The Realities Of Today, Pt 2 – July 11, 2020

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But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Woe to the world for the causes of sin. These stumbling blocks must come, but woe to the man through whom they come! – (Matthew 18:6- 7)

Saturday morning, July 11, 2020 

4th dream: I saw a computer screen with google in front of me and on it were thousands upon thousands of naked and partially naked photographs of children of all ages, so many thousands of them that I had to wonder “But God, who is taking photos of little girls with no top on when their breasts are starting to grow? Is it their parents? And even if it’s their parents, how and why would they ever upload it to google? What is this Lord?”

The images began to roll – I was looking from someone’s perspective at the screen. Pictures scrolled past, some were clicked to enlarge, then back to the main database and more scrolling, scrolling. I distinctly remember one photo: three very big men with brown hair and large, bushy brown beards, two of them stood smiling in the background while one guy squatted in the centre of the photo. His huge arms were wrapped around two very small girls of no more than 5- 6 years. Both girls were blonde, in matching red speedos with no top on, and the man’s hands rested right on their bare, flat chests. He was kissing one child on the cheek and held both of them close. It looked like a rural place because all the men had checkered shirts, coveralls and black rubber farm boots. There was another girl in the pic, an adolescent, also blond, and she was not happy at all.

After I was shown these photos I began to see mass deletions. The photos began to disappear not one by one but in big clumps, the way you check 20 files together and delete all at once. Big chunks of naked and semi-naked photo data began to disappear from the internet and I realised “Oh no, someone is removing the proof! Someone is clearing their hard drive, they’re removing the evidence!” Ladies and gents I even felt two powerful emotions of the unseen persons in the dream as the photos were deleted- regret and fear. 

Those who were removing these photos were very sad to lose them, I felt terrible regret in the air like “Oh I’ll never get good photos like this again!” But I also felt fear like- “It is better to delete because if they catch me they will give me life in jail.” So the images were being mass deleted and I Celestial felt great frustration in the dream like God if they delete everything then how will they be caught? All the proof will be lost! I was so frustrated watching the evidence disappear and then I woke up. 

I want to say this: (and this is not to guilt trip anyone but to help us face facts of what really goes on in this world)- We live in a messed up world. I’m grateful to be alive but that doesn’t mean I have my head in the sand. While we’re going to the supermarkets to try get what we need to handle covid or taking the little ones to the park for some much needed exercise – this is the life of others. The secret online lives of others.

Some people are looking at naked children online and even worse than that, FAR WORSE, some people have access to children in the first place! They’re making them take naked or half-naked pictures and putting them online with their faces visible for random perverts to stare at and put into private collections. YOU KNOW MONEY IS EXCHANGED FOR THIS. THIS IS A SERVICE AND A TRADE AND A BUSINESS FOR SOMEBODY.

This is the life of others. Including me, this is my life, this is what God called me for in His end times church – to see the past, present and future and declare it to all nations so men will repent of sin, wake up from sleep and prepare their souls and their world for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is my reality and theirs, the victims and perpetrators, those who suffer and those who cause their suffering. God is letting us look into the world as God sees it 24 hrs a day. He’s letting us know there’s more to it, something has gone very wrong with the world we live in and He wonders does anybody really notice, does anybody really see or care? 

The Lord  is a consuming fire. He is filled with anger that this is still going on, centuries later, angry at hearing babies and young people scream as their life is taken. God is heartbroken. God is CCTV, He sees it all. God is sick and tired. He has to watch murder and sodomy all day like He told us that’s what He created us for? The Lord hates anal intercourse, if anyone thinks it’s ok it is not ok. If anyone thought “Well once we’re married it’s ok”, or if you know people who think this way, better let those people know that Sodom and Gomorrah weren’t reduced to smoking ash and tar pits for no reason. It is not okay.

God hates that sin with a passion, it is judged with death throughout scripture. It is not acceptable male or female and is one of the primary means by which demons enter this dimension and have access to enter the human body. The Lord said to me that we do not eat food with our backsides, therefore no other misuse of the backside should be practiced. To any woman who has ever done that I’m telling you flatly and clearly, as best I can- if you don’t repent of it and get real deliverance from it by confessing the sin and breaking the soul ties created by it, the soul of any man who did it to you will never leave you. It will never leave you, sodomy whether with a male or female is a demonic “binding ritual” which ties the receiver to that other person with spiritual cords that only the blood of Jesus can break. Hear this word and turn to the Lord for forgiveness if you have ever done this. 

There is also something about the unholy fascination with the flesh of children that will not be tolerated by God. There are too many prophecies on this blog to that effect, too many. I’m always warning. I’ve said it and said it, your children are your legacy. They’re all you have. Stop smearing their faces on social media because it takes less than a second to download any photo from a social media account and make it part of some satanic database you don’t even know exists. Moderate how you put kids, nieces, nephews etc. out there, especially little girls and boys. There are 17 and 18 yr olds missing as recently as July 2020 in America, they get stolen every day. This tells me no age is too big to be trafficked, even adults go missing. No age is too big. Human trafficking is a very real evil among us.

As to the previous dream- men lying in wait to rape and molest. I have many, many prophecies to upload on this single point. Is God picking on men? Is God blaming all men? No. God has said in prophecy that a spirit of violence, sexual violence will be released from HELL over the nations, and men will literally be like crazy, wild violators who take sex by force even from their own family members. God said the whole earth will be crying from the tearing of flesh when these sexual demons hit the earth, men and women will be perpetrators but mainly men. This tells me we’re about to have VERY TERRIBLE SIDE PANDEMICS, BECAUSE IF WE HAVE TO LIVE LOCKED UP IN THE HOUSE MOST OF THE TIME THE OPPORTUNITIES FOR SEXUAL ASSAULT, ABUSE AND VIOLENCE JUST SHOT OFF THE CHARTS. Think about it…

As women we protest rape and that’s great, we must be the loudest advocates against this evil. But we also need to wake up and take precautions. Female safety and advocacy can’t just be loud, it has to be practical. It starts with US. Women, stop going over to men’s places when he says “Drop by let me show you something I have at home.” Keep in mind what I’ve shared on this blog, some men are actively planning rapes and some are even willing to murder a woman to cover up their crime. Women, be smarter than that. Women, even somebody you know, trust and are related to can do that to you. Women, “once” is already once too many. Women, you never take your eyes off your cellphone. You don’t let anyone touch it. You give it a PIN and a waterproof case to keep it safe. AREN’T YOU WORTH MORE THAN YOUR PHONE? What if men won’t stop raping, does that mean we’ll keep protesting but not change our approach too? Protect yourself please. Be smarter than the opposition.

The Lord our God is speaking to many demographics here:, men, women, children, families, caregivers, governments, organisations that help and prevent and bring awareness. Things are coming to this earth that will LOOK like the normal issues we’ve always battled in society, but really they are highly escalated by none other than the devil himself. Evil spirits will enter humanity and cause them to do frightening things to one another- so we as the church have to really fight in the spirit first to keep ourselves safe, then to maintain prayer cover over this world. We also have to TALK to people and warn them of practical ways to stay safe. Whether they believe in our God or not sharing what we know in ways other people can accept it is still faith. It’s still “love thy neighbour.” We have to do something. These are the realities of today.

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  1. Scarlett says:

    Reblogged this on Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary and commented:
    Human trafficking and sexual crimes against children can’t be ignored by the church or swept under the carpet because they are considered “taboo” subjects to talk about….no, they must be talked about, brought out in the open, not hidden…….
    Corporate and serious prayer done at the altar, as well as homes, prayer closets,and discussion about how to better protect children against these terrible crimes.

  2. KK says:

    MUST WATCH TESTIMONY to understand Satanic Ritual Abuse. I have to warn you it is a graphic testimony, but many of your posts reflect similar information, Celestial, especially about the underground tunnels under London. And Oct 31 is just around the corner. That’s Satan’s night. Wake up everyone, this is happening.

  3. Susan says:

    May God help us as we keep trusting Him for help.

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