Rivers In The Street, Pt 1 – May 31, 2020

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I continue with the adult themes but I don’t discourage even teens from reading this- we are living in a fallen world with very twisted values (and many excuses for those twists). Young people are not safe from the effects of those values. There is a strong wave of sexual temptation on earth today, endless forms of corruption waiting to destroy our walk with God and young people aren’t exempt from it. So let all eyes be here and share with others are you’re led. I run this blog as carefully as I can, the Lord’s messages are to alert us and ignite a return to prayer and repentance in order to mitigate the judgement on America.

This dream has teaching and is tied to the post about dead eagles: A Very Messy Dream.

On May 31, 2020 I dreamt I left home for a destination. I needed a bus to get there but it was such a beautiful summer day I decided to walk. The Lord gave me several encounters  along the way and the relevant one for this post is this:

“As I went I saw a lot of water on the pavement. Since it was summer I thought ‘Ok this is fire hydrant water, the city’s opened the hydrants to help keep neighbourhoods cool.’ But that wasn’t it because there were no fire hydrants around. Nobody was watering their lawn, nobody had a tap open or hose running. In fact I couldn’t see a single place this much water could’ve come from, it made literal pools on the sidewalks and little rivers leaking out into the road. It gave me a strong feeling of disgust and I made a conscious effort not to walk in any of it. I avoided all the water I saw but it was so much that it eventually drove me back to the other side of the street where I was before.” (The side with dead eagles)

As I said this is also teaching so let me explain plainly- the water in this dream is about sexual immorality. All the water represents the substances males and females make in sex: male is referred to as rivers or fountains and female is referred to as wells and pools. This dream is showing the EXTREME increase of fornication, masturbation and all other forms of sexual activity OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE – to the point that it’s leaking in the streets.

When the Bible says a thing has reached “the streets” it means it’s at intolerable levels, it’s all over, it’s everywhere. That’s why I avoided it, that’s why all that water felt disgusting- the hunger for sex had spilled out of hiding and was now as common as water running carelessly in the street. God has told me before that in the last days people will have sex in the open, they’ll indulge themselves right where others can see and almost no-one will be bothered by it.

The Bible speaks of rivers running in the street as the perils of SEXUAL IMMORALITY AND ADULTERY: (Prov. 5:15- 20)

Drink water from your own cistern,
And running water from your own well.
Why should your fountains be scattered abroad,
And your rivers of water in the streets?
Let them be only your own,
And not for strangers with you.
Let your fountain be blessed,
And rejoice with the wife of your youth.
As a loving deer and a graceful doe,
Let her breasts satisfy you at all times;
And always be enraptured with her love.
For why should you, my son, be taken by an immoral woman, and be embraced in the arms of a seductress?

This scripture is a father talking to his son: “Son, don’t spread your seed everywhere. Don’t have little mirrors (kids) of yourself running all around. Don’t dip yourself into many wells (women). STAY WITH THE BRIDE YOU TOOK IN YOUR YOUTH, be content with her body and always in love. Don’t let your fountains (sperm) be shooting in different flower beds, don’t go around cracking open private cisterns that are not yours (virgins, also those sealed up and celibate, waiting for marriage). The water from your own wife should be enough to satisfy you: SONS WHY SHOULD YOUR SEXUALITY RUN LIKE RIVERS IN THE STREETS? DAUGHTERS WHY SHOULD YOUR SEXUALITY LEAK LIKE POOLS IN THE STREETS?” This is what the Father asks in this passage.

Great advice, but are we taking it as the Church? And if we aren’t taking it, what on earth do we expect people who don’t know Jesus to be doing?

As a long time Christian it’s my opinion that sexual matters are not adequately addressed in church. I’m a solid believer and I love the house of God, but I feel we emphasise some areas at the expense of others. As a result the church has grown into a lopsided tree- heavy on blessings and prosperity but WEAK on holiness, the essential requirement of purity, and basic helpful truths like: “By the way, do you know this type of activity attracts DEMONS to your life?”

Maybe we skip Biblical Sex Ed. because we’re embarrassed to talk about it, or we think if we talk about it people will run out and do it more or whatever. I don’t know. What I do know is wherever you have a gap in general understanding or when you avoid things, those things tend to grow into the biggest problem areas later on.

We live in a society where 9 and 12 year olds are having sex- such a thing is inconceivable to me but… I have to adjust because it’s happening. At 9 years old I was reading books to where my eyes nearly fell out, at 12 I was playing Super Mario and learning kickball. When I was 11 a boy told me he liked me and I wept as if someone had pierced my liver. I asked my teacher in tears why would he say something like that, the woman could barely keep a straight face but she comforted me and shooed the boy away. Now we have 14-year old unwed mothers and I’m like: Of course they’re “unwed” mothers- You’re not allowed to marry until you’re 18! You’re a mom but can’t get a marriage license, and you can’t sue the father because he’s 13. H-O-W is this happening in our society?”

But… I’m not here to solve that. I’m here to tell people (and Christians) what sex out of marriage does to us. The best way I can put it is to say: “Imagine a castle with high walls, high gates, top notch security and 24 hour guards. Inside that castle are some of the most priceless goods and merchandise you can ever imagine- things worth billions more than investment stock and designer goods, things that are not earthly, things money can never buy. Your destiny is in there, your GOD-GIVEN GIFTS AND TALENTS, your rightful spouse and kids are in there, as well as your calling as an elect in Christ. Things that Mastercard and Visa can never pay for are in there under 24 hr armed guard and laser sharp security.”

Then you go and sexually connect to whoever, well basically you turn and fire cannons AT YOURSELF. You turn atomic warfare and cannon fire ON YOURSELF. Your walls, your gates, they get smashed. Your lasers, dogs, your security and guards- annihilated. Your secure password, stolen. And the stuff God put inside to wait for the right and proper time when you and the right man or woman will begin drawing them out and opening them as your wedding gifts? Scattered. Leaking, running in the streets. In one bed or multiple beds or in your own bed by yourself. Yes, let’s keep it real today. These posts are shared everywhere so when I speak it’s plain so that everyone can understand.

Sex out of marriage robs you. It hurts and offends God yes, but scripture is clear- the biggest loser is YOU. “All sin is outside the body but whoever sins sexually sins against HIS OWN BODY.” (1 Cor. 6:18)

In other words you set yourself up like a boxer who fights and knocks out HIMSELF. Sure, when you’re in the middle of sex none of what I’m saying may matter, of course you may call me a liar. Yet God never lies- if His word says that sexual sin is like tearing your castle down with your own hands then you can bet that after the rivers have run and the pools has flowed, THE DESTRUCTIVE AFTERMATH OF THOSE THINGS will come looking for all who do them. Trust that it will happen.

At this stage in life we all know the obvious effects of unmarried sex, so many forms- adultery, group sex, fornication, same sex, swinging (wife and husband exchange), bestiality, perversion, and masturbation (if you’ve been raised to think “This doesn’t count, it’s tension release, it’s not a sin”- then for sure you’ve been lied to the worst of all)-

All these have obvious natural effects like pregnancy, STDs and other illnesses (some of which kill), shame, stigma, broken-heartedness, broken homes and marriages, jealousy, anger, rage, murder. All of these consequences we’ve seen over and over stemming from the abuse of sex, but there are others that are never mentioned in church. Maybe some churches don’t know about them, maybe some don’t believe they’re real- who knows? I know that God says they are real, God says they’re coming, and what God says ends all arguments for me. The other prophecy I received about this matter will be posted right after this, so we can keep this teaching linked with what comes next.

God loves us. There’s nobody who loves human beings like the Lord Jesus Christ. Through Apostle Paul He asks each of us- “Do you not know that you are My temple?” This question shows how close Jesus wants to be, closer than skin, closer than sex. He wants to LIVE in the hearts and minds of His creation, but He cannot share that living space with lifestyles that challenge and defy His moral code. He also said that whoever destroys “the temple” (marks it up, ruins it, breaks its walls, smashes its gates, damages or DEFILES IT, abuses it or causes it to fall into corruption and ruin in any way), He will destroy that one for what he did to the temple- 1 Corinthians 3:16-17.

Smashing your gates literally means, opening up spiritual doors and entryways into your heart, mind, body and soul. Sexual immorality is the fastest way to get yourself ‘married’ to a demonic spirit- an incubus, a succubus, spirit husband, spirit wife. Some have heard these terms vaguely before, others not at all. Brothers and sisters- human beings aren’t the only ones interested in sex. Humanity isn’t the only group looking to have fun with man flesh- visit Genesis 6 and learn in the first verses how the ‘sons of God [bene ha’ e’lohim] FALLEN ANGELS left their posts in the heavens to come and fornicate with human women down here. The Lord has spoken so much about this on this site, and the hour is LATE not for us to know these things- it is very, very late!

You look on TV, for the last 10 years every movie has a werewolf falling in love with a woman or a vampire kissing human breasts, next thing she’s bringing out hybrid kids that glow in the dark and fly or whatever, and we think this is just Hollywood’s awesome imagination? No it is not!

Brethren, seek wisdom. Study. Question things. WAKE UP. When I was young I sat like a fool watching Nicholas Cage staring after Meg Ryan in that movie “City of Angels”- an angel lusting after this blonde woman and I thought, Isn’t that real love? Look how he loves her, he’s willing to give up his angel-hood and “fall”, just to become mortal and be with her!

Decades later, God was educating me on the truth about fallen angels but all I wanted was 5 mins away from His sight to bang my head on the wall and chant “Stupid, stupid, stupid.” But I wasn’t stupid. I was ASLEEP. I was misinformed and woefully UNEDUCATED in the truth. Church taught me a lot and walking in purity was always on the scoreboard but I didn’t know then (and many still don’t know now) WHY IT’S SO CRUCIAL. It’s life and death stuff!

Sinning sexually opens up your temple not just to STDs but to demonic manipulation which, once it gets hold of you, you will fight like a beast to get rid of it. If you never saw committed demons before, man… don’t get trapped by sexual demons. Anyone who’s battled a marine spirit can tell you, they won’t let you go without a (very bitter) fight.

If you’re constantly dreaming of rainfall, mists, fog, water, the ocean, swimming, ponds, lakes, rivers etc, if you’re having vivid sexual dreams (whether you enjoy them or they happen against your will), if you feel a male or female presence in your space or even physical touches yet nobody is there – then you’re probably also dealing with the issues these spirits cause in real life: extreme stress, repeated illness, what you think is “bad luck”, backsliding, things tend to fall apart at the finishing line, losing money, no money comes to you, LUST, pride, explosive anger, a hard heart, inherited evil patterns in the bloodline, rejection by the opposite sex OR HUGE ATTENTION AND CONSTANT OFFERS/ SEXUAL ADVANCES BY THE OPPOSITE SEX or same gender- the list is endless what marine demons (who enter through illegal sex), can cause.

They cause relationship breakdown, fighting between spouses, and spiritual illnesses that doctors can’t seem to pin down. They’re jealous as hell and can block marriage for YEARS if they go undetected and/ or unaddressed. THEY ALSO KILL PEOPLE. Let that sink in. A succubus in your life can stalk you as a man, locking you into terrible sexual habits you may be sick of but unable to break free from. They empower cyclical sin. They can prevent earthly relationships- you meet someone amazing but in a short time she’s gone, no longer interested. For women it’s the same- the issue will be incubus or “spirit husband”. You meet someone but he leaves, he won’t commit, men always want sex but nothing more. Even men who propose change their minds in a painful pattern that breaks your heart. This isn’t coincidence, no- you have been demonically ENSNARED.

These demons that attach to humanity through unmarried sexual acts see themselves as your lawfully covenanted SPOUSE. Think about it- if you already have a spirit husband or wife then why would they let you marry a human being? The spiritual realm has LAWS like we do on earth- the problem is many people engage in sex outside marriage and set off evil tripwires in their lives because they don’t know the spiritual rules of engagement.

Sex outside marriage is the gateway for demons to afflict you and destroy your life, the more you indulge in it the more entrenched their strongholds become. The worst part is you’ll never know how tightly bound you are until the day you try to get free. That’s when you will see your bondage in its true colours, that’s when you’ll need God the most. But if you have no relationship with Him and no access to the power that drives demonic spirits away then, what are you going to do?

It’s either someone is catching this post or it’s flying right over their heads, there’s no middle ground on these things. Kingdom secrets are deeper than the sea- I tell people all the time who insist “Oh but where is this in the Bible?”, I tell them:

“Jesus said He gave us power to trample on serpents (1), scorpions (2) and ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY (3). Do you think in your little lifetime you’ve truly seen all of Satan’s power? Do you really think every single method and device of his is listed in scripture, just waiting neatly for you in a story?” Hmm.. okay. (The answer is NO by the way).

It is better to hold ourselves until marriage. It is better to investigate our past sexual and spiritual pedigree with fasting and prayer, asking God to show us negative affiliations or infiltrations that may still be clinging to us from the past. If you have not repented of your past sexual history and set it right with God, it is time to do so and be FREE IN JESUS’ NAME.

Instead of blowing up our castle let us use prayer times to strengthen what is weak, so we can grow beyond mere babes in Christ. The end times is shown in 2 Thessalonians 2:9 as a time populated with “all lying signs and wonders” of the Antichrist, so let us absorb what the Bible teaches and plug up every gap in our knowledge. One day there will be no more study, no more freedom to read the Bible, only every man sitting his final exams of endurance and the grace of God hopefully working in us all. Amen.

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    “Sex outside marriage is the gateway for demons to afflict you and destroy your life, the more you indulge in it the more entrenched their strongholds become. The worst part is you’ll never know how tightly bound you are until the day you try to get free. That’s when you will see your bondage in its true colours, that’s when you’ll need God the most. But if you have no relationship with Him and no access to the power that drives demonic spirits away then, what are you going to do?”

  2. Beautude says:

    Wow, thank you for this post. I will be able to teach my son what I was never taught, and I pray he will listen and profit from this information.

  3. Beautude says:

    I learned some of this the hard way, but this is explained in explicitly elegant detail and I am grateful. Thank you.

  4. Clarence Hill says:

    From 2009-2022 I was trapped in a battle in masterbation and pornography I have done shameful things that I am very ashamed to speak about and around February 2021 I was sick and tired of being sick and tired of not being successful and long story short the Lord lead me to your sin series and he also lead me to deliverance with pastor Henry YouTube channel and I have begun to fight and it was brutal and I still are fighting because I am determined to overcome so I can find my lawful gift that Jesus Christ has ordained for me to marry and I am sharing this so any who is battling the marine spirits can know that there are hope and Jesus is always ready to help us when we call on him.

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