Feeding Frenzy – July 21, 2020

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But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. – (Matthew 18:6)

This morning soon as I woke up the Spirit of the Lord: “The lions are destroying the cubs. The lions are attacking the cubs until the cubs are no more.”

After he spoke I saw a brief image of grown lions in a feeding frenzy, all hair and teeth and claws, tearing at young cubs and ripping at them until they fell down bleeding and died.

This matter of pedophilia the Lord is not ignoring it. He is not leaving it alone, He is not forgetting about it. He is talking about it all the time EVEN IF I’m not constantly posting about it. It makes me heavy-hearted beyond what words can say, I don’t even understand why it needs to be a prophecy. WHY does it need to be said that this is the most hurtful, sick, frightening and sadistic thing people can do to children? Why? God continues to reveal how sodomy is destroying the nation, obliterating the young generation. Tiny children, little children and growing children are having their entire lives DESTROYED because of this deviant sexual practice being forced on them by sick, wicked adults- often to the utter destruction of their physical bodies AND souls. Why does this need prophecy, aren’t we supposed to know never to put children and sex in the same sentence?!

As the Lord spoke to me I had some impressions of images but did not see them in stark detail. An adult male crouching over a small child sodomising him, other adults were looking on and I moved to protect myself (as if it would happen to me too). But it was only a vision I was seeing, yet I moved instinctively to keep myself safe from this happening to me. Naked children were made to watch. I saw also that grown women do this too, they put on necessary devices to make it possible to sodomize children like the men.

That’s all. There are so many graphic, heartbreaking, sickening things I see. I will try to post some but not all because from some we can get the point about all of them. 


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  1. Scarlett says:

    When I was a little girl, say…about as young as 6 or 7, my mom used to let me go to the movies while she worked. I don’t remember how I got there, or who took me home, or whether I walked or not. What I do remember, just like it was yesterday, was a man who sat down beside me, and then slid his hand under my dress and panties to my private part.
    I remember feeling so horrible and almost immediately getting up and leaving the theater. I didn’t tell anyone about it, or even know to report the man to the manager, but I will never forget the feeling of how wrong it was for him to touch me there.

    No one had warned me about such things. but, children just inherently know it’s wrong for anyone to touch them where their personal parts are. They just know!

    Another similar incident happened again when I was about 9 or 10. This time a man sat down by me, and soon asked me if I wanted to see a “jack in the box”. I had no idea what a jack in the box was..but I knew I wasn’t interested in finding out. I got up and left immediately…again, feeling something was very wrong!

    Now, I’ve come to believe this stuff has been going on forever, but is getting much worse in the hour we’re living in when it may be much easier to get away with it.

    These incidents with me were very minor compared to the horrors that many young children have gone through, or are going through…traumatized and damaged for life by the very adults that are supposed to look out for their welfare and safety.

    Thankfully, the general public seems to be on the alert more recently than in previous years. The church, not so much….but with the advent of the Internet, WordPress and FaceBook, the truth seems to be getting more mainstream.

    Only truly evil people, bereft of any human kindness or conscience could stomach the thought of children being sexually and.or physically being abused, raped, sodomized, and perhaps killed.

    1. Celestial says:

      Oh my.. I’m so sorry sister. I knew writing these posts that there would be people who have suffered this. I am so sorry you ever had to experience this wickedness at such a tender age. And yes, it’s still going on, it is worse now because predators can safely interact with children through social media or lure them to where they [the predators] are. Children are now hunted and traded like a commodity, some are even born purposely in secret so they’ll have no birth certificate and be untraceable, which makes them easier to buy and sell. It is a flooding evil that God wants us to be aware of, so we can raise a firewall through prayer and see the devil’s network crumble to ashes. May God heal and strengthen all survivors my sister, God bless you.

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