“I Will Visit The Nations”- June 26, 2019


PSALM 47- Praise to God, the Ruler of the Earth

Oh clap your hands, all you peoples! Shout to God with the voice of triumph!

For the Lord Most High is awesome; He is a great King over all the earth.

He will subdue the peoples under us, And the nations under our feet.

He will choose our inheritance for us, The excellence of Jacob whom He loves. Selah

God has gone up with a shout, The Lord with the sound of a trumpet.

Sing praises to God, sing praises! Sing praises to our King, sing praises!

For God is the King of all the earth; Sing praises with understanding.

God reigns over the nations; God sits on His holy throne.

The princes of the people have gathered together, the people of the God of Abraham. 

For the shields of the earth belong to God; He is greatly exalted.


Shout for joy! Rejoice and praise the Lord! The Lord says you should shout and praise His awesome name, give him the accolades and praise He deserves as God of your freedom.

“Germany, where are my parades? Where are the celebrations in My honour? You must sing and praise My name. Germany shout and praise Me, for I am proud of you. You have opened your door to the weary and downtrodden- so different from you yet you give them bread and help. Hamburg! A people of prayer. A people who pray, petition, cry and seek the Lord. I see you shining as a rare diamond among the cities of the world- bright with promise, sword in hand, fighting back the hordes of darkness that would devour your nation. Well done Hamburg, gentle city, I will come to you with My reward.”

“To the other cities: Berlin, put down your briefcase. Money is all you know. Take time aside for Me; I have helped you greatly to be united and free. Reward Me with honour and the proper acknowledgement I deserve. Centre Me in your hearts- proclaim loudly to your associates that I am God, instead of hiding that you are a Christian. Those who acknowledge me before men I will acknowledge before my Father, but all who pretend and deny Me I will also deny before my Father which is in Heaven. Strasbourg! My little town, a lamb among territories. Have I not gathered you? Indeed I have gathered you, you will once more rank among the German cities, and your name will be great in the end. Frankfurt, little town. What have you done to yourself? Why so much violence and upheaval? Calm down. Still yourself, and be filled as you once were with the holy light of the gospel. Renew yourself and channel youthful energies in a positive way. It shall be well with you. Germany I am pleased. I have some things against you, but they can be corrected. Arrange yourself properly for My arrival then I will come and dwell with you, and you shall be called Mercy, Forgiveness, Repairer of the Streets to Dwell In. I am coming like a cloud and pillar, and indeed My reward is with me. Amen. 

So again I see the same vision I shared before- this time two visions at once. Jesus walks through the streets of Hamburg, Frankfurt, Strasbourg, different cities of GERMANY and He is quiet, observant and smiling. He is content, He is at peace. He is looking at their BUILDINGS and INFRASTRUCTURE while nodding in approval. He is inspecting their SAVINGS and LOAN in admiration- Germany is financially secure; she knows how to SAVE and PLAN for a rainy day. The Lord stops at a building in a municipality – “WASTE AND SANITATION” is written on it. He watches them clean the city; He is impressed with even this process of waste management. Efficient and perfect in the workings of everyday life is Germany- for this reason the nation is highly prosperous and at peace. She doesn’t make trouble with anyone and her people are committed to grow, prosper and be seen as a beacon of excellence. This is an unheard trajectory for a country to take in 2019, admirable and unheard of. I am shown that the Lord God is pleased with this place.

The second vision relates to the post: Desolations are Determined Pt. 2 (see that post here). I said the Lord would give rewards and indeed I see Germany as a little blonde boy in a traditional outfit of a blue shirt and grey shorts with suspenders on them. His little chest is bursting with pride, joy and anticipation, now it’s his turn, Jesus is sitting on His throne holding a large blue ribbon (1st place). He pats Germany on the head, speaks some kind words to him, pins the ribbon square on his chest. Germany leaps on the Lord for an embrace and indeed the Lord hugs him back. I also see a very dirty child in this second image: this child is covered with SOOT from head to foot. He’s dressed in working class overalls from the 1920’s era with a cap on his head, chewing a stalk of straw and watching as the other children (individuals, and nations represented as individuals) are lined up eagerly hoping to receive a reward from the Lord. I see Kenya in line, Rwanda, Uganda– all nations doing well to clean up and reform themselves. South Africa is not yet in line but she will be- though it will take time.

But this dirty child in the 1920’s clothing does not care to be in line. I don’t see him wishing he could clean up and join the others for his reward. He leans against a wall chewing his grass stalk and has no wish to come close and be patted and hugged; he is utterly uninterested. So Jesus also ignores him- The Lord has no ribbon or kind words for him. This sooty child is the USA. USA IF ONLY YOU WOULD REPENT AND CLEAN UP, the Lord would welcome you as He does Germany and Strasbourg – the town He highly favours. He would also gather you close and bless you, but you refuse to change. America, REPENT and join the line that leads to the love, acceptance and favour of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Prophecy: Strasbourg will be returned to Germany in the end of days. It will be one of the first territories to go back to its owner when territories begin to return to their natural origin and order. In a solemn pact, with pomp and ceremony this town will join her sisters again. I see her shown as a young maiden who went to another place, but she is brought back to the border by an escort of soldiers. She flies across this border with tears and open arms, a beautiful girl in a white dress with a flower crown, coming home at last to join a line of big older sisters who open their arms with tears and laughter to receive her! Wonderful image to see, I do not get to see many pleasant ones. This is like a “family reunion”- Germany will receive back this ancestral territory which she (lost). This is the word of the Lord. 

The Lord also says: Many territories will go back to their original owners in the end of days. Some reunions will be happy (as this one), but some will be very bitter as with a certain Asian territory with red flag, soon to be returned to its powerful and ancient military owner. This territory does not want to return, but you shall return says the Lord. Each one shall return to his own place, that the nations shall be judged WITH EQUITY.  

Some returns will be willingly as with Strasbourg, but some will be made by force, by “grabbing of territory” (I see Russia shown in a vision as a tall, hungry man at a fancy party, taking food from the buffet in a hurry and stuffing it in his pockets to eat later. He takes everything that he wants very quickly, selecting food from everywhere and puts it in his pockets. Then he walks out of the party and nobody says anything. This man’s pockets bulge- he has taken a lot of food from the buffet and he’s going to eat all of it himself. Nobody has the power to stop him or say anything about it.) Russia will take territories in the end times.

Some returns will be peaceful, with apologies, speeches and “plaques”- I see the United Kingdom having to do quite a few of these “returns”. They are embarrassed, their faces are red, their voices low and murmuring. In a vision I see England’s founding, colonial leaders at a banquet in a jungle country, taking “high tea”- they wear tall hats with lots of plumes and feathers on them! They are all men: jovial, resplendent in uniform, and very shrewd. Architects of a small land ready to multiply themselves, they are discussing ways to expand (this vision showed me things from long ago). They  were busy and greedy with territory in the past but NOW, their descendants – wearing suits, male and female- are holding plaques and certificates of honour- apologetic, embarrassed, subdued, handing back recognition of the many lands their fathers stole. Burma is mentioned, Maldives, and other little islands in the water- Britain will acknowledge them with proper ceremony, pomp and honour in an effort to clean their name and purge their history of theft. 

I see in a vision the Lord trying to get my attention, holding up a placard like a man at a football game. It says “THE BASQUE! THE BASQUE WILL BE FREE!” 

I look, I see men with jet black hair and curly moustaches;, they look like Antonio Banderas. They have stylised clothing, maybe a historical uniform with lots of decoration, swords and sitting on horses. Wow I can see these are VERY PROUD MEN, proud of their country, proud of their HISTORY (extremely), proud of the works of their fathers, knowing who they are. Their passion burns like a sun in their chest, all these raven-haired men on horses have hidden within their chests a passion that is depicted like a fiery sun- they are fierce and they want to be free. These people are not French, for I see the French depicted as blonde. They are not anything, they have written above them only BASQUE”. The nations are bewildered how much noise and agitation these people make- terrible war cries and their restless horses add to the upset and the noise. I see something like a velvet rope barrier cut at last and the horses begin to run, the men brandish swords and whoop aloud! Free! Free! Jesus is laughing, happy to see their happiness. The passion and fire of these people is similar to American Indians but of course they are not. They are the Basque, and the Lord’s placard shown to me says: The Basque shall be free. 

These are the things I saw on June 26, 2019.

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  1. David Mehew says:

    All of what this post reveals is true. I’ve been studying and watching what’s been going on in gov’t and society in general. I was in the military and always had a terrible feeling something was very “off”, although I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what. People seemed to believe what was put out in the media, even though it directly contradicted logical sense – I believe mind control, intimidation, and psychotronics are used in varying degree. Although it’s true that there is a great amount revealed in the Bible, I also believe God expects us to use and develop our minds. This doesn’t mean putting aside prophecy and prayer, rather placing the proper emphasis on both. Times will only grow darker as the caff and wheat are separated – it’s been foretold and is necessary. I pray all will soberly consider what the Precious Lord speaks, knowing he’s our only refuge.

  2. Chege Kamau says:

    I sent this article to my sister, brother and my business partner to continue encouraging each other in prayer, obedience of Yah. Thank you Yah for your encouragement. luv from Kenya

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