then… explosion.

Yeast in scripture represents corruption, spoilage, and ruin. It is a picture of SIN called “leaven”, which all who are pure are commanded to avoid because of how easily it spreads its dangerous, corrupting influence everywhere. “Beware the leaven of the Pharisees” said Jesus, meaning stay far away from their evil and corrupting doctrine. In the Bible the presence of yeast in your life means SIN in your life, so this nation being shown as a container of yeast bursting its boundaries is clear enough: Sin is overflowing and finally coming out into the open.

After that I saw a huge snake coiled round and round and round itself. The head was tucked into the spiral so I couldn’t see what type of snake it was, but the very size of the flesh visible to me, the size of EACH COIL was enough to make me stare. If you can imagine a snake thick enough to coil itself up the trunk of cedar or a California redwood tree, an animal big enough to wrap itself for several turns around such a huge tree, that’s the size of the snake. I felt real shock seeing this massive snake and understanding was given to me:

A snake coiled at the base with about half its body raised up, if the head visible, is a snake giving you some warning. It’s in the position to strike already, true – but if you back away the snake won’t strike. It will stay watchful then go into a relaxed pose. But those snakes that don’t kill by striking are the ones that coil the entire body- they wrap in a circle from top to bottom and patiently squeeze the life out of their prey for as long as it takes. As I saw that massive snake wrapped in a complete coil like that I knew, “This is how it will happen.”

I now give you the things God showed me today.

There will be NO WARNING. Forces larger than this nation will squeeze and squeeze America in successive waves like a python or anaconda, squeeze the nation until it vomits out everything it contains, until it can’t breathe, until the lungs are crushed and there are no more signs of life. The death and decline of the United States of America will be a strange thing- it will be popping, visible and explosive like wet yeast bursting out of a container, everyone will see the signs. Yet at the same time it will be slow, hidden, insidious and carefully managed to the very last, til people are choking to death right in front of themselves but they’ll deny it is happening or claim they can’t see it.

The last thing that was given to me was this: Slavery. It’s not a new word on this blog. This nation will be stripped naked and taken into slavery. I am not a euphemist so I am not speaking of a euphemism for slavery. I am talkin about actual physical slavery, where they make you naked and separate you into groups and tie your hands and make you walk in a shuddering, terrfied, single file to a destination unknown. I am talking about having your hands zip-tied so tightly that the blood stops flowing, til the hands become swollen and purple and fat yet nobody does anything about it. I saw zip ties again this morning in all colours, raining down like someone was emptying a barrel. The Lord made me know nobody will waste money on iron shackles and chains for America, zip ties are cheap plastic and easy to make. Captives will be zip tied according to their usefulness, skill-set, and ability to survive and to work.

I have said these things before and been met with such ridicule and scorn, but it doesn’t trouble me. I know the one who commissioned me, I know what He said as He called me: THEY ARE A STIFF NECKED PEOPLE. And haven’t I seen it with my own eyes? Haven’t I been “blessed” with all the rude names? But mine is to declare what the Lord has said, and that I will surely do.

The Lord God said again: “This is a stiff-necked nation but it will be called “Iron boot”, “Iron neck”, meaning that the same shackles of iron put on the feet of African Americans and on their neck will be placed on the end times population of the United States of America.”

This is what the Lord said, very short: “They will be naked and afraid. Things they love to do to taunt me will be turned right back on them, they have flaunted their nakedness before me and naked will they go into their captivity.”

I’ve seen visions of people made naked as the day, n-a-k-e-d, grouped with a specific colour of zip tie, I do not know if the colours meant category or was random. I’ve seen foreign soldiers sitting at tables in huge “sorting centres” while people lined up t being asked things like: Can you work with metal. Can you work with bricks. Can you build, dig, or do construction. Can you handle money? Can you cook and clean, can you please a man in bed? Young girls were asked this, can you please a man in bed? Families were separated, father-son with the men, mother-daughter with the women, then further separations based on AGE. So a family lost the protection of elders shielding their kids, then spouses lost each other, then kids lost each other by being separated by sex and age.

There is much God has revealed over the years but I say this is a difficult task, what I mainly experience is: You speak what God gives you but the reply is “Fake news.” “Prove it.” “Why would that even happen, we are a Christian nation”, “You don’t understand how dreams work”, and on and on. People do listen but God is expecting our response to hit critical mass already!

My all time favourite is: “This doesn’t set with my spirit.” Wow. If only Isaiah, Jeremiah or Ezekiel were alive so they could tell us if Israel told them the destruction of their nation and looming slavery to Assyria and to Babylon “didn’t set right with their spirit”.

Prophecy: America has conspirators plotting within that want to carve her up like cake and squash all attempts at rebellion. To them the discussion of how to do it is no more burdensome than buying groceries. They have no mercy or care for human life. Many foreigners will go home. (Jeremiah 50:3, Jer. 50:16)

Prophecy: The sin of this nation is at a BOILING POINT. Many have said it, they’ve been dragged and ridiculed for doing so. SIN IS AT A BOILING POINT, SPILLING OVER. The lid is being lifted on some of that sin, revelations coming to light. Corruption and explosive conditions will cause cohesion to be lost in the U.S. as forces within and outside cause her ruin.

Prophecy: A serpent will slowly choke life out of this nation, carefully and in a relentless manner. People will feel like they’re choking under the crush of daily life as things get harder and harder. Yet these same people will say “It’s not true, it’s not happening, what you say is not for real. It can never happen in America.”

Prophecy: Lastly, slavery will come to this nation. See above.

I am not saying all will be slaves, I don’t know the conditions of that though my prayer has been that God will weed out His remnant as He always does. My prayer is for people to wake up, to stop being so STUBBORN AND PROUD and repent of sin so these things will not fall on them. What I’ve seen is that it will surely come here and swallow many, I’ve seen women especially lose their minds in foreign nations where they were shipped and abused without rest day and night. May those who have ears HEAR THIS WORD, seek God while He may be found, and intercede with passion for this nation. REPENT FOR HER, each one of us our prayers count. God honours humble hearts and He hears genuine intercession. Amen.

May the Lord bless and keep all who read and pray over this.

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  1. Scarlett says:

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    “SEDITION is at work in America. She is about to be torn apart. The yeast of discontent is fast at work in her but there is no cohesion to keep her together. She will fall apart and she will be torn apart. The architects of destruction from within and from outside will destroy this nation and bring it down to rubble and bare bones in the time to come. This is the word of the Lord.”

  2. Scarlett says:

    The enemy is trying to wear all of us out, any way he can, sister Celestial. Especially hindering those like you who are posting warnings, like this one, about the seriousness of the hour for America, and urging all to repent and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ before it’s too late.

    About WordPress……I’m confident you’ll get a breakthrough in the prayer realm concerning posting and laptop difficulties.

    Grace and peace,

    1. Celestial says:

      They’ve not yet fixed a thing. The blog does not look as I wish but… I will continue despite aesthetics. Thank you.

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