Beware The Leaven Of LIES – May 18, 2020

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Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from telling lies. – (Psalm 34:13)

What is power? Where does it come from? Why is everybody chasing it, and who really has it? Questions that never go away. On this blog of Christianity and faith I’ve spoken a lot about the fact that while there may be power struggles within us as we learn to obey God, as we choose moment by moment whether to live in purity or give in to sin and temptation, there is actually no competition between God and satan. There is no power struggle there. Make no mistake, there is NO competition between God and satan. Mainstream religion has certainly given the (false) impression that satan and God are somehow almost evenly matched, struggling at opposite ends of the scale for the souls of men in an epic battle of “good” and “evil” that will soon be fought in HD/ 5D/ IMAX/ VR on some hill at the end of days. They show an angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other, competing for the heart of the main character on TV. Will God win or will satan?

Yeah… whatever. There’s nothing like that.

Understand – The earth is a speck in front of God. God is so mighty and so great that if possible He is ever expanding from the last second of His existence. He is always bigger than the last time you saw Him, huge enough to be above it all and yet He is in and part of everything He has made. Satan on the other hand is a speck inside that first speck of earth, trapped in the unseen layers of the second heaven above us. The first heaven is where we get rain, snow, clouds and birds. Surprise, the sun is there too, and all the stars. Satan has power yes, we can’t deny that. But as I’ve shared many times before —> ALL POWER BELONGS TO GOD. From fallen angels to demons to WWE wrestlers, every display of power absolutely and totally derives from God the Father who is the sole, singular source of might, power and dominion on this earth.

If you see satan still able to perform his wicked activities it’s because even though he was kicked out of heaven for being unable to obey the rules, God did not strip him of his power. All the fallen who were kicked out with him likewise retained their power, gifts, abilities, even their crowns, and that’s why we have such a hard fight of it in Christianity. I don’t know who they fight in Islam or Buddhism, but in this faith? Wow. We- fight- MONSTERS. True blue, fallen from heaven, angry as a stepped on rattlesnake, bitter and wicked, diabolical, ‘can’t be killed until the very end’ —-> MONSTERS. And that’s a great way to slide into what we’re going to talk about today. 

We are here to talk about lies. Monsters and lies. 

One day, a bunch of religious leaders were getting on Jesus’ nerves. He had been debating back and forth with them on various matters and was clearly outclassing them but they, ever the gnats of annoyance sent to test a man’s soul, had in desperation sunk to the point of accusing him of being from Satan. He responded by telling them that they were liars. Said Jesus to the Pharisees (for He had no problems responding to their elementary school questions that they hoped would ‘trick’ the brightest mind that ever existed):

Why do you not understand My speech? Because you are not able to listen to My word. You are of your father the devil, and his desires do you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it. – (John 8:43- 44)

Jesus told these men that the reason it was hard for them to understand the things that even the common people had no trouble understanding, is because their insides were blocked with hate. Satan hates Jesus. He wishes he could be Jesus but of course he can’t be. That’s why he creates an Antichrist, a fake Jesus, a false Christ. Satan hates the truth, and he hates all who hear God’s words and follow the truth. His only revenge against truth is to lie, and I have to tell you he does it with STYLE. There is no better liar than the devil- in fact when you see someone skilled in lying know that same spirit that powers satan is also inside that person. The lies of the devil have captivated the whole earth– don’t take my word for it, believe the scripture:

And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lies in wickedness. – (1 John 5:19)

Put another way:

We know that we are of God, and that the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.

This scripture clearly lays out two teams: God’s children who understand His words and hear the truth… and —> everybody else. This means good people, bad people, the Salvation Army, Girl Scouts, people who go to India for a year to find their higher selves, people who don’t go anywhere and don’t care about their higher selves, ALL HUMANITY THAT IS NOT SAVED AND BELONGING TO JESUS, is under the power of satan. That’s almost everybody living under satan’s lies by default.

The power of satan dear brothers and sisters, is LIES. By the power of lies and other heavy demonic artistry Satan rules this world. He is the crafty puppet-master behind the scenes. Brothers and sisters the worldly trends come from him: the music, movies, hairstyles, porn, abortions, murders, rape, the increasing nakedness as a way of life, all if it is the ever-expanding brainchild of ONE UNSEEN RULER, SATAN. The minds of humanity have been progressively darkened and because people don’t love God anymore OR truth, it is very easy for satan to keep feeding them the same poisoned fruit he fed Adam and Eve so long ago: Don’t you want to be gods? Don’t you want to make your own rules? You don’t have to believe. You don’t have to obey. You can be your OWN GODS. This is the only trick this devil has, but it’s worked extremely well for him. Generation after generation thinks his  slithery offer is a great deal, they bite the poison in expectations of greatness only to fall into the same darkness and suffering as their forefathers.

Satan never ever shows you the strings on the deal he offers. Never. If God doesn’t intervene and open our eyes, one by one we’ll remain as lost as the first couple in the garden. This is why we sing this song: Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me! I once was lost, but now am found, was blind, but now I see.

I am here to open your eyes because God has opened mine. You may find some of what I write hard to believe, nevertheless it is so. It is true. If you ask the Lord about it in prayer, if you ask Him to confirm it to you in the particular ways (however it may be) that He speaks to YOU- You will find that the things on this blog come direct from the Source, God.

(By the way this is not metaphysical God, “the universe”, a “higher power” or none of that other stuff. I am talking about the One God, Jehovah, creator of the world, Father to all and to Jesus Christ. Giver of the Holy Spirit, YHWH, that God. Just to be clear.)

Now to the facts.

When I pray sometimes, I see wings appear in front of me. Not appearing like, in my room, no. But in front of my eyes all the same, usually with eyes closed, I see pairs of wings appear as I pray. I’m not the type to fall for angel worship- angels are servants of God just like me and I’m mature enough to know that. We’re not supposed to worship or bow down to them and the righteous ones know very well that all worship is reserved for God. In the Bible whenever someone was so overcome that they collapsed in front of an angel or bowed to a man, that righteous angel (or human) was quick to say No no, don’t bow to me! Don’t worship me, I am only an angel/ man! Thus worship is reserved for God. That’s one.

Two: These are never good wings. The fallen angels have black wings. God did not let them off scott-free. No, they are marked in ways for us to recognise them. Now, it’s not carved in stone that they’ll have black wings; at times I see them with white wings because they are MASSIVE PRETENDERS [please see how much time I took teaching about satan’s lies directly above]. Fallen ones can fake it with the best of them, they can show up so glowing and fiery and majestic and white but guess what? Inside that column of fire you’d see the image of a DOG, a stray, a cursed and rejected thing. All I can think is: “Nice work God. Even if they attempt to shine you will NEVER LET THEM LOOK AS THEY ONCE DID!” And that brothers and sisters, is why we don’t worship angels. Not only do they not deserve it, but who are we to know which one is which? Don’t do it, just… don’t do it.

So these wings appear at times when I pray: Wings with a cloudy mist between them, wings with a rainbow over them (don’t be fooled, God isn’t the only one using the rainbow these days), and other spiky metal wings that bristle in anger when I increase my prayer. I’ve seen long, black, oily wings like crow’s wings, and grey wings that have knobs on the joints like general’s pins. There is never an angel between these wings but I know who I’m looking at. They resist me as I pray, because such jealous haters are the fallen. They hate the prayer of the saints. Family- if you don’t pray I don’t know what you’re doing with your salvation. Arise! PRAYER IS THE WEAPON OF THE AGES, when we come to Jesus we can only approach in prayer. PRAYER is for asking, for seeking, for sharing with God, for hearing from God. Prayerlessness is NAKEDNESS in God’s kingdom and if that’s accurate then I’d say roughly 85% of the church is wearing a smile and nothing else. No prayer, no fasting, just Hillsong, slogans, reckless love, crying, false prophecy and sleep. We must wake up and do better church, because if you only knew the enemies we face and what is coming you might not sleep at all. We need to ask God to open our eyes in the spirit so our warfare can be targeted and effective, otherwise we won’t pray like arrows but like unguided missiles with broken GPS. I have more to share but I’ll do so as I have time.

Share the blog with a friend. Recommend it to somebody. People spend money to attend Comic-Con and actually believe that Batman is a person (he’s not). So why not share this absolutely true blog and help someone get adjusted to real, REAL life? Think about it. God bless you all and see you again soon, in Jesus name we pray, amen. Subscribe by clicking the Follow+ button on the lower right, move your screen up and down til the icon pops up!


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    “ALL POWER BELONGS TO GOD. From fallen angels to demons to WWE wrestlers, every display of power absolutely and totally derives from God the Father who is the sole, singular source of might, power and dominion on this earth.

    If you see satan still able to perform his wicked activities it’s because even though he was kicked out of heaven for being unable to obey the rules, God did not strip him of his power. All the fallen who were kicked out with him likewise retained their power, gifts, abilities, even their crowns, and that’s why we have such a hard fight of it in Christianity.”

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