Profanity of Profanities Pt. 7: “Cassock” – June 12, 2019


The word of the Lord came to me: “Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel. Prophesy, and say to them: This is what the Lord God says to the shepherds: Woe to the shepherds of Israel, who have been feeding themselves! Shouldn’t the shepherds feed their flock? You eat the fat, wear the wool, and butcher the fattened animals, but you do not tend the flock. You have not strengthened the weak, healed the sick, bandaged the injured, brought back the strays, or sought the lost. Instead you have ruled them with violence and cruelty. They were scattered for lack of a shepherd; they became food for all wild animals when they were scattered. My flock went astray on all the mountains and every high hill. They were scattered over the whole face of the earth, and there was no one searching or seeking for them. – (Ezekiel 34:1-6)

Please be advised: This is a serious, grave and graphic post and topic. However I’m not going to warn against or recommend any parental guidance for it: it’s my belief that parents and their children (of a certain age, admittedly) need to and must hear this. I do not advise any parent to continue hiding such things from their kids.  If your child is 13+, tell them the truth or a mildly toned-down version of this. Let them know there are people out there who “love kids” in a deadly way.

If younger- find a way to make this more general, to teach them about danger. PARENTS, if you don’t wake up from this deadly, modern, laid-back blindness and spiritual sleep, and start teaching kids from a young age about their bodies- about what their body is for (i.e. that they need a whole, healthy body to be able to survive LIFE); if you do not teach them that that no-one, not their teacher, playmate, grandma, or even mom and dad should touch them in ways that make them feel strange, then indeed pedophiles from all walks of life will easily defile children out there, ’til even those in the churches get defiled.

Unless parents around the world WAKE UP!!! and stop blindly following these religious organisations that are nothing more than child-and-adult sex-trafficking rings, (many people believe these are genuine “religions”, “churches” and “houses of God” but THEY ARE NOT)– then my fear is many children, yes even ADULT MEN AND WOMEN FORCED AGAINST THEIR WILL, will fall prey to these leaders, institutions, ‘rings’, and organisations to eventually be kidnapped, coerced, bought-and-sold, raped, molested, defiled, threatened, blackmailed, and in one way or another driven out of their minds by the things they have endured in secret, while no-one believes them or gives them a voice to speak.

This vision was part of the vision series called “Profanity of Profanities”- all those visions were about forms of sexual immorality in the body of Christ and worldwide. However this one was different- the Lord told me to hold it back until He released me to share it. This is from June 2019- I advise careful attention to what God is saying in it. You can educate yourself on what ‘profanity’ is and how God views all of it, starting here. After you read it look at the bottom of the post for the next one and so on.

All the visions of the Lord I saw yesterday June 12, 2019 were about the fallen morality of the church, especially sexual immorality in the body of Christ. I saw many things. I shared that the Lord took me past a long line of beds, where I saw people doing SO MANY evil and wicked things to abuse their own flesh and the flesh of others. I also shared what God said to the five fold ministry: how they are failing to strongly teach and warn people about the dangers of sexual sin, and failing to explain frankly how harshly it will be repaid by the Lord with different judgements. I saw many snippets of visions, and here is one of them. 

In a vision I found myself in the streets of Rome. I knew it was Rome because the streets were cobbled, and the byways small and narrow as it is there. Fine art was everywhere on the streets- I knew this was the city of Rome. There was a vast network of “walls and rooms, locks and doors” beneath this city- I could feel them beneath my feet as I walked. The tunnels were resonating their presence into my feet as I walked. The Lord took me around the city, showing me many beautiful works of art, statues in poses, fountains and decorative splendour as far as the eye can see. Then He said: “Observe.”  

I found myself in a small side street at night, with a door in a wall in front of me. I opened it and saw steps going down, so I followed them several levels deep until they gave way to a hall. I was way under the earth. Right off this hall was a room, big and round with a high, vaulted ceiling- it was lit with artificial light to give sight but maintain dimness at the same time. I was inside the room but no-one saw me there, I saw there was something going on in the middle, a circle of men in cloaks with the hoods up, standing silently watching.

I saw three men in the middle of that circle of men, naked on the floor having sex among themselves. These three were the centre of attraction, and no-one made any sound except them. People on this blog, let no-one be deceived. If you think the eye of God cannot watch and reveal what goes on even underground, then you truly have not studied the God of the Universe who is called Almighty Father, Maker of Heaven and Earth. What those men were doing with themselves is terrible, although I could not see them fully the sound was enough to sicken me. One of them was the leader, giving instructions to the others what to do. I didn’t see them up close and to God I stand grateful I didn’t, but the energy in the room was heavy upon me and I hated how it felt. It was this hungry, powerful, NASTY SATANIC ENERGY caused by strong spiritual convergence of unclean demons due to those perverted sex acts.

Then a door opened opposite to my end of the room, and four boys of ages 5-9 were brought in. They wore a particular red robe with Chinese collar and maroon piping at the neck, arms and hem, and the tall man behind them wore a black one in the same fashion. The man bringing these children was of an order called JESUIT- He had a long black robe like the boys’ robes. Above all of them was written this word: “Cassock”, and I knew it meant the robe. The boys all had their hands clasped in the ‘prayer pose’ in front of them, but I saw raw fear on their faces. They were left in the hands of those men in the room- the man in black bowed and excused himself and went out. Soon as he left the smallest child had his clothes removed and was placed on a smooth white podium or altar. This boy was trembling but silent, all these children didn’t make one peep. 

These are the thoughts of the naked boy as God let me hear them- I saw him on previous  occasions, trying to convince his mother to believe him about what the men in cassocks do to him. He called her “Maman”, a French word for ‘mother’, and tried to tell her what happens when he goes to church. But she never believed him and as a result the child stopped speaking of it. Now on the altar I saw him thinking ‘Why didn’t she believe me?’, and I saw why he didn’t speak- she told him he would lose his favour as an altar boy and would be removed from his cassock; another boy would take his place if he kept making “baseless accusations against the elders”. So he kept quiet and it landed him here. That’s what was in the mind of this child: he only wanted to be a “good boy” but now he was here. 

This child cried silently and shivered but he never made a sound. None of the children did. The only sound was the breathing of all these adult males in this room, focussed on these children, with the horrible energy in the room. Then God removed me from that place. 

Prophecy and Revelation: Children are being delivered by men in ‘cassocks’ in the Jesuit order, and most likely other forms of religion closely related to it, into the hands of other men who may or may not be related to their order, but who certainly have no value or respect for religion, Jesus, or God. I was given no prophecy for this vision at that time, only one sentence by the Lord: “THEIR TIME IS COMING.” 

Brothers and sisters, this is the Profanity of Profanities. This is the filthy, degenerate, destructive wickedness taking place in the so-called “church” around the world, where life is being extinguished like cheap candles, and rampant sexual abuse, occultic rituals and yes murder is taking place in the biggest, richest, and most powerful “religious organisations”. I call them organisations because these are NOT churches, not the real church of Jesus Christ anyway. They are places where a ‘form of religion’ with ‘a form of godliness lacking true power’ as stated by Apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 3:5 exists: fallen places that utterly lack one shred of  the pure gospel of Jesus Christ. They have a formula for the masses, with a few good people working on the inside, but the head to feet is rotted through with corruptions, greed, lust for money, buying and selling of human flesh for the leaders’ own gratification, and even rape and molestation of members inside the church takes place for leaders’ personal lusts.

NO-ONE IS SAFE IN THESE PLACES- Sorry, but it doesn’t matter if you’ve worshipped there 52 years, as you hear this truth it is time to leave. Many may fight me on this but the vision and the truth it reveals does not change. I will not bend prophecy to please your perceptions, or to help you defend a false church you may be loyal to. Jesus is preparing a genuine body of believers called the ‘REMNANT’ (Rev. 12); if you want to live and see His face you must become a part of HIS church, not a part of the whorish reject of a global ‘one-world religion’ led by the false prophet of Rev. 19.

It is time to separate brethren. Catholic brethren, Jesuit brethren, and whatever other ‘orders’ there may be. It may be hard, but your life is yours to give to the true God or to refuse. Don’t allow any form of false loyalty to keep you pinned to a crumbling edifice- it doesn’t matter that all your ancestors worshipped there and continue to go there now, or if they serve in its highest ranks in whatever capacity. YOU are hearing the truth now on this blog, and you are a separate individual. You have a separate and distinct soul, your soul is your own and what you do with it matters and counts.


Let go of the rotten head, God is telling me, let go of the rotten apple you ate all these years. Let go of the poisoned tree you joined, served and followed since childhood, you were deceived and misled by those who told you Christ is in those “churches”. Let the unclean things go, so I can receive you and your children, and bring all of you safely out of the combined FALSE WORSHIP of idols, saints, relics, trinkets, rosaries, Lent, and endless pagan ritualistic holidays “dressed up” as ‘holy days’.

Come out from among them and be separate’ says the Lord, I AM waiting with healing balm for your broken soul. Bring your wounds, I will bind them up. Bring your stories, I will listen. Bring your children, I will give them a future and a hope, even if they were defiled I will make them new again and take off their suffering garments to give them a new life inside of ME.

COME OUT AND LEAVE THESE PAGAN WHORES ALONE, they have no life in them and cannot even save themselves. They are prisons holding millions of captives within a system of abuse, power, underground rituals and lies, but I am preparing a hammer for them. I will smash them open to reveal their filthy centuries of blood, death, murder, occult magic and WITCHCRAFT that have slept unseen and undiscovered for so long. I will drag these ‘churches’ bloody and guilty into the bright light of the media; EXPOSURE AFTER EXPOSURE AND REVELATION AFTER REVELATION will hit these wicked adulterers and adulteresses in the false church of Rome, then you will know on that day that I the Lord have spoken. I will make known every secret thing, no crime or lie will escape, I will reveal it ALL and the ones broken under the blows of rape, sorcery, murder, sexual abuse and even witchcraft sacrifices on these defiled religious altars which were actually raised long ago to honour FALSE GODS, they will be justified. They will be healed. They will be recompensed, they will be heard, they will be protected and not pushed back in the shadows anymore. THIS IS THE WORD OF THE LORD. 

Let the reader read carefully and understand these sayings of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is The Master’s Voice End Times Prophecy blog. Pray for all those in deception to these false churches, captivity and slavery in underground prisons, physical or spiritual bondage, or battling the severe brokenness and suffering that comes from sexual abuse. Please do not just read, actually take time in your day to pray for them, that the Holy Spirit finds and releases each one of them from chains, inner painconfusion, rage, and heavy abandonment of feeling like nobody cares what happened. JESUS CARES, AND HE IS LOOKING FOR YOU AND WAITING FOR YOU TO CALL HIM.

Shalom. Romans 10:13 “For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

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  1. diegoalonsocortez says:

    I always thought the Roman Catholic Church was the Great Whore of Revelation (and the Vatican was the Beast), because, while claiming to be married to Jesus, she has fornicated with every conceivable idol/god, and prostituted the Gospel of Jesus.

    Also, she’s drunk with the blood of the saints and the prophets, for she persecuted and the tortured them for centuries via the “Holy” Inquisition (see A Woman Rides the Beast, and Foxe’s Book of Martyrs).

    Now I know Babylon is actually the USA, but, still…

    1. Celestial says:

      There is no but still brother. This is the reason many Christians are still unable to follow God into the deeper waters He is trying to lead them into to save them- they think and act like Lot’s wife. The city will be destroyed, your life will be lost Mrs Lot. Come away to safety into the hills. Yes I know “but still”. It doesn’t work like that Diego. It is time for the modern church to accept they have been taught lies from their salvation day til now, and to adjust their theology to fit what the Lord is taking great pains to teach us rather than trying to make scripture fit the storylines we were taught. The USA is Babylon. The Vatican is a private enclave that doesn’t trade with anyone. Have u read Rev 17 and 18. Why would kings and merchants wail if Vatican goes down, who but Catholics care what goes on there? Please brother. If you’re waking up, wake all the way up. God bless you as always, Celestial.

    2. Celestial says:

      It is time for every last one of us to go back to the drawing board and move the puzzle pieces in ways that fit what God says, not what we always thought. I’ve never thought Rome was Babylon, it doesn’t make any sense and doesn’t fit the ton of markers clearly given in Jer 50 & 51, Rev 17 and 18 & other places. The Chaldeans are a fighting nation God said, does Vatican even own an army? She is “full of idols and has corrupted the whole world”- Rome has only fooled Catholics. The world is drunk on her fornications and the entire world follows her- again. When was the last time any of us even knew what was going on in that tiny city of Rome? Mystery Babylon is clearly depicted as a sprawling edifice of great power, influence, of great trading significance- a power that CONTROLS THE WORLD. She also mocks religion and persecutes all faith. These things are clear if we read scripture, therefore it should have been clear from Day 1 that we were looking for a modern day superpower in the end times and not that weird little city of men who won’t stop touching children.

      Many also think that as soon as Iran coughs the Rapture will snatch them to safety but now we can see from these posts that there will be distinctly no early Rapture. Many are struggling with this but I am not, not because it’s not a scary prospect but because I decided long ago that if God says something I’m going with it and that’s IT. Makes life easier, simpler, I’m able to enjoy my life without extremes of stress. The hardest labour of all is not trips to the wilderness but to enter into Yahweh’s REST. Once we find that rest prophecy can takes its proper place in one’s life and does not become all consuming. Seek to find that place brother, God richly bless you and all who read this. 💟

  2. Heather S says:

    ‘Most absolute of evils’: Investigation estimates up to 3,200 pedophile priests in French Catholic Church since 1950
    3 Oct, 2021

  3. Salt & Light says:

    Bravo Celeste for the reply! I have met with Catholic friends who think theirs is the only truth way! What arrogance! The Lord said not to waste my time arguing with their rigidity but to pray their hearts will be soften. Have never been attracted to Catholism ( early education in Assunta School) as not much different from idolatry worship with their virgin Mary statute. I am sure there is a breakaway Charasmatic Movement of Catholic – born again believers. Have met with senior clients (Catholics) who are more mature and balanced in their spiritual wisdom; beautiful persona and no arrogance! Keep up your good word speaking God’ words as it is! Many blessings to you and your family!

    1. Hélène says:

      If they were born again, they would completely and utterly break away from any cults, of which Catholicism is the chiefest.
      I’ll give a little grace to new converts but then times up to act on your newfound knowledge. The Holy Spirit doesn’t suffer a fool. They are without excuse to call them Catholic in any form or any other cult denomination.
      Come out of her, O My people!

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